Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Rei's Heart ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
AS A NOTE TO NEW READERS WHO HAVE JUST GOT HERE: Episodes 2-6 are mostly the same as episodes… 2-6. There are deviations, some Rebuild stuff, and some new stuff, but that’s how it goes. Episode 5 is functionally identical, and easily skippable.


Text: “Nerv Headquarters — Experiment Station-02”

Text: “Three days ago.”
Ikari (OFF) “Activate.”

Ikari straightens his glasses.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Connect the main power supply to all circuits.”
Ibuki (OFF) “Main power supply connected. Activation system operating.”
The reflection of Eva-00’s synch bars appear in Ikari’s glasses.

Eva-00 (zoom out)
SE <<Eva-00 powering up>>
The green light on Eva-00’s helmet lights up.

Ikari and Ritsuko watch through a window. Nerv techs are all around them. (zoom in)
Ibuki (OFF) “Operational voltage, critical point in… 05… 0.2…

Eva-00 UP.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Move on to the second phase of the activation system.”

Eva-00 restrained by two metal bars. A word lights up on its shoulder.
Text: “<PROT> 0” (short for prototype)
Man A (OFF) “The pilot’s commencing connection.”
Ibuki (OFF) “Start system phase 2.”

A sync display for Eva-00. Lists of organs and muscles appear in the middle and on either side.
Man B (OFF) “Synapses inserted. Connection started.”
Woman A (OFF) “Pulses transmitted.”
Man A (OFF) “All circuits are normal.”

Ikari stands, his eyes covered by the glare of his glasses. Ritsuko is slightly behind him.
Ibuki (OFF) “Initial contact; no problems.”

Eva-00’s arm restraints, DOWN
Man B (OFF) “Send power to both brachial muscles.”
Text lights up on the arm.
Text: “<EVA0PROT>“

Nerve links display. Each section lights up green.
Man A (OFF) “All nerve links; no problems.”
Ibuki (OFF) “Checklist cleared up to 2250.”

Eva-00’s head lifts up.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Arrange for the third connection.”
Ibuki (OFF) “Up to 2580 cleared.”

Ikari watches, determined.
Ibuki (OFF) “Absolute borderline in…”

A graph of the nerve links. Text: “BORDER-LINE”
Ibuki counts down.
Green lights flick on, getting all the way to border-line, and then…

All the lights of the graph going out.
Ibuki (OFF) “…pulses are flowing back!”

Eva-00 strains against its restraints.

Eva-00 graph. The lists of organs and muscles have become blurry.
Man B (OFF) “Troubles occurring in the third phase.”

A graph of connected nerve links. They begin to separate.
Aoba (OFF) “Rejection is setting into the central nerve elements.”

A bird’s eye view of Eva-00. It continues to pull against the restraints.


Ritsuko and Ibuki. Ibuki looks terrified.
Ritsuko “Stop the contacts. Release the circuits up to number six.”
Ibuki “I can’t!”

Eva-00’s head, struggling.
Ibuki (OFF) “It’s not receiving the signals!”
Eva-00 begins moving even more.

A bird’s eye view. The restraints buckle, and Eva-00 flexes its shoulder muscles.
Eva-00 “Gwaaaarr…”

The restraints are pulled out of the wall, but still connected by loose cords.

Eva-00 continues to struggle, looking up.
Ibuki “Unit 00 is out of control!”
Eva-00 grasps its head in pain? confusion?

Ikari “Abort the experiment. Turn off the power supply.”

A hand breaks the glass covering an emergency lever and pulls.

The umbilical cable separates from the Eva.

Before it hits the ground, boosters shoot out of the cable and lessen the impact.

Eva-00 struggles with itself.
Eva-00 “Gworrrrr……”

The window the command staff looks through. Ritsuko has moved to a console.
Ritsuko “Unit 00 has switched to back-up power.”

Eva-00 holds its head in its hands.
Aoba (OFF) “Thirty-five seconds until complete shutdown!”
Eva-00 lets go of its head and rises.

Ikari watches. Eva-00’s fist suddenly slams against the window.

