Hamtaro Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ rise & fall ( Chapter 35 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

While a majority of the hams went to duel in the fun park, Penelope went home. She was happy to have her Elemental Hero deck again, but saddened by the fact that it wasn’t how she wanted to get them back. « Well, I have all of my Elemental Heroes back. » she said happily as she sat in her cage. « But not only that, my Destiny Hero Deck has come a long way as well. » Penelope took a look at her current Elemental Hero deck that she was building. « Everyone’s back. It’s good to know that everyone is back and all of you are safe. »
« Congratulations on a successful rescue, Penelope. » said Elemental Hero Stratos who stood next to her.
« I didn’t really save them, Boss did. » Penelope admitted.
« Either way, we’re all here now. »
« True. Now I can recreate my deck again. »
« But what about the deck you were making, are you just going to stop? » Elemental Hero Ocean asks as he appears. « And what of the cards given to you by Pegasus? »
Penelope didn’t answer, but she looked through her original Elemental Hero deck. As she went through the cards, she noticed the major flaw within them. « No wonder Jam wouldn’t let me have any of these cards back, I bulit this deck so horribly. » Penelope said. « Well, I guess I will stick with the one I’m currently building. » She took the booster pack that Pegasus gave her. « Well Ocean, let’s take a look at the cards Pegasus gave me. I mean, we don’t want to waste them, right? »
« Right. » answered Elemental Hero Ocean.
Penelope opened the booster pack and took a look at her cards, but the first one took her by suprise. « Wait a minute, it’s a Grand Mole…. but it looks different than the original one. » she said, then she finally saw the card. « Elemental Hero Grand Mole? » and that’s when it hit her. « Hey Neos, Pegasus upgraded your crew! »
Elemental Hero Neos appeared next to Elemental Hero Ocean. « Really now? » he asked, then looked at the card. « Elemental Hero Grand Mole, huh? He eve has new armor. »
« And a new effect. » added Penelope. « Treat this card as ‘Neo-Spacian Grand Mole’ and can be used by all cards that designate ‘Neo-Spacian Grand Mole’. If this card attacks or is attacked by an opponent’s monster, you can return both monsters to their owners’ hands at the start of the damage step before calculation damage. »
« So, I guess that means it’s an upgraded Grand Mole. » said Elemental Hero Neos.
« I guess so. » said Penelope and looked at the next card. « Elemental Hero Air Hummingbird, I like the wing detail…. I guess this is pretty much all six Neo-Spacians upgraded to Elemental Hero status, but they still keep their Neo Space abilities. »
And Penelope was right, all the way through: Elemental Hero Glow Moss; Elemental Hero Aqua Dolphin; Elemental Hero Flare Scarab; Elemental Hero Dark Panther. All six Neo-Spacians upgraded to Elemental Hero with their Neo-Spacian effects and more detail to them. « Penelope, you do realize that now all of the Neo-Spacians are truly Elemental Heroes? » asked Elemental Hero Neos.
« I do, » Penelope answered, « but that’s only the tip of the iceberg, Neos. Your crew now has ‘Elemental Hero’ in their card names, so I can use all of the other cards that designate E-Heroes, like Hero Spirit, Hero Counterattack, and even Fifth Hope on the newly upgraded Neo-Spacians turned Elemental Hero monsters. »
« Looks like you have one more card too. » said Elemental Hero Ocean.
« Another Neo-Spacian turned E-Hero, must be the Pathfinder. »
But Penelope was wrong. As she looked at the card, she saw that her deck was truly completed. « Looks like someone got their justice. » said Elemental Hero Neos.
Penelope smiled, « I think this is more than justice. » she said. « This is more like evolution…. » she began to read the card. « Elemental Hero Prodigy. Treat this card as ‘Hero Kid’ and can be used by all cards that designate ‘Hero Kid’. When this card is special summoned, you can special summon any number of ‘Hero Kid'(s) from your deck. If this card is used to tribute summon an ‘Elemental Hero’, draw 1 card. »
« So what’s the deal? » asked Elemental Hero Neos.
« I’m putting these guys to work in my new deck. » answered Penelope. « However, I need a few familiar faces. »
« Count me in. » said Elemental Hero Ocean.
« Same here. » said Elemental Hero Stratos.
« That’s a given, but there will be more than this. » said Penelope. « I need some original help this time around. »
With that, Penelope took Elemental Heroes Necroshade, Bubbleman and Bladedge from her first deck, added them to the new deck and shuffled it. Then the new deck was placed into her duel disk. « Okay E-Heroes, we’re back in business, but there’s a new mission in mind. » said Penelope. « There are seven other Elemental Heroes that I plan on adding to this deck. But in order to do that, we must show our worth to Pegasus J. Crawford. Let’s go, Heroes… to the fun park and then, to complete the Elemental Hero series. » and off she went to the fun park, but there are other things that were looking for Penelope and her heroes. Meanwhile, Boss was taking a stroll after his chat with Stan. « Things have been going well for me. » he said to himself. « I guess having a powerful deck is a good thing, but was this really useful to the rest of the hams? » As he walked along, his eyes spotted a card. He took the card into his paw. « Card Ejector, another mage in the game. She isn’t too strong, though, but that’s nothing Mage Power can’t fix. » he reads the card’s effect. « So she can remove monsters in my opponent’s graveyard from play, nice effect. »
Boss ends up sleeving the card, placing it in the field spell zone of his duel disk and continues on his walk. As he walks, he hears crying. Of course, he follows the sound to see a young hamster mother and her daughter looking around frantically for something. « Honey, it’s not here. » the mother said.
« I want my card. » the little hamster girl yelled in tears. « I want my card back. »
« But it’s just a card, honey. »
« That card is valuable and I’m not leaving until I find it. »
« It’s just a card… »
« It’s not just a card! » and the little girl bursts into tears, then into a full tantrum.
« Honey, if that’s the case, I’ll get you another card. »
« I want my card!!!« 
Boss finally steps in. « Well, isn’t that one quite the handful… » he opens up.
« She’s really upset because she lost her card. »
« I can see. » Boss approaches the little hamster. « That card must mean a lot to you. »
« Yeah, it really does. » the little girl stopped crying, then looked at Boss. « Hey, I know you. You’re that Summoner from the last tournament. »
« That’s me. » Boss admits.
