❯ Run! – Go Girl! ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

&nb sp; *Jump into Life*

‘Run faster,quicker,don’t stop NO don’t look back!,’ the voice inside yells at the girl to run.
‘When your’ down don’t look left nor right but straight and it’ll lead you to the peace you look for,’the voice encoraged. Tree branches seemed to grab and pull at her brown hair,they tugged at her skin,her clothes also.Her lungs burned,her body bleed flowing from her brown skin to the cold snowy ground,her heart thunddered but still she ran.

&n bsp; Slavery wasn’t for her she could make her own choices..she could and she would be free.She refused to be like a scared animal locked up in a place she didn’t belong.She would be free.
« Catch that slave!, » a man’s voice yelled behind her.Dog’s barked and howled in the distance.
« Get back here Dorthy!, » another’s man voice yelled.Dorthy only ran deeper intothe woods.Blood flowed from her body thicker than before onto the ground.

Dorothy’s skin looked sicknely bloody,scared,and flushed.She looked as if she’d fall and die.
‘Give up!You’ll die!,’ a voice spoke low and deadly.The voice before came though speaking more encourage.

Dorothy ran as quick as she could not loking back she refused to stop.The men stopped to let their dogs lap up he bloood as it was even thicker.She could tell the ground was lessing as she ran.

‘JUMP! You won’t die,’ the voice spoke happily.Dorothy jumped.The people above smiled and cheered.Little did they know she was far from dead.Her breathing was low but she was alive.

« Bring her, » a woman dresssesd like a native spoke calmly to her maids as they pulled Dorothy’s body from the icy depths.

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