Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Saiyamen and the Sailor Scouts ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It had been almost three years since the world deciding fight between Gohan and Kid Buu had ended; and the world quickly returned to normal since Dende and Gohan had wished the memories of most of the world’s people away. Videl sat inside the little round house near Mount Paozu, which once belonged to Goku and his wife Chi-Chi, but now Chi-Chi lived all alone in her little house with only her youngest son Goten to keep her company. Videl wore her standard fighting gear, a red body suit that ended in shorts, it had no sleeves and an almost turtle neck like top; underneath her suit she wore black spandex pants. She still wore the same black fingerless fighting gloves from years ago but had changed her boots to plain white ones; she had also begun to wear a black belt around her hips. She had planned on taking a quick break from training with Gohan and the boys to grab a drink of water when Bulma and Chi-Chi pulled her into their conversation. “So Videl how are you and Gohan settling in to the new house?” Bulma asked questioning about the larger dome house that resided on the other side of the mountain.
“Well it’s definitely a change,” Videl said as she sat at the little table.
“It wouldn’t be a change if you hadn’t stolen my son,” Chi-Chi snapped still slightly jealous that Gohan had moved out of her house and into a new house with Videl.
Bulma quickly changed the subject as to avoid one of the more recently common feuds between the two. She couldn’t understand it, how could Chi-Chi be mad when she had been pushing for the two to get married for the last three years. “So what about a source of income?”
Videl’s angry eyes darted away from Chi-Chi and back to Bulma as she asked the question. “Well it’s not really a problem. Dad paid for the house, and gave us a large sum of money that with you help turned into an ever growing investment in Capsule Corp Bulma.”
“Who needs to work when Daddy pays for everything?” Chichi said as she stuck her tongue out a t Videl.
Videl stuck her tongue out too, the women’s faces both turned red as they bashed foreheads and growled, lightning dancing between them. “Your Dad doesn’t have a problem with any of this?” Bulma asked as she pushed Chichi aside breaking the angry stares.
“At first he did but then he realized that Gohan’s a good guy, and his rule was that my boyfriend had to be stronger than him, and I’m pretty sure we all know Gohan fits that bill.”
“Not like the bar was set that high,” Bulma chuckled, “and he just gave you guys all this money?”
“Dad figured it’s the least he could do since he’s only rich for taking credit for Gohan’s actions anyways.”
“Is my son still using that enormous brain of his?” Chichi asked.
“Actually Gohan’s beginning to start a series of papers on the energy of the body and how to utilize it, I figure we can turn it into a book. Who doesn’t want a book written by The Great Saiyaman?” Videl said the last part almost jokingly.
“Well it’s good to see my sons not given up knowledge to pursue fighting.”
“Not at all Chi-Chi, we’ve been able to balance our studies and training to stay at peak performance better than I thought we would.”
“And what about the superhero work?” Bulma asked.
“The city has actually offered us a contract to be hired as The Saiyamen, but we turned it down because we don’t do it for money. Besides our jobs have become allot easier since we started working with the Sailor Scouts.”
“Those girls in the short skirts?” Chi-Chi asked.
“Oh I bet Gohan has a hard time focusing with all of them jumping around in those little outfits,” Bulma said winking at Videl.
“Come one you both know Gohan’s not like a normal man,” Videl said rolling her eyes, “He’s just as oblivious to them as he is to every other girl that flirts with him. He’s too busy being the nice guy to realize their even good looking.”
“Well that’s how I raised him,” Chi-Chi added, “He likes girls for the brains, personality and fighting skill not their skimpy outfits, beside what girl can compare to My Future Daughter.” Chi-Chi had let this compliment slip forgetting for a second she was still mad at Videl for taking away her son.
“Well at least you two seem to have your lives together,” Bulma said with a wink, “Besides Chi-Chi we were young and in love once too.”
“Look where that got us,” Chi-Chi turned to Bulma her hands clasped in each other, tears swelling in her large puppy like eyes, “Both our husbands choose to stay dead so that they could train, instead of be with us.”
“I doubt that’s gonna be the case with Gohan, Chi-Chi,” Bulma said looking at her friend. “Gohan isn’t like his dad or Vegetta, he doesn’t fight to fight, he fights to protect those he loves.”
“Uggh, you’re right,” Chi-Chi said turning from Bulma.
Bulma paid no attention to her friend and got back to her original subject, “So how are you guys settling in?”
“Well we’re finally unpacked,” Videl said as she leaned forward. “I never knew Gohan had so much stuff, I will never understand how he fit it into that one little room.”
“And what about the country, how are you dealing with your new surroundings?”
“At first I really tried to push Gohan into moving to the city, but I’m glad he stuck his ground. There is something so peaceful about Mount Paozu.” Videl stood up, “Speaking of peaceful I better get outside Gohan has been practising a new move and he’s finally ready to show me it.” Just as Videl stood up there was a blinding white flash that filled the house, for a second all three of them were blind. As they regained their sight, they ran out the door.
