❯ Separated FromThe Living – Ghost 1&2: My Paranormal Senses ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Separated From the Living

Introduction:Nora was a silent, non-scared person…that is until she found out she can see ghosts. Her little sister, Lucy, had run away because she too can see ghosts. Now Nora has to capture these ghosts and find Lucy among the way. But, here’s the twist, she’s afraid of ghosts. So Nora has to face her fears, find her sister, and put these dearly departed people back to their eternal rest.

Ghost1: My Paranormal Senses

Nora awoke up in the morning with her mom by her side, sleeping.”Mommy, aren’t you suppose to be working. It’s 6:45. » Nora said calmly. « Just a few more minutes » she groaned. « Mom… »Nora growled.”What? » « Go .To .Work! » « You’re not the boss of me.”Yeah, I know but need to go to work. » « Fine. » Then she went off to get her clothes and her keys. « See ya later Nora. » « Bye mommy. » Nora said giving her a kiss on the cheek. And she left, leaving her to stay until Nora needed to go to school. Then Nora walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Nora didn’t feel like cooking so she had some cereal. *Great I’m bored.* Nora thought. Then the doorbell rang. « Who is it?” Nora yelled from her room. « It’s Ryuu. »(ree-u) »Hold on for a sec. » Nora had to put on her clothes because she still had her nightgown on. But, the only thing she did wear is her dark purple dress, a pair of white socks, black flats, and her crimson jewel necklace. Then Nora went to comb her lavender hair and ran off to school with Ryuu.

At school, Nora and Ryuu were walking in the hallway, but then some disgusting girl walked up to Nora. »Oh, look its Nora and her boyfriend Ryuu. » she said in an annoying voice. « He’s not my boyfriend Nina.” Nora said annoyed. « Ok, if you’re not dating, then Ryuu you wouldn’t mind going out with me Saturday night, right? » « Actually, uh Nina, umm, Nora and I are dating and umm we have to go to class bye.” he said nervously. When they got to class Nora whispered” Why the hell did you say we were dating? » « It was the only thing I could think of. » he whispered back. « Baka… » Nora said to herself.

At lunch Nora and Ryuu sat by themselves because they hated company. But like always, Ryuu’s little fan girls came running over. *Damn do I hate his stupid fan girls. They think he’s so hot, and smart, and other things…Well he is kind of-wait he’s just my friend, just friends.* « Uhh, Nora-Chan? Nora-Chan. NORA-CHAN!! » « Huh, what? Oh, sorry Ryuu. What do ya want? » « Well can ya help me, please? » he asked. « Um, no. Bye Ryuu. » Then Nora got up and left the table and walked off to class. Though she felt something bothering her, like a ghost or something.

After school when Nora got home she just had a normal day, kind of. She’d also just finished homework, and is ready for bed. Until Nora looked at her clock, and it was 8pm. Nora was shocked and scared pale. *It’s-it’s night fall!* Night fell slowly, and Nora slowly backed away slowly from the door. Then at 8:30, it was night. Her lavender hair turned pure white, her dress turned pure white, and her slippers turned pure white, and her skin turned pale. Nora was separated from the living. *I hate this! But it’s for the world and Lucy.* so Nora took her crimson jewel necklace, and said her spell « Differences between us all, light and dark, alive and dead. I Nora, command you to give me the weapon of the reaper!” as she said her spell, there was a bright yellow glow and Nora heard moaning outside her door. She panicked and jumped out the window and to the roof next door to her house. But the ghosts kept coming closer and closer. So Nora jumped in the house through the attic door, and ran down to the living room. The house was big and was kind of like a mansion. Then she remembered…*Damn. I forgot this is a haunted house! There’s scarier ghosts here than any place!* Then they’ve surrounded Nora almost completely, but the left side was open with a room door there. Nora ran into the room and locked the door behind her. Why me” She said panting, almost loosing hr breath, Then she heard one of the ghosts say her name in a faded voice” Nora. Nora. Help me. » Then she’d heard it say the same thing in a somewhat louder voice « Nora. Nora. Help us. » it had said again. Nora was frightened that it knows your name. But then again, she was chased by them every night. « H-h-help y-you with w-w-what? » she asked nervously. « Put me to rest Nora. » it said slowly. « Don’t be scared Nora. You want to help me right? » it said. « Y-yes. B-but I’m t-too s-s-s-scared. » Nora said shaking badly. The ghost just walked through the door, walking straight through her. It felt cold and sad. Then it turned around. It was a young boy, about your age who’d look like he’d died from being strangled to death. « Umm…why do you wanna go to rest? » « I’m tired of staying here, let me be free Nora. » he’d said in a faint voice. « O-okay » she said shaking a bit. Then she stood in front of him, with her scythe near his chest. This was her first time trying to put them to sleep, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Then she started her spell: « From living to death, from awaking to rest. Our dearly departed one sleep! » She stabbed him in the chest with a bright white glow, and an angel oracle below him. While he was floating up he’d said « Thank you Nora. » then he floated up to heaven. « Your welcome. Goodnight. » Nora said waving good-bye.

