Hamtaro Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ revival of chivalry's color ( Chapter 27 )

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It was time for the ham-hams to meet up again and when Jam’s team arrived to meet him, Cappy and Oxnard, the other hamster gave Jam a lot of unpleasant looks. Unaffected by the looks, Jam tugged on the straps of his pack. « Of course you saw the duel I was forced to take, » he began « I hope you now understand the means in which this Clan will use to get what they want from myself and also from you. That particular girl was Hiei’s talked about dragon duelist, Hilde. Now that you know what she looks like, you are better prepared for her… especially you, Stan. »
« Figures, thoseguys always play for keeps. » said Seamore.
« I want my Suijin back. » whined Barrette.
« Don’t waste your breath, it’s probably gone by now. » said Jam. « So if anyone else has some card business they’d like to discuss, let it be heard now. Because I’m ready for us to leave, so no one else has to be forced into dueling before tournament’s start. »
« I got business, but it can wait until we get back to the clubhouse. » said Boss. « Let’s get out of here. »
When the ham got back to the clubhouse and everyone took their seats around the table, with the exception of a few hamsters, Boss began his matter of cards. « I want to talk about the gifts we got. » Boss began. I’m happy to report that I have quite the impressive turnout. Though much won’t be going into my deck, I did get quite the impressive turnout. »
« My turnout was lovely. » said Barrette. « Jam, I want to thank you for snapping me out of my crying, because I now have a new bit of secret weapons that will make my deck of water monsters an even better force to be wreckoned with. »
« That’s good to hear. » said Hamtaro. « With the new cards I got, I’ll be ready for this tournament. »
« You aren’t the only one. » said Pashmina. « Just to let you all know, I’m five cards away from having an official deck to duel with. Thirty-five cards is nice to have, but come tournament’s start, I’ll have a completed deck of duel monsters. »
« So what kind of cards are you going to run with? » asked Penelope.
« Sorry, I’m not going to tell about my deck. I chose to remain unknown as I worked on these cards, but I do have some thanks that are in order to give out. First, I want to thank Pepper for discussing such nice combinations of cards for me to use. And believe me, I have some good ones too. »
« No problem, sugar. » Pepper saidas she ran her fingers through her right ponytail.
« And finally, I give thanks to Jam. You told me a lot of which cards to use, and I promise to do my best in this tournament. »
« No problem, Pashy. » said Jam. « Besides, I didn’t get to see the cards in your deck, by choice mind the rest of you hams, but at least we know of one card that resides in it. »
Panda saddles up to the table. « Well I want to officially say that the reconfigurations are all complete. » he explained. « The schematics are all repaired. »
« Does that mean we can call this the Duel House again? » asked Howdy.
« No, not at all. But it does mean that now I have to upgrade everyone else’s duel disks. I’ve already given this upgrade to me team members, so now it’s just time for everyone else’s to be upgraded. And I can do that three at a time. So let’s get going you guys. »
« Sweet, Panda. You really are the ham. » said Stan.
« Okay, Bijou, Hitomi, Hermana, you three up first. Everyone else, form a line.
As the hams began to form a line to recive the latest upgrades, Jam pulled Hamtaro to the side before he got into line. « Something wrong, Jam? » Hamtaro asked.
« Actually, I have some good news for you. » Jam said.
« Really, what? »
« The Shadow Clan like I sad was sloppy in raiding the place. Remember how I said I had to assemble my cards into my deck? »
« Uh huh. »
« Well, there’s something else I didn’t tell you about. Before I left, I went into each of your rooms and looked at your leftover cards. Then I took certain cards and hid them in your rooms, fearing the events of an unexpected foresight. After you hams left and it was Boss and I who worked on the clubhouse, I checked the exact places that I used to hide your cards and they weren’t even touched. »
« That’s not funny, Jam. »
« So I take it you don’t want this then? »
« What do you mean? »
Jam pulled out a small case. « Your deckmaster. »
« But I don’t have a deckmaster… »
« You do now, and I expect you to use it in too. »
Hamtaro took the card case and opened it to see the cards that were inside. « Jam, you-« 
« No thanks needed. But don’t tell the other hams, this is my last task before the tournament, so keep it quiet. »
« Right. » Hamtaro walked off with his returned cards. I missed you cards so much… and it’s time for some much needed back pay.
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As the hams took their upgrades, Jam returned cards to the duelists. Some placed them back into their decks, others chose to keep them removed. But those who got cards back were happy to see them. Afterwards, Jam took his upgrade from Panda as he was the last one. And after his duel disk was upgraded, he gave back Panda’s cards. « I really give you my gratitude on this, but I’ve made a whole new deck. One with a returning powerhouse. » Panda whispered as he took back his Jinzo, Reflect Bounder and Blowback Dragon.
« Well well, that means that we’re gonna get real old school on their asses doesn’t it? » Jam whispered.
« Hell yeah. »
The two returned to regular tones of speech. « So I take it that you’ll completely restore the Duel House after the tournament? »
« You can say that’s pushing it. »
The hams were now all at the table. « Well, now that everyone is all upgraded and set for the tournament, let’s all take a moment to simply say that it’s been a tough time, but we’re going to finally get the opportunity to dish out the duel-time disses. » said Boss.
