Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ RoyAi: High school love ( One-Shot )

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Riza walked up to the school steps.
“I can’t believe I have to go here now! It’s not my fault she got shot! She shouldn’t have been in the way! She should have been paying attention!”
This is what she told her father the day she accidently shot a girl at shooting practice. “I wasn’t aiming for her!”
“It doesn’t matter! You shouldn’t have pulled the trigger until you were sure no one was in the way! You’re lucky she didn’t get seriously hurt!”
Ever since then she argued with her parents and begged them not to make her got to Central Academy, but now it was obvious who had won that fight.
She walked to the office. ‘At least no one is around…maybe I can hide out in the nurse’s office…’ She started to turn to the nurse, but before she could, the sectary came out. “There you are!” She grabbed the blonde girls’ wrist. “Come on! You’ve kept the vice principle waiting long enough!” She practically dragged Riza to the office.
“But I-”
“No buts!” She pulled her in the vices’ office. “Wait here!” She ran out of the room.
Riza sat down in one of the chairs and looked around. ‘Baseball, baseball everywhere.’ She thought. ‘I wonder if they have a gun club here too….probably not, this school is too ‘classy’.’ “Probably only have chess and fencing here.” She scoffed.
“Actually, we have baseball, football among other things.”
The blonde girl turned her head fast and looked at the door way to see a young man leaning on the door way. He had black hair and eyes and wore a P.E. uniform. After a quick analysis, Riza deduced that he was a sophomore.
The male spoke again. “We also have a cooking class for those who like to eat.”
“Is that so?”
The boy smiled. “Hi. I’m Roy Mustang.” He moved closer to her and held out his hand.
“I’m Riza Hawkeye.” She shook his hand. “I just moved here from the east.”
“Please to meet you, Riza.” Roy kissed the back of her hand.
Riza took her hand back. “Do you do that with every girl you meet?” She snapped and narrowed her eyes.
“Only the pretty ones.”
Before Riza could say anything back, the vice came in. “Hello Roy, what can I do you for?”
“We need a new pump for basketballs and a new football net.”
“Alright.” The vice patted Roy on his back. “Thank you for telling me.”
Roy smiled then left.
‘God, please! Don’t give me any classes with him!’
Riza stood at the front of her new home room. “Hello. I’m Riza Hawkeye, please be kind to me.” She smiled.
The teacher looked around. “Is there some place she can sit?”
“There’s a seat next to me ma’am.” Roy said.
Riza looked over at the speaker and her smile dropped instantly. ‘What the hell is he doing here?!’
She made her way over to the seat next to Roy.
“Roy, will you please help her with getting caught up?”
“Sure thing.” He smiled and turned to Riza.
Riza just rolled her eyes and cursed to herself.
After two months of going to Central Academy, Riza could actually say she hated this school.
‘This is all Mustangs’ fault!’ Riza put on her gym uniform and went outside. ‘I hate him for it!’
She went out to the field and started to stretch.
“Riza! Hi!”
She tur4ned around and looked at the person who was calling her. “Oh, hey Samantha.” She smiled. Samantha was the only person who hadn’t tried ‘sabotage’ what little relationship she and Roy had.
Samantha stopped in front of her. “This is for you.” She handed her a note. “I’m not sure who it’s from though.”
Riza took it and read it.
Meet me after school by the gym storage room. Come alone.
Riza scoffed.
“What is it Riza?” Samantha looked at her.
“It’s just Roy; he wants me to meet him after school.” She threw away the note.
“You should go, you know, to set him straight.”
Riza kicked some rocks with her foot. “Hurry up and get here Mustang.” She rubbed her arms. ‘Damn fall.’
“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Roy came up from behind her.
Riza turned fast. “What took you so long!? I’m freezing!”
“I had to get something…” He put his jacket around her arms.
Riza blushed some. “I don’t need your jacket.” She put her arms through the sleeves.
Roy moved closer.
“Listen Roy, I-”
She was stopped with a kiss.
Riza’s eyes closed almost instantly. She had never been kissed with such force and power before. It was exciting for her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and Roy wrapped his around Riza’s waist.
After a moment they pulled apart. ]

“Why did you kiss me? I could have hurt you or something.”
“Someone told me to take chances, so I took a chance with you.” Roy smiled.
Riza blushed and buffed her cheeks some. “Yeah, well, whatever.” She pulled his jacket closer around herself.
Roy pulled her close. “I love you, Riza Hawkeye.”
Riza held on to him and sighed happily. “I love you too, Roy Mustang.”