SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Regroup ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Bakunetsumaru grunted straining to get free before sighing in defeat “Okay… yeah I’m stuck. Give me a push.” The musha samurai had firmly wedged himself in a hole, a few sizes to small for him to pass through.
“I told you it was a tight fit,” Daichimaru retorted as he attempted to push the musha the rest of the way through.
Celestin grabbed Baku’s wrist and tugged with all his might, “You should consider cutting down on the rice balls!”
“It’s not my fault they are delicious!” he whined before the teenage gundams managed to free him, “Thanks, alright your turn Daichimaru. Don’t get stuck!”
“I don’t plan on it,” a bow and quiver flew through the narrow hole followed by Daichimaru attempting to wedge himself through, “Yep, I’m good. I think.” He grunted griping at the ground trying to pull himself through as well, “On second thought. Yeah give me a hand.” Bakunetsumaru laughed at his expense before grabbing and pulling the young archer out.
Celestin chortled, “Well I don’t feel to bad about getting stuck now after watching both you get trapped as well.”
“Considering you eat as much as I do, and with those wings, I’m not surprised you did get stuck.” Daichi retaliated while picking up his weapons, “Now which way to go….”
The trio froze and looked to the sky hearing an echo of howls surrounding them, “Not good.” Daichimaru summarized, “That was a jail break warning. Hopefully that means Shute got out.”
Bakunetsu disagreed, “Or they are rallying the warriors still inside the fortress to capture us. How they have not yet done soon I’ll admit impresses me.”
“Don’t jinx it,” Celestin advised, “I hope our luck will hold out to the end of th-“
A sudden eruption from far off silenced the young knight, a debris cloud racing towards and quickly engulfing them, “Now what happened!” The samurai complained.
“Let’s go check!” Daichi tugged on Baku’s wrist leading the way, “Celestin! Try to clear out some of this dust will ya?”
“A mine! In their own fortress! Are they mad!” the Commander shouted between coughs.
Zero had managed to quickly erect a shield, “Is everyone alright?”
“Startled but okay,” Shute replied, Hanabi nodding in agreement.
“Not mad but quite possibly desperate to rid of us!” Captain concluded, “There it s 97.36% that we are causing the Angel of Death much concern during our time here.”
“Yeah, but to try and kill us? Hanabi snarled, “I don’t think the Death Angel would purposely hurt the past gundams. He needs you alive to make sure the time stream is maintained right?”
“Correct dear Hanabi!”
The time sprite crawled out from behind Madnug, “Hello there, and I can assure you that the mine was intended for those trying to scale the wall not for us.”
Commander sighed and hung his head, “Your really are Rubbish! You didn’t even bother to warn us about that mine! How long have you been there anyway?”
Rubbish chuckled and gulped nervously, “Quite some time actually. Figured I was safest on Madnug’s back. You would have tried to squish me and humans aren’t very sturdy.” That comment earned him a loud rebuttal from the two young humans.
“You are supposed to be with Celestin, correct?” Old Captain asked, “Then why are you here? And where is he?”
“No idea you broken junk pile,” the time sprite replied looking at his clock again, “Can we speed this up some?”
“Hey he didn’t mean it Uncle Captain!” Hanabi chirped patting him on the shoulder, “You’re a million times stronger and more useful then anyone else here!”
“Hey!” Commander Baku snapped back.
“If you are done bickering,” Zero interjected, “Help me find the safest way out of this rubble before we end up back where we started.”
“Hey Zero! Up here!”
With a struggling groan a larger stone was pulled off of the Mana Shield. It was Bakunetsumaru and company, “Alright! We finally found you guys!”
“Bakunetsumaru!” Zero chuckled lowering his shield, “Never thought I would be happy to see your mug.”
Bakunetsu shook his head “Yeah, yeah ha, ha, ha now hurry up wil-“
“Uncle Captain! You’re alive!” Celestin and Daichimaru looked down on the trapped group.
“Hello you two. Are you well?” Old Captain asked receiving a nod.
Then they both went wide-eyed, “Wait Captain do you still have the White Baggu Baggu?” They asked in unison with great worry.”
“I… do not.” Old Captain replied.
Young Captain chimed in, “I still have a white Baggu Baggu however.”
