Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ Snakes and Books ( Chapter 1 )

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A blonde woman entered a small old shop. She had never seen this place before, even though she walked this way almost every day on her way to work. She just decided she had over looked it because it was so small. The only reason she noticed it this time was because one of the papers she was carrying flew in that direction. The woman walked farther into the shop. “Hello? Is anyone here?” She looked around the room. There were five long and wide book cases, all stuffed with books. On the far wall to her right, there were shelves with lots of jars, all filled with different herbs, all different shapes and sizes. In between the book cases and shelves was a large island. It had lots of counter space and two very deep and wide sinks. There were a few of the herbs on the table and a big thin knife with flakes of herbs on them. ‘Maybe this is actually someone’s home and not a shop…’ The woman thought. She turned around was came face-to-face with a red boa constrictor. She froze for less than a second but a second too long. The snake quickly wrapped its self around her before she could reach for her gun. She struggled but the snake only squeezed her harder. She stumbled to the floor and felt the snake squeeze her even tighter and tighter. Her vision dimmed and she started to go cold.
She heard a snapping noise and thought it was her arm breaking until she heard it again and realized the noise came from above her. Soon after that, she heard another snapping noise and the pressure from the snake lifted up and the blood started to flow again. The snake let go all the way then slithered off to the person who made the snapping noise.
The blonde woman took in a really deep breath then coughed. She didn’t care how musty and stale the air was, this was a whole lot better than being squeezed to death by some over sized snake. She pushed herself up and saw a woman with long dark brown braided hair that reached to the end of her back. She wore a long black dress with a slit on the left side that reached mid-thigh. ‘The Colonel would like that….’ The woman thought bitterly. She also noticed that her eyes were a deep blue, the deep end in the ocean. “I am very sorry for bothering you and your snake ma’am.” The blonde said.
“Why are you saying sorry? It is obviously my fault for letting Rapbit out of his cage while I have the shop open.” The dark haired woman smiled then kissed the snake on the head. “But you shant not worry, he was only playing, he would not have really killed you.” She kissed the snake again.
The blonde just started at the woman and the snake. “Well, I should be going….Again, I am sorry for the intrusion.” She started for the door.
“Hold on, what is your name child?”
“Riza Hawkeye…” The woman became a bit cautious.
“What a lovely name. Now, is there anything I can help you with?”
“Oh, well I had came in here by accident…I’m supposed to be headed to Central Headquarters.” Riza gave a small smiled.
“No, my dear child, there must be something you’re here for, there always is.” The dark haired woman set her snake on the floor and it slithered off. “I have many things that may be of some use to someone of your stature.”
“Oh.” Riza looked at the clock that hung behind the desk. ‘7:08, I still have time.’ “What do you sell ma’am?”
“A wide assortment of items, a little bit of this and a whole lot of that, I almost always have something…well, only for those I chose to have something for.” The woman smiled. “I probably have a couple of things for you but only one thing you’ll really want.”
“I’ll take a look then.” Riza ignored the strange vibe she started walking among the book cases. ‘Such weird books…it looks like they’re all written in Latinas and Greek…’ She picked up one book and on the cover there was a transmutation circle. Although she hadn’t seen many circles, she knew this wasn’t a common one. She would have to ask the Elric brothers or her Colonel about this one. She re-shelved the books and went back to browsing.
Riza looked back at the clock. ‘Almost 20 minutes till…’ Just when she was about to look at the herbs, she heard something fall. Looking at the floor, there was a green and purple leather bound book. ‘Queer, I don’t remember seeing this book before…’ She bent down and picked it up. There was like an electric shock that went though her, but she ignored it and picked the book up anyway.
She opened the book and looked through it. “Shit, it’s in Latin.” She sighed softly. She was now wishing she had paid more attention. “I’ll have to ask Colonel about this….”

Riza’s head snapped up towards the clock. ‘Now, I’m late.’ She quickly made her way to the front checkout counter. “I think I’ll be buying this book ma’am.” She gave the woman the book.
“Ah, this is a wonderful choice.” She smiled.
Riza had the slight feeling that the woman was talking to something else and not so much as her. “How much does it cost?”
“For you, on the house,” She gave her the book back. “The least I can do for making you late.” She smiled again.
“Thank you ma’am.” Riza smiled then quickly made her way to HQ.
“Things just might have gotten interesting for us Rapbit.” The woman smiled and looked at her snake. It had slithered its way to the top of one of the book cases. It looked out the door then hissed in a response to its master.

Lunch and Books