Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Saved ( Chapter 1 )

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`Not another hoard!’ Yuhara thought as a giant group of many different kinds of demons came towards her intent on the kill. She destroyed most of them easily, but still they came at her, charging as much spiritual energy as she could muster she annulated the remaining demons in one bright destructive attack. Her breathing raged she fell to her knees thinking the same thing she did everyday since this began, `when will this end?!’
“Come on!” Yusuke whined “Its summer vacation, why would binky-breath want me?” the blue haired Botan replied “Because it’s your job as the spirit detective, that’s why yusuke. Now hurry up Kurama’s waiting” The teen huffed, “fine.” With that done they soon found themselves standing in Koenma’s office.
Yusuke crossed his arms over his chest “Alright, I’m here. What do you want?” “Well it seems your cherry attitude hasn’t changed much since I last saw you Yusuke.” Came Kurama’s voice from his place in a chair by the door. “Oh, hey Kurama.” He said waving at his teammate.
Koenma cleared his throat, “Alright, I’ll get right to the point. I have a mission for you two. We’ve discovered an organization known as DEVIL has captured hundreds of demons from the demon plane.” Kurama looked intently at him, “Why have they done that?” “Well, that’s what you are to find out and if necessary put a stop to it.”
“Get up!” said a mans voice over a loud speaker, Yuhara opened her eyes and slowly got to her knees. Her long black hair dirty and streaked with blood and her bangs matted to her forehead. She groaned as her body ached with each movement and the over use of her already depleted powers.
A door opened ahead of her red glowing eyes peering at her, hungry for her blood. She looked up towards them and attempted to stand but her legs buckled under her and she fell back on the ground the demons took this opportunity to come rushing towards her.
`No! I won’t die here!’ she thought as she pulled her remaining spiritual energy into her bow and fired off enough arrows to send them retreating backwards. The man smiled as he watched his pet fight for her life, with him reaping the rewards.
Yusuke and Kurama stood outside a now abandoned building; at least that’s what the reports said. “What the hell?! Why would he send us to an abandoned office building?” Yusuke shouted. “You’re a fool as always, Yusuke.” Said a voice from behind them, turning they saw it was Hiei.
“What are you trying to say?” Yusuke asked annoyed “Can’t you sense it? The air around this place is filled with demonic aura.” Hiei replied. “Yes, but that isn’t all. Its faint but I do sense a spiritual energy.” Added Kurama, Yusuke cracked his knuckles “Then let’s check it out.” He said kicking in the door and storming in.
`I can’t keep this up much longer…’ Yuhara thought as she charged up another set of arrows taking out the last of the demons. Suddenly the iron door that trapped her in the arena blew apart sending smoke everywhere. The blast sent the already weakened Yuhara crashing into a wall behind her.
The head man, Yuki came running towards the arena to see what had happened, while the other men watched from the room overlooking the arena. Three silhouettes stood in the smoke coughing.
“Maybe you over did it Yusuke.” Stated Kurama waving smoke out of his face “no joke!” he replied. When the smoke finally cleared Yuki saw three teenage boys where the door once stood. “Who the hell are you?!” he said as three of his best guards appeared to defend him.
Seconds later they each fell to the ground dead, Kurama sighed. “Was it really necessary to kill them Hiei?” he asked as said person appeared right behind the now shaking Yuki. “Why yes actually. I’ve been watching these people for some time now, bringing in demons and humans alike. Then watching as they fight for their lives, the display disgusts me.” He said cleaning the blood from his blade.
Kurama and Yusuke ran over and joined Hiei then looked at the shaking man in front of them, eyes wide with fear. “Y-Yuhara wake up and help me!” He shouted as they took a step towards him. The girl behind them slowly rose to her feet and appeared in front of Yuki.
`Who are these guys…?’ She thought as she took a shaky fighting stance, Yusuke couldn’t believe she had survived with all the wounds on her body. He couldn’t even imagine the torture she was put through, just thinking about it made him incredibly angry.
