Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Scarlet Scourge Versus Moon Princess ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Gohan and Videl starred out the space ships window as stars and planets zipped past, Gohan reached over and grabbed her hand interlocking their fingers. “We will be arriving soon,” Videl and Gohan turned around to see a purple skinned girl with a long blonde braid; they had come to know her as Wisteria. They hadn’t seen Amaranth since they left Earth a week ago, and knew she stayed behind. Soon they could see a large reddish brown planet coming into view; the plating came down covering the window as they entered orbit.

Gohan stood at the door waiting for it to open, when it did he was surprised to see a large ray cannon pointed at the two of them, it fired. Gohan could have easily dodged the blast but Videl wasn’t fast enough he wrapped his body around her as the blast connected. They were shot out the back of the ship and the two began rolling on the ground, they came to a stop and Gohan stood up, he was weak ‘I think the blast is siphoning my energy’ .He saw another blast heading for them, again he blocked the shot this time it sent them flying even further until they crashed into the water. Videl looked at Gohan his energy was completely drained; she looked up and could see the small group aiming the cannon at the water waiting for them to surface. Videl grabbed Gohan and blasted off under the water; she pulled him onto the shore quite a piece down river. She was exhausted and passed out on top of him.

Videl began to open her eyes and she was no longer on the shore, she panicked and sat up, “Gohan!” he grabbed her hand from his seat beside her.
“It’s okay,” Gohan said soothing her.
“Where are we?” Videl asked.
Gohan began to answer when a strong feminine voice replied from behind Videl, “You are in the Sanctuary of Light.” Videl turned to see a tall blue woman with long blonde hair, half of her head was shaven, and she wore an outfit almost identical to Amaranth. “I am Azure and you are guests in this sacred temple of peace.”
“What they were just trying to kill us,” Videl said standing up preparing for battle.
“No Videl,” Gohan said standing in front of her, “Azure and her people came and rescued us from the coast, she’s the reason were still alive. This planet is not what it seems hear her out.”
Azure began to speak again, “follow me Videl, I will show you.” Videl and Gohan followed Azure as she led them down a small hallway to a window. Videl looked out the window realising they were inside a hollow mountain. “This planet was once under the peaceful ruler ship of the Great King Chartreuse. Then one day an orb fell from the sky and out of it came a powerful alien, he killed the king and took his thrown. Since that day he has rallied what people he could and taught them the ways of fighting, those of us that fought for peace were either killed or forced into hiding. This mountain is our sanctuary, we have built it to hide our energy signatures and keep us safe from the false king.”
“Why bring us here?” Videl asked moved by Azure’s story.
“Because since the day the new king has come he has wanted one thing the destruction of Earth. He first began by turning our small army into an elite world destroying force, and then he forced the scientist to create his mindless army of Spectins. After they were perfected he sent my sister, Amaranth to Earth to capture its greatest hero and bring him here, she was to stay on Earth and destroy it once given the signal. My sources state that after they found out who the hero was they were to hit him with our purple energy absorption ray and take him prisoner, the girl was to die. My original goal was to rescue you before you landed, but I had to improvise and rescue you after you were blasted away.”
“And what is it that you want out of us?” Videl asked waiting for the catch, Gohan jumped back in surprise.
“Actually I was hoping that Earths greatest hero might liberate my planet,” Azure said bluntly.
“Were in,” Gohan said looking at Videl, “Just tell us the plan.”