The young mother was shocked. « You’re the Summoner that my daughter was talking so much about. » she said. « You’re the reason that my daughter started dueling. »
« Wow, I’m shocked to hear you say that… »
« I’m making a spellcaster deck, just like yours. » the little hamster said. « But… I lost my card on our walk. »
« So, what’s your name? »
« Mimi. » the little hamster wiped her tears.
« Tell me about this card you lost, Mimi. »
« Well, it’s a rare card that I really like a lot. »
« I can tell. »
« It’s not too strong, but I still like it because it reminds me of someone really cute. I really want my Card Ejector back, but I lost it. »
« You mean this one? » and Boss pulled out the card.
Mimi’s face lit up with joy. « My card! » she took her card back. « You found it, thank-q so much! » Mimi gives Boss a peck on the cheek.
« You really are a nice person. » said Mimi’s mother.
« Now, now, it was nothing. » said Boss. « As for you, Mimi, take care of your cards and keep them close. »
« I know. » said Mimi. « I also have a United We Stand to make her stronger. »
« That’s a good card to have, but make sure you also have Mage Power as well. »
« Okay. »
« Say Mimi, do you want to know how to do something cool? »
« Sure. »
« First off, let’s hold that Card Ejector out. »
Mimi holds the card face up. « Okay. »
« Now I will teach you how to bring your card’s picture into physical form. »
« Really? »
« Cards are alive, Mimi. Hold your card out and close your eyes. »
Mimi follows Boss’ orders. « Okay. »
« Now concentrate in your mind and tell yourself that you can place part of your spirit into this card. »
« Part of my soul as part of my card. »
« That’s the ticket, keep it up. »
Mimi’s mother didn’t quite understand, but in moments, Mimi’s Card Ejector had appeared in front of them. Oh my…. she couldn’t believe it.
« Now open your eyes, Mimi. » said Boss.
Mimi opens her eyes. « No way, my card came to life. » she said.
Mimi’s Card Ejector winked at her, then faded away. « Not bad for a little girl’s first try at a stand. » said Boss.
« What’s a ‘stand’? » asked Mimi.
« A stand is the physical form that a person’s spirit takes outside of the body. When Duel Monster began, duelists used parts of their souls to bring the monsters they summoned to life. » Boss explained. « Remember, a duel monster protects the duelist in battle, while the duelist protects the duel monster outside of battle. It’ll take a while to fully develop your stand, but those few seconds brought your Card Ejector to life. »
« That really was something, she looked just like the card. » said Mimi’s mother. « Incredible. »
« If you practice this, Mimi, » Boss said, « you can keep her around longer. She might even talk to you when you talk to her. »
« Really? » Mimi was getting excited.
« You bet, I talk to my mages often. But remember, giving your soul form like this takes concentration and a part of your spirit. So don’t overstrain yourself while you develop your stand, because it’ll make you feel bad. »
« Okay, Summoner. »
« Well, I better let you two go. Remember to practice your skills as a duelist and take care of your duel monsters. You need each other. »
« You bet, I may even duel you someday. »
« You just might… Well, good luck. Bye-q. »
« Bye-q! » and with a wave, Boss, Mimi and Mimi’s mother bid farewell.
Howdy was looking at the deck Pegasus gave him and he wasn’t happy. Look at this shit, Pegasus is punishing me. he thought as he flipped through the cards. The majority of this deck is trash at low level. He only gives me one Batteryman AA, C and D to work with. Nyan Nyan is here, thank god, but what the hell am I gonna do with Thunder Kid? And to make things worse, I only have one high level monster and that’s The Creator. He wouldn’t even give me Sanga of Thunder….. Howdy reaches into the pocket of his apron. Luckily for me, I have this spare Lightning Punisher which I’m hoping to use as a model for my stand. The card is added to the deck. The good news is the mid level. I got Zaborg, SVD for my Batterymen and only two Thunder Dragons. I’m glad I got those guys, I’ll just add Polymerization and my Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon is back in use.
At least I have some decent spells: Mage Power; Lightning Vortex; United we Stand. United we Stand and Mage power are going to be needed for this deck. I have Collected Power in the trap department, one Sakuretsu…. I wanna change this deck really bad, but I’ll run it just to show Pegasus that I have the skill to do so.
« Man, this little bitch is a tight fit. » Howdy heard someone say.
« Dirty little slut, she knows she likes it. » another voice said.
That didn’t sound right, thought Howdy. I better go and check this out. Howdy’s duel disk acted up, as bolts of electricity came from it. What the hell? I’ll deal with it later, lookout comes first.
Howdy followed the moans and groans of the two voices to find two male hamsters apparently in a threesome. Whoa, those two look insatiable. he thought.
« Okay, let’s switch places. This bitch’s mouth will only do so much. » said the first one, he was an all brown hamster.
« Yeah, let’s switch. I wanna dirty this slut’s mouth now. » said the other one, he was orange and white.
As the two moved around the third hamster, Howdy managed to see the target of the two males and didn’t like what he saw. Lazuli…. he thought.
As the two males circled her, Howdy soon found that Lazuli had her paws tied behind her back with string, but tears were from her eyes. She also had a piece of tape hanging from her check as she gasped for air, clearly signs of rape. « Okay, now let’s begin. » said the brown hamster.
« Yeah, » agreed the orange and white hamster, « now you can have my dick like food. »
« Just stop, leave me alone. » Lazuli cried.
« Shut up, slut! » then the orange and white hamster slaps Lazuli with his paws. « For all your crying, you sure do love gettin’ it rough. »
« Shut up and feed her some more dick. » said the brown one.
« Enough, both of you! » the two males turned to see Howdy walking towards them with his arms behind him.
« Hey, don’t get pissed, she has three holes. » said the brown one. « If you want, you can have her ass. »
Lazuli’s teary eyes saw Howdy, but said nothing. « You two have no shame. » said Howdy. « You can’t get a girl to put out willingly, so you have to make a girl do it by force. I will not let rats like you go unpunished. »
Both hamster males drop Lazuli. « Tough talk from a shopkeeper. » said the orange and white one.
« Yeah, look at the hero. » said the brown one. « We’ll drop you where you stand, then get back to her. »
« Not gonna happen, assholes. » said Howdy.
« Oh yeah, you and what army? » questioned the orange and white one.
« No army needed, just my and my Thunder Dragons. »
At this point, Both of Howdy’s Thunder Dragons came from behind his back and stood next to him. The two male hamsters laughed at the sight of Howdy’s monsters. « Duel Monsters, you must be joking. » said the orange and white one.