Yuhara watched the dark haired boy clench his fists into tight balls, `their about to attack…’ she thought as all three came at her, attempting to cut her off and subdue her. `Idiots.’ She thought evading their movements with her speed.
She parried each attack in tandem until they ended up in the middle of the ring, with her surrounded on each side. “Why are you protecting him, Isn’t he the one who made you do all this?!” The black haired boy yelled. She ignored him, but thought the same thing herself.
She pulled a dagger from behind her back; she was out of spiritual energy so she was left with her martial arts. She sped towards Yusuke the dagger intent on taking him out, but suddenly the shorter black haired boy appeared in front of her with his sword, she kicked him hard in the stomach and used that momentum to flip mid-air and appear behind Kurama.
A thorned whip grabbed her leg mid kick and sent her plummeting on to her back, pushing all the air from her body. Recovering she flipped from her place on the ground and landing right in front of Yuki. “What the hell are you doing kill them!” he yelled as she crouched down attempting regain her breath.
“SHUT UP!” the black haired boy yelled as he appeared in front of Yuki and with a force stronger than she had ever seen he punched him, his fist making contact with Yuki’s face. Sending him flying towards the wall behind him, Yuhara just sat there staring eyes wide with shock.
`Amazing…’ she thought as she stared at the sight before her. “Well, that was no fun…” the boy said sadly. He turned towards her with a look in his eyes that she had never seen before, her instinct took over as he reached his hand toward her; she threw the dagger.
He caught it with his other hand, “We’re here to help you ya know!” he yelled, she just glared at him. She stood slowly, her world already turning fuzzy darkness finally took her as she began falling backwards.
Kurama appeared and caught her in his arms, her long black hair draping over his shoulder. Her face was pale from the constant battles and her hair was matted with what smelled like dried blood and her clothes; jeans and a tee shirt, were hideously torn. Even through all this his heart skipped a beat at how beautiful she was.
“Let’s get out of here.” Said Hiei. They all left Kurama carrying the unconscious girl on his back.
They arrived in Koenma’s office a while later, “Who is this?” he asked eyeing her, “dunno, she was there when we got there. She put up one hell of a fight though.” Yusuke replied shrugging. “Hmm…well this is a surprise. But you don’t have to worry; we’ll take care of her until she wakes up then wipe her memory of the whole thing.”
“I assume that the organization has been taken care of?” He asked as an ogre came in and waited for instructions. “Of course, Yusuke did quite a number on Mr. Yuki’s head. I assume we won’t be seeing him for a while, I don’t believe that he is the last of them though. But I also have a favor I’d like to ask of you.” he said eyeing the ogre. “Go ahead.” Koenma replied “Well, I’m just not sure erasing her memory would be the best thing. She’s got a tremendous amount of spiritual energy and probably knows more about the organizations operations than we could ever find out.”
Koenma considered it then nodded, “Alright, then she is under your supervision. But be prepared for anything alright?” Kurama nodded and they all left.
“Finally we’re here!” Said an exhausted Yusuke, they had just spent of majority of their day carrying the sleeping girl on their backs and avoiding staring eyes. Now they were standing at the intersection between Yusuke’s apartment and Kurama’s. “Sense you asked for it, you get to take care of her tonight.” Yusuke said with a mischievous grin “Good luck!” he said before quickly walking across the street.
Yuhara slowly opened her eyes and looked at the white ceiling above her. She carefully turned her head to the left and saw the window was open revealing the night sky. `What… how…where… am I?’ she winced as a pain shot through her body when she attempted to sit up. After finally managing, she looked around the room. It looked like an average room to her; there was a calendar on the side table beside her. Some school books piled neatly next to the closet.
Then the door opened and a red haired man stepped through carrying a tray with what looked like tea and some mini sandwiches. Casually he walked over and set the tray down on the side table. Then looking at her intently he asked, “May I sit?” She shrugged then looked away. “So how are you feeling?” he asked taking a drink of his tea, she didn’t answer.