It had been almost a week since Gohan left and Serena was staring into the sky, “Why haven’t they left yet?”
“Because they are going to try and attack us meatball head,” Rei said infuriated.
“Well pardon me for not thinking the worse,” Serena said sticking her tongue out.
“Or the obvious,” Rei and Serena bashed heads as Mina tried pulling them apart.
Mina sighed as she starred up into the sky, “I wish they would just attack and get it over with.” Almost as if on command there was a loud crack as the ship opened up and the invasion force poured out. The three girls instantly transformed into their more powerful forms. Mina darted into the sky and summoned multiple chains of energy that shot through the aliens; she felt no remorse as she now knew they were mindless drones. She ducked under another as she flipped bringing her foot through its head. Rei flew behind Mina summoning swirls of fire to burn her enemies.
Serena rammed her fist through an aliens head and spun around blocking a hit and kneeing the next one in the chest. She jumped up joining her two friends as they fought the oncoming horde. Mina twirled around using her chain to cut through the enemies; Ami had informed her that her hard light chain could not be absorbed by the Spectins. She dipped down and landed feet first on another head. Rei put her hands together making a gun with her fingers and began to shoot a burning blaze that ripped through her targets. Serena jumped out of the way of the flames, “Hey watch it with the flames, Rei!” Serena screamed.
“How about you just get out of the way!” Rei screamed back.
“Both of you knock it off!” Mina commanded.
“Sorry,” Rei said as she shot a pillar of fire from her opened hand. Serena nodded in agreement as she grabbed an opponent and began smashing her fist into its head. The three charged in to the oncoming horde.

Elsewhere 17 was sitting on a tree avoiding Lita when the crack was heard, he took off into the sky followed by Lita who was waiting for 17 to realize she knew where he was. 17 chopped through an enemy and flew into another. Lita took off in the other direction blasting orbs of lightning into the crowd. She dove forward as lightning began to wrap around her forming a dragon she shot into the horde. 17 turned his head and smirked at the girl without her noticing. He continued to smash his way through the oncoming army.

On the lookout Dende was holding a barrier as Ami shot powerful streams of water up through the barrier at the army.

At Mt. Paozu Goten was fishing in the river as the horded descended all around him he dove right in smashing through the enemies.

Krillin was hiding Marron in the basement as 18 was outside ripping through the army; soon he joined his wife in combat.

Sailor Pluto was flying high above Tokyo as she twirled smashing her Garnet Orb through several of the aliens. Saturn stabbed her glaive through and oncoming enemy pushing him off with her foot into the next one.

Darien was above the city fighting the horde as he looked for Serena.

Tien and Chiaotzu were in combat over the desert while Yamcha was doing his best in Satan City.

Uub blasted out of his new apartment with Mina’s window and took to the skies grabbing an enemy and throwing it into another and shoving his fist though both. He took off in the direction he knew Mina had went still combating the oncoming force.

Uranus was on the streets slashing through enemies as her lover floated above her kicking the head in on a female one.

Outside Capsule Corps Trunks and Kid Trunks were battling the oncoming army with their swords, as Trunks taught his younger self swordplay.

