One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ She Who is Wanted by the Marines ( Chapter 1 )

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Author’s Note: Okay people, I have wanted to write a One Piece fanfic for a long time, and have been thinking up ideas for it for around a month now. I finally started it, and hopefully will keep going until it is complete. Read and Review please.
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Chapter 1- She Who is Wanted by the Marines
Our story starts place in the southern tip of Shin Jigoku Island. This island was very peculiar. It had a crescent shape, but only the tips of it were habitable. The rest was a burning desert. The strangest thing of all was that the habitable tips were winter all year long. This might seem really weird, but well, the island was in the Grand Line. The small fishing village here was having an unusually good year, and nobody was out in the streets. The sea around it was calm, and in the docks there were only three boats. These boats all belonged to the Marines. But there was one more boat anchored at the island, although it wasn’t in the docks. This boat was in a cove not too far from the shore. The boat was very strange, as it had what could be either a sun or a flower on the prow. It had a skull and bones wearing a straw hat on both sail and flag. Sleeping on grass covered deck; a green-haired man could be seen. This ship was a pirate ship. Its inhabitants were asleep, much like everyone else in the island. The village was always called small by the people who lived there, but it was in reality a small town. The houses were mostly stone, although there were one or two wood ones here and there. The town center was a house that was quite a bit larger than the others.
The town center’s back door opened very slowly, and a young woman with waist-long dark blue hair slowly sneaked out. She was wearing a silver kimono adorned with blue dragons on the hem and sleeves. Attached to her belt was a short katana with a light blue hilt and a silver sheath. In her hands she held a cloth bundle. The wind rushed past and moved her hair out of her face. Her eyes were a deep dark purple, seeming to stretch endlessly deep. She began running away from the town center, and moving towards the town’s west exit. Then, suddenly, the building’s front door opened, and a Marine vice-admiral stepped out.
“Where is she? She must be found, she has something that the higher-ups want dangerous. Whoever finds her will be pulled up the ranks in no time, apparently, the higher-ups really want to catch this girl, I wonder what it is she stole,” said the vice-admiral.
The girl heard this and began running faster, almost inhumanly fast.
“There she is,” a Marine soldier said, “After her,”
“Damn it, I’ve been spotted,” the girl muttered under her breath, and leaped up onto the roof of a building. “I just hope I can get away,”
The marines began firing at her, to wound, but not to kill; they apparently wanted this girl alive. Some of the bullets went really closed to hitting her, and a few of the soldiers would later swear they had hit her, but her pace never faltered, she just kept on going. She kept running and was finally out of town.
Now where did that pirate ship I saw earlier today go to? She thought as she looked around. The cove! Of course, that would be the only safe place for a pirate ship. Soon she turned into the cove, and spotted the ship, but just at that moment the marines burst into the cavern as well. One of them fired a net at her, and she saw something on the net glinting in the moonlight. Oh no, sea stone.
She prepared for the worst but then something gleamed in the moonlight and a green-haired man with three swords stood before her.
“Santoryuu: Karasuma Gari,” said the swordsman, and turned to face the girl. “You okay?” he asked, and the girl could see that he held a sword in each hand and one between his teeth.
“Yeah, thanks. I don’t know what I would have done without you,” responded the girl.
“I don’t know why you didn’t just run or break it yourself, I saw you running from them, and you seem quite skilled. By the way, might I get your name?” the swordsman asked the mysterious girl.
“Nagare is what I am known as,” the girl responded, “And what might your name be, mysterious swordsman.” Just then, a hand appeared on the side of the boat and a person fell off. You couldn’t quite call him a man or a boy, he was part of both. He was wearing a red vest and blue pants, and had a straw-hat on his back.
“I’m Luffy, nice to meet you,” said the straw-hat person, while extending his hand for Nagare. “Monkey D. Luffy, and I’m gonna be the pirate king,”
“Ugh, well anyway, I am Roronoa Zoro, and this guy here is my captain,” the swordsman said.
“Hey you guys, what’s going on down there?” a woman said, and peeked over the side, “Who is that, and what is she doing here?”
Then, Luffy said, “Oh yeah, weren’t you being chased by the marines? Need some help?” and he cracked his knuckles. Then he stretched his leg and kicked all of the marines nearby, in an arc. “Gomu Gomu no Muchi.
“Wha- what are you?” asked Nagare, completely shocked
“I’m a rubber man, he he” Luffy responded, with an idiotic grin on his face
“Well then, let’s get on with this, you guys up there, help out, `less you wanna miss out on the fun,” Zoro said towards his crew members still on the boat, “You help out too, let’s see what you can do with that,” Zoro told Nagare while pointing at the sword.
Nagare placed the cloth bundle carefully on the ground. Just then, the rest of the crewmembers dropped down from the ship. There was the orange haired woman from before, a guy holding a slingshot with a really long nose, and a blonde man wearing a black suit. Then, four more people dropped down, a small furry brown thing, a dark-haired woman, a blue haired man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a speedo with a metallic nose, and a living skeleton. “All right, let’s do this then!” they all said at once.