« You said it. » said Howdy.
« I shouldn’t have to ask this, but I will anyway. » said Maxwell. « Who’s ready to tournament duel? »
« I know I am. » Stan answered. « And with a lot of nice upgrades to this dragon deck of mine, I’m going to really make sure that insult that Hiei gave me won’t ever happen again. »
« Bijou, what are you doing with your ribbons? » asked Sandy.
« Taking zem off of course. » Bijou answered. « Eet’s time to do zis tournament in my own version of vintage. » Bijou pulled out a small case and opened it. Her blue ribbons were placed in it and out she removed two brown ribbons with marking on them. « For ze tournament, I will be donning my Forbidden Brown colors. »
« Good idea, Bijou. » said Dexter. « Breaking out with the Forbidden Brown colors only seems proper this time. »
« Then it’s agreed, » Boss notioned, « everyone dons their Forbidden Borwn colors for this tournament. »
« I hope I can find my Forbidden Brown hat. » said Cappy.
« I’ll have to make some Forbidden Brown gear for myself. » said Penelope.
« Okay, what are you guys talking about? » asked Sparkle. « And what is Forbidden Brown anyway? »
« That’s what I’d like to know. » said Pepper.
« I’ll hop in that boat. » said Hitomi.
« Me too. » agreed Hermana.
« Ah, the Forbidden Brown days… I’ll never forget those. » said Snoozer.
« You’ll have to excuse them all. » said Maxwell. « During our deals as duelists, we had a deal where we did a dueling thing on a virtual server. The duelists there were broken up into three houses of duelists; Ra Yellow, Obelisk Blue and Slifer red. »
« Teams of duelists placed under the houses of the gods? Cool. » said Hermana.
Maxwell continued to explain. « We were all split among the various houses in the virtual dueling world which was dubbed Kingdom. Since we were all kicked out of our chosen allegiances, we pretty much were wandering duelists. Most of us stuck together as wondering duelists were prey to other teamed duelists and wild monsters. Then Jam managed to get in touch with us. He found the and unlocked the Seal of Forbidden Power. As a result, he gained command over Exodia The Forbidden One. After that, he made a new group for all of us called Forbidden Brown. »
« Brown of course is the color of Exodia. » Jam added.
« After that, we took the other three dorms and defeated them. However, Obelisk Blue was the hardest to conquer as the leader who weilded The God of the Obelisk defeated Jam who used Exodia. »
« That sounds about right. » said Hitomi.
« We figured that we had lost, » Maxwell continued, « then Jam shocked us all and called on the Contract. »
« What contract? » asked Pepper.
« The Contract with Exodia. And from Exodia’s ruins, Exodia Necross rose and finished off the God of the Obelisk. The Sundragon Ra was the last to fall under Jam’s weilding of Exodia. »
« Impossible! » Sparkle retorted. « You mean to tell me that Exodia defeated the Egyptian Gods? »
« That’s how it happened. » Maxwell answered.
« That’s redundant. » Hitomi stated. « Obelisk, Slifer and Ra all have more power than Exodia or Exodia Necross. It doesn’t matter how the Forbidden One was in the battles, Exodia shouldn’t have been able to defeat those gods. »
« Well it happened, so deal with it. » said Stan. « Everyone witnessed the battles between Exodia and the gods of Egypt. » said Stan.
« I wish I was there to see those battles. » said Hermana.
« If Exodia could beat the Gods of Egypt, they must’ve been at a low level during the time of combat. » said Hitomi.
« All of the Gods and Exodia were at Lv. 100. » Jam said. « What happened with them was that they were foolish in using the powers the gods gave them. »
« So what if Exodia beat the Egyptian Gods, big deal. » said Sparkle. « Let’s see Exodia beat the Emperor Gods. »
« I know I’d like some Forbidden Brown gear. » said Pepper.
« Don’t worry, I got you covered. » said Jam. « I even have stuff to get everyone else without FB gear covered as well, provided you let me measure you. »
« Good. » said Boss. « With that said, let’s get you hams off to home. Rest up you guys, because tomorrow is when the tournament happens. »
« You said it, Bossman. » said Stan.
With that, all of the hams went off. All of our domesticated hamsters buddied up in getting each other home safely and as the night began and the hamsters were turning to sleep, one specific hamster was still up in his cage. Hiei…. Stan looked out at the moon. You gave me quite the merciless beating during our duel. But what you’ve failed to realize is that I never got the chance to pull my true power out against you. But don’t worry, you’ll soon see the full extent of my dragonic powers. I’m ready for you, Hiei! You may be the so-called Dragon Soldier, but there’s no soldier yet, that can stand up to the might of my mose powerful dragon. Only one duelist has withstood his fury, and that is Jam. You better be ready, Hiei, because I have a rare and powerful who’s ready to meet… and beat you and your dragon slaying army. Get ready, because you’ll really see my true power when we next duel!
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