Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Rolling THUNDER ( Chapter 9 )

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A little later, after me and Sakura’s confrontation with Li and after the school day ended, we were walking home when a storm rolled in. Madison, Sakura and I decided to take shelter in Penguin Park.

A little later, at home, I explained to Kero about Li and how he had tried to take the Clow Cards from Sakura. « Expect the unexpected Zachary » Kero said. « That’s it? » I said in a confused tone. « Look Zachary, you and Sakura are CardCaptors now, and there is going to be a few « bumps » along the way, both you and Sakura have been chosen to get the Clow Cards back, so that’s what both of you should be worried about, not some snot nosed brat ». Kero said. « Ok Kero, I understand ». I said.

It was then that my blue cell phone rang, I then went to the desk, and answered it. « Hello, this is Zachary speaking » I said « Zachary, you and Sakura have to look outside ». Madison said. « You two have some cards to capture » Madison added in.

It was then Sakura and I went to the window and pulled up the blinds, we were shocked to see that the sky was very cloudy and a lot of thunder could be heard off in the distance. « I guess we do » Sakura and I said in unison.

A little later, Sakura and I were dressed in our battle costumes. A few seconds later, a bolt of thunder shot out of the clouds and started hopping from building to building.

It was then that Sakura and I pulled out our respective keys, « Oh key of clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite, RELEASE! » Sakura and I chanted in unison. With our respective staffs now in hand, I pulled out the Fly Card, « lets fly! » Sakura and I said as we tapped the Fly Card at the same time with our respective staffs. And once again, our staffs grew wings, and we took off into the sky.

After about a minute of flying around, Sakura and I landed on top a building, and then, the bolt of thunder came towards me and Sakura, « Jump Card! » Sakura and I chanted as we tapped the Jump Card at the same time with our staffs, and a few seconds later, little wings appeared on our shoes and we just managed to dodge the bolt of thunder in time to escaped harm. « That was a close one » Sakura said. « I completely agree with that statement » I said to Sakura with a smile.

After a few minutes of dodging the bolt of thunder, we managed to jump onto a house and at least get some time to rest from all the jumping and dodging. « Ok Kero, what do we do now? » Sakura and I asked in unison. « You two really are pathetic ». said a familiar voice.

It was then that Sakura and I looked to our left to see Li dressed in the exact same outfit from our dream. Li then removed his sword from his sheath « Force know my plight, RELEASE THE LIGHT, LIGHTNING! » Li chanted. A few seconds later, a shot of lightning went from the tip of Li’s sword right towards the bolt of thunder. A few seconds after the bolt of thunder was hit by Li’s spell, the bolt of thunder fell down to a nearby building, and materialized into its true form. « That’s Thunder’s physical form? » Sakura asked. « You are looking at Raiju the Thunder Beast, boy, you really are hopeless » Li said. « Hey, back off Li, you have no right to talk to Sakura that way! » I said to Li in an annoyed tone of voice.

It was then that I pulled out the Shadow Card, I then turned to Sakura, who nodded, then, both Sakura and I raised our staffs, « Shadow Card, encircle Thunder and bind it, RELEASE AND DISPELL! » A few seconds later, the Shadow Card appeared, a few seconds after that, the Thunder Card was ensnared by The Shadow Card.

It was then that Sakura and I once again raised our staffs, « Thunder Card, we command you to return to your power confined, THUNDER CARD! » Sakura and I chanted as we swung our respective staffs down at the same time. A few seconds later, the Thunder Card was captured. « Boy, you two really don’t have a clue, do you » Li said in a taunting tone of voice. « Didn’t I specifically tell you not to talk to Sakura that way? » I said to Li in an irritated tone of voice. « How about you worry about what you need to improve on next time, and I’ll continue to ignore you » Li said, once again in a taunting tone of voice. « Li, I’m warning you right now, don’t push me any further ». I said to Li, still annoyed from Li’s smug remark. « I don’t need to, I’ve already done what I came here to do, so I’ll leave you two alone, for now » Li said, turning to leave.

It was then that I turned to Sakura, « I’m really sorry you had to see that » I said to Sakura. « Its alright Zachary, because its just like you said, siblings protect each other ». Sakura said to me with a smile. « Thanks Sakura » I said giving her a hug. « Your very welcome Zachary » Sakura replied returning the hug.

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