« This is real life, not Yu-Gi-Oh! asshole. » said the brown one. « Those holograms won’t hurt us. »
« Let’s get him. » said the orange and white one. And together with the brown one, the two males charged Howdy.
« Attack my Thunder Dragons, » howdy ordered, « Shock Blast! »
Howdy’s monsters attacked the two males, knocking them back a bit. Lazuli witnessed this as she lay on the ground and started to squirm away to a safe distance. The two males rose to their feet. « You wanna play duel monsters, then we’ll do it your way. » said the brown one as he activates his duel disk.
The orange and white activates his duel disk as well. « Okay, check this out. » he said as he drew. « Your Thunder Dragons can’t touch my Machine King. » and his monster appeared on the field.
« I’ll serve up a real dragon, » said the brown one. « Red-Eyes Black Dragon to be exact. »
« Attack! » both males yell and their monsters follow suit.
« Fools… » Howdy said. « I play Super Polymerization… now let two be one. » Howdy’s monster fused together, creating the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. Soon, the attacks bounced right off of the newly fused monster.
« Fuck, do something. » said the orange and white one.
« You can’t, because you already attacked with your weaker monsters. » said Howdy. « Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, strike them down! » and Howdy’s monster attacked, but not only were the opposing monster destroyed, Howdy’s attackers were hit as well, paralyzing them in the process.
« I can’t… move… » said the orange and white one.
« Me niether… » said the brown one. « How come? »
« Because this is the real deal, not some hologram. » answered Howdy. « This one’s for my friend. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, devour them. »
Howdy’s monster approached the two males. Once there, the orange and white one was grabbed by the first head, then tossed back to the second head. The brown one was then grabbed by the first head as the second head continued to crunch up its prey. Lazuli stared in shock as the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon ate her rapers, leaving her scared. After the two males were swallowed, Howdy’s monster faded back into his body, then he went to help Lazuli. « H… Howdy… » Lazuli was at a loss for words.
Howdy was loosening the string that bound Lazuli. « Don’t worry, Lazuli, » he told her in a calm voice. « I’ve made sure that those two won’t harm anyone else again. »
« You… saved… my life… » and Lazuli passed out.
« Lazuli… » Howdy noticed Lazuli was bleeding from her anus and her genital. Not good, those idiots hurt Lazuli really bad. he thought. I’d get her to Nurse Ham, but her office was taken out by the Rexchus. Her other office is at the fun park, and that’s quite a ways from her. He picked Lazuli’s seemingly lifeless frame up. I’ll take her to my store, then use various antibiotics to tend to her bleeding and other injuries. and off he ran back to Goldie’s store. Be strong, Lazuli. Hold out long enough for me to take care of you…..
Jam was deconstructing his deck and looking at the cards in it. « Man, this is sad to do in a way, but it’ll keep me from going back on my word. » he said to himself. « No matter, I’ll duel with you dragons again after this time off. Then I’ll reconstruct you guys and do better things. » After Jam shut his deck down, he placed his duel disk in his pack and left his room. And as he stepped out, Pashmina was right there standing in front of him. « Hey. » he greeted her.
« Hey. » Pashmina greeted back. « Jam, I’m getting worried about you. »
« Worrying about your friends is in your nature. »
« No, I mean I’m worried about you in general. You’ve pretty much been on the warpath as of late and I’m afraid you might get worse. »
« I guess I have been postal, haven’t I? »
« Yeah, and it’s so bad that you’re reminding me of….. Hiei. »
Jam shrugged. At least she didn’t say Duelist Ham. he thought.
« In a sense, you’re taking duels so seriously that winning is all that matters to you anymore. I mean sure, there are times where you lose, but-« 
« Lemme cut you off right here, Pashmina. Winning isn’t always important to me, and if it was, I’d still be in the room trying to figure out how to make my deck unbeatable.
« And unlike Hiei, I know when it’s time for me to put it away and breathe every now and again. »
« Really? »
« Of course. I even broke my deck down just before I came out of the room. »
Pashmina looked at Jam’s arms to see he wasn’t wearing his duel disk. « And what about your duel disk? »
« In my pack. »
« Then put your pack away. If you’re really serious about taking a break, then don’t give yourself easy access to your sword. »
In a way, Pashmina reminds me of Roll. Always worring about me and how I will be each day, it’s what makes her sweet. Jam takes his pack off, then gives it to Pashmina. « Here you go, I’m sure you can hold onto this for me. »
« I can. » Pashmina began to feel relieved.
« Well, I’m off to the fun park. See you later, Pashmina. » and off Jam went.
« See you. » Pashmina waved Jam off.
Knowing that Jam’s card weren’t safe with her, Pashmina had Barrette lead her behind the picture shop where she ran off into the bushes. After Barrette went back inside, Pashmina returned to the back of the shop and began to dig a hole in the ground. Once she was finished, Pashmina buried Jam’s pack and collapsed the hole, making sure that no one could reach Jam’s cards.
Back at the shop, Lazuli came to. She found herself sitting in a teacup and immersed in a clear liquid. The liquid had no temperature at all and Howdy tended to her. Hey eyes were half open and she felt Howdy’s succor, but was otherwise lost in her own mind. Why me, why did it have to be me? she thought. I just wanted to enjoy Duel Monsters, but what did I get in return? Raped. It’s not fair, I didn’t do anything wrong….. she then remembered Howdy coming to her rescue. The good news is that I was rescued before things got worse. It’s a shame for what happened to me, I don’t want to exist right now, I really don’t.
« Forgive me for not coming to your aid sooner, Lazuli. » Howdy said. « I just wish I could’ve prevented you ever being raped. But if I didn’t hear those jerks gloating about it, things would’ve been worse. They might have even killed you, but I managed to intervene before the worst-case scenario could take place. I’m glad that I was able to stop and clean up your bleeding, and I hope the distilled solution isn’t too rough on you. »
Howdy… he feels bad about something that he couldn’t even control…
« I don’t know why that happened to you, it’s probably none of my business, but don’t worry about it. You’re safe now. »
Lazuli stood up in the teacup. « Thank-q, for making me feel safe. » she finally said to Howdy. « But don’t feel bad about what happened to me, it’s not your fault. »
« But… » Howdy was at a loss for words.
« Where is my stuff? »
Howdy pointed to Laazuli’s bag. « Right there, I carried you here and brought you back to stable health. We’re in the shop that I call home, so I pretty much-« 
« I heard you. » Lazuli cut Howdy off. « So, how about something to dry off my fur? »
« Here. » and Howdy unfolded a terrycloth.