The fist pulls away. Ikari, Ritusko, etc, watch in fright. Three more punches.
SE <<Eva-00’s fist denting the wall>>

A fourth punch causes even more damage. Ikari leans forward.
A fifth punch sends material flying. Ikari leans back.

Ritsuko “It’s dangerous! Step back!”

Eva-00 clutches its head. The Entry Plug ejects.

Ibuki gasps.
Ibuki “Auto-ejection has been initiated!”

Ikari leans forward.
Ikari “No!”

The plug, white-hot, flies away from Eva-00.
It bounces onto the ceiling and slides along it.

Eva-00 falls backs away from the windows, which are now fully broken.
Ibuki “Complete shutdown in..
Ritsuko “Special bakelite! Hurry!”

The Entry Plug continues to burn fuel in an upper corner. It gives out and falls.

Ikari “Rei!”

The Entry Plug bounces off the floor.

Bakelite projectors open and fire, hitting Eva-00’s foot.

Eva-00 looks down and struggles but is ultimately frozen.

Ikari runs to the Entry Plug.


He grabs the release, but is burned.
His glasses fall to the floor.

Ikari pulls open the Entry Plug.

Ritsuko watches from above.

Ritsuko’s perspective. Ikari struggles and LCL pools out of the Entry Plug.
Ikari “Rei, are you all right?”

He enters the Entry Plug. Rei lies injured in the seat.
Ikari “Rei?!”
She lifts her head and nods.

Ikari “Good.”

Ikari’s glasses lie in the LCL. They break.

Text: “Episode #05: Rei’s Heart”

A flash of sparks.
SE <<drilling>>

Large machines drill on a hard surface. The camera pans up.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Ayanami Rei, fourteen years old, the so-called Pilot Zero’ is the first child discovered based on the Marduk Report.”
The torso of Eva-00 becomes visible.
Ritsuko (OFF) “She’s the first pilot of Evangelion Prototype Unit 00.”
The head.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Her personal history was started anew and all her records were already erased.”

The Eva’s hand.
Misato (OFF) “Well, what was the cause of the accident during the last two synchs?”
Ritsuko (OFF) “It’s still unknown.”

A cross sticking out of the metal.
Ritsuko (OFF) “But the primary cause is thought to be a mental instability in the pilot.”

The Entry Plug is lifted up by crane.
Misato (OFF) “Mental instability? In Rei?”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Yes. It is possible that the variety of experiments have caused mental stress.”

The inside of the plug.
Misato (OFF) “What happened?”
Ritsuko (OFF) “I don’t know. But she might have…”

Eva-00’s head.
Misato (OFF) “Did something occur to you?”
Ritsuko (OFF) “No, that can’t be…”

A hastily-constructed base sits in the middle of a red-stained landscape.
SE <<cicadas>>

Scientists stand in front of a machine, handling various vials.

A bird’s eye view of the facility, showing various people working.

Shinji in a protective uniform. He looks out a window at the red terrain.
Shinji “This is what’s left of the enemy?”
Misato approaches.

Ritsuko at a table covered in microscopes. She stands.
Ritsuko “The samples are all the same. No trace of the core.”
She walks away and scribbles something on a clipboard.
Ritsuko “What a shame… Still…”
She turns to Misato and Shinji.

Misato “Well, did you find something?”

A bunch of green shapes.
SE <<Computer sounds>>

Text: “601”
Misato “What’s this?”
Ritsuko “It means it can’t be analyzed.”

The trio is gathered around a monitor connected to a large supercomputer.
Misato “In other words, you don’t know anything at all, do you?”
Ritsuko “No. The Angel is composed of matter which has the properties of both wave and particle, like light.”
Ritsuko drinks from a coffee cup.
Misato and Shinji drink from their own cups.
Misato “Well, you found its power source, right?”

Ritsuko sighs.
Ritsuko “Not at all. That part of the Angel has completely vaporized.”

Misato and Shinji look disappointed.
Misato “So basically, we don’t know anything more than when we started.”
Ritsuko stands.
Ritsuko “The world is full of mysteries.”
She moves off screen.
Ritsuko “For example, look at this particular wave pattern of the Angel.”
Misato “Let me see.”

A screen containing random collections of the letters “A, G, T and C”
It is replaced by a collection of rectangles. Small text is to the side of each one.

