❯ Sakura Blossoms – Epilogue and Excerpt ( Epilogue )

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Sorry its short but its the Epilogue and leetle sometin more.


Crimson lights the sky, the birds still asleep…
Children’s songs we sung, as soft as the breeze…

I watched as the red phoenix flew across the sky. A reminder, as well as a warning, of myself, and Shi’s rule. It unleashed wheels of fire, large as mountains themselves and the phoenix itself, destroying players who did not expect any harm to come to them. Spreading my wings, I leaped off the cliff top, sneering as some shouted as they recognized me. They believed I was coming to save them, to stop the beat of fire unleashing terror and chaos upon them.

The fools.

Sailing upwards into the sky, rather than down at the bird of fire as they wished, I flew over Midori Willows, which had mistakenly been deemed as the last safe place in the World.

I recognized the player saving and risking her neck for others too stupid to run almost immediately. I both smiled and growled at the same time when the phoenix sent a fury of fire upon her, still barely scorching the face and body of the person I thought I’d loved.

The one who I had not seen for almost a month…

Endless fields, our home… I long for those days…
I call these prayers out to the sky, heavy with thought, see your face…

Landing on top of some old, withered Weeping Willow tree, I watched her battle the monster alone, the twins and her sister no where to be found. Where was the oh so faithful team that they had so profoundly preached about countless times now?

Did they even know she was awake…? Let alone playing the World; the reason she had slipped into a coma?

But what made me actually trust her, Kayane, and think better of her had to be the way she always got down to business whenever. She didn’t say things on the spur of the moment in order to reassure people, like Anissa and Rena did more often than I could count. Needless to say, they would make the greatest cheerleaders, wouldn’t they? Saying what they need to in order to ‘get the team going’, as Anissa so intelligently put it once.

Even so, working, or playing, with them, with the one fighting his creation down below, had benefited me in many ways.

However unwritten or disbelieved it is, I felt more than I should have for the green eyed girl fighting the bird that was red-eyed with fury and anger below, and it went further than just a simple crush. We knew it was a game that the other could be some thirty year old adult trying to harass another.

When I first saw her, I thought her to be some over-confident player who would pronounce herself better than most and flaunt herself in front of players like the goddess some say she looked like during battle.

She looked like a goddess just standing, or walking, sitting in a tree, talking to someone… that is one thing I cannot deny, one thing I cannot forget…

Walking off the top of the tree I lifted up into the air once again, the tree falling and erupting in flames a mere moment later.

I sent a look of disinterest at her back; the tree we had sat in many times falling prey to one of her own attacks as she looked over her shoulder, stopping short of seeing me.

I carry these memories inside, thoughts of a soul colored by love…
See me grow wings and fly high, passions will die down below…

The sky pours rain all of a sudden, something the area was not programed to do.

Though, I hold no emotions to her except remorse that such a fighter would be wasted fighting futilely in a war that she would not win, she was once the reason I turned to follow Shi’s purpose.

Setting foot on the ground, I watched as the fight raged on from a distance, players behind me, standing afraid and looking at Kayane like they had never seen someone as… how would they put it… heroic or something as she was.

Yet, despite how ‘entranced’ they were by her presence and her nobility, they seemed to ignore her commands to leave while they could, that she could not hold off the monster for too much longer, and some even fell to the heat radiations, they were so weak.

Some even cried out in sheer fear when fire circled around me, flames licking close to me within five feet and singing the tips of my wings, doing nothing but turning them a darker shade of white and nearly harmless.

Seeing them both jump and soar into the sky, I marveled at the sight of two dark colored beings do battle in the skies, neither of them gaining the upper hand, yet both bloody.

I burn in the basin of fire, watchers look on as they dance in their merciless sky…
Watching me…Watching you…

Seeing her glance more than once down at me, I let myself smile, however evil,- and bad-intentioned it may be, it was a smile. I knew it wasn’t for hope, or that she cared, she was looking for revenge. And answers.

And possibly to repay me for everything I had done

The skies darkened above me; above her and the living bird of fire was the only source of light and a haunting glow set over the land. The sun rises after being set for only half an hour, which was the most unique quality of the area, something non-other had at the moment.

A low, battle screech echoes loudly, a momentary and almost numb wave of vibration moves through my body and I can see crimson blood falling with the rain, following in a small stream like water running down the hill.

Silent black, the dawn… and time tells its tale…
Darkened blood, it flows… the forest receives…

She landed with a loud muffled thump, then took off as talons aimed for her back and missed except for a few scratches.

And, as the bird followed, feet hanging low and opened to wrap around its prey, she cut the right set of talons off then embedding the blade in the heart, wincing as it cried in a high pitched tone, enough to break the glass on the monitors being used by players.