“What a strange group of people,” chuckled Nagare, while pulling out her katana. When it was completely drawn, one could see that it was just the hilt, and guard. “Well then, it has been some time since I’ve trained.”
“Ehhh? What’s with that sword of hers,” Luffy, Nose-Man, Furball and Zoro all said at once. “It has no blade,” Zoro remarked, “I wonder if it is broken or something,”
“Kinzoku Daijingu” Nagare whispered, and a grey light could be seen connecting her sword to the ground. Then, the grey light started moving up, and leaving a sword blade in its path. “The metal here isn’t too good, but I guess it will do. Well then, I thought you guys had already started.”
As if commanded, all of the pirates started attacking at once, each with a signature move of theirs. “Gomu Gomu no Gatling” Luffy said while throwing thousands of punches on the enemies. “Tatsu Maki” said Zoro, making a tornado that sent dozens of soldiers flying. “Thunder Tempo” Orange Hair shouted, and lighting hit many of the marines. “Hi no Tori Boshi” Long Nose let loose a flaming bird from his slingshot. Curly Brow ran towards the enemy, placed his hands on the ground, and kicked, while extending his legs to the side, Quasi”. Furball transformed into something that looked like a gorilla, and ran towards the enemy,“HeavyGong”. Then, the dark-haired woman crossed her arms on and said; “Cuarenta Fleur” and arms sprouted from the marines bodies and forced them to bend until a crack was heard. “Super,” shouted Metal Nose, and then his left hand flipped back to reveal what looked like a cannon underneath, “Weapons Left” and a cannonball was fired from the hole. Skeleton ran towards the enemy, unsheathed his sword-cane, and then, faster than the eye could see, was around three steps away from them, “Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri” then, the men he had passed by were cut.
“Wow, these guys are pretty good, guess it is my turn to show them what I can do,” Nagare exclaimed, while reading her sword. She ran towards the enemy, and said “Tetsu o Dako and her sword went limp, like a whip. Then, she started using it just like such, whipping the enemies around her. “Hagane Hiko” the metallic whip broke into thousands of tiny pieces, and struck the many enemies around her.
“Retreat, this is the Straw-hat Crew, we can’t handle them as we are,” shouted the vice-admiral, and all the marines started running away towards their boats.
Some time later, the crew was sitting around the table drinking tea. Well, that was what they said they were doing, but half of the crew was eating meat and fish and whatnot.
“So, you guys are the famous Straw Hat Pirates huh?” Nagare asked before sipping some tea.
“That’s right, oh I’m Usopp, known all over the world as Captain Usopp, with a crew of over eight thousand men” Long Nose said.
“I am known as Sanji, my beautiful lady. My eyes have never seen such an exotic beauty, if there is anything I can do for you, you just need to ask,” Curly exclaimed with hearts in his eyes.
“I’m Nami, the navigator on this ship.” Orange Hair said
“I’m Nico Robin, a historian and archeologist, who ate the Hana Hana no Mi, and this little guy is Tony Tony Chopper, he is a little shy though, and he ate the Hito Hito no Mi.”
“I don’t understand why he is shy, he was pretty strong back there,” Nagare said, confused.
“Shut up you bitch, complimenting me won’t make me happy, bitch.” Said Chopper, while looking very happy.
“Franky the Cyborg here, I am the shipwright and builder of the Thousand Sunny, the ship you are on,” Metal Nose said.
“Dead-Bones Brook, who ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, and is now a skeleton. I haven’t had this much excitement in some time, I thought my heart was gonna pop out… although I don’t have a heart,” Skeleton joked, and began laughing his head off.
“I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, giving me the powers of a rubber man.” Luffy said.
“And me, you already know. By the way, what was that weird power you used before? I never heard of a sword like that.” Zoro asked Nagare.
“This is Yoko, a family heirloom,” Nagare placed the sheathed sword on the table, “It can absorb liquid and make it a solid, so you can make a sword out of ice or melted metal,”
“It’s a Mystery Sword, but what was that light that came out of the ground and made it a metal sword?” Asked Luffy with stars in his eyes.
“That, was my ability, the Eki Eki no Mi, which makes me a Liquid Woman, it is a Logia type fruit which allows me to turn myself into a clear colorless liquid, and control any liquid, except for water of course,”
Luffy started to poke her with a fork and watch her turn into a liquid, “Awesome, that is so fun, come on guys you do it too!” Chopper and Usopp joined in and started poking her too.
“Stop that, it tickles, hahaha,” Nagare laughed uncontrollably, “Take this then Zenshin o Kyatchi,” her stomach became liquid and engulfed the pokers.
After some time she released them. “That was so much fun,” the three said at the same time, “Would you like to join my crew,” Luffy asked her
“That is the reason I came to talk to you guys.”
End Note: Sorry for the cliff, but there is a test tomorrow and I need to study. Give any ideas you guys want, and any criticism is welcome, constructive or otherwise.