Serena was combating an enemy when she saw Uub join the group; she turned to kick another enemy in the face when she felt the massive power level enter the area. She looked up and saw the Scarlet Scourge hold out her hand and release a blast destroying a building, she smiled at Serena. “I figure I would come and destroy you personally moon girl,” Amaranth charged at Serena but was intercepted by Mina and Uub.
“No guys,” Serena said pushing through her friends, “this one’s mine.” Uub and Mina stepped out of the way as Serena dove at the red woman. Amaranth dodged her kick and shot a blast after her, “Not fair if I can’t blast you can’t blast,” Serena shouted as she dodged the blast.
“You can shoot,” Amaranth stated, “only the Spectins absorb energy. How fair would it be if only I had ranged attacks? Not very fair at all.”
Serena brought both her hands forward as she shot a powerful white blast at Amaranth, who dodged it, it continued on its path until it hit a pair of Spectins turning them white. The Scarlet Scourge flew at Serena delivering a powerful kick that was blocked by Serena’s forearm. Serena punched at the enemy who caught her fist and responded with another punch, Serena caught her fist as well, the two floated there in a struggle as the auras expanded, the red and white battling like their owners. Amaranth kneed Serena in the stomach breaking their stalemate. She chassed after Serena as she fell, Serena crashed into the pavement making a massive hole, and Serena rolled out of the way as Amaranth landed her foot where Serena’s head was. Serena bounced up and kicked her opponent in the stomach sending her flying, she disappeared, reappearing in Amaranth’s flight path; she booted her up into the sky chasing after her. Amaranth caught herself in midair bringing up her arms to block the oncoming attack. “That’s the best you’ve got?” Amaranth smirked.
“No,” Serena said in anger, she charged at the enemy swinging her foot at Amaranth’s face. The Scarlet Scourge caught the Moon Princess’ foot and flipped her up into the air. Serena felt a stinging sensation in her abdomen as Amaranth released a flurry of punches. Serena burst backward and shot a shower of pink hearts at the enemy. Amaranth staggered backwards from the impact of the energy shower. Serena took advantage of the opening and delivered a kick to the alien. The two began an exchange of hits at a speed so fast that no one could follow, first Serena punched Amaranth in the face, and the next break was Amaranth kneeing Serena in the face. The onslaught of speedy hits ended when the two punched, connecting at the fists the combined energy sent them both flying.
Serena crashed into Amaranth’s ship, “My ship!” Amaranth screamed. Serena noticed the panic in her voice. “You little bitch if you damage my ship I WILL SKIN YOU ALIVE, YOUR LITTLE BOW TIE FRIEND TOO!”
“You will not harm a single hair on Darien’s head you SUN BURNT FREAK!” Serena screamed as she charged her brilliant white aura, the ship crunched and cracked around her.
“I WILL DESTROY YOU!” Amaranth charged at Serena who dodged the attack sending Amaranth crashing into the ship.
“How can you be mad at me when you break your own toys?” Serena said in a very cocky attitude. She charged at the red skinned woman kicking her through the side of her ship. Serena charged her aura and pushed her arms out causing her aura to burst destroying the ship, Amaranth screamed in anger as she charged at Serena.

All over the world the Spectins began to self-destruct exploding in bright colours. Uub flew up watching the battle alongside Mina and Rei; soon they were joined by the rest of the Z-Scouts, Z-Fighters, and Sailor Scouts. Darien went charging into the battle, Uub and Mina darted in front of him, “Out of my way,” he commanded.
“No,” Uub said as he held Darien back.
“Honestly Darien what are you going to do other than be a distraction?” Mina asked somewhat coldly. “Serena wants to defeat her on her own.”
“But, but, but,” Darien stammered.
“But nothing,” Uub said as he turned his head back to the battle.

Serena dodged the oncoming alien, and elbowed her on the back, sending her crashing towards the Earth. Serena chassed after her kicking her into the side of a building. Amaranth jumped out of the way dodging the shower of blasts Serena shot at her. She brought her hands together before her in a prayer like position; she slowly separated her hands as a massive orb of energy formed, “Crimson Arc!” She shot the blast forward; it grew massive as it headed for Serena.
“Starlight,” Serena raised both her hands above her head, “Honeymoon,” she began to spin lowering her arms, “Therapy,” she stopped spinning her hands pointed at the oncoming blast, “Kiss!” Serena’s blast collided with Amaranth’s orb the two energy blasts began pushing against each other, both women using all their might trying to overcome the other.
“Soon moon brat, soon, then I’ll kill the guy in the suit,” Amaranth began to laugh.
Serena looked at Darien as tears swelled in her eyes, “Never!” She pushed with all her energy as the moon on her forehead began to glow more intensely, “I will win!” Serena pulled her hands up and slammed them back down pushing her blast through Amaranth’s dissipating it, Amaranth raised her hands to protect herself as she was engulfed by the blinding light, the onlookers shielded their eyes. When they opened them Amaranth was gone and Serena was falling Darien caught her.
“I’ve got you Serena,” he whispered softly.
“Darien,” she said weakly as fainted, Dende was there in an instant quickly healing his powerful friend.

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