“Good! Now hurry and get out of there!” The trio of gundams quickly began to pull them out of the debris then yanked Captain ahead of the other and raced ahead, “Hurry! All of you! Follow us!”
“H-hey wait!” Hanabi cried out as the others cased them down, “Where are you going! That’s the wrong way!”
“We’ll explain when we get there just hurry!”
Back through the narrow corridors and down the narrow passage, most gundams getting stuck once again, the trio lead them back to that horrid sight and the room full of Red Baggu Baggus.
“Are you three insane!” Commander Baku shouted, “Those are Baggu V2s! Why bring us-”
“Look!” Celestin, Daichimaru, and Bakunetsumaru pointed into the room, “Do you see them?
“See what?” Captain inquired trying to look past the swarm of mechanical flies.
Zero however saw it first, eyes wide in horror at the crystalline statue, he yelled in terror, “Mana! NO! Princess! Fleur! Those Baggu! They- they are frozen her as well! No! I will not let another fall because of my neglect!” He shot passed them and grabbed the handle ready to valiantly fly to the rescue.
“Zero stop!” Celestin and Daichimaru pulled him back each holding one arm, “You’ll release the swarm onto us!”
“Un hand me this instant! I have to save her!”
“Natsumi!” Commander Baku froze in fear, his beloved daughter also crystallized reaching for the door, trying to flee the Baggu’s bite, “We can’t just leave them! We have to get rid of the Baggu V2! And hope the White Baggu Baggu works.”
Shute turned to him “Wait hope? You don’t know if it will work!”
“We never had a chance to test it on crystallized gundams, Shute.” The tattered Captain Gundam replied, “While we know it reverses organic material crystallized by the V2, it has never been tested on a gundam.”
“It’ll work!” Hanabi chirped, “It has to!”
Rubbish huffed “It damn well better! I can’t imagine trying to fix this. What a pain that would be….”
Zero stopped his struggling, “Rubbish, you can reverse this?”
“Possibly but it’ll change too much of what has been achieved.” He explained, “I would have to rewind time to before they entered this room. That would also include everyone having to be separated again, the junk pile once again deactivated, and Shute back in his cell. I can’t reverse just one event in time, I would have to rewind the entire time line you see.”
“So then it works,” Celestin replied, “We are having this conversation meaning you haven’t had to reverse time so you don’t have to and it works.”
“Correction,” Rubbish replied, “I have not fuddled with time ever since bringing you idiots from the past to the several hours ago present. We are having this conversation because I have not had to reverse time, If I had reversed time I would have lead them both to either your group or Commander Baku’s group.
The group merely stood there confused Baku sweat-dropped and voiced what everyone was thinking, “Man this time traveling thing is far to confusing.”
Madnug decided to not fry his processer and looked back into the room, “Daichimaru, during your service hear did you ever see this room used?”
“Only once,” Daichi replied, “The prisoners are tossed into the Swarm Room. Where we are now is the buffer hallway. The doors behind us as well as the one leading to the Swarm Room are both locked tightly while the Baggu V2 feed. The Buffer Room’s only purpose is should the Swarm door become unlocked, the Baggu cannot escape pass here and take over the fortress.”
Captain hummed and looked around, “By the looks of it there was no confrontation. I do not detect any use of Fleur’s fighting style.”
“Nor Natsumi’s, there are no gunpowder marks,” tattered Captain added, “It is 99.872% likely they entered this room willingly but unknown to what was in it.”
Daichi added “Then someone must have seen them run in here and lock the Buffer door, then released the Baggu V2.”
“Correct,” tattered Captain continued, “Judging by Natsumi’s stance that door is currently unlocked, opening it would spell disaster for all of us. I know you are distressed Zero but refrain from opening it.”
The knight merely groaned, now slumped over still being held by the teenage gundams, “Is there anyway to get them out of that room?”
Daichi nodded, “Some kind of suction system to pull all of them out. I’m not good with computers, I wouldn’t know how to operate it. Shute? Hanabi?” the archer gestured at a small control panel.
“Let me try!” Hanabi chirped, “Daddy taught me a lot about the computers, no offense but you might not know about these computers, Shute.”
Shute waved it off, “Hey if it means getting them back go for it.”
