❯ Risen Saga – Background ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


The Planet Risen is in danger from the evil Lord Foyer. The peaceful and intelligent
Risenders have no way to challenge his forces. Risen has no military academies or defense
systems. So, the Risenders send children of training age to all planets with some type of
fighting ability. When a Risender has gained enough training experience, they return to
Risen and help fight Lord Foyer’s forces.

The child is put in a deep slumber for the long distance. A crystalline pod is
fashioned for his or her journey to the planet they’ve been assigned. When the pod enters
into the atmosphere, the Risender awakens slowly to discover their new surroundings. The
pod shrinks into a small pendant for the Risender to wear. Before going into the pod, the
Risender is briefed on the culture and people of the race.

When a child lands on a planet, they look almost exactly like those of the race.
Except, in the middle of the forehead, there is a small rock unique in structure to that
Risender. When upset or under extreme pressure, the crystal glows, and the person performs
their special technique. In legends, Risenders were said to be able to grow into much
stronger beings. However, this legend has not been known to be true.

As the child grows and matures, they’re to fit in like a normal person and look for
those who might help them in their quest. Likewise, the child is to go to school and learn
all that he can about life. Acting like a guardian for the planet, they are to defend it
from all scouting parties or infantries pledged to Lord Foyer. As a youth the Risender,
would engage in contests of physical skill and mental prowess. Gaining more and more
experience until they’re ready to return to Risen.

Beginning BIOS

Trains on Earth
Rock:curved diamond that’s silver
Special Technique-Blitz Cannon

Trains on Airnst
Rock:circle with rays that’s red-orange
Special Technique-Zandsturm

Lord Foyer
Conquers planets to find the mystical
ultimate power.(Amulet of Zowber)
Known Skills-Zerstur Ball; Triple
Eistrahl; Horn Stryk; Huel Disk

Clevar Lougner
Trains on Luftig
Rock:triangle(purple);2 circles(green)
Special Technique-Ragenklenga

Trains on Highlig
Rock:tube star;ends in arrows(yellow)
Special Technique-Vindeborer

Risen Saga – Maktig’s Beginning