Afterwards, Howdy and Lazuli sit on the roof looking at clouds. « You really know how to make a girl feel better, Howdy. » said Lazuli.
« No problem, anything for a friend. » said Howdy.
« Anything for a friend…. »
« Lazuli, you probably feel like there’s so much rain pouring down on you, even though the sky is sunny with a few cumulus clouds, but you don’t have to feel like the world is at an end. »
« I do feel like that. » Lazuli’s ears began to droop.
« Remember this if you feel like taking the cowards way out: ‘Even a flower that’s trampled by the world must still bloom’. It’s something Goldie read from her poems that has lots of spiritual meaning to it. »
« It sounds lovely. » Lazuli sighed. « Howdy, I need you now. »
« What can I get you? »
« Not what I meant… I… I want you to help me bloom. »
Howdy was confused, but he soon got Lazuli’s drift. « Is this really what you want, Lazuli? »
« Yes, it’ll help me move on. Please Howdy, accept me for who I am…. »
« Sure, but let’s go somewhere out of predator’s sight. »
Cappy, like Penelope, was also home and happy to have his cards back. « This new deck that I’m making is lacking in pretty much everything. » he said. « But at least I’m glad to have my monsters back, which gives me a better chance at creating my new deck. » Cappy flipped through the cards of his old deck, placing his Sengenjin face up and on the top. Then he looked through his current deck. Now I have something with a lot more power to do damage with, especially since my Phoenix can only do so much. he thought as he placed Sengenjin into his new deck. However…. I need to make more sense of my new deck. Cappy was ready to strip down his current deck, but he then noted the cards of his new deck. In this sense, he was now comparing them to his old deck. Wow, I actually understand why Jam took this deck from me. I mean, this is the first deck I’ve made and the only deck I’ll ever use. And if this deck couldn’t hold up against the Rexchus, how will it be able to handle the Gladiator Beasts that Jewel runs now? It had finally hit him, making him sad in the process. Of course, Jam saw what we as duelists making new decks and somewhat struggling don’t see. We’ve used the same old deck every time, barely changing the cards withing it. And as a result, our opponents know just about every card we’ll play.
Jam wanted us to build new decks, decks that can’t be read by all who oppose us now and will oppose us as time goes on. Cappy strips down the contents of his current new deck. Okay, this is what I’ll do… I’ll put more balance into my deck as far as my monster theme goes. I’ll start with my two powerful monsters of this deck. Sengenjin, I will need your power for a while until I find another stronger beast-warrior. My Phoenix is the power hitter of my winged-beasts at this time, so I’ll start with them. After careful consideration, Cappy ended up choosing five additional winged-beasts to add into his deck with the Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys. Now for my beast-warriors…. Since my Lycanthrope is a ritual monster, in addition to another strong monster of mine, I’ll need to compensate for him, plus add to the amount to be led by Sengenjin. With that decided, he added six more beast-warriors to his deck, giving him a total of fourteen monsters. Now for my beasts… He took a look at the various beast monsters in is pool. I want to add some of my staples, but I need to think strategically. I still need a high powered beast to run this deck, which I currently don’t have.
I’d take Behemoth or Big Koala, but I won’t take another powerhouse from my old deck, as I’ve relied too much on them in the past. I guess I’ll save that ordeal and take more beasts, seven will do. and Cappy took seven of his beasts, ranging from low to mid-level. And after seeing all of his monsters, began to think more strategically on the matter. Not only do I have a mixture of balance in the three types of monsters, he continued to ponder as he saw his twenty-one monsters. I have enough to set all three types in my specialty. I even have plenty of normal monsters also to work with the effects of my Lycanthrope. Speaking of that, I better look into spells and traps.
Meanwhile, Howdy was busy sucking face with Lazuli. In addition to swapping spit, their paws were running through each other’s fur. But it wasn’t long before Howdy’s initiative had Lazuli on her back. While the two hamsters added depth to their kisses, Howdy had a paw between Lazuli’s legs, bringing more moans and coos from her. Lazuli managed to return this favor, getting a paw to Howdy in the similar area. Sure Lazuli was tending to the tent Howdy had in his apron, but that soon came to a close as he posotioned himself over her. « Well, how do you feel? » he asked Lazuli.
« I feel better for a change. » Lazuli answered.
« Any requests on how you want it? »
« None. »
« Not a one? »
« No, not one at all. I’m just glad that I can actually give a guy my body this time. »
« I see. »
« Whenever you’re ready, Howdy. I won’t resist at all, and my body is yours to do what you wish. »
A part of Howdy was disdainful in doing this, but the other part of him simply wanted to comfort Lazuli. He turned his apron around, letting his member take in air. Okay, this one’s not pity mating, but comfort mating. Howdy told himself in his mind. I wanted this to be with Pashmina, but I won’t be getting that goal. Here it comes, Lazuli. With a quick breath, Howdy grabs Lazuli’s sides and penetrates her body. It didn’t go all the way in, but it made Lazuli yelp in pain as she gripped her paws into Howdy’s back. « Oopsie, I forgot… » Howdy said, obviously caught in the moment.
« It’s not your fault. » Lazuli assured him.
« I need to be more on the gentle side. »
« This is your first time, isn’t it? »
« Yeah…. » Howdy was embarrassed.
Lazuli rubbed the back of Howdy’s head. « Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you. »
« Thanks, that means a lot. »
« Well, let’s continue. »
Howdy continued to work his hips, resuming their courtship. For the most part, Howdy rubbed her insides properly as he thrusted. But every odd thrust made Lazuli welp out in pain. After thirty seconds sex, Howdy sat up and put Lazuli in his lap. « Okay, your turn. » he said.
« I get a turn on top? » asked a confused Lazuli.
« No one knows what you like more than yourself. »
Lazuli nodded. « Lay back, Howdy. »
Howdy falls to his back. « Okay. »
Lazuli positioned herself properly on top of Howdy, then started bucking on him. She placed Howdy’s paws at her sides so she could be held without fear of falling off. Why she had this flawed instict was something she couldn’t understand… As for Howdy, he just let Lazuli ride while he caught his breath. He even moaned while being bounced on and even felt Lazuli’s paws running through the white-to-cream colored fur of his chest. He was enjoying this feeling until Lazuli stopped. « Your turn, Howdy. » she told him.
« Right. » Howdy responded, then took over.
