❯ So…What Now, Ben? – What now?! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Before I start writing, I want to warn all of you that my older sister is onto me…She knows a little bit about Ben 10 and Ben and Gwen…I managed to mislead her for a little while, but it’s only a matter of time until she looks it up on wikapedia and finds out Ben and Gwen are cousins. Not everyone in my family is as open minded as me…She’ll tell my parents, and I’ll be sent off to the therapists more often than I already do…I don’t want to stop writing for these two, but my parents already think I’m disturbed due to my mind being all kinds of open. You can tell that I’m not related to anyone in my family…My parents find out about this, and they’ll be pissed beyond reason.
It’s been years since that fateful day…
“And I asked what that had to do with anything, and Kai got all pissy, glared at me and stormed off. Seriously, I think everyone but me figured it out…” Gwen said as she and Ben locked swords at their headquarters, each battling for dominance. “It’s kind of embarrassing…I mean, I always considered myself smarter than you, yet you understood so much faster than me…”
“I think it was more that I was more willing to accept the fact that I loved you more than a cousin, rather than that I was smarter.” Ben said conversationally.
“Yeah, that’s true…A doofus like you could never be smarter than me.” Gwen said, smirking as she pushed harder. Ben and Gwen’s faces were inched apart. Ben gave a smirk of his own, and closed the distance between their lips. Gwen lost her determination to win for a minute. It was just long enough Ben to push her sword aside and bring his up to her neck.
“Check and mate, my dear…” Ben said, an amused smile on his face.
Gwen got a mischievous grin on her face. “Are you sure you want to do that here?” She asked in a low, sultry tone, wrapping one arm around Ben’s neck and slipping one hand under his shirt, feeling his rock hard muscles. “My brother’s watching…” she stage whispered into his ear.
“Hands off my sis, Ben!” Ken said, frowning at Ben, but there was laugher in his eyes. “At least until you’re married and I’m not around to watch.” Ben turned a rarely seen shade of red as he pulled away from Gwen rather quite quickly.
“I-I wasn’t doing anything! I swear! That was a dirty trick, Gwen.”
“So was kissing me during a spar, but you don’t see me complaining…” Gwen said victoriously.
“I…touché, Gwen.” Ben sighed.
“You know, I always knew you two would make a great couple…But I didn’t actually expect it to happen. The look on Mom’s face was priceless, though.” Ken said, a grin adorning his face, as if recalling a fond memory…
“I guess I have some explaining to do…” Ben said nervously as Sandra, Carl, Lily, and now Ken stood waiting.
“What’s there to explain? Ben loves Gwen as more than a cousin, and Gwen loves Ben.” Frank said, a grin enveloping his entire face. “I’m sure Dad could explain the rest, right, plumber extraordinaire? So, when’s the wedding?”
“Frank! You shouldn’t encourage them! This is wrong, immoral behavior!” Lily shouted.
“Actually, it’s not…” Ben said in a small voice. “There is no law against this…”
“Mom, Ben makes me happy! You can’t stop me from loving him, no matter what you do.”
“Gwen, Stay out of this! Sandra, Carl, keep your son away from Gwen. I will not stand by while he corrupts my daughter!” Lily glared at Ben.
“Lily, I think you are the only one upset by this.” Max said, pointing at the other three. Lily turned just in time to see Carl wink at Frank. Ken had the same grin as his father, and Sandra looked slightly annoyed. “Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?!”
“Yeah, I think so. They are both old enough to make their own choices. I, for one, am proud of Ben. He was willing to give up everything for the one he loved, even if it was deemed wrong by many. He has shown that he was willing to do whatever he could to make Gwen happy.” Sandra stated proudly.
“Me, well, I’m just glad the two of them finally got together. The suspense was killing me.” Ken said with a grin.
“Ben has always been very fond of Gwen. I honestly thought they were already together after they came back after that third summer trip. Ben wouldn’t stop talking about how totally, and I quote, `awesome and kick-butt’ Gwen was, then begging me not to tell anyone he said that.” Carl said, smirking when Gwen looked at Ben with a raised eyebrow.
“Fine. I’m apparently the only one concerned by these two’s incestuous affair. I guess I have no say in this.” Lily said with a look that clearly indicated that she was unhappy.
End flashback…
“You know, I was expecting our parents to forbid us from seeing each other.” Ben said, looking thoughtful.
“Ben…are you doing what I think you’re doing?” Gwen asked warningly.
“What? What are you talking about?” Ben asked, puzzled.
