❯ So…What Now, Ben? – Kenji ( Chapter 2 )

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Gwen raised the sword…and in one swift motion, ripped the pole out of Shinji’s chest and hurled them both at Kenji.
“What do you think you’re doing?!” Kenji yelled as he dodged the two projectiles. “Have you gone insane? We had him!”
“Your ploy might have worked if I hadn’t shot my mouth off at Koji and called him a coward. I don’t know why you’re back, but you must be the `misguided and jealous biological son’ he spoke of. You called him your father, Shinji your brother, and you are clearly related to Koji, judging you by your resemblance to him. We will not do your dirty work!” Gwen yelled. “Shinji, can you still fight? We can’t beat him ourselves…”
“At my current level, beating me would be child’s play for him…” Shinji said as the hole in his chest started to heal.
“But…why would he kill you if he was more powerful than you in his lust for power?” Gwen wondered.
“Shinji Ryuzaki! I, Benjamin Tennyson, grant you permission to use your full power until Kenji has been beaten.” Ben said in a loud voice.
Shinji slapped his forehead as four black wings joined his first two. “Of course…Ben and Gwen Tennyson…Both are pillars in this world…I hope your ready, Kenji…Cause you’re about to enter a whole new world of pain!” Shinji turned and smirked at Kenji. “Ragnorok arts: Advent of a Thousand Blades!” Thousands of blood red blades materialized out thin air and flew at Kenji, who began to dodge frantically.
“You really should be more careful, Shinji! Forbidden arts: Departed Soul Shield!” A transparent human form appeared in front of Kenji.
“No!” All the blades dissolved before they hit the soul shield. “You…you bastard…you would use someone’s very soul to protect yourself?!” Shinji said, a look of abject horror adorning his face. “You Monster!”
“Why should we care? Better yet, why do you protect humans so determinedly? Is it because you were one once? You know firsthand what they’re like. Father knows as well, but he is weak when it comes to inferior beings. Why do you protect those two? Is it because they remind you of dear Sakuya?
“DON’T YOU DARE BRING HER INTO THIS! You…you…asshole!” Shinji looked beside himself with fury.
“I don’t blame you, she was hot! I wish I could have gotten a piece of that before she died…Maybe I’ll bring her back and make her my slave…”
Shinji lost it. “I’ll kill you!” He charged forward, slashing almost too fast for the eye to see. Kenji was pushed to his limits to keep evading.
“Enough!” Kenji blasted Shinji in the stomach with something and sent him flying back. Shinji flipped and landed on his feet and left hand, right hand holding his abnormally long katana. Shinji’s wings had streaks of red growing on them. The two glared at each other. “You are just like Koji…weak. Koji, the legendary Lucifer’s angel, mortal only to humans. Shinji, adopted son of Koji, yet just like him, without the whole invulnerability thing going for you. I’m ashamed to be related to such human loving weaklings. We are above them, Shinji. These mere mortals should fear and worship us, like the gods we are!”
Shinji laughed humorlessly. “God? You are nowhere CLOSE! You have greatly over estimated your divinity…you are the only one who is foolish enough to do so. He will smite you for such blasphemy!”
“Silence! Forbidden art: Soul Sacrifice, Devil Canon!” The soul he had been using as a shield was covered in red and black and sucked into Kenji’s hand. “Goodbye, Shinji. Let’s see you survive this!” Kenji fired the spell as Shinji turned and ran over to Ben and Gwen. The world around them blurred and they found themselves in an empty house.
“Where are we? What’s going on?!” Gwen yelled. However, no one heard it due to the loud explosion that made the very ground shake violently. “I thought you could beat him!”
“Kenji has picked up some new tricks since the last time I saw him. New Forbidden tricks.”
“We gathered that they were forbidden when he announced the names!” Gwen shouted.
“I haven’t fought him in seventeen years! Last time he killed me! What do you expect?! I’m not my father!” Shinji said. A smile grew on Ben’s face.
“You aren’t…But I can be!” Ben smirked as he activated the Omnitrix. There was a flash of green light, and Ben stood before them in Koji’s form.
Shinji gaped openly. “Reveal your wings…and channel some power into them.” He said in a shaky voice. Ben did. To everyone’s surprise there were numerous symbols on them. Shinji appeared to be counting them. “They’re all there…power levels, power signature, bloodline traits…You’re an exact copy…down to the number of power suppression seals…” Shinji looked like he would faint.
“I could have told you that.” Ben frowned.
“You don’t get the magnitude of what you just did! My father is one of the strongest unaltered angels in existence! You not only managed to copy his beginning level of power, but his entire current state! You will be hunted as long as you live, just for that! If that falls into the wrong hands, we can kiss all law and order goodbye! This isn’t just about my fathers DNA anymore; it’s the DNA of all the kings of the seven kingdoms of Heaven!” Shinji was freaking out on a massive level.
“Calm down! You can freak out later. We need to stop your power hungry brother before the Omnitrix times out.” Ben stated. “So…what now?”
“Release seven power restriction seals.” Shinji seemed to have calmed down.
“Okay…one question…how do I do that?”
“A weapon that can destroy universes…and he doesn’t know how to release a seal…we’re doomed…just concentrate on releasing seven seals…announce it, sometimes that helps.”
