D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ Separation Anxiety ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A/N: I wrote this story about 4 or 5 years ago. That was back when I really liked Super!Uke!Daisuke. You might want to go get some chips and salsa to go with this queso.

Disclaimer: I dont own DNAngel. It owns me.

Warnings: Yaoi and maybe some sexeh time? Mmhmm yes, just what you’re here for ;D;D

———————————————————————— ——–

Daisuke hated when Dark made plans. He also hated when Dark told him to go to sleep before he went out, as if he didn’t know what those plans were. Not only was he not a child, but he had unfortunately been awake several times in the past when Dark ‘had plans’ and he saw firsthand just what that meant.

Daisuke hated these nights.

He was finally allowed to return to himself late at night, and dragged himself to his room to get ready for bed. Although he had been sleeping for the past couple of hours he still felt exhausted, though more like he wanted to sleep rather than needed to sleep.

Still, rest didn’t come easily. He ended up lying in bed, tossing and turning, not being about to tune out the buzzing in his mind.

« Dark? » he finally spoke, unsure as to whether or not he was even still awake.

« Hmm? » Dark replied a bit drowsily.

« Can I ask you a question? »

« Nobody’s stopping you. »

Daisuke stayed quiet, fidgeting with his hands.

« Well? »

« What if my sacred maiden never returns my feelings? »

« Tsk, don’t worry about it Daisuke, Risa’s going to warm up to you one of these days. »

« No, she likes you Dark, not me. Besides…it’s not her I’m worried about anymore. »

« Oh? When did this happen? »

« I don’t know exactly; awhile ago. But…it’s someone I can never have, and…I’m just afraid that… » he stumbled, unable to find an ending.

« You’ll be stuck with me for the rest of your life? » Dark finished, partially joking. There was a long pause before Daisuke spoke again.

« I used to hate you, Dark. »

« I know. »

« I thought you had ruined my life. You took over my body, and you took away the only girl I ever had feelings for–« 

« You know I can’t help it if Risa likes me-« 

« But now I don’t care about any of that. If my sacred maiden were to ever return my feelings…you would disappear, right? »

« Yes. »

« But what if… »

« …What if what? »

« What if you… » he trailed off, losing his nerve as usual. Dark waited for the continuation but it never came.

« Daisuke…you’re exhausted. Go to sleep. We’ll talk about this in the morning, okay? »

« No! Dark, listen to me! I have to know! »

« Then finish your sentences! »

« Stop teasing! This is hard for me to say! Just tell me…what do you think of me, Dark? »

« What do I… How do you mean? »

« Do I annoy you? Do you wish you could just take over my body all the time and have me disappear just like I used to wish for you? »

Dark tried to answer but couldn’t get the words to form in his mind, let alone come out of his mouth.

« Do you hate me Dark? »

« No! No Daisuke, I don’t hate you. What makes you think such a thing? »

« Tonight, you went out. You wanted me to go to sleep. Doesn’t that mean you’d rather not have me here with you? »

« Daisuke…I wasn’t doing what you thought I was doing tonight. »

« Weren’t you? »

« No. I wasn’t out with any girls tonight. I know it upsets you… »

« You do? »

« Of course I do. However, I can’t tell you where I was. But it was nothing you would be offended by. Now, go to sleep. You seem tired. »

« Dark, please… »

« What is it, Daisuke? »

« Don’t you see? It’s you, Dark. I want you to feel the way I feel, but I’ve kind of gotten myself stuck between a rock and a hard place, because I don’t think you can. » Daisuke said, trying his hardest to remain calm and not break down. Dark was silent for what he felt to be an unreasonable amount of time, making him feel worse and even more childish by the second.

« …Don’t make assumptions like that. » Dark finally whispered.

« Dark…? »

« Daisuke, I think in a situation like yours, it’s normal for feelings to develop. And…to be honest, I do like you too. »

Daisuke felt his erratic heartbeat slow down a little bit, and he sighed. « I guess that’s good, Dark. But that wasn’t really-« 

« You’re the most precious thing to me, Daisuke. » Dark interrupted.

Daisuke shot up in his bed. But before he had the chance to respond and incredible pain overtook his body, keeping him from even finding his voice to scream out for help. He shut his eyes tightly, still seeing white behind his eyelids. After it had passed he fell back into his blankets, the moonlit room becoming even darker and darker as it started to spin around and around. He knew his consciousness was slipping away.