Her throat was so dry she looked at the tea, but instincts told her better and she ignored it, “You should drink it, it will help with the pain.” he said offering her the cup, she took it and took a small sip.
“Alright then, let’s start with introductions. My name is Kurama, what’s your name?” “Yuhara.” She replied simply and she took another sip of the tea, enjoying the wonderful taste of berries. “Well Yuhara, how does it taste?” she heard him ask, “Good, thank you.” She replied glancing at his face for the first time since he walked in; emerald green eyes, long bright red hair, and such handsome features. But something more, in his eyes. She blushed and looked away; the thought of someone else feeling the same as her was…impossible.
Then it clicked; the memory from the previous day at the arena, how the three boys came in and attacked her. `But why not kill me like they did Yuki?’ “Kurama…” she said, “Yes, what is it?” “ Why were you and the other two at the arena?” she asked. As he took his time to explain she thought intently.
As soon as he finished, “I see.” Was all she managed, `I’ve heard of Koenma, what could he be up too to cause the prince of the spirit world to take notice?’ She thought as she looked down towards her hands, she blushed at the sight. She was in nothing but a shirt that stopped right above her belly and her underwear.
She drew the blanket up over her practically naked self; Kurama turned away and blushed slightly. “It’s getting late; we’d better be off to bed.” He said quickly getting up. “You’ll need your rest, if you’re going to see Yusuke tomorrow.” He said smiling. `Yusuke…why does that name sound familiar?’ she thought as she lay back again.
“Good night, Yuhara.” He said before the door shut with a soft click.
The next morning was less than ideal; Kurama gave her one of his mothers black button up shirts and a pair of her nice boots and a pair of his smallest jeans. But she fell attempting to get into them causing him to storm into the room seeing her lying on the floor, the jeans halfway up her legs and her blushing a deep crimson.
As they walked the short distance neither could look at the other without blushing, but walking on the already crowding street she felt a familiarity. `It’s always like this…even on a crowded street, no matter where I go…I’m alone.’ She thought as she ran a hand through her raven black hair.
Kurama watched her as they walked towards Yusuke’s apartment, her eyes were hidden behind her bangs but by her body language he could tell; she was deeply troubled. It kind of reminded him of himself, in many ways.
When they got to Yusuke’s Kurama wasn’t surprised to find Keiko there and Yusuke still sleeping. Kurama handled the introductions, as Yuhara refused to speak. They sat in a living room as Keiko attempted to wake her sleeping boyfriend, at least that’s what Yuhara thought.
When Yusuke finally did appear he had many bumps on his head. “Oh, hey its you.” He said rubbing his sore head, Yuhara just nodded.
“So, can you tell us why you were at the arena?” asked Kurama softly, Yuhara just sat there playing with the hair flowing over her shoulder, considering his request. Finally she let out a breath and replied, “Can I and will I are two very different questions. Consider which you’d like to ask before you open your mouth again.”
Her answer somewhat took them by surprise and left them speechless, Yuhara resumed staring at her lap. Mentally cursing herself for believing even for a second that they were different from the rest of humanity, from him.
“Fine, then how about you tell us what that organizations plans were for those demons.” Yusuke demanded, “Is” Kurama and Yusuke looked at each other. “Come again? I’m afraid we don’t understand your meaning.” She didn’t look at them as she replied, “He said `were’ past tense.”
After a few hours of receiving similar responses yusuke lost his patience, which resulted in a heated argument between himself and Keiko. Kurama decided it was best they make their exit, as he got up Yuhara followed suit and they quickly exited the apartment. “Well, are you hungry?” Kurama asked a few minutes later as they walked down a crowed street.
Her stomach growled at the prospect of food, she blushed as he started to laugh. “Well, I guess that answers that. Come on there’s a place not far that serves great food.” He said smiling and taking her hand, Yuhara blushed deeper. `So warm…’ she thought as a sense of comfort ran through her body.
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