Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Showdown at Shadow Palace ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Kill them all!” SeeFour said as he flew up into the sky at Gohan, quickly the aerial battle got underway. Gohan dodged several explosive blast sent at him by SeeFour and smashed into him, sending the green creature into the ground. Gohan quickly shifted to the right to avoid Tientina’s swinging fist. Gohan was about to blast at her when he was flown into by SeeFour. Both fighters went flying high up above the others into the sky.
Meanwhile Videl was exchanging blows with Toivex, when Lita’s lightning dragon wrapped around his throat pulling him into Lita’s powerful kick. Videl charged her energy “Justice,” she outstretched both arms before her, as spirals of yellow ki twirled around them, “Cannon!” Videl shot a powerful beam of energy at Toivex breaking him apart. All the fighters dodged the splatter of liquid.
As Toivex reformed on the ground, Uub flew slightly lower than the rest of the battle, he held out both of his hands charging golden energy, “Lightning Arrow!” Uub released flurries of golden energy waves completely destroying Toivex, causing a massive explosion. The explosive wave sent Ami, Rei and Nitrox flying. Rei was first to regain herself without a word she shot her flaming arrow, piercing Nitrox through the shoulder distracting him long enough to allow Ami to freeze him solid. Just as he began to crack the ice covering him Android 17 flew up behind him charging all his energy into one palm and placed his hand on the back of the frozen Nitrox releasing the energy ending Nitrox. The resulting explosion sent all three flying. Deadonator was unleashing a furry of blasts on Dende who had his barrier up protecting himself, Dende waited for the right moment and took down his shield releasing a furry of ki blasts. As the smoke cleared Deadonator sped at him, but halted in his movement when he was split in half by Trunk’s sword.
“That might not stop him but this will,” Mina said as she held her hand out, “Rolling Heart Vibration!” Mina screamed as she sent an orb of Golden energy at the villain completely destroying him. Dende quickly raised a barrier protecting all three of them from the oncoming explosion. Tuxedo Mask and Serena were sending a flurry of black orbs and pink hearts at Tientina who for the most part was managing to warp her body around them as she advanced.
When she got close enough she twisted using the momentum to kick Tuxedo mask in the face, “Darien!” Serena screamed. Tientina went in for the kill, her arms turned to blades as she lunged at Darien who was falling to the ground. Serena raised her hands “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!” Serena shot a powerful blast of rainbow energy at her opponent completely destroying her. Darien was about to be engulfed in the explosion when suddenly Videl appeared and grabbed Darien by the collar disappearing and reappearing beside Serena. “Thanks,” Serena said as she grabbed Darien, who was stirring back to consciousness.
“No Problem,” Videl said as she looked up to see a large explosion overhead. “Quick let’s get up there and help,” she trailed as she took off higher into the sky where Gohan was fighting what looked like multiples of SeeFour.
Gohan sent his fist into the chest of SeeFour and released a ki blast, ending the creature’s life and causing yet another huge explosion. Gohan looked up to see the finale SeeFour in front of him. “See Four, See More, See Four More!” shouted SeeFour creating four copies of himself, yet again. Gohan quickly sped into the closest one smashing it into the next one sending a ki blast after them, causing a huge explosion, as the smoke cleared Gohan blasted the spiraling creature. The explosions were beginning to damage Gohan, but he didn’t have time for that. Gohan lunged at the next one kicking its head off and sending a blast down the creature’s neck obliterating it. There was just two left now, and Gohan had realized that he could only do his multiplying trick when there was just one left. Gohan began to charge two blue energy orbs in his hands, “Kamehameha!” Gohan screamed pushing the two orbs forward.
The first one connected killing its target, instantly SeeFour began to chant, “See Four, See More, See…’” BOOM the second shot connected killing the last remaining SeeFour. Gohan quickly shot down to his friends.

A shadowy figure sat on a throne staring into a crystal ball looking at Gohan and Serena, “Ah they might just be the two I need.” The creatures blue fingers circled around orb where his prized possessions could be seen.

“Hey, so are we all done here?” Gohan asked smiling.
Mina and Lita floated there, their hands clasped and hearts for eyes. Mina snapped out of it “Yes but maybe you should get healed by Dende?” she asked worrying about the scrapes on his cheek.
“Why,” Gohan asked confused, “This?” Gohan pointed at his cheek laughing, “It’s nothing.”
Dende joined the rest of the group as he finished healing those that were damaged in the explosions. Without asking Dende outstretched his hand healing Gohan’s scratches. “Okay now where good to go.” Dende said as he took off toward the palace. The rest of the group chased after him. As they got to the castle Dende stopped, “Kami.”