Shinji peers over Misato’s shoulder.
Misato “This is…”

The two lean in while Ritsuko watches them.
Ritsuko “Yes. Although the constituent elements are different…”
Shinji and Misato straighten.
Ritsuko “…the arrangement and coordinates of the signals are very similar to that of human DNA. Around 99.89%.”
Ikari walks by.
Misato “99.89% means…”
Shinji turns and his gaze follows his father.
Ritsuko “This reveals how limited our understanding is.”

A worker approaches Ikari and begins speaking to him.
Shinji spies on his Father.

Ikari nods.
Ikari “No sign of the core, then?”

Shinji backs away.
Worker (OFF) “Degradation is very serious.”
He leans in again.

Worker (OFF) “It has too many problems to be used as a sample.”
Ikari puts his hands behind his back, revealing the burns.

Shinji looks with concern.
Ikari (OFF) “That’s fine. Throw it all away.”
Worker (OFF) “Yes sir.”

Misato “What’s the matter?”

Shinji turns suddenly.
Shinji “Um, no- nothing special.”

Misato doesn’t believe him.
Misato “Listen, when you say ‘Nothing’ with such a face…”

Shinji, blinking. He bows his head.
Misato (OFF) “You look to me like you’re saying ‘Think about me.’“

Misato and Ritsuko, Shinji’s legs in front.
Misato “’Please, worry about me.’“

Shinji raises his head again.
Shinji “Well, Father seems to have gotten a burn on his hand.”

Shinji leans in.
Shinji “The burn is from helping Ayanami, wasn’t it?”

Ikari, walking out of the base.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Commander Ikari helped her get out of Eva-00. He forced the overheated hatch open.”

Shinji, Misato, and Ritsuko in the computer room.
Shinji “Father did that?”
Ritsuko “That’s how he got burned.”

A girl dives into a pool.
SE <<splash>>

Girls watch around the pool, the school in the background.
SE <<cicadas>>
SE <<cheers>>

Two girls cheering.
Girl A “Go Hideko!”
SE <<cicadas>>
SE <<cheers>>

More girls, all in swimsuits.
Girl B “Come on! Lose!”
SE <<cicadas>>
SE <<cheers>>

Rei sits against the fence, disinterested. Her bandages are gone.
SE <<cicadas>>
SE <<cheers>>

Shinji looks at her out of the corner of his eye. He turns.

A basketball goes through a hoop.

Boys celebrate.

Shinji continues to watch.

He sits separate from the other boys against the wall.
Boy A “Let’s sink this shot!”
Boy B “Go!”

Girls look down on the boys.
Girl C “Perverts!”

The boys continue to stare up.
Boy C “Their breasts…”

Rei, ignoring the boys watching her.

Shinji looks up at her.
Shinji “It’s funny, but…”

Rei diving into the pool.
Shinji (OFF) “I don’t think I know anything about her.”
SE: A whistles blows.

Shinji runs down the track, alone.
Shinji (MONO) “You’d think us pilots could talk or something….”

Rei stares off into space.

After gym, Shinji approaches Rei.
Shinji “Er, Ayanami…”

She continues to stare into space.
Shinji sighs (OFF).

Shinji “Never mind.”

Fade-in to Eva-00
Technician (OFF) “Eva Unit 01 is now entering the third stage cooling process. “

Eva-01 and Eva-00, restrained.
Technician (OFF) “Lower all systems to Phase 8 in Cage 06.”

Shinji in Eva’s entry plug.
Technician (OFF) “No problems with earlier harmonics or synch tests.”

Shinji stares at Eva-00.
Technician (OFF) “All conditions have been satisfied.”

From a camera, x08 magnification. Rei leans down in front of the plug.
Technician (OFF) “Roger. Transmit results to Balthazar.”
Ikari approaches.
Technician (OFF) “Roger.”
Rei turns.
Technician (OFF) “Copy the full range of the Entry Plug data to Melchior.”
Rei stands up and approaches Ikari happily.

Rei talks to Ikari.
Technician (OFF) “This is Melchior. Circuits connected.”

Shinji watches in shock.