Gohan stood there in his now standard orange and blue gi similar to his late father’s, a giant smile of pride on his face. Goten hung there in the sky his lower jaw resting on the ground, eyes bulging out of his head. Trunks lay on his back his eyes wide with shock, “Oh my Kami, Gohan, that was AWESOME,” Trunks screamed as he bounced back up. “First you were like, then you were like POW!” Trunks said as he upper cut into the air and pretended to explode.
“Ya Gohan,” his little brother chimed in, “that was totally the coolest thing I have ever seen! You’re gonna show me how to do that right.”
Gohan closed his eyes and put his hand behind his head and chuckled, “Maybe when your older guys, it takes allot of energy and I don’t think you guys are quite there yet.”
“Okay big brother but can you show us once more.”
“Not a problem I wanted to show Videl anyways,” Gohan got into a similar stance to the one that Trunks had taken when mimicking him earlier. His legs were bent his fists clenched; his arms were bent at his sides fists forward. Gohan began to charge, his aura burning pure white, blue lightning began to crack around him, and slowly the aura began to gather around his right fist. The intensity building, as the energy began to form something, BEEP BEEP. Gohan snapped out of his stance, his aura faded as he answered the communicator on his wrist, “Saiyaman here what’s the problem?”
A girl’s voice responded from the watch like object, “Uh, Gohan could you and Videl get down here, we’ve run into Dynamite Five again.” The girl stopped the conversation to let out an attack “Venus Love and Beauty Shock!” a small explosion was heard. “Just get down here,” CLICK.
“Well Videl it looks like we gotta go,” Gohan said as he tapped his watch transforming into Saiyaman, he flew up into the sky as his black visor formed from his orange helmet covering his eyes. Videl nodded and she to tapped her watch transforming into Saiyawoman. She looked up through her blue visor at a waiting Gohan and took off into the sky flying past him as he turned and took off after her.
“Huh, I just wish he wouldn’t grow up,” Chi-Chi said staring at the two dots the fighters had been reduced to as they took off into the sky.
“Well at least you know he got himself a good one,” Bulma said as she turned to go back in the house.
“Wait, aren’t you gonna watch me train mom,” Trunks said and Goten looked at his mother too.
“Fine” the mothers let out in unison as they rolled their eyes and turned around.

Serena was running through the street, as yet again she was late for a job interview, “Darien is going to be so upset.” She began the next part still taking to herself, but this time in a voice mimicking her husband’s “Serena you have to get a job, we don’t need the money but you need to learn about responsibility and grow up blah blah blah.” She had her hands raised pretending that they were talking. She stopped instantly when she noticed the five colourful figures bouncing from building to building over head. “Well at least now I will have a reason to miss the interview,” she pulled out a golden and pink pen topped with a crescent moon. She pressed the button on the side of the pen and began to talk to it, “Scouts assemble Dynamite Five is back.” She put the pen back into her pocket and placed a hand on her brooch, “Moon Crisis Magic!” A bright light surrounded her as ribbons wrapped around her, in a flash feathers appeared and Serena was now Eternal Sailor Moon. Serena flew up into the sky happy that Gohan had taught them how to fly.
The liquid like beings had converged on the top floor of a new skyscraper being built. Serena flew into the missing window, and to her surprise the five of them were waiting. “Come to die Moon Princess,” the red woman known as Tientina said.
“No, No she came to stop us I bet,” said Nitrox the purple man.
“That’s right and in the name of the Moon I will punish you,” Sailor Moon said striking a familiar pose. Just as she finished her stance the blue man known as Toivex lunged at her leaving little droplets of blue liquid as he lunged forward. “Moon Tiara Magic!” Moon shouted throwing a gold disc of energy at her opponent causing him to explode into liquid, as they were all made of liquid. Before she could react all of the liquid splatter everywhere began to explode. Serena was sent flying as the liquid on her body began to explode. She smashed hard into the wall behind her as the leader of the group, the green tall man known as SeeFour, stepped forward.
“Ah, little Princess it’s by time we ended this!” SeeFour said as he stepped aside with his arm out ushering in his right-hand man, the yellow creature known as Deadonator. Just as Deadonator raised his hand it turned into a blade, he swung his blade arm but in the motion it was cut off reverting to liquid, by a chain made of golden energy hearts. All five of the creatures looked up to see the remainder of the Inner Scouts standing on a beam as Venus recoiled her chain. “Get them!” SeeFour shouted as he lunged at Venus.
Venus jumped out of the way and sent a “Venus Crescent Beam!” at her opponent, blasting a hole straight through him. He chuckled it off as the hole reformed. Again he lunged at her this time stretching his fist as he jumped connecting it with her face, sending her flying backward. Mina flipped in the air landing on her feet, she wasted no time. She blew a kiss catching it in her hand, “Venus Love and Beauty Shock!” she released the kiss turning it into energy that spun around her body, until it all recollected and shot at her opponent causing him to explode. “Oh No!” Mina said as she brought her hands up to block her face as the green liquid everywhere began to explode.