« Dark? » He whispered, not receiving any response from his empty mind. « Dark, no…no! » He cried out just before he passed out.


He woke up to the feeling of a warm hand on his face.

« Wake up…wake up sleepyhead. » He heard a faint voice calling – his mother, his hazy brain assumed.

« Daisuke…wake up. » The voice continued to cajole him.

He moaned, and eventually cracked open an eye to find it was still nearly pitch black in his room, and obviously not yet morning. He took a moment to adjust to the darkness, and was slowly able to see the outline of someone sitting on his bed come into focus.

« AHHHH! » he screamed, jumping back and nearly falling off the side of the bed, if it weren’t for the other person reaching out to catch him.

« Dark?! What are you…I thought you…! » he stumbled over his words, mind and body still in a confused haze.

« I did too! I didn’t know what was going to happen. Daisuke… » he said, tightening his grip around the other boy. « I was afraid to tell you how I felt because I didn’t know what would happen to me. I was afraid I’d disappear and I could never see you again … »

« But…what happened? How did we get separated? »

« We love each other. It broke the curse, Daisuke. »

« So you mean you’re my sacred maiden after all? »

« Well, » he sniffed, « maybe not maiden. » He said, verbally patting his masculine ego on the back. « But yes. We are meant to be together like this. » He replied seriously, brushing Daisuke’s bed-tossed hair out of his eyes, and tracing his finger down Daisuke’s face, feeling his soft skin for the first time. « Daisuke, » he pronounced slowly, savoring the word on his tongue as if he could taste it. « I’ve waited so long to be able to touch you like this. I never thought the day would actually come. »

Daisuke’s blush was hidden by the night as Dark pressed their foreheads together. He went in to touch his lips to Daisuke’s, but was caught off guard when Daisuke automatically pulled his head away.

« Daisuke? » he asked a bit worriedly, realizing for the first time that he didn’t know exactly what Daisuke was thinking. « You don’t want to? »

« I do want to, really! It’s just that I…don’t know how. »

Dark laughed, feeling relieved that it was just something like that. « That’s okay; you can’t really mess it up. » He explained, at the moment feeling as if even a horrible kiss from Daisuke would be magnificent. « Shall we try it again? »

Daisuke nodded, willing himself not to pull away again this time. Dark came towards him and he felt his eyes shut of their own accord, as the feather-light tickle of Dark’s lips brushed his own, leaving traces of a tingling sensation that lingered after he pulled away.

« See? Wasn’t that simple? » Dark asked even though Daisuke, at that moment, wasn’t aware of much else other than the stars in his eyes and the bells in his head. He had to strengthen his grip around the boy to keep him upright. If nothing else it certainly boosted his confidence as a lover, if he can produce debilitating results with such a simple and light kiss. « You’re going to be fun to have as a lover. » He whispered to the puddle-of-Daisuke, who suddenly came back to life at those words.

« Lover? »

« Of course. I love you. You love me. We’re lovers. » He explained as if Daisuke couldn’t understand English. « Honestly, you confess your love to me, and yet you never thought of the fact that it would make us lovers? »

« Well, I… » he replied, a bit embarrassed. He hated proving that he was still so incredibly innocent.

« You’re so cute. » Dark added, confusing Daisuke as to whether he should be relieved or offended. But he didn’t have time to ponder it for too long, as Dark pressed his bodyweight against Daisuke, laying him on his back, as he just barely hovered above him, his face buried in Daisuke’s neck, breathing in the scent his so often wished he could experience.

« Um…Dark? » he said, a bit nervous from Dark’s actions. « I know what I said, and everything, but I might need a little more time to prepare for this… »

Dark removed his face from his neck; his eyebrows were knitted in confusion. « Of course. We have the rest of our lives together. I’ll go at your pace. But just for now, please…I just want to hold you for a bit. I’ve been waiting for so long. »

« Oh, » Daisuke said, now understanding what he was doing. « Sure. » He answered a bit inelegantly, and Dark returned his face to Daisuke’s neck, curling his body around the younger boy’s.

All sorts of questions ran through Daisuke’s mind that he wanted to ask Dark, but he looked so peaceful, and it felt so good just lying with him silently. He decided it all could wait until morning, and he finally closed his eyes to drift off to sleep beside his other half.

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