“What?” asked Uub as he, Gohan, and Videl were next to get there.
“There’s so many of them,” Mina said as she and the rest arrived. Down below them stood an army of shadow demons. They were made of pure darkness, with eyes and mouths red as blood.
“Get them!” yelled the army in their gravelly voice as they took to the skies at. The two forces collided. There was a row of explosions as the Z-Scouts released an array of energy attacks. The shadow demons themselves were not a large threat but there sheer numbers tipped the scales in their favor.
Darien shot multiples of his “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!” blast at the army, each obliterating their targets; soon he was overrun though. He began to use his cane to defend himself in close quarters. Uub began to release a barrage of pink ki blast at the army, and then flew straight into it smashing his fist into the nearest one. He roundhouse kicked another one into a group and obliterated them with a pink beam from his finger. Mars brought her hands together swiftly creating a wave of fire before her, she charged into the army, each of her hits sending a small ripple of flames.
Mars stretched her arm before her “Mars Snake Fire!” creating a mammoth snake of fire that ripped through the oncoming army. 17 dashed into battle firing blast from his hands and punching straight through his opponent. He tanked through the enemy not stopping until the enemies before him were split into a thousand pieces by leaf shaped energy blasts. Jupiter flew over 17 releasing a shower of electrical orbs at the hordes. She dived into the nearest one with a powerful kick, going straight through it and into the next one. She and the shadow demon exchanged a furry of blows until the creature was split in half by a green hand. Dende dodged an attack from behind creating a barrier around himself and pushing it out destroying several demons in the process.
Dende placed two fingers to his forehead, “Special Beam Cannon!” Dende pointed his two fingers into the crowd shooting a spiraling beam of energy through several targets. Dende turned to his next challenger but was surprised to find him frozen.
“Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!” Mercury started shooting blasts of water shattering her frozen targets, and ripping through the non frozen ones. As Mercury began to recover herself Serena flew by shooting white blast at the shadow demons disintegrating them. Serena flew right into a large group of them ripping off her tiara and charging it. She tossed it into the crowd slicing them all in half.
Instantly more came to take their place “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!” the rainbow blast cleared the whole once again. Trunks darted into the hole backwards swinging his sword into pursuing enemies. Quickly they began to surround him, he wasted no time he put his sword into its sheath.
Trunks began a series of rapid hand movements “Burning Attack!” and formed a diamond with his index fingers and thumbs releasing an orange blast. Trunks blasted back into the fray past Videl. Videl was busy releasing a series of punches on a shadow demon punching straight through it. She moved onto the next one back flipping and kicking its head right off. Videl dived down from her flip releasing a shower of yellow ki blasts as she dove.
As she stabilized she lunged into a kick, and then outstretched her hands yellow ki swirled around them “Justice Cannon!” Videl screamed as she shot her powerful beam of yellow ki, obliterating all in its path. Mina was in the mists of a punch when a yellow beam blasted away her target. She looked to her right, as Videl waved at her from the tunnel she cleared.
“Thanks,” Mina yelled at her friend, before charging back into battle. Without a word she summoned her love chain and swirled it around herself, destroying those near her. She recoiled her chain and flew into the next demon connecting with her foot. She whipped her chain out again back around her and shattered it shooting the heart links off in all different directions. She delivered a deadly blow with her fist to a shadow demons head, and then flew back. “Rolling Heart Vibration!” Mina screamed releasing her orb of golden energy blowing up several targets. Gohan flew past her shooting blue ki blasts as he passed, she starred in admiration.
Gohan flew up to Videl, “How you doing back here?” he asked as the two of them sent their hands through different demon’s heads. Just as she was about to reply a grey skinned, pointy eared being appeared out of nowhere. He was adorned in armor made of hard shadow. He lunged at Gohan and was able to connect scratching into his back. Gohan tumbled into the horde beneath him; he charged his aura burning away the demons around him. He recovered just in time to see the being take off toward the castle.
Gohan flew back up to Videl, “You okay?” Videl asked, worried about the deep scratches.
“Ya it’s nothing really,” Gohan said rubbing the scratch, “It’s just a little stinging. I’m willing to bet that’s Umbra, and I’m going after him.” He quickly pecked her on the cheek and took off.
Soon Uub flew to Videl, “Where’s he going?” by this time Serena was there as well.
“After Umbra,” with that Uub took off after his future mentor, followed by Serena.
Gohan plowed through all the shadow demons in his path as he chased down Umbra. Gohan arrived in the palace and Umbra was sitting on his throne. “Care for a dance?” Gohan asked.
“If only there was someone worth my time,” Umbra smirked from his throne.