Rei even smiles.
Technician (OFF) “Initiating third stage cooling.”

Ikari smiling and talking with Rei.
Technician (OFF) “CBL circulation is started.”

Shinji shocked.

Technician (OFF) “Send the wastewater to the second purification system.”

Rei, still happy!
Technician (OFF) “Conditions of protein walls are normal.”

Shinji leans back in his chair, hurt.
Technician (OFF) “Minus 1,050 minutes until Unit 00 reactivation.”

Shinji “How… how can he…”

Shinji’s eye tears up slightly.
Shinji “How…”

Misato’s apartment.
SE <<Monorail>>

Sign: “Katsuragi Residence”
Ritsuko “What’s this?”


Shinji serves food, Misato drinks.
Misato “Curry.”
Ritsuko “You’re eating curry, as usual…”
Misato “You’ve been invited to dinner, so you shouldn’t complain.”
Misato drinks more beer.
Shinji “Misato-san?”
Misato puts her drink down.

Close up on a microwavable ramen with a plate on top.
Misato “For me…”
Misato removes the plate.

Shinji and Ritsuko freeze in disgust.
Misato “Ta da!”
Misato holds out her pail to Shinji.
Misato “Put it into this!”
Shinji “Are you serious?”

Misato smiling.
Misato “Why not? It’s very good!”

Ritsuko looks apprehensive. She glares at Misato
Misato (OFF) “You can’t have this kind of taste with a curry-flavored cup’a’noodle.”
Curry is poured in.

Ritsuko DOWN. She continues looking apprehensively at Misato.
Misato (OFF) “I’ll help myself.”

Misato, getting noodles between her chopsticks.
Misato “The trick is to put less hot water in the soup.”

Shinji and Ritsuko eat.
They both freeze, the taste is terrible.
They lower their chopsticks.
Ritsuko “Misato cooked this, didn’t she?”
Shinji lowers his head.
Shinji “Yes.”
Misato “You noticed?”

Ritsuko, colored red.
Ritsuko “From the taste.”
Ritsuko (MONO) “How could she mess up instant?”

Pen-Pen watches.
Ritsuko “If you invite me again, please call me on the day Shinji cooks.”
Pen-Pen scuttles away.

Pen-Pen’s meal, including beer!

Pen-Pen sweatdrops. He leans down.

Pen-Pen approaches his meal.
He opens his mouth and stops.
Pen-Pen “Eh?”
He eats.

The background flashes red.
Pen-Pen “Oh…..”
He falls over.

Shinji turns from the other room to Pen-Pen.

Ritsuko “Shinji-kun, you’d better move. You could spoil your life under the influence of a rude roommate.”

Shinji turns.
Shinji “I’ve gotten used to it.”

Misato leans back, perhaps slightly drunk.
Misato “He’s right, Ritsuko. Don’t underestimate humanity’s ability to adapt!”
She shakes her beer can.
Misato “Besides, if he moves- Oh! Shinji, one more please”
She raises her hand in apology.

She leans back again.
Misato “Okay. He’d have to follow troublesome procedures. He’s only just a new security card, you know?”


Ritsuko realizes something.
Ritsuko “Oh, I nearly forgot!”
She reaches into her purse.
Ritsuko “Shinji, I have a favor to ask you.”

Shinji puts another beer can down in front of Misato.
Shinji “What is it?”
Ritsuko holds out a Security Card.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Pilot Zero’s new card.”

Shinji looks at Ritsuko while Misato takes the beer from him.
Ritsuko “It must have… slipped my mind.”
Shinji straightens up.

He looks at Ritsuko, not quite sure if he should do it.
Ritsuko (OFF) “I’m sorry, but could you deliver it to her home on your way to headquarters?”
Shinji smiles.
Shinji “Sure!”

Misato sips her beer. She looks up at Shinji.

He looks down at the card.

Misato leans in, teasingly.
Misato “Getting a good look, I see.”
Shinji gasps.
Shinji “Ah, no!”

Misato (slyly) “Do you have a crush?”

Shinji looks very embarrassed.
Shinji “Of course not!”

Misato giggles.
Misato “You’re so transparent, and now you have an excuse to go visit her. It’s a nice chance, huh?”