“Seven seals, release!” Gwen suddenly felt her wings forcefully reveal themselves as she was filled with something. She felt like she could go out and challenge the entire world to a fight and win. “Woah…I could get used to this!”
“Don’t. Koji has speed, strength, and intelligence, but no stealth. And those seals aren’t for show. Release too many for too long and it will kill you…Koji knows the feeling of his body being destroyed by using too much power. He said it was the most painful thing he has ever experienced…coming from a guy that gets stabbed and breaks bones regularly, that has to be excruciatingly painful…” Shinji said, unknowing that Ben knew the feeling as well.
“Well, well, well, what have we here? Hiding, Shinji? So…you called daddy to come save you…pathetic…”
“We have different opinions of pathetic, Kenji.”
“Koji? I’m hurt…you side with this weakling, rather than your own flesh and blood. Why is that?” Kenji mocked.
“You are no son of mine, you monster!” Ben said as convincingly as he could.
Kenji snarled. “Prepare to die, Father! Forbidden arts: Devil’s Touch!”
Ben was startled as information flowed into his mind, but the predominant thought was `catch his hand, it can’t hurt you’. Time seemed to crawl as Kenji’s hand, glowing black, came at him. Ben caught it easily. His body seemed to act on instinct as his left hand slammed into Kenji’s chest. Kenji flew though the wall and several other buildings. “Holy Crap!” Ben decided to let Koji’s instincts to whatever they wanted. “Ragnorok Arts: Oblivion!” Black energy gathered in his hand and he fired it in Kenji’s general direction. In one blast, a quarter of the city was obliterated. Ben paled as he studied his handiwork. I need to be careful when I use this form…
“You seem to be immune to the devil’s touch…Why?” Kenji emerged from a pile of rubble, looking battered, but was still wearing a sneer on his face. He charged, sword in hand, at who he thought was Koji. Time seemed to slow down again as Kenji slashed rapidly. Ben was shocked when he realized he was blocking the sword with his bare hand. It’s not even cutting me! He thought as he effortlessly blocked a slash meant to decapitate him with his right hand. I wonder…Ben concentrated. Push! He was pleased to see Kenji get some impromptu flying lessons. Telekinesis? Cool! Wait, how do I know what that means? Kenji charged again, fist glowing red as he tried to punch Ben, who pushed it aside with two fingers, and kicked him into a nearby bank. There was a crash, then the sound of flesh hitting metal with massive force. Ben winced. “I guess Kenji just met mister vault door…hope he suffers from blunt force trauma.” And again with terms I normally wouldn’t use… He thought.
“I…will beat…you…FATHER!” the bank exploded. “Forbidden arts: Departed Soul Shield!” Kenji began to build energy for a massive attack.
Ben spotted the large round vault door from the bank, and threw it at Kenji, who looked up in time to see it pass through hi soul shield before it hit him. There was an explosion as all the energy escaped, and the captive soul vanished. Kenji fell. “You should know better than to challenge you own father in a battle of might.” Ben said.
“Then how about a battle of wills!” Sharp metal poles shot at Ben from multiple angles. Ben focused on stopping them, and they froze. He redirected them at Kenji, expecting him to block them all. He wasn’t disappointed. A large piece of wall was launched in his direction. Ben tried something different. Shatter! The wall blew up. Lets see what my limit is…Ben tried to lift a nearby building. It shuddered, and broke in half, the side closest to Ben levitating. Ben grinned and threw it at Kenji, who tried to block it, but was unsuccessful, resulting in him getting buried in a large pile of debris. “You’re good, Kenji…very good. But guess what? I’m better!”
Kenji broke out of the wreckage of what was once half a large apartment building. He was panting heavily. “I will…beat you…someday…Koji…” He disappeared in a swirl of feathers, but not before giving Ben the finger. There was a beeping sound as the Omnitrix timed out. There was the typical red flash, and Ben stood as himself, once again.
“So…you…are so screwed…” Shinji said in awe.
“Whoa…I feel sorry for Koji’s enemies…”Gwen remarked.
“You are going to be very busy…We need to build up you two’s power and control. You can’t always rely on the Omnitrix to get you out of tight spots.” Shinji said.
“Yeah, just like you did, right?” Gwen retorted.
“Kenji is…a whole different story. Never attempt to go toe to toe against him without being in Koji’s form, or without me around…Kenji will be pissed when he realizes he wasn’t fighting Koji…and he’ll want the Omnitrix even more. He is the son of two powerful angels…one of which is the son of Dakaru, ruler of the forth kingdom, which was known for its military might, and the only female ruler, Umi-Inoshi, ruler of the third kingdom, known for her beauty and cunning.”
“Why don’t you explain later. We should get out of here before the army shows up and arrests us for being terrorists or something…” Gwen admonished.
Shinji snapped his fingers, and the world around them shattered, being replaced by a completely unharmed city full of people. “Angel fights can be very destructive…I brought you with me so I could protect you…that didn’t turn out so well…”
Ben and Gwen turned to each other, a horrified look on their faces “Oh no! Ken!” they said in unison.
“He must be freaking out!” Gwen yelled as the Tennyson Two raced off.
“I don’t look forward to teaching that boy…I’m going to have a major headache…” Shinji groaned.
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So…What Now, Ben? – What now?!