So as the caucus of Howdy and Lazuli’s « sex » went: In one moment, Lazuli had Howdy’s weight pressed onto her, then she had him subordinate in the next moment. Howdy no longer made Lazuli welp out in pain, but made her moan and coo, further encouraging this no-longer virgin male how to satisfy her body. In a sense, Lazuli knew what had happened to her before Howdy came to her rescue, but she began to forget about her being raped. Her feeling during this intercourse was more like freedom than anything else… the freedom to willingly give her body to someone and the happiness that went along with it. In addition to purging the rape from her mind, Lazuli finally bloomed, just as Howdy told her. She was a free girl, even as she felt his finger stream through her white fur.
For five minutes, Howdy enjoyed Lazuli’s body, ending with her time of being dominant. Howdy felt himself leaving Lazuli’s body, letting his member breath again… I guess she’s done. he thought, but he sat up and saw Lazuli take him into her mouth. His only reactions, a moan of satisfaction and him placing his paw on Lazuli’s back. Lazuli corrected this by placing Howdy’s paw behind her head, stunning him in the process. Why did she place his paw behind her head? Either way, the feel of her mouth took over his senses before it began to blow. Yeah, he’s just about had enough. Lazuli thought as she continued Howdy’s job interview, then placed her paw at his meridian, rubbing it until Howdy’s dick spasmed in her mouth. He came two seconds later, spitting his nutt into her mouth.
Back at the fun park, Petal was in the bathroom cleaning up. I can’t believe that Bijou still wants me to do all of this training. she thought. All I’ve done under her was training, training, and more pointless training. I’m finished with your training, Bijou. I’m gonna do more dueling, like Hiei had me do under his training. Working with fairies and bonding with fairies… I’m a duelist, not a peacemaker with cards. At least under Hiei, I dueled and worked on how to improve on my flaws… I don’t even do that with Bijou. Petal finally exited the bathroom and met up with Bijou, who sat at the table waiting for her. « Ready to go? » she was asked by Bijou.
« Yeah, let’s go. » Petal answered and put on her duel disk.
« Onward. »
The two fairy users walked on, unknown about the tension that was stirring between them. « Why do you question my methods of training you, Petal? » asked Bijou.
« Because they’re all wrong. » Petal answered. « I’m a duelist, and duelists train through dueling. You’re having me bond with cards, that’s not training, I am not a diplomat to duel monsters. »
« No you aren’t-« 
« Then stop trying to employ the use of diplomacy in place of actual duel training. We’ve barely even had duels against each other… »
« You still aren’t ready for me yet. »
« What you’ve failed to realize is that I’m ready for any duelist, just let me duel and prove it. »
« I’m going to grab some cotton candy sunflower seeds, stay right here. » and off Bijou went.
« Don’t take too long! » Petal yelled to Bijou.
« You really should listen to her, because you aren’t ready for any duelist. »
Petal turned to see Kirika. « You, you’re the reason why I’m not getting any slack. » she attempted to scold Kirika.
« You don’t get any slack because you’re a bad prodigy. » Kirika corrected Petal. « You can’t even live up to your name of Fairy Enforcer. »
« Says you. »
« No, says your sad attempt at dueling. I saw you after our duel, where I ass-hatted you good, face your teacher’s quickie Cloudian deck. Well guess what, I managed to beat that Cloudian deck. »
« You had help. »
« Wins are wins, even in tag. I would never fall for such a pitiful deck strategy and still lose on my own. »
Bijou saw this conflict from afar as she waited for her seeds. « I only admit that those cards of yours caught me off guard, but that was just a bunch of cheap tricks. » said Petal.
« What sad excuses on how you want to cover your loss… » Kirika said.
« You’re right, talk is cheap. The real money is in ass-kickin’ posers like you. »
« You’re the poser, tramp. But if you want a rematch, then we can settle this right now. » said Kirika, then her duel disk started talking.
« Good, let’s get it on. » said Petal. « And since I lost last time, I want first attack. » and her duel disk starts talking.
« You haven’t learned to do things calmly, I see. » Bijou finally shows up with her bag of seeds in paw. « You’re so angry and anxious to duel, you didn’t even check to see if you still had your deck. »
« Nonesense, my deck is… » and that’s when Petal saw that her deck wasn’t in her duel disk. « Crap, where’s my deck? I know I had it somewhere… » she frantically began looking for her deck.
Kirika laughed. « Stupid girl, you forgot all about your own deck. » she said as she laughed. « What a lousy student. »
Petal was still checking herself. « Cut that out, Petal. » said Bijou. « You forgot about my wanting to check your deck already… anger can cloud one’s judgement. »
« Yeah, I knew that. » said Petal.
« Sure you did. » and Bijou hands Petal her deck. « You lost once because you didn’t duel with a level head, do not let it happen again. »
« Right. » Petal shuffled her deck, placed it into its clip in her duel disk, then drew five cards.
Kirika already had her five card hand. « You must be frustrated with a student like that. » she said. « Some duelists just don’t get it. »
« It’s nice to know you’ve accepted being my next student. » said Bijou.
« Please, I don’t need training from you, I get my dueling advice from Shena and she’s a top Duel School Graduate. She even graduated faster than that Harpy-bitch Sparkle. I’ll pass on your training, especially since it may have me end up like her. »
Naive Kirika, unknown to your fate. thought Bijou. You are my next student, you just don’t realize it yet. I’ve already seen you become taken under my wing, for my Judgement Hand has shown me.
Petal was reading Bijou’s mind. Fuck that, I won’t be bested by this girl again. she thought.
« Enough staring around, I’ll beat you in front of your teacher again. » said Kirika, then she takes the opening draw. « Here’s how this duel will begin, I’ll start with the spell card Terraforming. You do know how this works, right? »
« Unfortunately yes. » Petal answered.
« Well then, » Kirika reaches for her deck, « I will take from my deck and activate The Sanctuary in the Sky field spell. »
Kirika’s field spell took place as she shuffled her deck. « Now to make things even more horrible for you, » she continued her turn. « I play Nova Summoner (1400/800). »
Fuck, why now? Petal whined mentally.
« Your move. »
Okay, I better prepare for the next assault. thought Petal, then she drew. But as she saw what came up, her expression almost lost it. It’s a… Mokey Mokey… Petal had finally realized that she was using Bijou’s deck.
« Are you gonna move, or not? » questioned an impatient Kirika.