“You know better than that! How many times do I tell you not to think! Your brain might shut down due to the strain!” Gwen grinned.
“You never change, Gwen. Always teasing me.” Ben shot back, matching Gwen’s grin with his own.
“Awww…You know you love it. In fact, it’s one of the wonderful things that attracted you to me, right?” Gwen asked, giving Ben the puppy eyes.
“Don’t you know it.” Ben answered, pulling Gwen into an intimate hug and giving her a searing kiss.
“You do know I’m still here, right?” Ken said, eye twitching.
“If you were Mom, I would be worried.” Gwen stated, absentmindedly.
“So, you must be Ben and Gwen.” Came an unknown voice from the doorway. Three heads snapped around to pinpoint the source of the voice.
“Koji?!” Ben and Gwen yelled in surprise.
“Damn it! I know I look like him, but this is annoying! My name is Kenji Ryuzaki, and I need you two to come with me.” The boy, now known as Kenji, was a near carbon copy of Koji. “My father sent me to protect you. We have reason to believe that someone has been dispatched to take the Omnitrix from you.”
“Why should we believe you?” Gwen asked suspiciously.
Six black wings made themselves known in Kenji’s back. “This good enough?”
“No.” Everyone turned in time to see a wall get sliced to pieces and another boy with a eight foot long katana stepped through. “Hello, Kenji…Long time, no see!” The boy had brown hair and blue eyes. “You…How DARE you show your face, SCUM!”
Kenji’s eyes narrowed. “Shinji…we seem to have different opinions of scum. Ben Gwen, don’t let him deceive you…he’s after the Omnitrix!”
“I will KILL YOU!” The room turned a dull grey color. Ken seemed to just fade from existence.
“A closed dimension…How generous of you. I suppose you plan to decimate this entire city, aren’t you?” Kenji taunted.
“Shut up…you…you Bastard!” Shinji charged forward with incredible speed, intent on cutting Kenji in half. There was an explosion, and the top of the building was obliterated, Ben and Gwen were forced to use their wings so they wouldn’t fall to their deaths.
“What’s going on?!” the entire city was devoid of people, and there seemed to be some sort of dome over it. The two looked over and saw Kenji and Shinji standing, swords locked, in the new roof. Kenji seemed to be winning.
“A fake angel like you could never hope to defeat me, Shinji!” Kenji said as he pushed Shinji over the edge. Moments later, Shinji shot up like a rocket and hovered over the tower.
“Eat this! Yggdrasil!” Shinji threw the giant ball of destruction straight down at Kenji, who shot out of the way like a bat out of hell. (A/N BTW, I wonder who came up with that?) The end result was the tower getting vaporized and a shock wave moving through the city. The two rocketed at each other, swords clashing with increasing speed. The two separated once again, each building energy for their own attack.
“Hakko Ichin Kamari!” Shinji yelled.
Kenji smirked. “Ragnorok arts: Devil’s Fireball!” Shinji paled as the black fireball absorbed his spell. The fireball hit him and exploded. Shinji fell, looking battered. Kenji flew over and delivered a mighty kick to Shinji’s chest. There was loud crack and Shinji flew through a nearby building and landed in the park next door.
“I’m not…going to give…up…” Shinji said as he steadied himself. His eyes turned completely blue, with the exception of his pupils, which had turned gold.
“Going to use the Kamigan against your brother? You have grown desperate indeed.” Kenji said as he floated down to the ground.
“I wouldn’t know. The…thing…in front of me is not, and never will be, my brother.” Shinji growled as he ran toward Kenji, only to have metal bars wrap around his arms and legs and pin him to a nearby building. “Nice try, but we both know my will is stronger than yours, even if your field is bigger.” Shinji closed his eyes to concentrate.
“Sorry, can’t have you breaking free.” A metal bar imbedded itself into Shinji’s chest.
“Ahhhhhhhh!” Shinji cried out in pain.
“You can’t concentrate while in pain, can you? Ben! Gwen! Finish him! I don’t know how much longer I can hold him!” Kenji shouted urgently.
“Ben, let me handle this…” Gwen said.
“But Gwen! He’s-”
“Just trust me Ben! I know what I’m doing!” Gwen readied a feather sword and walked over to Shinji.
“Don’t trust him…He’s after Ben…” Shinji said, and coughed up some blood.
“Hurry and do it! He’s trying to stall for time so he can escape!”
Gwen raised the sword…
Linelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinel inelinelinelinelinelinelinelin
So…Who should Gwen listen to? Hope this wasn’t to bad…
So…What Now, Ben? – Kenji