❯ Seventh Heaven – Prologue ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Holy children
Born from sin
Gurdians of the heaven
Lost sheep
Wandering around
After the last bell rang
And the third trombone was blown
In a sea of questions
Without hope for an answer
Waiting in secluded silence
Till a song will guide you

After the third great war of the angelic race lay the heaven in ruins. Never before have the destruction been so great, both physical and in the minds of it’s inhabitants, and never before so great modifications awaited it. The illusion they have revered as their god and that they have followed in blind admiration and obedience had turned out as a image build on their hope and believes. Now it had vanished in the never-ending romm betwenn dreams and death. And it leta cascade of questions in a sea of helpless being behind.
Out of the four elements only two were able to comply their tasks; Jibrille’s soul kept on being deeply concealed within Sara’s consciousness on earth and the WindAngel Raphael recovered, guarded by his loyal adviser Barbiel, in deep sleep from serious lost of energy.
Like the heaven the hell was also in debris and ash. Although the remaining satans troubled for a new arrangement to be brought in their dark empire again. But this task was without the power of their former ruler sheer unsolveable.
However the hell got something the heaven lacked painfully; a group of leaders accepted by the creatures of the land and with the same goal. What the satans present in hell several groups of different numbers and opinions – how to lead the angel for example – in heaven were fighting for. Many of them only wanting the power of being the one ruler in heaven – guiding all his winged occupants; and not noticing or ignoring the pain of the common people.
In this chaos of heaven and hell too often lower demons invaded heaven and terrorized the outer areas; a welcome excuse for the FireAngel and war general Michael from the `boring’ politics and to throw himself into fights against the dark danger.
So only EarthAngel Uriel was left to bring at least a little order in the different battling groups and to surpress an open quarrel between them; strongly missing the silence he had few decades before.

Seventh Heaven – Act 1: Private conference