❯ Sakura Blossoms – Chapter Three ( Chapter 3 )

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Anissa gasped, along with Shugo and Rena, their faces turning pale at the thought of young children fighting a data monster. They weren’t pretty things and fought coldly and unfairly, leaving its prey scarred even if it lived to tell.

« But- they- » Rena stuttered, trying to figure out how to say what was on her mind and how she felt.
« They were so young, I know, » Balmung finished for her. « They just had thier birthdays less than a week ago too. »

« They were related. Twins, right? » Kayane asked. « One a boy and the other a girl. »

« Yeah. Identical twins. Healthy and all. Someone in the game asked them to meet in that area at that time of night. It was a set-up. Someone wanted them to be attacked by that monster and be deleted. »

At this, Kayane and Anissa both turned red in the face. They knew all too well about being set-up. When they were three years younger, Anissa at the age of twelve and Kayane at fourteen, the same thing happened to them. Only they arrived early in the hopes of preventing a surprise attack. And it worked. The data monster arrived while they were hidden behind trees and they left the area before they were spotted. After that, Kayane never let her sister go anywhere in the World without knowing exactly who it was she was meeting and if the person was trust-worthy as well.

« Who was it that asked them to go to that area? » Anissa asked, her voice serious and cold.

« Better yet, where were they deleted? What was the name of the area? » Kayane interrupted.

« It was called ‘Akai Nami’ . . . ‘Red Wave’. »

« It’s the same place, » Anissa stated.

« And, no doubt, the same person as well. »

Anissa spun around, ignoring the confused looks from Shugo, Rena, and Balmung as she stalked over to the Chaos Gate. She heard Kayane land on the ground and follow her, and she could also here that Balmung had jumped down a split second later. Shugo and Rena ran up to Anissa and blocked her way to the Chaos gate.

Kayane looked up at Balmung when he had took hold of her elbow and spun her around to make her look at him. « Where are you going? » he asked her, looking over at Anissa, who was stopped by thr twins. « I told you that they won’t allow access to anyone but officials. »

« So? Let’s see them try to deny me access, » Kayane challenged, jerking her elbow out of his grasp. « If they try to, or if they lay a hand on my sister or one of the twins, I swear, I will- »

« You won’t do anything. Because if you do, you’ll get suspended or maybe even expelled from the World! Besides, they aren’t going to lay a hand on any of them because you guys aren’t going to go near them or try to go to that area. » Balmung waited for Kayane to say something, but she didn’t say a word. All she did was stare defiantly into his eyes, her eyes the only thing betraying that she was angry, behind that expressionless mask.

« Fine. I won’t, » she sighed finally, looking away from him and over her shoulder at her younger sister and her friends. She walked past Balmung and stalked off into the trees. It was either have balmung follow her every place she went through the Chaos Gate or have some time alone in the trees. As much as she liked Balmung, she wanted him to want to be with her, not to make sure she didn’t go to that area and break her word. « It’s either stay and not say a word if I don’t want to bite somebody’s head off or be alone and scream and everything, » she muttered to herself, swinging her katana at the weeds in front of her path. « Stupid. Why did those kids even listen? I thought they still taught kids about internet safety in school, but I guess not, » Kayane growled darkly, her feet making loud thuds in the dirt.

« Uh oh, » the three fifteen years olds said at the same time, their different pitched voices creating a chord.

« She’s mad now, Balmung. She went into the forest to be alone,’ Rena informed.

« Yeah, » Shugo agreed. « She would’ve just gone up into the tree again and glared at all of us if it wasn’t that bad but- »

« She didn’t. You better go and apologize or she won’t be in a good mood toward you for awhile. » Anissa crossed her arms, as well as Shugo and Rena, all at the same time.

« You’re kidding me. It’s my fault? » Balmung took a step back at the look Anissa was giving him and the one Rena was giving him and the one Shugo was giving him. « Fine, I’ll go and try to talk to her. » Balmung turned around and walked in the direction Kayane left. He was going to have one hell of a time finding her in the forest. Or not. He came across the cut weeds and branches that Kayane had borught down with her sword.

Kayane came across a clearing that she only knew about. Besides her sister of course. She stalked over to wild tree with braches spreading in every direction, high and low, and kicked the trunk. She was panting heavily and a thin sheet of sweat stuck on her forehead. Her face was red only not from exhertion, but from anger. « Stupid . . .  » she muttered, « How could they have been so stupid . . .  » Kayane shrieked when a hand set down on her shoulder. Never before in her life had she been so surprised and scared to where she shrieked as loud as she could, or even where she shrieked at all. She spun around and caught the heel of her foot on a root sticking out of the ground, falling toward the ground. Before she fell flat on the ground, though, she was caught on the shoulders and the person pulled her into an embrace to keep her from losing her footing even more.

Balmung held her in his arms for a moment, letting the feel of her small and petit frame familiarize. He realized, just then in that moment, that Kayane was smaller than she looked. Her body seemed bigger, in the mention of bone-wise, with the clothing she wore and simply the way Kayane stood and held her body in whatever position she was in.

Kayane pushed away whoever it was that was holding her longer than needed and looked up, hoping it was and wasn’t who she thought it was. « Balmung?! » she cried. « You scared the shit out of me! How did you find me?! »

« Wan’t exactly hard to find you when you cut down a path here, » Balmung muttered to her.

« Shut up, Balmung! » Kayane snapped. « The whole reason i same this way was so I could be alone, you know! »

« Don’t you think I know that!? » Balmung returned, yelling with his face less than a foot away from hers. « Thanks to your sister and the two twins, I’m here, making you even more angry for who knows what reason! They said you were extremely pissed off and that I should apologize to you! But, I don’t know what I should apologize for! »

« How about for not leaving me alone?! » Kayane suggested, balling her hands into fists at her side. « I want some privacy, to do what I want, without someone watching me! Is that so bad?! Go! I want to be alone so I can think! »

« Think? Think about what? How you’re going to get yourself suspended? How you’re going find a way to show the World officials of you abilites and Anissa’s? » he snapped. Balmung watched as Kayane’s eyes widened then narrow even more than before and she spun around, stalking away once more. She seemed to be doing a lot of it that day.

To be continued…

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