Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ so we meet ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Nature verses Nurture – ch1 – So we meet
Season – It’s dats-esk in that it borrows from ideas from that season, human x digimon fighting, and the family bonds between a human and digimon.
Disclaimer – I don’t own digimon, don’t claim too. The humans and a few of the digimons to be introduced in later chapters are original.
Virus and vaccine are opposite forces in the digital world. Virus digimon are characterized as leather clad, gray, and evil while vaccine are generalized as white, pure, and good. But is this the case? Even if they are programed to be a certain way it would be unreasonable to believe that their experiences in life and relationships they develop do not affect this internal program. Is it nature or nurture with digimon? On a spring morning in Japan two humans and their opposing digimon would come to be intertwined together. As time progresses both virus and vaccine would begin to wonder at each other’s programing and what is considered ‘natural’ in their world.
The boy’s breath was taken away to see her fist connect with that first digimon’s chins. Effortlessly she sent the champion level digimon Ogremon toppling over. She quickly resumed her battle stance, her back to him. Her long pony tail of red hair bobbed as she swayed on her toes partially covering the orange white and orange flag on her green jacket.
As the over muscled green digimon attempted to climb to his feet the girl quickly launched forward and and landed an uppercut on the underside of his jaw sending him once again to his back. A look of disbelief was painted on his features as he dissolved into digital data. Bits of data drifted up to the sky as the girl turned to leave the scene.
Quickly finding his voice the boy called out, “H-hey wait up Irish!” The girl stopped and turned to face him. He ran up to her, stopping about ten feet away from her. “My name is Kouhei I want you to teach me!”
“Nice english kid, and what is it that I could teach you?” she asked in her accent with a smile dancing on her lips. Her angel kissed freckles and honey eyes contraindicated with the power she had just unleashed.
Kouhei bristled, “I’m not a kid I’m 19!” Kouhei had short messy black hair with bangs that would never stay in place and constantly slid to cover his dark eyes. His well worn blue jeans made his long legs look scrawny. His baggy button down shirt was a muted green that highlighted the olive tint of his skin.
“Kouhei, don’t run off without me!” Kouhei turned around to the sound of his name and the pada pada of paws. Gatomon stopped at her partner’s side, short of breath. His Gatomon had unique data imprints that caused her outward appearance to be different from others of her type. Instead of white her fur was a pale yellow and patterned like ocelot with black ear tuffs. Her tail was longer than normal and capped in white. The last and most stunning difference was her wide emerald green eyes.
“It’s fine Gatomon the wild ones been taken care of,” He said turning back to face the red head.
“Taken care of?” Gatomon looked over at her too. “What do you mean there’s just this lady, where’s her digimon?”
She smiled and walked up toward the pair. “He’s around, but I don’t need him for something as weak as that guy. He’d come if I needed help.”
Gatomon’s eyes opened widened and looked from the red head to her partner. He looked down at the feline and nodded. Gracefully and swiftly she climbed up onto Kouhei’s shoulder to be at a better level for conversation. She disliked having to crane her head up to speak with people.
“Well Coo-hay, you gonna answer me?”
“It’s Kouhei!” He said through a blush, “and I want you to teach me to fight like you. I want to fight toe to toe with digimon. I’ll pay you!”
The red head chuckled, “I’m just giving you a hard time kiddo calm down.” She turned her heels and started to walk away leaving the boy and his partner at a loss. “Come on if you’re coming,” she called over her shoulder. Kouhei ran to catch up to her and followed her down several winding back alleys. The wild one had stepped into the real world from the digital world in a shipping yard. Lately the area had been a hot bed for wild one activities but luckily human activity was low.
The three came to stop in front of a large sliding door warehouse. As she reached into her pocket for a key Kouhei called out, “What’s your name, what am I supposed to call you?”
Finding the key she unlocked the padlock and removed it. “You can just keep calling me Irish and Him you can just call Dee.”
“Who’s Him?” Gatomon asked from her shoulder perch.
Irish let out another small chuckle and slid open the door revealing the warehouse had been remodeled into a loft apartment. Lounging on a low sofa sat Dee. His long legs over hung the arm rests and in his oversized hands rested a novel. His long fingers rode the boundary between elegant and grotesque. Long thin horns sprouted a foot long from each side of his head and from top to bottom he was encased in leather and stitches. Folded carefully underneath him were a pair of sizable yet thin wings. His yellow eyes were set within unsettling black sclera.
“He’s gonna help me train you, my digimon Devimon.” Dee closed his book and stood up. His movements were fluid and smooth and at his full height he was close to eight feet. Irish whacked Kouhei on the shoulder. “Don’t just stand there with you’re mouths on the floor either come in or leave.” Stiffly he walked farther into the warehouse. Irish slid the door closed, locked it, then walked over to Devimon.
“I know what you’re thinking,” Devimon said. His voice was cool and collected, un- phased by Kouhei’s fright and Gatomon’s agitation. “And I’m quite offended.”
“Us offend you?” Gatomon said with a snide tone. “I think we should be offended that it be suggested you help train my kou.”
Devimon lips curved up into a sarcastic half smile. “Your tone proves my point dear. You see my appearance and apply generalizations and prejudices without even knowing me. It’s always the same with your type” He sighed and looked toward Irish. “It’s always an upward battle whenever you introduce people to me.”
“Ya well, how often does that happen?” Irish replied. She shed her half jacket and tossed it on the sofa. “Relax,” she said addressing Kouhei, “Do you really think a virus digimon would be partners with a human if he fit the kind of stereotype you have in mind?”
Kouhei stole a glance at the tall thin digimon. He took a breath and replied, “Right and wrong come from ones actions, not one’s appearance. Just like grandfather used to say Gatomon, he’d be upset with the reaction we’ve given.”
“Don’t blame her for that reaction. As far as I can tell virus and vaccine digimon have a internal program to be at odds with one another. Luckily with experience and interaction they can move beyond it.” Irish looked between Devimon and Gatomon, “They just need to be willing.”
“I’m willing,” Kouhei replied.
Her face lit up in a smile, “In body as well as mind I hope cause these first few sessions will hurt. But first things first.” She motioned for Dee to come forward and then beckoned for Kouhei to come forward. “Go at it and show me what you got!”
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Gauging Kouhei