❯ Sakura Blossoms – Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter One

It was a cloudy day as she jumped around, having eaten ten too many chocolate candy bars. Her silver hair, with an occasional sheen of lavender in the right lighting, bouncing along with her violet clothes, a dress with fishnet collars and arm warmers reaching all the way to half way between her upper arm. Some would say she looks like an adorable child but little and cute things can hold big and dangerous surprises; and Anissa was a prime example for the World to see. She was ranting on about her latest battle, where she had defeated a monster with a level ten higher than her own, to Kayane, her older sister.

« Being a twin blade is so much more fun than a heavy blade, so much quicker and everything, » she said almost in an over-confident manner.

Kayane, in truth, looked like she was the older sister of Anissa, which she was. She too had a shade of violet for her hair color. It was a dark violet, black almost, and her eyes were a calm, wise glassy green, contrasting with her hair and her clothes, almost the same color as her hair. She wore sort of a colonial style dress without the frills (personally, she hated them and ripped them out of her clothes if they had them), with black boots and a large white ribbon to hold her hair back in a ponytail.

« Yes, » Kayane smiled, rolling her eyes.

Anissa looked at Kayane, seeing her roll her eyes almost automatically. « We’re even better than those who wield long blades, » Anissa boasted, knowing she would hit a button. She watched as Kayane swerve around calmly and almost deliberarly to where she was completely facing her and sneered in a barely friendly way.

« Uh huh. The day you prove it is the day mom takes me back. » Kayane looked over Anissa’s shoulder and at a sight, she suddenly shoved her to the side, yelling out a warning, « Anissa, Log out! »

Anissa looked up at Kayane shocked from where she had fallen to the ground. « What do you mean? Why? » Follwing her sister’s gaze, she saw the reason behind Kayane’s almost harsh action. Him. « Him again. » Anissa muttered, standing and brushing off the palms of her hands distractedly. « I thought I told you I didn’t like you anymore. » she voiced, wondering absently why Kayane had pushed her away when he was at least twenty feet away.

« I think he remembers, Anissa, » Kayane dead-panned, glaring at the man who was known to them as Shuyin and mentally berating herself for ever letting Anissa go out with him.

« What do you mean? » Anissa asked, glancing over at Kayane. She gasped at the sight she saw. In Kayane’s arm was a dagger and they were in a town as well, which shouldn’t be possible. « Kayane, are you ok? »

« I’m fine, » Kayane smiled assuringly, pulling the dagger out swiftly and deleting it from her hand. Instantly, the injury on her arm healed and she looked up at Shuyin angrily, forgetting about the injury that had been there. « Why did you attack Anissa?! »

Anissa mentally sighed. Here we go again, she muttered in her mind.

Kayane and Shuyin never got off on a good start, to put it lightly. Anissa had asked Shuyin out and he accepted. They went out, him usually keeping his hands to himself, never trying to touch her intimately, or get her alone with him. After about three months, he’d tried to move further, deeper kisses on not just the lips and getting pushed back each time. One night, Anissa had complained to her older sister about it and, to put it lightly, she stormed out of the house, found him in an alley, smoking a cigarette and beat the shit out of him. He never tried anything like that again. Afterwards, Shuyin always stayed outside when picking her up and when he didn’t come into her sight, he always kept his eyes low and never looked her in the eye. That, she fully understood.

Her sister had always been a force to reckon with and one’s bad-side that was highly feared.

« Kayane, I think he’s smart enough to not get himself beat to a pulp in this world, too., » Anissa asked, crossing her arms demandingly.But being her younger sister certainly had its major perks.

Kayane tore her gaze from Shuyin and looked at her younger sister. « I don’t think trying to kill you is being smart enough to not get beat up, Anissa. Unless he’s got a death-wish, he’s as big an idiot he was then. »

Yet being younger meant not being as smart and quick to speak as well. Damn age difference.

Anissa snorted to herself. She should’ve known her sister would have said that. Very good at playing her role, she muttered in her head. « No, you should talk to him, make him apologize and offer to do something in return, » she responded snidely, closing her eyes and sticking her nose up defiantly. She opened her eyes when she heard the sound of two people snort. Kayane and Shuyin.

« Yeah, right, » the two of them said amused.

Sigh. How alike the two of them were.

« Fine. » Anissa turned to Kayane. « You; dungeon, now. Go. » She turned back to Shuyin and rolled her eyes at the angry look on his face, a glare directed at Kayane, no attempt made to hide it from her. « Go bye bye now, or I will actually let her do whatever she wants. » With that, Anissa spun on her heel and walked away, leaving a stunned, confused Shuyin and an almost bewildered Kayane.

Who’s the older one here? Kayane inwardly questioned. She paused for a second, a few of Anissa’s words dawning on her. « Let me? » her voice still calm.

« Yep. Younger sister, here, remember? » Anissa replied, waiting for her sister to come up next to her.

