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–Questionable Ties—
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Vince had to push down the chuckle that arose from the look of shock that passed Gibbs’ face. “She’s on temporary transfer from the Far East Field Office in Yokosuka, Japan for a case assignment.” He didn’t mind that there was a hint of amusement that crept into his voice when he finished though…
Ziva spoke first. “Did he just say…” she trailed off, stunned.
McGee nodded, slightly in a daze. “Uh-huh…”
Tony couldn’t help himself. “Well shit, isn’t this a twist?”
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Reality Check–
Gibbs eyes widened slightly at that, and he slowly turned to Kagome to silently appraise her.
“NCIS Special Agent…” he repeated through clenched teeth, stunned. “Why didn’t you say…?” he trailed off tersely, an angry tick on his forehead.
Kagome gave him a dry stare, an eyebrow raised. “As if you even gave me the chance!” she exclaimed bluntly, huffing as she crossed her arms before continuing. “You were too wrapped up in suspecting me for murder.” She snorted softly. “I was gonna pull out my badge, but you know what? I just didn’t feel like getting shot today…” Kagome retorted sarcastically.
Gibbs narrowed his icy blue eyes at her, his eyebrow twitching slightly in irritation.
The interrogation room was coated in silence as the senior agent tossed various ideas in his head. Tension was thick as the two agents stared the other down.
Finally, Gibbs shook his head. “It doesn’t matter…” he stated sternly, his face blank. “You’re remaining a suspect until Lance Corporal Sanjura and Staff Sergeant Lacer wake up from their comas and say otherwise.” His tone was final; there was no changing his mind.
Kagome balked, sending him a look of disbelief. “Are you kidding?!” she exploded, slamming her hands onto the table with fury.
She swung her head to the director then to Gibbs and back again, disbelief as the dominating expression on her heart-shaped face.
Her eyes narrowed dangerously; her fists clenched tightly. “I’m an agent,” She gritted out slowly, pinning them down with a harsh stare. “I don’t go off killing people `cause it’s fun!” she snapped at them.
She didn’t receive a response.
“If you’re going to do anything, then stop wasting your time looking for ways to implicate me and look for the goddamn killer!” her chest was heaving in and out as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were churning with emotion. “Director Vance?!” Kagome demanded, looking for an answer.
Vance only shrugged, giving her an apologetic look. “My hands are tied on this Higurashi.”
Kagome held in a snort. `Yeah, I’m surethey are…’
Oblivious to his agent’s thoughts, Vance continued on. “You have to be cleared first by the Agent in charge of this case.”
Vance gave a pointed glance at Gibbs. “In cases where we’re investigating one of our own, we need to be careful or questions will be asked, but…” he paused to stare at Gibbs with serious eyes, “You will be handling her with kid gloves, understand that Agent Gibbs?” His eyes were dead serious as he looked at the other man.
Gibbs only stared back with indifference. Then, there was a slight tilt of the lips. “Wouldn’t have it any other way, Director Vance…” There was a hint of mockery in that tone of his.
Vance studied him for a moment, before nodding stiffly. “See that you do…” turning on his heels.
Kagome jumped up, alarmed. “But Vance!” she called out, halting him. “I’m working on a case!” she reminded him.
He turned around, studying her. “That’s right…” he murmured under his breath, before shrugging. “Guess youre on temporary suspension from your case until you’re cleared…” he notified her nonchalantly, as if it was no big deal, and turned back around.
Kagome gaped at him in incredulity, and a smirk formed on Gibbs face.
Before he walked out of the door, Vance said something that wiped the smirk off of Gibbs face. “And after that, Gibbs will assist you with your case…”
At that, the smirk fell fast.
Kagome let out a squeak of indignation, panic flaring in her eyes. “There’s a reason I work alone!” she reminded the Director, running to the door and leaning out into the hall.
Vance only chuckled as he strode down the hallway. “No worries Kagome…you get to decide who goes out in the field…I’m sure Gibbs can handle a little desk work.
Kagome groaned in frustration and pouted sulkily. ‘Things just went from worse to completely suckish…’ she thought unhappily.
Seeing there was no reason to continue with the interrogation, Gibbs decided to go someplace where they would actually get some work done.
It didn’t work out like he‘d planned though…
Gibbs and the rest of his team were busy delving into the investigation and the personal lives of Damon, Taro, and Sarah.
Meanwhile, Kagome was isolated and left with nothing to do – seeing how she was still a ‘suspect’, she couldn’t work this case or hers.
