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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Sailor Simpsons!
A Sailor Moon / Simpsons crossover!

The basic premise, the souls of the Simpson family get zapped into
the bodies of the sailor scouts, kind of like when Captain Ginyu
took over Goku’s body in Dragon Ball Z. The changes are as follows:

Homer > Serena – sailor moon
They both like to eat a lot
Marge > Lita – Sailor Jupiter
Lita’s the tallest and Marge has the tallest hair
Bart > Rei – Sailor Mars
Who else would he be?
Lisa > Ami – Sailor Mercury
both the smartest of their group
Maggy > Mina – Sailor Venus

To Guide the Simpson Family in their new role as sailor scouts, Luna has been
zapped into the body of the family cat, Snowball 2. Other than a crescent
moon on Snowball’s forhead, there is no visible change in her apearance but
she talks with Luna’s Voice.
Likewise the sailor scouts also look as they did previously (you
wouldn’t want to see Homer in a fuku anyway! TRUST ME) except they
talk with the voice of the Simpson character that possessed them.

Our story starts in the home of the Simpson family, it is about 2:00 PM
Homer/Serena is sitting on the couch porking out, Marge/Lita is in the
kitchen, and Maggie/Mina is sitting on the floor sucking her pacifier.

Homer/Serena « WOO-HOO! I can eat whatever I want and never
gain a pound! This is the best job ever! » (swallows an entire
turkey and finishes a can of Duff beer in one gulp)

At this time Bart/Rei and Lisa/Ami just get home
from school, Lisa/Ami looks annoyed about something.

Lisa/Ami « DAD! Bart mooned the kids at school again! »
Bart/Rei « Hey, Can I help it if Rei has such a beutifull butt? »
Homer/Serena « WHY I’LL REI YOU!! YOU LITTLE… » (begins choking Bart/Rei)
Marge/Lita « Homer, stop that! »

At this point Lenny and Karl come bursting through the door,
their clothes are tattered, thier bodies bruised, and thier
hair is messed up indicating some sort of struggle.

Lenny « Homer, Burns has gone cookoo! »
Karl « He’s draining energy from everyone in the plant! »
(Unlike Sailor Moon, where nobody recognizes the sailor scouts even though
they look exactly like they did before, here everyone recognizes the
Simpson family, even though the scouts look nothing like the Simpsons.)
Luna/Snowball « Homer, you’ve got to stop him! »
Homer/Serena « Me fight my boss, Mister Burns? Can this job get any sweeter? »

Cut scene to the nuclear power plant, Nega-Burns is laughing maniacly and
Smithers it at his side dressed in the standard Negaverse uniform.

Smitherzite « Realy sir, wouldn’t it be simpler just to take energy from
the reactor rather than draining it from your employees? We could achieve
in minutes what could otherwise take months or even years! »
Nega Burns « Pish Posh, Smithers! Where’s the fun in taking energy from a
lifeless reactor? Does a reactor cower in fear at your aproach? Does a
reactor scream with pain as you suck the life force out of it? Does… »

At that point the Simpson Scouts burst through the door!

Nega-Burns « Who the Devil are you? » (Burns never
recognized homer before, why would he start now?)
Homer/Sailor Moon « My name is Sailor Simpson and I.. Uhh.. DOH!!! »
Bart/Mars « Screw the speach, Homeboy! Just dust his ass already! »
Nega-Burns « Simpson, ehh? Smithers, release
the hounds with bees in thier mouths! »
Smitherzite « Actualy sir, the hounds are back at our mansion, and they don’t
shoot bees at people when they bark, that’s just something Simpson made up. »
Nega-Burns « Oh, fiddlesticks. Just release the monster of the day then. »

Suddenly the radioactive waste coalesces into a gigantic blob,
Homer/moon screams, tounge waggling.

Homer/Moon « AAAHHHH!!!! »
Lisa/Mercury « Dad! Use your Moon Tiara attack! »
Homer/Moon « WHAT? »
Lisa/Mercury « Chuck your crown at it! »

Homer/moon hastily yanks off her tiara and hurls it like a frisbee,
the golden crown rips through the beast sending radioactive ooze
splattering over everything, the employees cheer enthusiasticly.

Lenny « Way to go, Homer! »
Karl « You da man! »
Nega-Burns « You may have won this round, Simpsons, but I’ll be
back! » (Nega-Burns and Smitherzite beam off over to their mansion)

Lisa/Mercury « Shouldn’t we go after him? There’s
no telling when Burns will strike next! »
Marge/Jupiter « Lisa, Please! Don’t poke holes in the plot! Besides,
if we did that than what would keep the Negaverse from releasing
all it’s monsters at once and destroying Springfield? »
Lisa/Mercury « Touche, mom. »

Tune in for the next exciting episode of Sailor Simpsons, When Burns steals
Reverend Lovejoy’s star seed causing him to turn into that crazy boxer guy
that launches boxing gloves at people (based on an ACTUAL SM episode!)

Sailor Simpsons part 2