Ghost 2: The Sin-man

Nora awakes at 6am. Good thing it’s Saturday, so she wouldn’t be going to school. And she still remembers what happened earlier. Well earlier ’cause at 12am, she just sent someone to eternal sleep. Not by killing though, but by putting a spirit to sleep. Then she looked to her side. Her mother isn’t there. Then she heard the TV. on. And Nora and her mom are the only people there so it’s her. Then Nora heard her father’s voice, which she hated so much. « Luna, I’m sorry after what I’ve done over the past. Please forgive me. » Nora heard his deep voice say. « No, so leave. » She heard her mom’s cold voice say. *Ok, that’s it. If I hear his voice one more time…* as she thought that, she ran downstairs to the living room. « Leave my mother alone! » Nora yelled at him. « Nora… » he said softly and annoyed.”Father…” she said emotionless. Then he turned his back to Nora and said « Ok, i’ll leave for now. » then he left. Leaving Nora and her mother furious that he’d came. To calm her nerves, she went to Ryuu’s house. While she was walking there, she’d felt a bad soul behind her. Like someone who was bad during their lifetime…

At Ryuu’s house, it was 12 and time for lunch. As they were going to the table for lunch, Ryuu said, “I saw your father waling from your house. So I figured you’d be mad. » he said. « How would you know if that was my father or not? » Nora asked. « Well he’s only one with silver short hair, and that looks like you. » he said messing with your hair. « Would ya quit messing with my hair? » she said mad yet calm. After lunch, she ran upstairs with him to his room. Nora was like a tomboy, so Nora and Ryuu played video games. Before the next round of the fighting game, Ryuu asked « Hey, Nora. » « Yeah? » « Have you ever thought about doing something, but never did? » « What you mean by that? » « Well I-uh never mind. You wouldn’t understand. » He then had a sad face. *What is he sad about? I wish he’d tell what’s on his mind. I’m his friend, right?*
Then Ryuu’s mom yelled « Hey Nora, Ryuu! Come down here for a sec! » They ran downstairs to the kitchen. But Ryuu was still sad. « Ryuu, what’s wrong baby? » his mother asked sadly. « Nothing. » was all he’d said. “Well I was going to ask you Ryuu, do you want Nora to stay over tonight?” « Sure.” Ryuu said still sad. “Ok. Let me get my stuff.” So Nora ran to her house, but on the way there, that bad presence came, and the sky turned black. It was Nighttime. Her hair turned pure white, while her dress and shoes turned white. Then her skin turned pale, completely turning her into a ghost. Then ghosts were coming her way. *Uh-oh.* She ran back to Ryuu’s house and walked inside and locked the door. Nora ran upstairs to Ryuu’s room, hoping he was awake. But he wasn’t, but she sensed something in him. *Does Ryuu have a ghost inside him? Wait, he doesn’t. Or does he?* Then she heard moaning outside. *Uh-oh they’re outside. I got to help Ryuu though.* Then they moaned again. But only it sounded closer, more like outside Ryuu’s room close. The sound of the moaning awakened Ryuu. But it wasn’t actually Ryuu. It was the ghost inside him. *I knew he wasn’t himself today.* He came closer and closer to Nora, making her shake. She jumped back and summoned your silver scythe. “Differences between us all, light and dark, alive and dead. I Nora, command you to give me the weapon of the reaper! » then the jewel turned to her scythe and she was ready to send the spirit to rest. But he got hold of Nora and started choking her and said, « Die Nora Quinichi. » She was shocked that he’d said that. But Nora then remembered,*its okay. It’s not actually Ryuu.* Nora kicked him and he flew straight into Ryuu’s dresser. He got up again and tried to punch Nora. She dodged almost barely and fell, hurting her arm. *Damn. I got to be more careful. But not just to myself, but to Ryuu’s body too.* Then he got up again, and ran toward Nora. She ran to the side of the door. And just stood there for a few seconds, until the ghosts walked through the door, staring dead at Nora. She was scared out of your mind, and the ghost in Ryuu’s body pulled her white short hair. « AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! » Nora screamed in pain. *This is worse than yesterday! But I have to do this.* Nora pushed all of them back with her scythe. Nora stood in front of Ryuu. She touched his chest, and slowly pulled the spirit out of him. It was strong, and rather violent. He’d put a few scratches on her hurting arm, which caused more pain to that arm. But she ignored the pain. When she finished pulling him out, he was scared himself. And all over he had burns, scratches, cuts, and bruises. « You shall feel my pain. » he said fierce and ran toward Nora. She tried to run away, but the other ghost held her down. Of course Nora was more scared than before. *I’m so freaking’ scared it feels like I’m going to throw up!!*Nora thought. *But wait. I can put him to sleep. I’m so stupid sometimes.* Nora picked up her scythe and stood up. The ghosts had let go because of the scythes power. As she stood there facing him, she got ready to say her spell: « From living to death, from awaking to rest. Our dearly departed one sleep! » As soon as she’d hit his chest, except for a white angel oracle, it was a red one with a devil oracle. There was a whole that opened to hell, as it opened wider the wind blew hard. Fire came up and took the soul in. Nora’s eyes looked surprised at the fire. *Figured it was bad.* He went down slowly and said” I’ll see you in hell. » And when he said those last words, the whole closed and the wind stopped. Nora smirked and said « We’ll see about that. » After that, Nora put Ryuu in his bed, and put the covers over him. « Goodnight Ryuu. » Nora then yawned in exhaustion and slept beside his bed.

The next day, when Nora woke up, she looked around and had seen she was in Ryuu’s room. She blushed and looked up seeing Ryuu’s brown-long-braided hair and his brown eyes in her face. Ryuu stared at her. “Why are you in my room Nora-Chan?” he asked with a confused face. “I ummm. I’m sorry Ryuu.” Nora said blushing. Just then, Ryuu’s mom came in. “Am I interrupting something?” she asked smiling. Ryuu’s and Nora’s face turned completely red. “I-I got to go home. thanks for letting me stay over Mrs. Yoshimaru. Bye Ryuu.” She said running out the house. While she ran home, she smirked about what the ghost had said last night. “We’ll see…..we’ll just see…”