Shinji sits down exasperated.
Shinji “Stop teasing me!”
Misato giggles again.
Misato “You’re worth teasing because you get so worked up!”

Ritsuko “Just like Misato.”
Misato’s eyes widen.

Shinji looks down at the card again.
Shinji “It’s just that I don’t know much about her, even though we’re both pilots of Eva.”

Ritsuko straightens her hair.
Ritsuko “She’s very obedient, but she’s too much like your father. Not adept.”

Shinji puts the card down.
Shinji “Not adept at what?”

Ritsuko (quietly) “Being alive.”


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 5: Rei I”

A line of skyscrapers.
SE (OFF) <<Construction>>

The patios of one skyscraper, all in disrepair.

A stairwell.

Above a door.
Text: “Room 402: Ayanami Residence”

Shinji looks up at the door. Litter is strewn about.
He reaches forward.

He presses the intercom. Twice.
He pulls his hand away.

Shinji looking nervous.

The inside of the front door. The mailbox is full.
The handle turns, and the door opens.
Shinji peeks in.
Shinji “Excuse me.”

He steps in and closes the door.
Shinji “Excuse me! It’s Shinji Ikari!”
He takes another step.
Shinji “Ayanami! I’m coming in!”
Another ginger step.

He looks concerned, but resolves himself.
He moves as he takes off his shoes.

He tiptoes.

Shinji’s perspective, walking down the filthy hallway.

The ceiling of Rei’s room. Broken lights.

A well-kept bed. Rei’s uniform lies discarded on it.

A mini-fridge. Trash in a cardboard box and a bag. Some things on the fridge.

Shinji stares.

Shinji’s perspective. He looks all the way around the room.

He looks around again, and focuses on something.

A pair of glasses lie on Rei’s desk, illuminated in the sunshine coming through the crack in the curtains.

They are cracked.

His reflection appears in the glasses.

Shinji picks them up and puts them on.
SE <<a bathroom door being pulled open>>
He freezes.

Shinji slowly turns around.

Through the glasses, he sees Rei, naked but for a towel.

Rei stops drying her hair, and looks at Shinji.

Shinji trembles.
Shinji “I, um…”

Rei approaches.

Her slipper-clad foot hits the floor. She walks on.

Shinji “I didn’t really…”
Rei walks forward and reaches for the glasses.

She grabs them and starts pulling.

Shinji’s feet are against the desk. One slips.

Shinji begins to fall. He grabs Rei to steady himself.

His feet leave the ground.

Rei holds Ikari’s glasses up high.

A drawer of underwear is pulled open by Shinji’s bag.

Rei falls back, Shinji on top.
Rei’s underwear flies everywhere.

A beaker of water and a collection of pills.
SE <<clattering>>

Shinji is over Rei, frozen.

His eyes are wide.

She is impassive.

PAN from Ikari’s glasses to Rei and Shinji.

Shinji remains over her. UP

They lay together, ‘coital’.

Rei “Will you move?”

Shinji pulls away.

His hand is on her breast.

He rises immediately, horrified.

Rei watches.
Shinji “I… um…”
She rises.

Shinji backs away as Rei stands. The bed hides her.
She walks away.

Shinji watches.
His hand clenches very slightly.

Rei puts on panties.

She pulls them all the way up, Shinji continues to watch.
Rei “What?”

Shinji finally turns away.
Shinji “Well, I…”
He turns back again.

Rei adjusts her bra.

Shinji turns away even more.
Shinji “I was asked… I mean.. What was that?”

His left hand twitches.
Shinji “The card! The card!”

Rei adjusts her blouse.
Shinji (OFF) “Your card’s been renewed,”

Shinji’s mouth. Sweat drips down his cheek.
Shinji “and I was asked to bring it to you!”
He gulps.

Rei tightens the fuku.
Shinji (OFF) “So, that’s why…”

Shinji’s eyes, wide.
Shinji “I wasn’t going to do…”

Rei clasps the glasses case shut.

Rei looks down at them.

Shinji looks at the wall.
Shinji “Ritsuko said she’d forgotten to give it to you.”
He lowers his head.
Shinji “I swear! But no one answered when I rang, and the door was unlocked…”
He turns.