She wasn’t even allowed to go home!
So here she was, sitting at one of the spare desks, arms crossed with a bored expression plastered across her face. Her eyebrow was ticking, her foot was tapping, and her fingers were twitching. Over, and over, and over again. It’d been like that from the moment she was brought up here and placed at the desk…and that was a good ten minutes ago.
It was annoying the hell out of Gibbs.
He turned to glare at her. “Can’t you sit still for a minute?!” he gritted out at her.
Kagome sneered back at him. “Nope,” she said simply, a taunting smirk on her face. “If you want to keep me here, then you’re stuck with the consequences.” The smirk only grew. “Oh, I really do hope Lacer or Sanjura wake up soon…if not, then we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together…” she said with false innocence.
Gibbs eyes clenched shut and his jaw tensed as he gritted his teeth in an attempt to resist the urge to walk over and smack her.
No, he guessed that would be bad and improper…and there was a pretty good chance a brawl would start like at the bar that one night.
Instead, he thought of a way to get her off his back so he could at least concentrate.
Finally, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. “Ziva, why don’t you escort `Special Agent Higurashi’,“ he said the name with unhidden distaste, “around the premises and give her a tour so she’ll shut up.” His voice was filled with annoyance.
Kagome wasn’t bothered by it in the least. Instead, she was snickering under her breath.
His team however, only gaped at his hostility.
They’ve never seen Gibbs so…put off by a mere woman…
It was as if the woman was making him squirm, uncomfortable even…
Kagome pushed down a smile and mentally cheered. ‘Yes!’
Jumping up, she practically skipped over to Ziva who, in mid-rise, blinked at her sudden appearance.
Kagome offered a hand to the younger woman, who straightened. « We haven’t been properly introduced…as you know, I’m Higurashi Kagome – nice to meet you! » she said cheerily.
A small, amused smirk crossed the Israeli’s face and shook her hand, nodding. « Likewise; I am Ziva David. » She greeted politely. Ziva gestured towards the elevator across the room. « This way, please. »
When they finally entered the elevator, Kagome turned to Ziva with a bright smile. « Whew! I’m glad to be out of there – it’s so tense… » she snickered.
Ziva snorted in agreement. « Really? I did not notice… » she said wryly, lips tilting in a small amused smile.
Kagome grinned at her. « Hm, you know, I think you and I are going to get along very well. So, where to first? » her eyes twinkled mischievously.
Ziva furrowed her eyebrows in thought, before an idea came to mind. She smirked. « If you are going to work here, then it would only be practical for you to meet our forensic scientist. »
Kagome nodded, shrugging, « Sounds good to me… »
Ziva smiled and leaned forward to push the button to Abby’s lab.
A few minutes after the two left, McGee eyes were still fixated to his computer monitor, his form stiff.
An awkward silence filled the air and it ate at him until he couldn’t stand it anymore. Quickly, he pulled out his cell and covertly dialed his office phone from under the desk, before setting it down on his leg.
At the first ring, McGee snatched up the receiver and proceeded to have a one-sided conversation. « McGee. Yeah, Abs? » he paused for a bit, schooling his face to make it seem like he was actually listening to somebody. « Oh, alright, I’ll be down in a few. »
Instantly after hanging up, he shoved his phone back into his pocket before standing to get away from the tension. “Abs wants me in her lab for something.” McGee mumbled in a lie, not looking at Gibbs.
Only a grunt signified the Gibbs heard him.
Holding a sigh of relief, McGee stepped away from his desk and made a beeline to the elevator.
Meanwhile, Tony’s head shot up in alarm…
He didn’t want to be left alone with Gibbs right now! The chance of him getting killed – or at the least slapped – was really just too high to risk.
“I’ll go with you probie!” The man practically scrambled out of his chair and after his teammate.
Gibbs paid no attention as he stared dazedly at his computer.
What the hell was wrong with him…?
Tony and McGee finally let out the relieved sigh that was building up in them.
“Can anyone say `hello wife number five’?” McGee said sarcastically.
Tony snorted. “I doubt they’d get hitched McGoo I’ve never Gibbs so…well, so un-Gibbs like… » He made a gratuitous gesture with hands to emphasize. « He’d never go for a woman like that.”
McGee furrowed his eyebrows. “Actually, I think Kagome makes Gibbs nervous… » his face screwed up at the mere thought of his hard ass boss ‘nervous’. It just didn’t fit, but the proof was in front of them. « And besides, they argue like a married couple – they’re perfect for each other.”
