❯ Sakura Blossoms – Chapter Four ( Chapter 4 )

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« Whoa, » she managed to murmur in a somewhat dazed and awed voice.

Kayane couldn’t hold back a chuckle at the look on her younger sister’s face. I was almost as if she was a five year old child again, confused and not understanding or catching a word she said. She smiled, Anissa never seemed to fail in making her feel the least bit better. All she hoped for then was that Anissa understood and actually accepted it. Her mother wouldn’t, hell she never talked or even SAW her mother, and her father, he would ask who it was and say that Balmung could actually be a fifty-seven year old man, looking for teenage girls to kidnap and rape or kill. Her friends would crowd around her, asking too many questions at once that she couldn’t answer and didn’t want to answer.

« And I thought you didn’t have a particular type of guy you favored over all the rest, » Anissa muttered loudly enough for Kayane to hear and frown at. « When did you start liking him? »

Yep, Anissa was asking more questions. She approved and accepted it. « You never start to like someone. You like the person as a friend first, then you like him more, and you like him when you realize that you like him more than before, so there is no determinate time to start to like a person, and there is no determinate time I started to like him, » Kayane informed, knowing if someone thought hard enough about what she’d just said, it’d make no sense but, then again, Anissa never really thought hard about things and would just assume that Kayane was being a smart ass to her again.

« Gee, that was a specific answer, » Anissa snapped. « Let’s go. I think I should get around some people before you go all smart talk and kill me by confusing me so badly. »

Kayane laughed, waiting for Anissa to stand and come to her side so they could walk back together. « Sure, » Kayane drawled, rolling her eyes. « Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. »

« We’ll see, » Kayane smiled, Anissa saying it at the same time as she did.

They both teleported back to Sakura Blossoms and met up with Shugo and Rena, everything seemingly back to normal.

The man watched Kayane and Anissa once again, smiling at the looks that passed between the two of them at points. Yes, indeed, together, the two of them were very powerful. Without a doubt, they could destroy everything that came their way together. He watched with a fanged grin on his face when they both returned to the place called ‘Sakura Blossoms’. He would have to make sure he saw them both in a battle individualy and with them working together using teamwork, just the two of them.

« Kuroi. Make sure these two ladies meet with three of my associates in a battle. Have one go after the silver haired one, Anissa, when she is alone, another for the older one, Kayane, also by herself, and one for the both of them, when it is just the two of them. I want to see how well they fight and adapt to situations, » he ordered to one of two people in a dark corner of the room, as if awaiting orders like the one he had just given.

Kuroi stepped out of the shadows, wearing black pants, a black shirt, contrasting with the icy blue of his eyes and the color of his short hair, looking almost white instead of ice. His heavy-blade was strapped on his back with a brown leather strap, a crimson ribbon winding around the dark handle of the blade, symboling blood. « Yes, sir, lord Shi. » Kuroi turned and teleported out the room.

« Kara no, » he called to the other person. « Learn more about these two girls. »

« Yes, sir. » The woman bowed, her long black braided hair falling over her shoulder. She wore loose clothing colored a dark blue, with a crescent necklace around her neck. Her eyes were the same color as her clothing, dark enough to almost be mistaken as black in contrast to her slightly pale skin. She, too, teleported away to do as she was ordered.

Kuroi walked silently into the lair of one of the most dangerous monsters of the World, Hitori de, Hitori for short. Kuroi knew exactly what three associates his lord had been talking about when he was given the order. Hitori de, the weakest of the three, Shizuka na, the second in strength and Korosu, the worst and most deadly.

« Hitori de, » he called, his deep and commanding voice an echo throughout the cave that seemed haunted.

As if expecting Kuroi’s arrival, Hitori de, a wolf monster, walked out of the shadows less than twenty feet away and bowed respectfully to Kuroi. It stood nine feet tall and stood on its hind legs. His black fur making his body seem almost invisible in the dark cave. Hitori wore a collar around its neck, crimson in color.

« Master Kuroi, what brings you here? » he murmured quietly, his red eyes meeting Kuroi’s ice ones as he stood to face him.

« I have come as a request for you assistance. Lord Shi wishes to use your abilities in testing a young girl’s strength, » Kuroi replied, keeping his hands clasped loosely and professionally behind his back. « Do you accept? »

« Why of course, anything for my lord. » Hitori de unsheathed a blade from on the wall with his almost human like paws and seemed to admire its exellence. « Tell me. Who exactly is this girl? And why does lord Shi wish for me to test her strengths? » he asked, looking down at Kuroi, seeing as he was over two and a half feet taller.

« This girl is called Anissa. She is of silver hair, violet eyes and clothing. A twin-blade. And for why her strengths he wants to be tested by you, I cannot reveal. It is confidential and makes no difference as to how or why you do your job, » Kuroi informed, his hands coming around from clapsed behind his back to cross over his chest in the front. « He is watching you, do not fail him. Do not kill her, only test her. » Kuroi disappeared a second after, nodding his head slightly in a farewell.

Kara no walked around Sakura Blossoms, getting to know the area and its feel. She had to admit, she liked the place. It was comfortable and not too conspicuous for a place to meet friends or just to be. Now, all she had to do was meet one of the sisters, become friends with her and then learn all there was to know about her and the other sister.

« Did not! »

« Did. »

« Did not!

Kara no turned around, hearing an argument behind her, beyond a cluster of trees.