“Trust me I’ll make it worth the while,” Gohan charged at him, and his fist went straight through the back of the chair. Gohan disappeared as Umbra’s hand went through the air where Gohan’s head was. Gohan reappeared beside him and punched both fists into Umbra’s side sending him sliding sideways.
“Ha, Ha, Ha” Umbra chuckled wiping the blood from his mouth. He charged at Gohan, the two exchanged a furry of blows; first Gohan was swung into a stone pillar shattering it. Then they reappeared as Gohan kneed Umbra through the ceiling. The furry ended as both fighters kicked each other in the face in unison. Both flew backwards, Gohan flipped back onto his feet just in time to be punched in the face. Gohan smashed into the wall, and grabbed Umbra’s arm as he came in for another punch. He flipped Umbra into the wall delivering a powerful sideways kick sending Umbra through the wall. Umbra stood up sending a powerful blast of darkness at Gohan; Gohan responded by shooting a blue blast of ki, the two blasts collided in between the two fighters. Umbra brought his second hand up adding to his blast, Gohan responded by using his free hand to support his other and pushing more energy into his, for a few seconds there was a stalemate, until Gohan dropped his blast and disappeared. Uub and Serena dodged the income ball of darkness as they arrived at the palace. Gohan reappeared beside Umbra, and delivered a powerful punch. Umbra brought his arm up to block the punch but the impact shattered the armour plating on his arm. Umbra starred in shock, “How? How is this possible?”
“Easily,” Gohan said in a cocky voice, as he delivered a kick to Umbra’s other raised arm, shattering the armour on it as well. Gohan then let out a combination of punches into the raised forearms of his opponent, causing Umbra to slide back. Serena and Uub starred on in astonishment.
“I will not be defeated like this!” Umbra screamed as his wounds healed.
“I think you will,” Gohan replied, charging at Umbra again, but he was surrounded by darkness. Serena and Uub looked as the darkness formed a shell around Gohan and shot him off into the army of shadow demons.
“Now to recuperate,” Umbra said as he created an escape portal.
“Not so fast Negacreep!” Serena yelled as she and Uub stepped into the room. Uub charged at Umbra and delivered a beam of pink energy from his index finger. Umbra created a circle of shadow to block the power, and batted Uub away as he got close. Serena stepped forward, “Bring it Mr. Dark and Gloomy!” Umbra released a wave of darkness at her; she easily dispelled it with a wave of her hand.
Uub got back up “Lightning Arrow!” Uub screamed releasing waves of energy from his out stretched hands, smashing against Umbra destroying what was left of his armour. The wounds that this caused began to heal. Uub wasted no time and began an onslaught of punches. Umbra turned to shadows and appeared on the other side of the room blasting Uub back into the fray. Umbra turned to Serena as she shot a beam of white energy at him. Unlike the other wounds these ones did not heal. Serena readied herself for another attack when Umbra lunged at her; he smacked her into the wall and kicked her as she bounced off of it.
“Now I can’t have u around can I?” Umbra asked as he picked her up by the hair. “Especially not if I can’t regenerate from your moon blast, now can I?” and with this he raised his other hand forming an orb of black energy. Serena closed her eyes as he began to bring the energy closer. SWOOSH! Serena opened her eyes to see Gohan had flown back in and ripped Umbra off of her. Umbra was being pounded into the ground but was regeneration from all of Gohan’s attacks.
“Gohan!” Serena screamed, “My attacks are the only thing it doesn’t seem to heal from.”
“Oh!” said Gohan as he flipped Umbra up holding him by the arms “Hit us with your best shot Serena!”
Umbra began to struggle in fear, as Serena stood up placing both hands before her “Starlight,” Serena raised her hands as light flickered around her, “Honeymoon,” she began to spin, “Therapy” she stopped spinning pointing her hands at Umbra, “Kiss!” Serena screamed shooting a powerful blast of rainbow energy. It was a direct hit. Gohan went flying back, as he stood up he starred at Umbra, his body was cracking all over pure darkness seeping out.
Trunks was blasting a shadow demon when they all turned to formless shadows and dashed toward the palace. Trunks looked around as all the demons were doing the same thing. “What’s happening?” Trunks yelled out to his teammates. They Z-Scouts all flew to the castle.
Back in the castle all the shadows were surrounding Umbra in a hurricane like form when he shattered releasing a mass of darkness. All the shadows merged into the darkness and began to form a creature. Within seconds the Z-Scouts were all just outside the palace when it exploded. There in its place stood a tall being comprised of darkness with horns, claws, and a large tail. A loud haunting laugh filled the air.

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