« Whatever, » Kayane muttered, folding her arms, her calm and almost cold exterior already going back in place. Kayane ignored her for the rest of the time they were in The World. Anissa was going to be in so much trouble when they logged out.


Lightning raged in the area as Shugo and Rena fought a monster. A data monster. They were down to very few life points and low on magic as well. Finally, Shugo could use Data Drain and succeeded. Now, all that was left to do was rid the monster of its life points before it did the same to them. A few minutes passed and the monster was destroyed, leaving nothing but a memory in the twins’ minds.

« Shugo, let’s go. I don’t like it here. Let’s go back before another monster sent by whoever it was shows up again, » Rena offered, standing close to Shugo, her brother.

« Yeah, let’s. »

The two of them returned to a city.

« Sakura Blossoms, » Rena smiled, glad to see the familiar pink blossoms around her and the sight of a few of her dearest friends. « Anissa! Kayane! » Rena and Shugo ran toward their friends. Even though Kayane was older, they were still extremely good friends, great friends. Shugo favored Anissa more, living less than a mile away from each other, and Rena took more of a liking to Kayane, living just two streets over. Shugo to Anissa because he liked the way she wasn’t too much of an adult and Rena to Kayane because Kayane knew so many things and stories and strategies and so on and so forth.

« Hi, you guys! » Anissa laughed, springing up from her position of laying against a tree to almost a run toward her friends. While Kayane looked down from where she was quite peacefully sitting on a tree branch.

« Fancy meeting you here, » Kayane smiled, watching as the three of them embraced and Rena tore away to run up to the tree.

« Hi, Kayane! » Rena smiled, waving hello. « Why don’t you come down? »

Obliging, Kayane slid off the branch and landed gracefully in front of Rena before she had said ‘don’t’ and ruffled the girl’s hair. « No harm in that, right? » Kayane jeered, walking over to where Shugo was telling Anissa of the Data monster they just saw.

« And what have you two been up to? » Kayane asked Rena, referring to both her and her brother.

« We just got back from defeating a Data Monster, » the reply came, from not just Rena, but Shugo as well.

« Took us forever and we almost lost, » Shugo continued, absently yawning. « We escaped with less than a hundred Life Points. It was close.

« What did it look like this time? » Anissa asked, sitting down and folding her legs.

« That’s the thing, » Rena began. « It looked like a bunch of things. It changed it’s form after awhile. »

« We had to adjust our attacks and stratagies each time. We didn’t know the weaknesses of half the monsters it transformed into and had to guess on them, » Shugo continued. « We could’ve really used your help. Both of you would’ve known what to do each time. »

« Hell yeah! Then why didn’t you ask us to come? » Anissa looked up at Shugo and Rena expectantly.

« Well, » Rena began, trying to think of why they hadn’t done just that. « I don’t know. I guess we were just– »

« You wanted to do something yourselves without any help, am I correct? » Kayane interrupted, no touch of anger or misunderstandment in her voice at all. Nor was there any hint of any other emotion in her voice either, as it usually was.

« Yeah. » Shugo looked over at Kayane almost… defiantly, as if waiting for her to announce her disapproval if their decision.

Kayane and Anissa exhanged slightly amused looks and smiled. « We can understand that perfectly, » they both assured, referring back to when they were younger and were in similar positions as the two twins were.

« Come on, let’s go and have some fun, » Anissa smiled. « Anyone up for hittin’ a dungeon or ten? »

Kayane was walking by her sister at her first sentence, having guessed what she was going on about. Along the way, though, she extended a hand and pulled her sister to her feet. « Or ten. »

« I was being funny, » Anissa informed, brushing herself off then playfully pushing Kayane in the direction of the Chaos gate.

« I’m not. And who says ten dungeons is funny any ways? » Kayane looked over her shoulder calmly. « And besides, it’s like you said earlier, I need to let out my anger somehow and monsters is a more resourceful and healthy choice, so I’m following your advice, for once. » Kayane had reached the Chaos gate by the end of her sentence and was disappearing as she turned give her sister a small and warm smile.

Anissa glared at the spot her sister had been at last. « When she gets here to spend a week visiting us, I am so going to bring Shuyin to the house just to piss her off. »

Rena ran past Shugo and Anissa, eager to join in with Kayane and her search for a challenging and venting worthy dungeon. « Come on, you guys! Let’s hurry or she’ll have destroyed half the monsters by the time we get there! » Rena laughed, waving them on to hurry up at the Chaos gate, dissapearing a moment after.

« You had better invite me over to your house so I can see Kayane’s face. I am so getting it on tape too, by the way, » Shugo smiled, walking along side Anissa to the Chaos gate.

« Don’t worry, I am going to need all the help I can get afterwards if I want to be even remotely close to still living when Alyssa figures out I broght him there. »

Kayane — Alyssa — 17 — lives with father, disowned by mother.

Anissa — Anissa — 15 — lives with mother reluctantly, wishes to move in with father

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