Meanwhile Sailor Moon had gotten back up and lunged at Deadonator delivering a kick to his face. His face caved under the kick, but quickly reformed as she pulled her foot out of his mush. He grabbed her by the leg and through her backwards and jumped on top of her. Serena held out her Eternal Tiare “Moon Gorgeous Meditation!” Serena screamed shooting white shards of energy through her opponent. Serena quickly flipped herself from underneath him once again raising the Tiare, “Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!” pink energy hearts spiralled out of the rod ripping Deadonator apart.
Sailor Jupiter jumped down from the beam and delivered a powerful kick to Tientina, knocking her head clean off. As Lita finished the spin from her kick, Tientina grew a new head. Lita attacked “Sparkling Wide Pressure!” forming a ball of lightning in her hand and throwing it at her opponent. Tientina froze in paralysis at first then laughed it off shooting spikes from her torso. Lita was pinned to the wall as Tientina lunged at her with a powerful kick. Lita ripped her left arm free allowing her to dodge the kick as she ripped her other arm free. Lita attempted to upper cut Tientina but wasn’t quite quick enough. Both Lita and Tientina bounced and flipped back, Jupiter wasted no time as she quickly began to spin, “Jupiter Oak Evolution!” shooting leaf shaped energy blades at her opponent.
Mercury was knocked off the beam by SeeFour as he jumped at Mina. She landed on her feet, and looked up to see a reconstructed Toivex lunging at her. Amy quickly attacked “Shine Aqua Illusion!” shooting water beams at her opponent. Toivex opened the center of his body letting the water harmlessly pass through him; he quickly reconstructed pushing his fist into Ami’s stomach. She flew up and smashed against the ceiling, landing on the ground. Toivex lunged at her again, this time Ami rolled out of the way and released “Mercury Freezing Mist!” Toivex froze were he stood. Ami again shot “Shine Aqua Illusion!” shattering Toivex’s frozen form. Ami let out a breath of exhaustion.
Sailor Mars wasted no time she shot at Nitrox from the beam “Mars Flame Sniper!” she released the burning arrow. It pierced Nitrox right through his shoulder causing him to explode. Rei jumped down, as Nitrox reconstructed. Rei placed an Ofuda talisman on Nitrox’s face as he finalized his reformation, paralyzing him. “Burning Mandela!” Rei screamed forming rings of fire around herself and shooting them at Nitrox. The first ring cut off his head allowing him to move again, he easily dodged the others and turned to goo shooting himself off the floor and at Mars, reconstructing himself just in time to punch her hard sending her backwards. Rei slid on her feet and braced herself for the next, hit when all of a sudden; there was a huge splatter of green that landed on Nitrox, causing him to explode. Mina swept into the scene. Grabbing Rei and flying out of the blast range. All five scouts landed on the other side of the room while the five colorful liquid beings, continuously exploded. Slowly the enemies managed to pull themselves together and stop the explosions.
Mina tapped the communicator in her broach “Saiyaman here what’s the problem?” a voice quickly replied.
Mina quickly answered as she jumped out of the way of Tientina’s bladed arm, “Uh, Gohan could you and Videl get down here, we’ve run into Dynamite Five again.” She stopped taking to bend underneath Tientina’s other stretched arm, firing her own attack “Venus Love and Beauty Shock!” Mina didn’t have time to explain the whole thing, “Just get down here,” CLICK. Mina jumped into the air holding herself up with flight, “Crescent Beam Shower!” she pointed her finger at the enemies, first dual crescent beams formed out of energy then turned into a ball of energy on the tip of her index finger, bursting into a shower of energy beams as she shot it obliterating her opponents.
She landed on the ground unaware that SeeFour was reforming behind her, “Supreme Thunder Dragon!” a lightning dragon rushed into SeeFour’s side stopping him from attacking Mina and smashing him against the wall. Lita quickly got back into her fighting stance spinning and kicking Toivex’s head. He grabbed her leg and through her backwards, and charged. Once again he was frozen solid, by Ami who was standing off to the side. He was shattered by Deadonator crashing into him, Rei lowered her leg from her kick to Deadonator, and quickly turned to her left. Serena landed beside Rei and grabbed her Tiara from her forehead.
“Moon Tiara Magic!” Serena shouted throwing her Tiara expanding it and trapping the five in the energy ring. The Five started to turn back to liquid and escape when a giant explosion of blue and yellow energy filled the room. As the flash finished Saiyaman and Saiyawoman, entered from the now present hole in the ceiling. The enemies ooze dripped through the floor and onto the next level, quickly the heroes dashed for the stairs, but by the time they made it to the next level the villains were nowhere to be seen.

Down on the street in an alley across the road the five villains reconstructed, “You moron why did we retreat! We could have easily beaten them all. COWARD!” Tientina yelled at her commander.
SeeFour smacked her across the face, sending her into the wall. “Wench, never disrespect me again.” He said staring at her limp body on the ground. “Soon they will come to get us, that’s when we will strike. When they’re dead then the master will realize our true power.” With that a portal opened before them and all five walked into the darkness before them.

Gohan is Finally Victorious
Showdown at Shadow Palace