Rei has left.

Rei walks along the road.
SE <<footsteps>>

Shinji follows.
SE <<footsteps>>

Both walk along a crowded road.

They sit on separate parts of the subway car.
SE <<subway>>
Shinji turns.

An entry terminal for Nerv.
Rei approaches.
Woman Announcer (OFF) “Central Dogma is currently open. Group 3 should go to the fourth gate.”

Rei swipes her old card through.
SE <<Refusal>>

Rei looks up.

She swipes her card again.
SE <<Refusal>>
Shinji swipes her new card.
SE <<Acceptance>>

Shinji holds out the card as the gate opens.
Shinji “This is your new card I mentioned.”
Rei snatches it out of his hands.

She marches away as Shinji watches, hurt.
The gate closes.

The two ride down an escalator.
Shinji “I really am sorry.”

BGM START B-1 [Hedgehog’s Dilemma]

Rei “About what?”

Shinji looks a bit confused at this question.
Shinji “About what jus-“

Rei glares for a moment.

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “I heard you’re getting back in Eva-00 again.”

He takes a step down.

Shinji “I hope it’ll be successful!”

More silence from Rei.

Shinji “Aren’t you afraid?”

Rei “Why?”
Shinji “I heard you were injured. I wondered if you felt alright.”

Rei riding down the escalator.
Rei “You’re Commander Ikari’s son, aren’t you?”

Shinji seems shocked. He nods.

Rei “Don’t you trust your father’s work?”

Shinji “Of course not! Not when he acts the way he does!”

Rei turns. She takes a step up.

Shinji looks afraid.
Shinji “Um.”

Rei glares.
She slaps him with as much force as she can.

Shinji’s cheek burns.
Rei walks away.
Shinji holds his hand to his cheek.

He shakes his head, hurt.
Shinji “I don’t understand…”

(flashback) Shinji holding Rei in his arms.

Shinji (MONO) “How can she trust him?”

(flashback) The burns on Ikari’s hands.

Shinji (MONO) “Is it because he saved her?”

(flashback) Ikari and Rei talking.

Shinji (MONO) “Or is it because he’s nice to her?”

The entirety of the escalator. Rei steps off at the bottom.
Shinji’s head lowers.

Locker room, DOWN.
Rei adjusts her plugsuit.

She presses a button her wrist.

The suit compresses to something form-fitting.

Rei UP
Ikari (echo) “Rei. Are you all right? Rei!”
Rei shuts her eyes.

She begins to smile.
Ritsuko (echo) “The pilot was locked inside at that time. Commander Ikari helped her get out. He forced the hatch open.”

A close-up on Rei’s face.
Ritsuko (echo) “That’s how he got burned.”

The throne of the Entry Plug.
Text: “Evangelion 2014 00”

Entry Plug UP

Rei, looking determined.
Ikari (OFF – Radio) “Rei, can you hear me?”
Rei “Yes.”

Ikari “We’re going to be re-synching you with the EVA. Begin the connection.”
He straightens his glasses.

The window again. The same people.
Ritsuko “Connect the main power supply.”

EVA-00 UP.
Ibuki (OFF) “Voltage has exceeded the critical point.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Roger.”

EVA-00’s head.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Shift format to Phase 2.”

Rei sits in the Entry Plug.
Aoba (OFF) “Connecting pilot to Unit 00.”
Ibuki (OFF) “The circuits are open.”
The background changes through psychedelic aspects.
Ibuki (OFF) “Pulse and harmonics – normal.”
The background becomes the Eva’s surroundings.

Shinji watches through a window, Misato sips coffee.
Aoba (OFF) “There are no problems with synchronization.”

EVA-00 display.
Aoba (OFF) “All nerve links are finished. Nerve center devices are operational.”

Rei looks neutral, perhaps slightly sad.
Hyuga (OFF) “Re-calculating, no corrections.”
She turns.

Hanging from part of the plug are the glasses.
Ibuki (OFF) “Checklist is up to 2590.”

Nerve links turn green.

Shinji watches, afraid.
Ibuki (OFF) “Approaching borderline! 2.5!”

Misato, determined.
Ibuki (OFF) “1.7!”