« Don’t rush me. » Petal shot back. « I’ll begin with two cards face down and attack with Shining Abyss (1600/1800). Take out that Nova Summoner. »
Stupid girl… thought Kirika, then she saw her monster destroyed. « Now I will activate the ability of Nova Summoner. »
« Lovely, here comes Airknight…. »
« When did you become a psychic? »
« I’m not a psychic, you’re just predictable. »
« Well it’s a good thing that I’m not going to give you the honor. »
« Just bring out your damn Airknight already. »
« I told you, I’m not pulling that monster. I special summon Freya, Spirit of Victory in defense mode. » and Kirika’s monster appeared (100/100). « Remember, all my fairies get a boost up thanks to her ability (500/500). »
Petal sighed. « Your turn. »
Kirika draws. « And here’s where things will begin to get beautiful. First, I will play Double Summon. Now for those monsters who Freya will boost, Gellenduo (2100/400) and Meltiel, Sage of the Sky (2000/1600). That’s it for now, I will let you think about how you will be massacred. »
Petal draws. « I’ll sacrifice my Shining Abyss and summon Majestic Mech – Ohka (2400/1400). Now I will attack, but whom… »
« Yes, whom will you attack? »
« I will attack… Okay, since she has two other fairies, Freya is safe from harm. Ohka, attack Meltiel! » and her monster attacks.
Very good, Petal. thought Bijou. You picked properly, because Gellenduo can’t be destroyed in battle.
Meltiel, Sage of the Sky was destroyed. « It sucks that I couldn’t do any damage to you, but I’ll live. » said Petal.
« Are you done? » asked Kirika.
« Yes. »
Kirika draws. « I’ll place Freya in attack mode, then place Gellenduo in defense mode and I’ll use something that will be even more frustrating for you to deal with. »
« Quit lying and move. »
« Fine, you asked for it. I’ll begin your torment with Heavy Storm! »
I’ll lose my face down cards, but this just might be more of a blessing than a curse. thought Petal.
All spell and trap cards are destroyed and the field returned to normal. « Now I give my Freya the Opti-Camouflage Armor. »
« What the hell does that do? »
« It works with level one monsters, like Freya here, and it allows them to attack my opponent directly! » and that’s just what happened. Petal was shocked, but she took the damage anyway <7500>.
Hmm, I should get one of those for my Kuribohs. thought Bijou
« Now let’s see if you can escape my torture. » said Kirika.
Petal draws. « I’ll put one card face down, then it’s time for an offensive. Ohka, destroy Gellenduo. »
Majestic Mech – Ohka attacks Gellenduo, covering Kirika’s side of the field in pink colored flames. But as these flames died down, Gellenduo was still on the field. Kirika laughed. « That was wise of you to think that you need to get rid of Freya’s cover. » she gave Petal credit. « However, Gellenduo cannot be destroyed in battle. »
« Great, that’s just great. » said Petal. « It’s a modified Kaiser Sea Horse and a Spirit Reaper. »
« Aren’t they great? »
« No they aren’t. »
Now zat was somezhing I didn’t know about Gellenduo. Very impressive for a future student of mine. thought Bijou.
Petal was pissed. Just great, Bijou’s liking this girl and I’m dreading her. she thought. Think, Petal. Hiei would be so mad if he saw me getting thwarted by a novice defense. I have to find a way to break through those defenses and show this arrogant bitch what I’m about.
« Are you done over there, because I would like to move? » Kirika shot out.
« There’s nothing else I can do this turn. Just go, I’m done. »
Kirika draws. And here’s the monster that slayed this pathetic fairy duelist last time, Neo Parshath. But I think I’ll wait on bringing him out, so I’ll torment this girl again. Freya, direct attack. » Kirika’s monster goes in for another direct hit <7000>. « Your move. »
Petal draws the second Mokey Mokey. « I summon Banisher of the Radiance (1600/0). I wish I had something I could actually use… Your move. »
Kirika draws. « And to make things even worse for you, I’ll play the Raregold Armor. »
« I like this spell, and just in case someone else is watching this duel… Whatever this monster is equipped to becomes the target of my opponent’s attacks. With this spell, my Gellenduo will continue to become more irritating for you. Freya, attack her directly again. »
« How I hate this strategy. » Petal was loathing Kirika as she took another direct shot <6500>.
« Feel free to surrender at any time. »
« Dream on, bitch. »
« Fine, make your move. »
Petal draws another monster of Bijou’s deck. Great, now I have the Fairy Dragon. I can’t do anything with this…
I know my combination is frustrating her, thought Kirika, but things will be and get a whole lot worse when I get my second Sanctuary in the Sky in play. She still has a chance to stop me, but I doubt that her window of counterattack will stay open for long.
« I end my turn. » Petal frowns slightly.
« It’s a shame when you can’t do anything… » Kirika draws. « Freya, sirect attack. »
Petal takes another shot. I can’t lose like this…. <6000>
« Tramp, you must have a horrible deck if you can’t stop a rookie move like this. Go ahead and move. »
Petal draws. « I’ll set this card face down and end my turn. »
Kirika draws. « And I’m giving you a chance too. Freya, hit her again. » and she saw her opponent take another shot <5500>. « I’m getting bored with you, please do something. »
Petal draws. « Here’s your something, bitch. First, I’ll switch both of my monsters into defense mode, place one card face down, then play Hammer Shot. »
A giant hammer comes crashing down, destroying Freya, Spirit of Victory. « Well, it took you long enough. » said Kirika.
« Better late than never. » Petal countered. « And due to Banisher of the Radiance’s effect, Freya and her Opti-Camouflage Armor are removed from play. But that’s not all, Gellenduo also loses the boost. »
« Not really, I still keep that. »
« Oh… well I got rid of my problems, so I’ll end my turn. »
Kirika draws. « I’ll switch Gellenduo into attack mode, then I’ll summon Harvest Angel of Wisdom (1800/1000). Harvest Angel, destroy her Majestic Mech – Ohka and remove it from play. »
I can’t get mad at her for that move. Petal thought and saw her monster removed from play.
Kirika continued her attack. « Gellenduo, destroy her Banisher of the Radiance. »
Petal shook her head as she saw her second monster destroyed. I had to sacrifice, so I’m not mad.
« Now it’s time to bring your problems back, with my second Sanctuary in the Sky. »
Petal’s jaw dropped as she saw the return of the field spell that works with fairies, showing her once again that things weren’t looking good. « Two Sanctuaries, I should get that. » said Bijou.
« Man, can it get any worse? » asked Petal.
