❯ Sakura Blossoms – Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Shugo stared at Anissa for the longest time, digesting the latest information she had given him. Kayane liked Balmung. Kayane, the quiet, never talking, cold, emotionless, glaring, Kayane who didn’t like him for the first seven years they had known each other after Anissa had introduced them when he was only five and Kayane was seven, liked Balmung. What was wrong with the World now? he asked himself, shaking his head miserably.

« Are fucking kidding me? » Shugo asked, eyes wide in disbelief. « Kayane?! No, way! »

Anissa chuckled. Shugo was cute when he was confused and shocked. « Yes, way. She told me herself. »

« No way. She had to be kidding. She had to be testing you, something, ANYTHING besides telling you the truth! »

Anissa glared at him. « Why does she have to be testing me or kidding? Can’t she like someone? »

« I don’t know! How WOULD I know?! Kayane doesn’t tell me stuff like that! »

Kayane froze in midspeech, overhearing Shugo’s mumbled shouts. She couldn’t understand it but had the feeling it concerned her.

« Kayane, you ok? » Balmung asked, worried. He set his hand on the small of her back, the instinctive urge to hold and protect her of something was wrong was over powering.

Kayane, although she knew it was Balmung, jerked away from his touch. She didn’t like to be touched, even if it was in a virtual game. Too many secrets that she hid were on her body and she didn’t want people, especially someone like Balmung, to find them. « Shh… » She held a finger up to her lips, not even glancing at Balmung to acknowledge that she knew she pulled away from him.

Balmung looked down at Rena, confused. What the hell was going on? And where the hell were Anissa and Shugo?

Kayane walked over to the cluster of Weeping willows stealthily.

« So? That doesn’t mean you can’t trust me when I say something! I know her better than anyone, and I would know when she was lying to me, Shugo! »

Balmung came up behind Kayane and listened as well.

« Be honest, Anissa! Do you seriously think Kayane, of all people, would like someone! Kayane does not have a crush on- »

Shugo never finished his sentence. Kayane had dove forward, realizing what the topic of discussion was, and slapped her hands over his mouth.

« Kayane?! » Anissa shrieked, both in surprise and at the way Kayane had attacked Shugo. « Get off him! It isn’t like he’s over here to hear him say it! » she tried to reason, attacking her sister to get her off of her friend.

Kayane was about say that Balmung was right there but, then, that would tell Balmung that he was her crush . « Why did you tell him? » she shouted instead, eyes on the verge of changing to black. She backed away from Shugo and glared at Anissa when she landed on top of him. « It was a fuckin secret, Anissa! I was scared to tell all of my friends because I thought they spread the word to everyone but trusted you because you always could keep things I told you to yourself! And what do you do? You tell HIM of all people! I would have understood if you told my friends but… Anissa… » Kayane stalked away, ending the conversation. She did not want to fight with her sister at the moment.

« Hey! What’s so wrong bout telling Shugo your crush?! He’s my best friend! What do you expect, I tell him everything! Even stuff I don’t tell you! I trust him more than you because he knows me better! He’s been with me more than YOU have! You are always at work or something, he comes over to my house when I call him after Mom makes me mad or something but you, I can only call you on the phone! Even then, I can’t talk for long because you are on your shift or whatever the case is at the time! » she roared at Kayane’s retreating back. She smirked triumphantly when Kayane’s form froze in mid-step. After waiting for over fifteen seconds, she frowned, expecting Kayane to shout back, not complete silence. All sound had disappeared and the loud beating of her heart sounded in her ear. When she didn’t her heart in her ears, she realized that it wasn’t completely silent. Kayane’s breathing was loud and heavy. Either Kayane was very pissed and trying to calm herself or she extremly hurt, trying not to cry.

« Kayane? » Rena spoke for the first time since Kayane walked away from her and Balmung. « Are you okay? » Hesitantly, Rena started to walk toward Kayane, her arm extended cautiously to help.

« Don’t. Touch. Me. » Kayane’s voice was low, threatening with a hint of finality, nearly jumping away when Rena’s fingertips brushed the back of her arm barely.

Anissa glared at Kayane still. « Don’t talk to Rena like that! She only wants to help! » she snapped coldly. It seemed everything Kayane did was either surprising her or making her angry. Right now, it was all making her very, very pissed.

Kayane said nothing, just standing a few feet away from Rena, her head turned away, gazing into the distance. « I don’t give a shit, Anissa. » With that, she left elsewhere.

« What did you say that for?! »

« Wah! » Anissa jumped back in surprise and fell over a root of a tree. « Say what? »

Both Shugo and Rena were glaring at her the best they could. It was hard considering Anissa usually got carried away in the moment of things. « Say those things to Kayane! »

« Oh. » Anissa frowned, « Because she deserved it! And besides, she wants me to tell her the truth, so I did! »

Even Shugo had to be angry at her, depite how adorable her face looked when she was angry at her sister. « You could have said nicer instead of shouting and yelling at her! And it is your fault this all started! She trusted you and you told me, I apreciate it and all but, you should have thought of Kayane first! » Shugo frowned when Anissa went from angry to sorry.

« I’m sorry, but, I had to tell you, otherwise the moment would have been ruined, but it was still ruined. » Anissa looked up at Rena and Shugo. « And now, since it was me and I said those… ‘you aren’t there’ stuff, she isn’t gonna talk to me or anyone for a good month. She’ll just nod, shrug or something and will be in her room in her spare time listening to music. And now, she won’t let Dad hand her anything to avoid contact with him and me… »

« And you, what? »

« She’ll look at me then walk away like I don’t exist. It’ll be complete silence for sure. »

« She won’t talk at all? Not even at her job? » Balmung asked, as if requesting information he needed to know in order to do something.

