❯ Risen Saga – Maktig’s Beginning ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Episode #1
Maktig’s Beginning

Notation: « speech » /narration\ *actions* (descriptions) {thoughts}

/Long ago formed in a large galaxy, is an especially inhabited solar
system. Therein endures several binary planets and an exquisite, green sun,
the Grunern. In that system, there exists the greatest of planets, named Risen.
Planet Risen was a peaceful and technological place for a race to flourish.
The air breathes clean, the streets calm, and everyone is courteous to their

This utopia, however, is thrown into the enthrall of chaos when word of
Lord Foyer’s campaign takes hold. He looks for the ultimate power known
prophesied as the Amulet of Zowber. This unknown object is mythed to
inhabit a planet of the galaxy. Lord Foyer’s greed and influence grows more
and more everyday towards total universal domination.

The lack of fighting knowledge on Risen proves very obstructive. The
only choice is to send their youth to more knowledgeable planets. On those
planets, they will train so that they may return home to aid in the
impending battles with Lord Foyer’s forces. The adults work strenuously to
prepare a makeshift planetary defense system. The Risenders have nothing
left but to prepare and wait for the coming of Lord Foyer.\

(Even the glorious sunrise is unable to make the crowded walkway any
less solemn. The shades of green and blue reflect off the beautiful buildings,
lighting the city with a great brilliance. A slight breeze brushes one young
man’s midnight blue hair to one side. He looks up at the buildings with his
light green eyes. He pulls his deep blue jacket around himself causing the gold
trim to shine slightly. As he walks briskly, his similarly styled pants swish
back and forth.)

Unknown person: *They yell from behind the young man* « Hey Maktig! »

Maktig: *He turns to see who’s called his name* « Hey! Taperkite! » *His face
lights up as he sees Taperkite*

Taperkite: *He catches up with Maktig* « I can’t believe what’s happening.
Can you? »

Maktig: « I just had my briefing for launch about two karitsas ago. »

Taperkite: « I’ve had my briefing since last night. My training planet is
Airnst. From what I’ve read the planet is similar to Risen. »

Maktig: *He answers in a most complaining manner* « I’ve been assigned
Earth, an outer ring barbarous planet. » *He pauses a millikaritsana to
think* « I guess it’s better than being on the front lines. »

Taperkite: *He pushes his light blonde hair out of his eyes. His piercing, purple
eyes look out, showing his sadness.* « I was just going to visit Clevar Lougner to
give him his assignment *pauses* and to say goodbye. »

Maktig: « I should come as well. I have to leave for Earth in about 4 karitsas,
or as they would say 1 hour 40 minutes. » *The second part is said with a
quickly fading smile*

Taperkite: « Well, we’d better get going. »

(Taperkite put his hands in his blue shorts and begins the long, silent
walk to Clevar Lougner’s. As he walks, the morning light shines on
Taperkite’s orange, sleeveless shirt. Maktig stares at the design on Taperkite’s
shirt. It was the same as the birth-rock on Taperkite’s forehead. The hypnotic,
sun-like symbol expels rays outward in waves of red and orange.)

/Suddenly, a loud yet quiet hovercraft comes to a halt next to the pair.
The door slides back smoothly as a large figure emerges from the depths of the
craft. Who could this newcomer possibly be?\

Maktig: * His voices brightens almost imperceivably. * « Clevar, Hey! We
were just along to your place to drop your assignment off… and to say
farewell. » *The brightness is lost after the pause. He looks down at the ground
as well.*

Clevar Lougner: « Well, we can have old Vergesenhite, » *He motions toward
the hovercraft.* « take us back to my residence so I can prepare for launch. »

(The old Vergesenhite is actually the newest craft on the market. It
has all the luxuries of home and more in a compact sports transport. It’s a
sleek, silver piece of artwork.)

Clevar Lougner: *He manages to squeeze his muscular frame into the
hovercraft and positions himself in front of the controls.* (The light from the
console shines against his silver hair. His reflective, green pants refract an
array of light everywhere inside the transport.)

/ The hovercraft starts off at a smooth glide as Clevar starts the engine
running. Then, ever so unnoticeably, it jumps to a blinding fast speed. The
tall buildings whiz by as they trio moves towards Clevar’s residence. The ride
goes along in an awkward silence. Everyone seems afraid to even breathe

Tapekite: *He looks as if he realizes something. He rummages around in his
pockets and discovers what he was looking for. A console pad.* « Oh, Clevar
here’s your assignment. »

*He hands the pad to Clevar as the hovercraft automatically slows to
a halt in front of Clevar’s place.*

Clevar Lougner: *He rolls up his sleeve on his long sleeve black shirt and puts
his thumb on the identification pad* {Please don’t give me one of the
uncivilized planets}

(A soft voice from the pad confirms ‘Clevar Lougner DNA graft…Approved’)

/A three-dimensional dark brown and purple sphere is projected from the pad.
The computer voice now says in a more authoritative tone ‘Clevar, your
mission assignment is Luftig’\

Clevar Lougner: {Thank You! An evolved species to train with.} *He sighs
loudly relieved at his assignments setting.*

/The voice ethereally continues ‘Please interface for your briefing’\

*Clevar places his hand in front of the pad palm up. Three snake-like
nodes from the pad delve into his palm. The nodes relay the briefing directly
through the neurons in his hands. Clevar becomes indynamic and his eyes
placid and peaceful. The eyes as well appear to have red writing move across
the surface.*

Maktig and Taperkite: *They exit the hovercraft quickly and wait outside
Clevar’s house until he finishes his briefing. Taperkite studies Clevar’s vast
estate as Maktig sits in deep thought staring into the distance.*

Taperkite: *After a minute he says* « I always hate briefings because they
make you so out of it. »

Maktig: *He says absentmindedly* « Hm »

Clevar: *Done with his briefing, he exits his transport slowly and moves
toward Maktig.*

Taperkite: *He stops Clevar* « Allow him to think things through. He needs
to adjust. He’s still in shock »

Maktig: {Why do we have to leave our homes? What about my girlfriend?
and my friends? What if I’m killed…..or she is?} *His eyebrows shaking in a
concerned look.*

Clevar: *He nods and walks over to a completely smooth side of his house and
places his hand on the wall at shoulder level.