Kneeling as it faded away, massive still and the size of a small mountain still, she rested a hand on the neck and lowered her head in short mourning, looking into the black eyes of the phoenix, turned back to its natural color only in death.

All I thought was: Let her see what she really is, in those eyes. Let her see the darkness inside of her that she shows to everyone in the eyes as black as her soul.

Look within the dark as deep as you dare. There inside, you find destruction you seek…
I call out these prayers to the sky, heavy with thought, see your face…

Turning to me after the beast was finally gone, she gripped the katana in her hand tightly and I couldn’t see anything on her face except determination.

The same determination I had seen that won her many battles and pushed her through the more recent ones against Shizuka and Korosu.

Now, it was directed toward me.

I made one push of my wings and flew upwards, looking down at her motionless body, arms still hanging by her sides, and into her green eyes that never strayed from my own.

I carry these memories inside, thoughts of a soul colored by love…
See me grow wings and fly high, passions will die down below…

Raising my sword in challenge, the battle began, a ring of fire erupting from my sword which had created the phoenix and circling me.

I burn in the basin of fire, watchers look on as they dance in their merciless sky…

Finally, spectators disappeared at once, realization dawning on them slower than anything I’d thought possible.

…And she disappeared…

“Midori Willows:Redemption”


Prophecy of Silver Moons and Black Clouds

« In the stadt Des Gottes, there will be a great thunder, Two sisters torn apart by
Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb »
“The fourth war will begin when the big city is burning
Earth shaking fire from the center of the earth will cause tremors around the new city.
Two great rocks will war for a time, then Naunen,
the creator of the flaming sphere, will redden a new river. »

Laughing, Shi danced from one side of the room to the other in single leaps at a time. Raising his hand, blade clenched tightly, he smiled darkly. Letting loose the sword, then flicking his wrist, the sword flew through the air at his target.

Crying out, he rose from his position of sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall after waking and ran toward Shi’s opponent standing by the opposite wall.

Shoving her away, the blade, the one that had slain so many and rendered them comatose, entered his chest; piercing his heart.

The blade slipping from his hand and the bangs of his hair fell over his eyes as he fell forward into her arms as she knelt beside her quickly. Beginning to lower his body covered in silver armor, she clenched her teeth together tightly, more to stop all sounds desperately trying to escape than to bear the physical pains he bore.

His arms circling around her, as he stopped her motions to lay him on the ground and smiled weakly. “I’m sorry, I only meant to save…” With a final sigh, his body faded and he died, a sorrowful cry echoing in the air.

No, it couldn’t be… Anyone who died at the hands of…


Total Story Word Count (w/o A/N’s): 38, 360

Stadt Des Gottes – German equivalent of ‘City of God’

…The End.

Now a word (actually way more) from the one who inspired this entire fan fiction, my little sister, Anissa.

Wow, there is just so much to say… It all began with a simple guild on NeoPets when we Role Played our hearts out our passionate imaginations… That’s where we created the two sisters, Kayane and Kirasha (Anissa). I can’t believe how far we’ve gotten. From a tiny speck of thoughts to an inventive story that catches many people’s consciousness and makes them want to read more. Ok, enough about my little droning on about how it started.

It’s hard to utter the words, ‘This is the end’. We’ve come so far and there is so much that we think of daily that we would like to make a reality. Well, for me, at least. I am so happy that you did this story, I just can’t express it. All I can do is articulate some words to show how I feel. I sound ver conceited when I say this but I’m really honored that I inspired you to do this! I love you lots because you can make our imaginations (most importantly yours) burst out for everyone to read. I am not only honored to be the inspiration, but I am very, very flattered to be a character a part of it! I love to visualize everything that happens: like the problems that the characters go through.

Ok, I’m getting off topic. The main thing I need to get out; As I said before, I am very, truly, absolutely honored that I inspired and took part in your story. You have come so far, and I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but there will be a great sadness when every reader finishes this beloved story. You know me — I’ll probably start crying. I have loved every single moment of reading the story as has everyone.

We’re all looking forward to see what you do next. Knowing you, it will be something awesomely twisted. I really am devastated, and I hate to say it’s the end. I can’t believe it, as I look back at all of the fun memories you and I had, dreaming about what whacked, wacky, wickedness we could possibly makes! Then I start to think…’As one door closes, another one opens’ This end is just the fabulous beginning of another great chronicle!

ThornedXSoul, a.k.a. Anissa, a.k.a., the one, and the only, Kirasha.

Hell, you made me cry when I first read that, and I am crying as I re-read it. I’m not entirely sure whether every one of my readers feel that way about my story — but, you know, I sure as fecking hell hope they do


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Thank you, and please have patience,

Sakura Blossoms – Chapter 11