« Well, not exactly. » Anissa, Shugo and Rena all exchanged glances, Rena smiling, the edges of Shugo’s mouth quirked up barely in amusement and Anissa grinning. « She sings at a bar and is a bartender, but she mostly sings, very well too. » Anissa was proud of her sister for that fact. Play Kayane a song once all the way through and Kayane knew the lyrics, notes and timing of the song already. Plus, she was an unbelievable guitarist. Where did everyone think Anissa got her talent from? Kayane taught her everything and tutored her in everything she wanted help in.

« Sings? » Balmung’s eyes widened quite noticeably. « You’re kidding. I can barely get a ten sentence conversation out of her and you are telling me she gets up on a stage and sings? »

« Yep, where do you think I learned how to sing? » Anissa boasted, sticking her nose up in the air.

« Or me? » Rena butted in.

« ANd where do you think I learned to play the guitar so damn well? I’m almost as good as she is! » Shugo added, stepping in front of Rena and Anissa.

« Hey, move over, attention pig! » Anissa laughed, jumping on his back. « I’m pretty good too! »

« Not as good as me! » Shugo shouted playfully, glad to see Anissa was back to herself, and slipping his arms under the back of her knees. He Spun around with Anissa on his back, giggling almost wildly and dizzily.

« No, I’m not as good as you! » she shouted, whacking him in the side of the head. « I’m better than you! »

« Hey! Don’t forget about me! I can beat all of you at guitars! »

Anissa and Shugo froze. « Beat us at guitars? » they echoed, confused.

« You know what I mean! » Rena sighed loudly. She ran over to them and they both jumped back, laughing. « No, no tag! » Rena whined.

« Not it! » Anissa shouted, turning and running wildly from both Shugo and Rena.

Shugo cried out the same and went opposite from Rena. « Can’t catch me, nope, not me! » Shugo taunted, using the same line Anissa would use when she was getting cocky.

« Hey! My line! » Anissa objected. « Only I can say that! »

The three ran wild in Midori Willows, forgetting the earlier events of the day including meeting the strange woman.

Balmung, after only about a minute of watching them run free, he went after Kayane.

He found her sitting in an area, one at night and with high mountains and nightflowers blowing in a gentle breeze. She had her knees pulled up her chest, arms crossed on top and forehead lying on her forearms. She wasn’t moving, except for the almost steady breathing.

« Kayane? » Balmung whispered to avoid surprising her. She didn’t acknowledge him but the way her breath hitched in mid breath told him she knew he was there. He walked over to her side and sat down next to her. « Hey, you alright? » he said in a gentle voice, leaning over and setting her arm around her shoulders to embrace her.

Kayane fought the urge to move away, telling herself over and over in her mind that it was a game and couldn’t really feel her. Still, she didn’t trust herself to speak and said nothing.

Balmung’s eyes widened, surprised she was letting herself being touched, let alone held almost. « Anissa didn’t mean what she said, Kayane. »

« Yes, she meant it. I can tell when she lies and doesn’t lie. Even though she was angry, she was telling the truth. »

Kayane’s voice was so low, Balmung almost didn’t hear it, barely above a whisper. Balmung had lost all the words he had to say. Kayane was right about her sister, as much as Kayane didn’t like it. « Are you going to shut her out now? » he asked, knowing that with Kayane, honesty was best, she could read anyone’s expressions easily. His were only a bit harder, but still easily enough read.

She shrugged stiffly.

« What about everyone else? Shugo, Rena, your mother and father, I mean. »

Kayane stopped breathing. « My mother is already shut out. She shut me out so I will do the same. She doesn’t even know the first thing about me, just how I look, since I look almost exactly like her. I haven’t spoken to her since the day our parents went to court for divorce, seven years ago. Father will barely see me, same goes with Shugo, and Rena, I don’t know, » she replied, her teeth grinding together at the thought of her mother.

Balmung left the topic well alone, hearing the almost subtle hint that she didn’t want to talk about it.

« Guys! »

Shugo and Rena came running toward them, frantic looks on their faces.

« Say that Anissa is with you! » Shugo shouted, a full ten feet ahead of Rena.

« Why, what happened? » Kayane demanded, standing up in alarm.

« We can’t find her. We were playing tag and both Rena and I saw her teleport somewhere. She didn’t look like she knew what was going on when she did, » Shugo explained.

« She isn’t in our party anymore, » Kayane murmured, teleporting back to Midori Willows. Balmung, Shugo and Rena followed.

Anissa walked around, un-sure of what was happening. Wasn’t she just playing tag with her two best friends in Midori Willows? She swore she was, even if she hit her head somehow at sometime. « Shugo, Rena, this isn’t funny! If you think this is some kind of joke, making me teleport somewhere like this, I ain’t laughing! »

« Oh, this isn’t a joke, little girl. They have nothing to do with this. »

Anissa’s heart skipped a beat and she spun around in surprise. A monster. It talked to her. And it wasn’t even a Data monster either. She was sure she hit her head, and hard. « Di- »

« Yes, child, I talked, » ‘it’ replied.

« How? And why aren’t your facts listed? Not even your name! »

« Because I am no ordinary monster, I am one-of-kind. I am not listed in the monster database of the World because I am not a monster created for the World. I have been ordered by my lord to attack you. »

Anissa scowled. « Bring it on, then. » She un-sheathed her twin-blades and stood ready to battle. So there was a new danger in the World, and this… thing… was one of it’s associates. She was going to get her answers now.

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