Ritsuko, neutral.
Ibuki (OFF) “1.2! 1.0!”

Ritsuko’s face, close up.
Ibuki (OFF) “0.8!”
Ritsuko turns to Ikari.

Ikari watches, concerned.
Ibuki (OFF) “0.6! 0.5!”

EVA-00’s head.
Ibuki (OFF) “0.4! 0.3!”

Green nerve links continue lighting up, approaching the borderline.
Ibuki (OFF) “0.2! 0.1!”
SE <<success>>
All lights turn green.

Ibuki (OFF) “It’s passed. Borderline cleared.”

Rei looks the same as before.
Ibuki (OFF) “Unit 00 has activated!”
Rei “Roger.”

Rei “I’ll start testing immediately.”

Something blue floats between the sky and red sea.
The Angel “(‘whale song’)”
He suddenly moves up his entire height, not passing the intervening distance.

Aoba hangs up the phone.

Aoba rises. Ikari in front.
Aoba “Commander, an unidentified object has been detected. Likely an Angel.”
Ikari rises.
Ikari “Interrupt the test. All hands on first class alert.”
Aoba “Why not use Unit 00, sir? It’s already activated.”
Ikari “It’s not ready yet. Unit 01?”

Ritsuko stands to attention.
Ritsuko “It will take 380 seconds to prepare.”

Eva-00 is in the background, unmoving.
Ikari “Move it out.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Yes, sir.”
Ikari turns to the Eva.
Ikari “Rei, we succeeded in reactivating.”

Rei sitting in the Plug.
Ikari (OFF – RADIO) “Come back.”
The plug goes dark.

Rei leans back in her seat.
She sighs in relief.


The Angel approaches Tokyo-3. He continues jumping without crossing space.

A close up of the octahedron, which reflects all light.
Angel “(‘whale song’)”
He jumps his diameter again.

The tactical map.
Hyuga (OFF) “The target is passing over Tonosawa.”
Aoba (OFF) “Unit 01 is prepping for launch.”

The cage retracts.
Aoba (OFF) “Releasing primary lock!”

The lock retracts.

The Entry Plug turns on.

Shinji “Release confirmed!”
Aoba (OFF – RADIO) “Roger.

Rei watches the proceedings.
Aoba (OFF) “Release the second binding.”
Hyuga (OFF) “Roger.”

The command center.
Aoba (OFF) “The target is now floating over Ashinoko!”
Hyuga (OFF) “Unit 01 is ready for launch!”

Misato leans forward.
Misato “Launch!”

The Angel suddenly forms a rotating triangle over each vertex.

Eva-01 is pushed up the lift.

His main body splits into six columns going off at right angles from each other. A core is at the center. The eight triangles surround him.

Eva-01 ascending.

One of the columns stops rotating. The Angel mask bubbles into existence at the edge. The eyes start lighting up.

Aoba “A powerful energy reaction detected inside the target!”
Misato turns to him.
Misato “What?”

An energy graph, of concentric circles lighting up.
Aoba (OFF) “Accelerating to its outer rim and converging.”

Ritsuko leans forward.
Ritsuko “Could it be…?!”

The lift door opens.
Eva-01 appears.

Eva-01 rising.

Eva-01 stands to attention.

Misato “No! Get out of the way!”

Shinji “Huh?”

An immense laser shoots out of the blue Angel mask.

It rips through a skyscraper.

It hits Eva-01’s solar plexus.

Something in the armor glows.

Eva-01 doesn’t move.

Shinji screams in bubbling hot LCL.


The command center.
Shinji screams.

Misato “Shinji-kun!”


Text: “To be continued…”



Text: “Next Time”

Shinji in a healing tank.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji was saved.”

The 6th Angel, drilling into Nerv.
Misato (OFF) “But the wound makes him afraid to fight.”

Rei stands at Shinji’s hospital bed.
Misato (OFF) “Rei confronts him.”

Misato smiling at a government worker.
Misato (OFF) “On the other hand, Misato is trying to defeat the Angel.”

Shinji and Rei sitting together, looking at the moon.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Showdown in Tokyo-3’.”

The Battle of Tokyo-3