« You tell me, but after you move. » answered Kirika.
Damn, she has a second Sanctuary in play, and Gellenduo is still armed with that Raregold Armor, so I can’t attack her Harvest Angel… Petal draws. « Now for that comeback. One monster in defense mode and that’s all for me. »
Kirika draws. « Gellenduo, attack her face down monster. »
Petal smiled. « I was waiting for that. »
« Really? »
As the attack lands, Petal revealed her face down monster Kelbek (1800 DEF). « Any monster that attacks Kelback is returned to it’s owner’s hand. » she explained.
Kirika returns Gellenduo to her hand. « What a pointless way to be happy. Harvest Angel, attack her directly! »
Petal was now on the spot. I can stop this attack, but I can’t play my spell card… Petal thought, then took the damage <4200>.
One of Petal’s three face down cards is Celestial Transformation. A quick-play spell that lets her special summon a fairy from her hand at the cost of half the selected monster’s attack points. She could’ve used one of the two Mokey Mokies in her hand to defend herself from the blow, but doesn’t want to reveal that she’s using Bijou’s deck. « So now, I will summon my Gellenduo again and end my turn (1700/0). » Kirika wrapped up.
« I will activate The Transmigration Prophecy. » Petal played her trap.
« Really, looks like I get a monster back. » said Kirika.
« Wrong, I’m returning my Kelbek and Shining Abyss from my graveyard to my deck. »
« Oh yeah, I forgot that you sacrificed that fairy. »
Petal shuffles her two monsters into her deck, then takes her draw phase. « One monster face down and I end my turn. »
Kirika draws. « Well, I wasn’t expecting this… But who cares, I’ll play it anyway. It’s my turn to sacrifice… my Gellenduo of course. And since I’m pulling a light fairy, they count as two monsters. Say hello to Vanity’s Ruler. » and Kirika pulls out the same fairy used on Bijou and Oxnard (2500/1600).
Blast from ze past, non? thought Bijou.
« You planned your comeback far too late, tramp. All of that for nothing… you really are a waste. » said Kirika.
« I’m not a waste, I’m never a waste! » yelled Petal.
« Harvest Angel, destroy her face down monster. »
Petal saw her monster destroyed. « Well, I lost my monster, but Skelengel still let’s me draw a card. » Petal said and drew. Upon taking the card, she heard the cry of a familiar monster. Wait a minute… Upon looking at the card, she saw who came to her aid. Of all the monsters to aid her, it was Bijou’s Kuriboh.
« Vanity’s Ruler, direct attack! » Kirika continued her battle phase.
A blizzard of white rose petals hit Petal’s side of the field, kicking up lots of smoke. Kirika laughed as she saw her attack go through. « You really are a shame, tramp. I guess you really aren’t ready for a duelist like me… » she said.
As the smoke cleared, Kuriboh stood in front of Petal. « You know, I didn’t want to use this card this way… » Petal said.
Kirika saw Kuriboh on the field. « Kuriboh… I guess I can’t get mad at that thing. »
Kuriboh vanished from the field. Very good, Kuriboh…. thought Bijou.
« Your move. » said Kirika.
Petal draws, but pulls Winged Kuriboh this time. « I really don’t have much choice…. I wanted to take that shot, but Kuriboh acted on his own to save me. Fine, I guess this was how I should’ve played this deck from the gate. » she said to herself. « This must be the test that Bijou was talking about… look at me, All this time to save myself and I couldn’t do it… »
« If you’re done mumbling over there, make a move! » Kirika yelled.
Petal shook her head. « Fine, I’ll move. » she caved in. « I summon the Winged Kuriboh (300/200). »
« Great, more defense on your behalf…. »
« No, I’ve placed this one in attack mode. »
« I’m well aware of how the Winged Kuriboh works, tramp. That cards is nothing more useful than defense, just like the non-winged counterpart and the rumored gold counterpart. »
« Gold counterpart? »
« I might as well fill you in, since this duel is boring. There’s a rumor that Pegasus has made a monster called 24k Kuriboh. Of course, the old bastard will never admit it to the press, but it’s circulation is out. The deal is that the 24k Kuriboh is a Kuriboh made of 24 karat gold, hence the name 24k Kuriboh. Now hurry up and end your turn. »
« Interesting. Anyway, I reveal my face down Riryoku spell card. »
« Riryoku? »
« This move I learned from another fairy duelist. I’ll use Riryoku to halve the attack points of your Vanity’s Ruler, to 1250. And I’ll give those points to Winged Kuriboh (1250 ATK) (1550 ATK). Winged Kuriboh, destroy Vanity’s Ruler. »
Winged Kuriboh makes contact with Vanity’s Ruler, creating an explosion of white light. As the flash died down, Vanity’s Ruler was gone and the Winged Kiriboh was on Petal’s side of the field. At least I’m safe next turn. thought Petal.
« I must admit that your last-ditch effort to destroy my powerful monster was a bit amusing. » said Kirika.
« Sometimes, you have to go with what you’ve got. » said Petal.
« No, I said the move was amusing, not clever. I’m still not impressed by you, tramp. »
« You are hard to please, so just move. »
Kirika draws. « I’ll play Hand Destruction. »
« Is that like Card Destruction? »
« It’s modified so we only do two cards instead of the entire hand. »
« Right. Well, at least I can discard these Mokey Mokies for something more decent.« 
Both girls discard and draw two new cards. « Now this is something that I’ll gladly play. » said Kirika. « I sacrifice my Harvest Angel of Wisdon and summon Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (2400/1000). »
« Great, Zaborg…. » said Petal. « Now what did Sandy say about this one…. oh yeah, this is the monster destroying Monarch. »
« Exactly. Zaborg, destroy the Winged Kuriboh. »
A bolt of lightning falls from the sky, striking the Winged Kuriboh, who explodes in a flash of light. No matter, I’m still saved from damage this turn. thought Petal.
« I will set one card face down and end my turn. »
Petal draws. « Yes. I reveal my face down Celestial Transformation. » she make her move.
« And who do you plan on bringing out with this card? » asked Kirika.
« I’ll bring out Kelbek, who’s attack is halved due to the effect of this card (750/1800). But I will now sacrifice it and summon The Agent of Judgement – Saturn (2400/0). »
« So what, you still won’t do any damage. »
« Not on his own, but he will be equipped with the Cestus of Dalga, giving him another 500 points (2900 ATK). Saturn, destroy Zaborg the Thunder Monarch with the Cestus of Dalga. » and Saturn flies in for the attack.
