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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Sailor Simpsons II

Another crossover short by Meowch
Based on an ACTUAL episode of Sailor Moon!

If you haven’t read Sailor Simpsons I you probably should
beacuse it explains the basic premise, and now on with the fic!

DBZ anouncer Voice over: « Previously on Sailor Simpsons…
Charles Montgomery Burns was draining energy from the employees of the power
plant for the dark purposes of the Negaverse! The Simpson Scouts however were
determined to put a stop to his nefarious scheme, but old Negaburns had a few
tricks of his own and released the dreaded monster of the day! Fortunately
sailor moon/Homer’s tiarra made short work of the beast, the bad news is that
Negaburns escaped with his lacky Smitherzite. »

It was a thursady evening at about 5:45 PM, today was an obscure holy day
of obligation based on an even more obscure pagan holiday. The faithful
were gathered in the church attending a sermon given by reverend Lovejoy.

Lovejoy: « And now we will be passing around the collection basket… »

Just then Negaburns kicks down the door and
aproaches the pulpit, Smithersite close behind.

Lovejoy: « Why, MR. Burns! Care to make a donation to the Save our Souls fund? »
Negaburns: « Actualy I’m here to make a withdraw, mainly your star seed! » with
that he raises his hand and shoots a dark ray at the good reverend. A black
crystal materialises in front of lovejoy and floats into the open hand of
Negaburns, the congregation gasp and Burns turns to them. It is then that a
transformation comes over Lovejoy, changing him into some sort of male harpy
wearing boxing gloves, a head band, and a pair of shorts with a bell on the

Negaburns: « I suggest you be extra generous in your donation
to the Monty Burns fund or else! », tremblimg the congregation
and parishoners alike hastily stuff the plate with money.

Later at the Simpsons place the doorbell rings, Lita/Marge opens the door
to a badly beaten Flanders, his glasses cracked and his mustache on fire.
Flanders: « LOVEJOY, diddly, NEGABURNS, iddly biddly, CHURCH, tiddly widdly!! »
Sarena/Homer: « What the hell are you mumbling about, Flanders? »
Luna/Snowball: « He says Mr. Burns has stolen the reverend’s starseed
and now Lovejoy’s holding the church hostage! We’ve got to stop him! »
Serena/Homer: « But we’ll miss the big game! It’s the superbowl! »
Luna/Snowball: « Homer, you’ve already seen the superbowl when it was on Fox!
You don’t need to watch it a second time just because its on the WB network! »
Serena/Homer: « But I can’t remember who won
and I missed the Duff bowl at halftime! »
Lita/Marge: « We have to help, Homey. It’s our duty as sailor scouts! »
Serena/Homer, tears flowing like a hydrant: « WAAAHHHH!!!! »

The scene flips over to the church, in the background « The Fight Song »
by Marilyn Manson is playing. Just then the Simpson scouts arive.

Crazy Lovejoy: « Well, if it isn’t the Simpson scouts,
I was wondering when you do gooders would show up! »
Sailor Moon/Homer removes her tiara and prepares to chuck it at the reverand.
Moon/Homer: « See you in HELL, church-boy! », Mercury/Lisa restrains him.
Mercury/Lisa: « DAD! You can’t dust a preacher! That would be wrong! »
Moon/Homer: « You got a better idea, braniac? »
This distraction provides Lovejoy an opurtunity to strike.
Crazy Lovejoy: « I hope you believe in God because you’re about to meet him! »
A boxing glove is launched in the direction of the Simpson scouts, they
barely manage to scramble out of the way as it blows a pew to smitherines.
Luna/Snowball: « Bart, use your burning mantra to destroy his
gloves, then Homer can use her healing crescent on him »
Mars/Bart: « Burning mantra? COOL! » she strikes the pose and Lovejoy’s
gloves go up in puff of smoke, Moon/Homer then does her thing.
Lovejoy: « NOOOO!!!! », (returns to normal),
He look around at the church now lying in shambles, most of the
pews are charred and broken bits of stained glass cover the floor.
Lovejoy: « Dear lord what have I done? », (starts sobbing)

the next day.
Ami/Lisa: « It’s nice that they’re building a new church but I don’t
know why they had to put it all the way on the other side of town
and then exorcize the old church before tearing it down. »
Serena/Homer: « You just don’t understand religion, my darling »

DBZ voice over: « On the next exciting episode of Dragon Bart Z…
Captain Ginyu is up to his old tricks again! This time sticking the Simspon
family into the bodies of Goku and his friends! Will Mr. Burns succeed in
his plot to destroy the sun? And what’s this? Sideshow Vegeta? »

Authors note: Before you get on my case about making fun of church
I’ll have you know I’m a good Catholic boy! I just have a strange
sense of humor. I’m sure God also has a sense of humor.

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