(The enormous light green and purple pyramid shimmers with a great
brightness. The computer voice similar to the pad answers ‘Resident Clevar
Lougner, Welcome. Oh, I see you have also brought some friends with you
today…’Welcome to you two as well’)

/Next to Clevar’s hand appears an entryway of light. The house has
the best security offered possibly ever with surround mobile cameras, sound and
photon sensitivity. It appears as if no one is at home to greet the group.\

Clevar: * He looks towards Maktig and ponders a second. Then he calls*
« Come on Maktig, let’s go on in! »

Maktig: *Almost as if he awakens from a trance, he blinks twice to look at
Clevar and Taperkite* « I’m coming you guys. » *He says with a blank, calm
look. He gets up and moves toward them.*

/The troop begins moving through the entryway as it changes to the
shape of each person. This grand room is the first of 50 foyers of the mansion.
The design is based upon the ancient architecture designs of the Risek

Clevar: *He moves swiftly in an almost rushed manner towards his room. He
maneuvers through many elegantly built rooms.*

Taperkite: « Clevar? (*Clevar looks back towards him without moving any
slower*) You in a bit of a hurry there? »

Clevar: *He has a flushed, morbid look on his face* « Yeah…I must depart in
a few kairens. »

Maktig: *He speaks objectfully.* « How can the Stotvairordneter make you
leave so early?! »

Taperkite: « The launch is not far from the briefing in long distance missions.
They have to optimize time. »

Maktig: « That’s just going too far. The Stotvairordneter is making us leave
with little preparation. »

Clevar: *He sighs* « Well, I still have to get ready. Computer, common clothes
for Planet Luftig. »

(The computer voice responds ‘The appropriate clothes can be found in
your closet Resident Clevar Lougner.’ The closet doors open to a vast red room
with many lines of clothes in all styles.)

*Clevar walks in and goes to a rack of lit clothes. Taperkite sits on
Clevar’s king size canopy bed. In doing so, a low level shimmer moves across the
motley room. A vid window fades in with the latest movie by Royer Moren.
Maktig begins to space out again staring at all of the top of the line gadgets.
Maktig gazes at the canopy of Clevar’s bed, and his eyes wander down to a
small figure on the dresser.*

Taperkite: *He says jokingly* « Hey, you didn’t get lost in there, did you
Clevar? »

Clevar Lougner: *He responds laughingly* « I think I know where I am. »

(The bluish-green figure on Clevar’s dresser has three eyes and spiked
tail which Maktig admires. It stands menacingly in exquisite detail. The
figure seems so animate and alive to Maktig.)

Maktig: *He calls to Clevar.* « Hey Clevar, What’s this monster on your
dresser called? »

Clevar Lougner: *He hesitates as if in fear. He stops packing clothes* « What
monster on my dresser? »

(The figure suddenly jerks his head toward Maktig menacingly. No
wonder the figure seemed alive because it was. How could it possibly get in
with the state of the art system.)

Maktig: *He yells in fright* « Taperkite! Clevar get in here! We’ve got to get
out of here! » *His birth rock begins throbbing with light as he becomes more

(The figure grows at an incredible rate to about seven feet tall. He
starts toward Taperkite. To continue in the onslaught, the creature swings his
tail back ready to strike. Taperkite, terrorized and exhausted, breathes
quickly as the tail moves forward, and he jumps at least four feet in the air
as the tail swishes under him.)

Clevar: « Leave him alone! Get out you monster! » *He begins pounding and
kicking the creature with a great passion. He does some damage but fails to do
anything major.

(The creature pushes Clevar aside. It is angered beyond any notion.
Maktig now has a swirling, white aura around him. Intense anger builds
inside Maktig. The creature again brings his tail back to attack. Maktig’s
hands twitch in anticipation.)

Maktig: *He jumps to action before the creature. He spreads his hands out ot
his sides. An intense blue electric energy emerges from them. Maktig screams
with great intensity.* « BLITZ KANNON! » *He brings his hand to meet over
his head, and the intense blue light snakes from his hands.*

(The energy surrounds the creature and encases him in a shell of blue
light. The shell then collapses on itself. The creatures roars with a harsh
voice. The shell implodes blowing Clevar’s many possession outwards. Millions
tiny fragments of light sparkle downward almost daintily.)

/Maktig collapses on the floor and passes out. He appears to have no
color in his face and no dynamics to him. Clevar and Taperkite gape at his
unconscious body with awe. what the hell had he done? There was no
explanation to this random event of extreme power. How could any Risender
have possibly produce a blast of such magnitude. How can Taperkite and
Clevar save Makitg from a possible death.\

Clevar: *As if suddenly startled, he shouts with great intensity.* « Computer!
Polizei! Now! »