Tony rolled his eyes, scoffing in disbelief. “That may be true, but Gibbs’ not one to date a murder suspect.”
McGee’s eyes flickered to Tony. “But what if he didn’t know…?” he asked slowly. “They already had a date planned before this whole thing happened…”
Tony blinked in realization, his own gaze trailing to McGee. “…That’s a good question probie…”
Abby gazed at her computer, one hand typing at the keyboard as the other clutched her oversized cup of Caf-Pow. Her concentration never broke as she brought the straw to her lips to take a sip.
Bringing it away from her face, Abby gave the cup a forlorn gaze-it was almost empty, with only enough for one more sip.
She needed a refill…
Pouting, she set back to work.
Maybe if she found something, Gibbs would pick up on it with his ‘superpowers’ and bring her another one!
With that, her eyes scanned over the crime scene photos, taking in the details, searching for anything conspicuous.
When Abby heard footsteps come through her door, she spun around with a bright smile plastered across her face. « Hey there! » she greeted instantly before looking at who was there, and her eyes sparked with curiosity once she saw Kagome, all thoughts of a much coveted Caf-Pow momentarily forgotten. « Friend of yours Ziva? » she murmured slyly.
Ziva’s lips twitched. « Maybe… » she said coyly.
Abby giggled and held out a hand. « I’m Abby! » she said cheerfully.
Kagome grinned at her exuberance. « I’m Kagome. » she returned, shaking her hand.
Abby’s eyes widened. « Whoa, no way! You’re the agent at the crime scene that’s dating Gibbs!? » Her tone turned amused as she glanced at Ziva. « Bet Tony went wild, she’s smoking! »
Kagome couldn’t help herself – an amused laugh erupted from her mouth.
Abby’s voice quickly became hushed as she realized something. « And you’re not even a redhead! » she said, awed.
Kagome blinked owlishly. « Am I supposed to be? » she looked to Ziva for an answer.
Ziva shrugged, amusement churning in her eyes as she watched the scene play out.
Abby quickly shook her head. « Course not! Well, actually, I never saw Gibbs date a lady without red hair oh, except for that one CID officer… » she looked thoughtful, before shrugging. « Never worked out though… »
Kagome shook her head in amusement. « Well, it wouldn’t matter. After today, I don’t think the date is ever gonna happen… »
Abby’s eyes narrowed. « How did you snatch him in the first place? » she said, obviously interested.
Kagome smirked lightly. « Bar fight, » she said simply.
Abby cocked her head as Ziva raised an eyebrow.
Their little chat was interrupted by two certain agents strolling in. « You got a date after you two had a fist fight? » Tony grinned, catching the last parts of the conversation. « Didn’t know he had it in him… » he chuckled out.
Following his line of thought, Abby grinned slyly. « Kinky-didn’t know Gibbs was the aggressive type. »
Tony snickered but McGee looked at her in a mortified expression.
He did not want to be discussing Gibbs’….sex life. He shivered at the thought.
Ziva threw an incredulous look at Abby, elbowing her. « Abby! »
Abby only looked at her, an innocent expression on her face. « What? »
Kagome laughed. « No, I didn’t have a bar fight with Gibbs, I had one with some other drunk guy and I guess I impressed him. » she smiled fondly at the not-so-long-ago memory.
McGee only furrowed his eyebrows. « Really? No offense, but a lot of women can fight for themselves look at Ziva. » he offered as an example.
Kagome’s smile turned into a sheepish one. « Well, I guess the fact that the guy I was fighting was literally twice my size, in both width and height, kind of helped my case. » her voice was wry.
Ah yes, that would do it...
Time ticked on as Ziva and Kagome continued on with their little tour while the two male agents stuck with taking refuge in Abby’s lab.
As a few hours passed on by, it found Gibbs on the phone, an indifferent expression on his face as he conversed. « Gibbs. »
‘Yes, this is Dr. Cole. I was informed to call you in the matter of Lance Corporal Sanjura and Staff Sergeant Lacer?’ question a feminine voice.
A grunt was her only answer.
When the voice answered back, it seemed more flustered. ‘Well, Staff Sergeant Lacer has awakened from her coma and is out of ICU. You may speak to her if you wish. »
Gibbs let out a ‘mhm’ « What about Lance Corporal? »
No signs of waking up just yet, sir.’
Another grunt left him and he quickly said his thanks before hanging up.
Pushing himself away, he opened a drawer from his desk and grabbed his badge and Sig Sauer.
