❯ Seventh Heaven – Act 1: Private conference ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 1: Private Conference
The angel of earth sighs enervated; what would he give for one of doll’s teas and a little rest? With moderated steps he wandered through the brightly illuminated halls, in which his steps echoed and distrbed the the silence resting in these walls.
He arrived in a huge room, only occupied by a long, wooden table and a waiting Sariel. Sariel was a tall, fair angel with pricking, green eyes, that looked the archangel up and down. Uriel doesn’t feel very happy about this hole thing. He assumes that behind the `small request’ – as the other angel formulated it, when he asked for this meeting – hides a other big meaning. Yet alone the fact that the angel was the commander of a radical group by the name of `Sapientes Gladio’, get Uriel to become suspicious. This group wasn’t exactly well known for it’s subtle ways or charitable deeds.
“Be welcommed, Uriel-sama. I am absolutly delighted you complying with my request”, greeted Sariel’s deep, warm voice the newcomer. Uriel looked into the cold eyes of the other angel as he attempted to unravel the true reason of his presence. “Please, Uriel-sama, take a seat. Even if this probably won’t take long”, with this he gestured the earth-element to one of the heavy chairs in front of him.
Uriel looked into those cold eyes and tried to decipher the reason for Sariel’s calling. “Please, Uriel-sama, sit down. Even if it won’t last to long.” With a casual gesture he showed to a chair opposite of him. A mere matter of politeness not out of a friendly thought. The Archangel followed the request, but never looked away from the other angel in hope his face would reveal a little evidence. But nothing of that came. Sariel liveless green eyes didn’t give anything away and so the earth element spoke up: “What could be so important for you to ask me for a private conference, Sariel?” The leader of the `Sapientes Gladio’ stared at the dark-skinned angel resembling a snake just before the bite. Uriel responded with a stare not less cold and authoritarian. And for a little moment he was sure to see Sariels eyes flicker, just before he spoke: “In fact it’s a trifle but nonetheless from utter importance. The I-Childeren, Uriel-sama…” Uriel frowned and narrowes his eyes: “Sariel, you calling the I-Children a trifle? And disregarded from this; what’s with them?” Sis he see right? Was there a smile darting over Sariel’s lips, small and cold and dangerous.
“You misunderstood, Uriel-sama. Let me explain. This… rabbits are a threat – a risk for heaven.”
The face of the Archangel darkend but Sariel didn’t seem to notice when he feverishly continued: “Even if we don’t consider their sinful origin, so is the mere existance unsettling the simple population. They are afraid and asking why we don’t go agaist this danger growing from our inside; why we let this creatures unstable our system.” Uriel’s face was emotionless now but inside he was boiling. That was his intention. With this little play Sariel had wanted to get a powerful companion but all he get was a knowing opponent. He could stifle a smile when he aswered: “In fact do the I-Children represent a important factor in the matter of rebuilding heaven”, a satisfied smile grow on Sariel’s lips until the earth angel continued, “but there are things to do that are much more important than such a trifle as the I-Children. You and your organisation should start with them and let this little problem be for the next time. But if this subject is so serious in your eyes you could present it and you opinion on the next gathering of the council. It’s pointless to discuss that alone… But please excuse me now, Sariel. There are important things for me to do now.” With this the Archangel stood up and left the room with a shocked Sariel in it. His smile was long ago vanished; wiped out by the hidden reprimand in Uriel’s little speech. He didn’t move for a long time only sending sparks from his eyes after the earth element. Nothing had developed as he had planned it. He had wanted a strong intercessor in the council and all he get was critisism. Why did Uriel close his eyes? Didn’t he understand the chance that the I-Children represent? With them you could get to the top – become a new god by walking over their dead bodies. Only the angel in his group understand that but they were not enough to extinguish the nuisance; the white rabbits. Furthermore would a solo attempt of the `Sapientes Gladio’ without any political backup be nothing more than a pure suicide. One mistake and they would be end up torn in pieces either by the I-Children or the council and the victory would be out of reach.
Now Uriel had rejected him too, just like Raziel; two great leader of the angelic council and none of them wants to help him. Why?

Seventh Heaven – Prologue