« No, I did not! » Anissa shouted, stomping her foot loudly to prove her point. « It was not me! »

« Was, » Kayane smiled, knowing that Anissa was getting very aggravated.

« WAS NOT! » Anissa snapped, getting frustrated.

« Was. »

« I didn’t do it! »

« Did too. »

« DID NOT! »

« DID NOT! » Kayane repeated, making sure her voice sounded almost exactly like Anissa’s.

« DID TOO! » Anissa schreeched, tired of debating with her sister after half an hour of it non-stop. Anissa froze in her tracks, noticing something peculiar about the way kayane had begun to laugh a little harder than a soft giggle. « WAIT! I DIDN’T! »

« So, you did or didn’t not? » Kayane asked, looking up at Balmung after she spoke. She could hear him trying to keep quiet with his laughing but it wasn’t really working well.

« I didn’t not! » Anissa growled, figuring Kayane would believe her finally.

« Anissa! » both Shugo and Rena shouted. They were on Anissa’s side on the argument, but they couldn’t help a laugh every now and then at Anissa’s sheer stupidity. Not to mention how much Anissa was oblivious to the fact that Kayane was toying with her. « You just said that you did! »

« NO I DIDN »T! I SAID I DIDN’T. . . not. . . » she replied, trailing off slowly. She reeled on Kayane once more when she understood what they meant. « HEY! »

« You made the mistake, not my fault! » Kayane laughed, throwing her hands up in the air innocently. « Besides, I know it wasn’t you! »

« You made me make the- wait, you know it was- then why are saying I DID?! »

« FOR FUN! » Kayane and Balmung shouted at the same time.

Anissa shrunk back at the combined voices of the two most powerful and respected people she knew in the World. Not cool, having them both on a side opposite of her. « I didn’t think it was fun! I thought you didn’t believe your little sister! That you couldn’t tell when I was telling you the truth! »

Kayane let out a frustrated and an amused growl as she sighed and threw her hands up in the air incredulously. « You’re kidding me! » Kayane rolled her eyes with a smile and walked around the cluster if trees they had stopped at when Anissa had first become confused.

Anissa crossed her arms let out an angry huff at her sister. « Smart-assed, cocky and stubborn, that is what she is. » She looked up from the ground when Kayane spoke on the other-side, only not to her, the twins or Balmung.

« Who are you? » she had said.

Almost instantly, the four of them were over on the other side to find Kayane looking at a girl that looked almost like her. They had the same frame, same face almost except for the slight difference in eye color and hair.

« Kara. Who are you? »

« Kayane, » she replied warily. They looked at each other, not moving within ten feet of each other. Kara no also weilded a katana, the handle decorated with a crimson ribbon circling it.

Anissa stepped up beside Kayane and Balmung went on the other side, Shugo and Rena to Anissa’s left. « I’m Anissa, » she said in a friendly way. « It’s nice to meet you. »

« And I’m Shugo, this is Rena and that’s Balmung. » Shugo walked up to Kara and held out his hand in an offer to shake. Kara took it hesitantly, her eyes not leaving Kayane’s for a moment.

« It’s nice to meet you all too, » she said in the most energetic and harmless voice she could muster. She didn’t expect Kayane to look almost like a twin to her, just maybe a small bit alike. If she changed into clothes that were the same as Kayane’s, she would barely look any different from her. The only difference was eye and hair color, clothes could be changed.

Kayane looked through the corner of her eye to look at Balmung when he took her hand in his when Kara had taken a step toward them. he guessed he was either uncomfortable or he didn’t like the fact that she and Kara looked like twins and could probably not tell the difference if they switched. « Excuse me, » she interrupted. « Balmung and I have to go, I told a friend of mine that we would meet her somewhere. » She looked over at Anissa warningly, telling her silently that is was time that she, too, left for elsewhere.

« Yeah, and I have to go soccer practice, and so does Anissa, right? » Shugo intervened, holding Anissa’s arm in his hand and pulling her away. « And don’t you have to get off now, too, Rena? »

Rena stared at Shugo confused, unsure of what they were doing, leaving Kara just after they met her. She decided to go along with it, only because Balmung and Kayane had left as well. « Yeah, my mom is coming home in a few minutes and we are going to go shopping for my friends birth-day. » Rena took hold of Anissa’s other arm and she and Shugo pulled Anissa away and went to the Chaos gate as Balmung and Kayane led them there.

« Uh, why did we just leave her like that? » Rena asked after they arrived at Midori Willows.

« I don’t trust her, » both Kayane and Balmung answered at the same time, still hand in hand with each other.

Shugo looked down at their hands, sensing something was unusual with the way the two of them were standing really close to each other after they had a fight less than twenty-four hours ago, and saw their hands laced laced together. He grinned, nudging Anissa in the ribs roughly and quickly, hoping she would see it too and that Rena would keep asking questions.

The quick, sudden gasp from Anissa informed Shugo that she had seen it. He glanced at her to see her face and grinned when he saw the wide smile on her lips. Anissa turned to him and smiled happily, feeling delight for her sister. « Come on, I REALLY need to tell you something, » she said urgently but in a light mood.

Anissa pulled Shugo away from the arguing trio that was Kayane, Balmung, and Rena, grinning all the while as they went unnoticed. They went behind a cluster of weeping willows.

translations: all words (names) are in japanese (Kisa, you might know these!)

Shi – death

Kara no – empty

Kuroi – Dark (person wise)

Shizuka Na – Silent

Korosu – To kill

Hitori De -Alone

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