Hanabi skipped up to the computer and began typing on the touch screen, “Uh oh… I don’t know this language.”
Old Captain looked over her shoulder, “It looks like the Caynights dialect. We have deciphered some of their language. Hmmmm.” He motioned for Hanabi to move has he begin looking over the commands, “Be ready to run should I be wrong.” The gundam tapped what he believed to be the correct button. A machine whirred to life and began rattling the door and windows leading into the swarm room. Many of the Red Baggu Baggu panicked and flew towards the door but soon one by one, they were being pulled back into an alcove, a concrete door sliding close as the last one passed through.
“Way to go me.” Younger Captain cheered.
Older Captain blushed, “Truth be told… I had a 33.33% chance of getting to correct.”
Commander Baku shook his head “At least you got the correct one!” He flung open the door and ran into the room, several red crystals dotted the wall and floors, Natsumi’s frozen form greeting them, wearing a look of terror, one hand reaching out hopefully, “My poor daughter. I hope this works….” The commander sighed
“Sister!” Daichimaru joined his father side, “It’ll be good to have you back.”
Zero ran pass them turning to face Fleur’s frighten stance one wing fully outstretched the other curled towards her body, left hand spread and claws bared, he intertwined his right hand with her left, “Don’t worry milady. This will surely work. It has to.”
Celestin nodded, “For my sake I hope it does….”
“Ready Captain?” Shute asked.
“Ready!” Captain opened the small compartment and held up the capsule holding a single white Baggu Baggu. The bug rested on a pillow, feathered wings spread, its singular eye watching from its confines ready to be released, “Do your thing little guy.” With a flick of a finger, the lid flipped opened.
Click, click went to white Baggu’s jaw as it lifted off from the small pillow first flying away from the crystallized gundams then turning wide making its way back to its job. The fly flew in close the Natsumi clicking its jaws again unsure what to do, the single eye zipping around examining the gundam why was he presented with a metal being this most certainly was not organic. The Baggu moved to Fleur buzzing around and performing the same search, again with the metal! What do they honestly expect it to do with such targets? Frustrated the bug clicks again flying back to the female musha landing on her back, arching its back and stinging through the crystal injecting what they hoped was the antidote. About half a minute it injected the serum before retracting and sitting on the gundamess
Nothing happened.
“No…” Commander Baku moaned softly cupping his daughter’s cheek, “It… it didn’t work.”
Crickle. Crick. Crick.
“Huh?” They looked at were the Baggu was currently resting on her back.
Crickle. Crick. Crick.
The crystal was stating to spider web out from the bite. Quite slowly at first then gaining pace accompanied with the sounds of glass slowly shattering. The white Baggu Baggu quickly took off hiding back inside its capsule.
Crackle. Crickle. Snap! Krinkle. Crick. Schick.
Tiny shards of the crystal were starting to come off forcing the back, Commander Baku staying the closest and watching in slight terror. The spider web had encompassed the entire of Natsumi now. Then around her joints the crystal began to give away, fingers twitching followed by her wrist and ankles. Still caught up in sheer terror Natsumi suddenly bolts forward free from her crystal confines, and right into her father, “Run! Oof! Father? Father what are you- and where did-“
“Natsumi thank goodness!” Commander Baku threw his arms around her.
“It worked!” Daichimaru laughed, “Natsumi you’re okay!”
“Daichimaru? What are you and where are those Baggu V2s?” Natsumi inquired quite confused.
“We’ll explain this after we unfreeze Fleur,” Captain replied placing the White Baggu on Fleur’s shoulder
Reluctant at first the white Baggu refused to move before biting the gundamess releasing what was left of the antidote and flying back to its compartment to sleep. Another tense moment passed before the crystal began to spider web across her form as well. Her form tensed as the crystal began to shatter around from her joints before she was free to move again, “Get away from me!” She swung her left hand hitting only air and tripping and falling onto Zero, having graciously caught her.
“Princess Fleur!” Zero shouted in relief as he sighed, “Thank you Mana.”
“Zero?” Fleur blinked a few times looking around confused, “But? Those red, Baggus were they called? A-and Natsumi!”
Natsumi pumped her fist, “No worries I’m alright and just as confused.”

AN: I seriously need a way to tell the Captains apart

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