« And finally, Petal deals damage to Kirika. » Bijou said to herself.
With one swipe, Zaborg is destroyed. Kirika still wasn’t impressed, though she finally lost damage <7500>. « It’s about damn time. » she said.
« Like I said before, » Petal shot back, « better late than never. I also get a life boost thanks to the equipment on Saturn <4700>. Your move. »
Kirika draws. « I play Monster Reborn and bring back Gellenduo. Next, I’ll sacrifice them for you know what. »
« A high level light fairy…. »
« Very good. Now I bring out Neo Parshath, the Sky Paladin! »
« Oh great. »
Kirika then summoned the monster that brought forth Petal’s demise in their last encounter (5100/4800). « Ah yes, I almost forgot about that fairy’s effect. » said Bijou. « If The Sanctuary in the Sky is in play, that fairy gets an ATK and DEF point boost equal to the difference in both player’s life points. »
« I really despise that monster of yours. » said Petal.
« You say that only because you don’t control him. » said Kirika. « And speaking of which, I will be getting rid of your monster. »
« Fine, just attack already. »
« No, I still have a card to play. I activate the spell card Offerings to the Doomed. It destroys one face-up monster on the field, yours to be exact. So long, Saturn! »
« Damn you…. » Petal said and saw her last defense destroyed.
« Now the downside to this card is that I skip my next draw phase, but I don’t think I’ll need to worry about that though. I have a strong feeling that the card in your hand isn’t another Kuriboh. Neo Parshath, attack for game. »
Bijou shook her head. « Blast from the past indeed. » she said to herself.
Neo Parshath charged for Petal, who simply stood there and waited for the finishing blow. In moments, the blow landed and the duel ends. Petal fell flat on her back and simply lay there with her eyes closed and cried. I lost again… to the same monster. she thought. My one chance to prove myself and I couldn’t even do that… I’m a disgrace!
Bijou walked over to Petal’s fallen frame. « This is what you get, tramp. » Kirika said. « Not once, but twice you’ve shown that you are a lousy fairy duelist. And not only that, you’re a horrible student. »
« That’s enough, girl! » Bijou responded to aid Petal. « You have proven your worth already, don’t hit a girl when she’s down. »
Kirika laughed. « Now you want to defend her… you shouldn’t defend this poor excuse for a duelist. Coming to her aid is beneath you. »
« She may not be ‘great’ to your expectations, but Petal is still my student. And I will not let anyone disrespect them. »
« I can disrespect her all I want, just like I can disrespect you in similar fashion. »
Bijou helped Petal up. « You have more in common with Petal than you think, Kirika. »
« Please, don’t make me lose face by trying to compare my damn near immaculate skills to her borderline insulting ones. But I guess you and your meddling student, in addition to those lousy Cloudians are all just as inferior to me as Nazaruda is inferior to Jam. But this isn’t about dragons, it’s about fairy using. I’m the new Fairy Enforcer now… in fact, I’ve faced every fairy duelist and won. No other fairy duelist can better me in a duel, not even you. »
« Badmouth me all you want, but leave Bijou out of this. » Petal said through her tears.
« You still haven’t learned your place, I see. No matter, I’ve stripped you of your dignity anyway. You might as well go home and cry while you still have your cards. » and Kirika walked away.
« This isn’t over, Kirika! » Petal yelled.
Kirika stopped walking. « For you, it already is over. Be lucky that I wouldn’t waste my time is disposing your unworthy souls… And as for you, Bijou… » Kirika started walking away again. « When you’re done hiding behind that waste of talent, face me. Perhaps you will do better than your student… »
Bijou walked off to a bench down the trail and Petal followed. When she caught up, Bijou gave Petal her deck back and reclaimed her own. « Petal, that was the final lesson from me. There is nothing more to teach you. » said Bijou.
« You’re just saying that because I lost. » said Petal.
« No, there is nothing more I have left to teach. »
« This has to be a joke, right? Right? »
« No. It’s like you said just before this duel, you’re a duelist and not a diplomat. »
« Okay, what’s really going on here? »
Bijou took a deep breath and exhaled. « Watching your duel with Kirika drew three things for me: The first thing was that Kirika’s talents only have a limit to arrogance and egotism; the second thing is that even though I’ve trusted you with my deck… you doubt me. »
« Look, I know I’ve been hounding you in actual training but-« 
« I told you that I trusted you, Petal. My proof of trusting you was in lending you my deck to face Kirika. Yet with my deck in your paws, my deck, you still doubt everything I have told you. »
« I… »
« Were you that ashamed of playing Mokey Mokey? »
« How did you… »
« I knew you had them, you had two of them, right? »
« Yes… but I did this because I didn’t want Kirika to know I was using your deck. That would’ve taken your edge on Kirika away. »
« You said you could use any fairy monsters, yet you make this excuse for not wanting to use Mokey Mokey? If anyone should be questioning who trusts who, I should be questioning your trust.
« But if I did that…. I wouldn’t be on the level that I am now. »
« I failed you, I know. But don’t just-« 
« Be quiet! The third thing drawn from that duel is that you are not ready to succeed me. And besides, you should be happy that I’m not giving you any more lessons. You were starting to make a point of ‘To hell with Bijou teachings and training’, were you not? »
Petal’s ears drooped. « Guilty… but it was only because-« 
« I already know why, my Judgement Hand has shown me. » Bijou puffed the bows in her pigtails. « From this moment on, it is your choice on how you control your cards. »
« So what should I do now? »
« You duel, of course. You chose the path of a duelist, not of a diplomat. So take your deck and duel… duel to your heart’s content, duel to your own desire, duel just to duel. As for myself, you’ve only proven that I must change. » and Bijou walked away.
« I’m sorry I failed you, Bijou. »
« I’m the one who failed you, Petal. Now I must go and prepare for my duel with Kirika… Improve in your own way and do what you can. »
As Petal watched Bijou walk away, she silently cried. It was at that moment that she realized her biggest problem with training under Bijou was herself. I didn’t want to learn, that’s why she failed….. she thought. Hiei, I’ve disgraced you as well, please forgive me…… and Petal sat on the bench as she cried.
Bijou managed to quickly scurry out of the fun park and headed home. Jam was right, my current deck alone will not work against ze Rexchus. she thought. So I must build a new deck, keeping faces of old and new in balance. Diplomacy will not work against Kirika, only combat will…
what Boss duels with…..
the Ultimate Gem God