Fishing out his phone, he called Ziva. He spoke curtly to the phone once she answered. « Escort Agent Higurashi to the sedan. The three of us will be paying a visit to the hospital. »
Ziva’s voice came back confused. « What about Tony and McGee? » she questioned curiously.
Gibbs snorted into the phone. « They want to play hide and go seek in Ab’s lab, let ’em. I’m not a dumbass, and they damn sure will remember that. »
A scowl crossed as faced as he continued to speak. « Might want to tell ’em they better have something by the time we get back or the only government job they’ll have is a janitor in a Post Office, and even that’s pushing it. » He hung up before his agent could say anything.
A satisfied smirk appeared as he strode towards the elevator.
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The hospital
Gibbs’ eyes narrowed as he approached his intended destination. ‘Room-280…
Pushing the door open, Gibbs entered the room to see a brunette woman, looking pale as she was hooked up to the many machines in her room. The monitor beeped steadily in correspondence to her heartbeat. Her body was propped against the bed, as it was bent slightly to give her a somewhat upright position. Her eyes were relaxed as she rested peacefully.
Hearing the door close, two eyes shot open to reveal twin hazel orbs. They widened at the presence of the man and flashed with confusion as they scanned over him.
A small bout of panic washed over her as she had no idea what this stranger – who was obviously not a doctor or a nurse – was doing in her room, and she noticeably stiffened.
Slowly, Gibbs pulled back his coat to reveal the badge clipped to his belt, and instantly the young woman relaxed.
Taking that as a sign to continue, he approached the woman. « NCIS Special Agent Gibbs, » He introduced himself.
The woman merely nodded, peering up at him. Scooting over, she politely patted the section of the hospital bed next to her, gesturing for him to take a seat.
Smiling slightly, Gibbs did so before speaking. « Sarah, do you know why you’re here? Do you remember what happened? »
Sarah blinked at him curiously, before nodded again.
Pulling out a picture of Kagome, he showed it to her. “Do you know this woman?” he asked softly, though his voice held a serious undertone.
Lancer furrowed her eyebrows at him and looked at the picture. Her eyes widened and she nodded.
Gibbs squeezed her hand, uneasiness bubbling in his gut. Was Kagome really telling the truth…? “Did you see her on the day you and Petty Officers Sanjura and Chase were attacked?”
Lancer nodded fervently, before her eyes widened suddenly. She pulled off her oxygen mask. « Oh my God…are they…? » she choked out, before her rasping voice broke off suddenly. Her eyes churned with horror and desperation.
Quickly, Gibbs calmed her down. « Sanjura is still alive, but he’s in a coma, » he informed her.
The reaction was instantaneous. Her eyes and breath calmed down as she stared at him with relief. « Thank god… » Only a second passed before she froze, and her eyes flickered to him with fear as she realized he didn’t mention her other friend. « And Damon? » she asked weakly, before replacing the mask so she could breath.
Gibbs gave her a sympathetic look.
A silent sob tore through the woman, her chest heaving. « No… oh my god, no… » she mouthed silently behind her mask.
Gibbs eyes narrowed, and anxiety struck in him. “Tell me, was she the one who attacked you?” he asked seriously, referring to Kagome.
Lancer’s eyes widened at the question and she shook her head wildly. She ripped off the mask on her face and rasped out, “Kagome?! Gods no!” She quickly replaced the mask to breathe, her chest heaving heavily.
Gibbs blinked, and his eyebrows drew together. “Then how do you know her?” he managed out, actually somewhat surprised.
Lancer stared at him, before taking a deep breath and removing the mask again. “I was going to marry her brother…” she paused, putting the mask back on to gather her breath.
Hesitation crossed her face for a moment. Should she really be spilling out information as personal as this to some stranger…?
Gibbs gave her a nod to continue. “What happened?
Lancer looked at him brokenly, tears building up in her eyes. She shifted lightly as she chose her words carefully. “I was going to marry Souta…before he…before he was-“
A voice from the doorway interrupted them. « –Before he was murdered four months ago…” a cold voice said.
Gibbs’ head snapped towards the voice, only to see Kagome leaning against the door frame, looking at Lancer with eyes burning not only with grief, but with the mixed desire of justice and revenge.
Kagome continued, “That’s why I transferred here…to find his killer and close his case…”
Lancer nodded sadly. “But now they’re after our best friends and me…« 
Kagome looked away from them, her eyes distant as she murmured softly, “And apparently me as well…”
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