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“My name is Ka-go me!!” she gritted out furiously before stomping on his foot, catching him by surprise at her sudden mood change.
She then bit his arm before grabbing it and swinging him over his shoulder.
Kagome blinked in shock, not quite believing she did that…
Look’s like all the self-defense Sango’s been teaching her wasn’t for waste after all…
The other passengers felt the same as they stared at her in astonishment.
The guy who started to stand up fell back in his seat in disbelief.
Everyone was so busy staring at her; they didn’t notice a little piece of paper fall out of a teenaged boy’s pocket.
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-Lights POV-
Within the pockets of his coat, Light’s fists clenched painfully, his shoulders were tensed, and behind his impassive lips he tightened his jaw.
This was not supposed to happen.
This guy was supposed to only hold up the driver, blab on about how he’s holding everyone for hostage, and then see him passing notes.
After touching a piece of paper ripped out from the Death Note, the criminal was then supposed to see Ryuk, dispense of his bullets, run off the bus and get ran over.
He was not supposed to take a teen girl for hostage and threaten to kill her.
So someone tell him exactly what the hell was happening?!
And it didn’t help that he saw Ryuk grinning like crazy from the corner of his eyes.
And, to add icing to the cake, he didn’t even get the chance to find out the identity of his stalker like he wanted to.
Suddenly a trickle of fear rose in him; if this wasn’t going to play by the Death Note…then anything could happen with the killer.
Innocents could be shot…they could even die…
More importantly, he could die…
And that, under no circumstances whatsoever, could ever happen.
His reddish brown eyes narrowed threateningly at the man splayed on the ground, before turning over to the girl – an almost indiscernible frown played at his lips.
Could she…
Quicker than ever, he banished the thoughts away. Some random, mere, ordinary girl could never overthrow the power of the Death Note by will.
Most likely than not, it was the Death Note’s doing. He only wrote down exactly how the man was supposed to die-the actions or heroics of an individual were never factored in.
His shoulders relaxed slightly. Yea, that was it…it had to be…
A flash of black teased at his peripheral vision and he held back a scowl.
Either way, Ryuk and himself were definitely going to have a little chat about this later on…
The man groaned, capturing everyone’s attention as he turned around, putting his palms against the ground and inadvertently grazing the fallen piece of paper with his thumb.
“That fucking cunt…” he muttered breathlessly – his little meeting with the bus floor had knocked the wind out of him.
Once he gathered the air back in his lungs, he snatched the gun from off the ground and jumped up.
He was about to whip around to shoot the `little bitch’ that dared to fight him when he saw it.
What he saw was something unnatural, something bizarre. Something unparalleled to anything else he’d seen in his entire life…
It was as if time slowed down. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped slightly in a gape. A horrified gasp tore its way out from his throat, and an expression of pure, daunting fear crossed his face.
Three seconds was all it took for his reaction to finally take place.
Kagome jumped at the sound of gunshots as screams of shock and surprise filled the bus.
Kagome watched in astonishment as the man dispelled all his ammo at the end of the bus, a frenzied glaze in his eyes. Her head shot over to see his target, and her eyes widened in surprise.
He was…he was shooting at the creature?!?
The black creature only grinned childishly as the bullets merely passed through him to become embedded in the metal structure of the bus behind him.
Her eyes narrowed as she studied the creature’s aura now that she could concentrate.
The feeling of power and death washed over her and her eyes widened fractionally in realization.
She knew of only one thing could possibly posses an aura like that: a Shinigami.
Her eyes flickered the now gasping man, watching him as he began to freak out when he realized his plan didn’t work. Two questions now bombarded her mind
How in the hell could that man see the Shinigami now, when he obviously couldn’t before…?
And what the hell was a Shinigami doing here in the first place?!
She didn’t have much time to ponder on these thoughts as the man turned tail and began to make a beeline for the exit. « Let me out! Let me out!! » he screamed out wildly.
Realizing he was trying to get away, Kagome did the only thing she could thing of in so little time.
She stuck her foot out.
As the hijacker passed her, he tripped and slammed to the ground harshly once more. The force of the landing had him groaning deeply; his eyes became unfocused.
Scratching the back of her head sheepishly at everyone’s astonished look, Kagome nervously looked around the bus.
“Is anyone a cop around here…?”
Light merely blinked – his slightly widened eyes and the clenched fists hidden stealthily under the cover of his jacket pockets revealed just how shocked and angry he was at the turn of events.
He wanted answers and damn it, he wanted them now.
For starters, exactly who in the hell is that girl who unknowingly screwed up his little test?!
Behind Light, a man in a beige trench coat stared in amazement at the small girl who dared to take on the known criminal and won. He shook his head, almost unable to believe what just happened.
Secretly though, he was glad she was there with them on the bus. He was glad she did have the courage to act up.
If she didn’t, it would have meant revealing himself to the public and ultimately to Light Yagami, in turn foiling his mission. It would have raised many questions as to why he, Special Agent Raye Penbar of the FBI, was doing here, and in Japan no less.
But he would have done it, despite the consequences. It was either that or someone getting killed, and he was bound by both ethic and moral duty to not let the latter happen by any means necessary.
A small smile played it his lips – whoever this teenager was, he was grateful.
A flurry of events took place after her little question.
Someone had finally called the police while a couple of the men that were on the bus took up guard duty.
When they were finally able to leave the bus, Kagome and her friends were directed to one of the ambulances to get checked out.
They never noticed the old man not too far back with a camera as he discreetly took a photo of the young girl.
Kagome now sat at the end of a ambulance truck, a blanket around her shoulders provided more for the purpose of security than anything else by the EMTs.
Her three friends were crowded around her, doting her with looks filled with mix awe and concern. They bombarded her with question after question along with the occasional compliment or reprimand.
Eri stared at her as if she’d went psycho. « I can’t believe you did that Kagome! What were you thinking? You could have gotten yourself seriously hurt! Killed even!! »
Yuka patted Kagome’s shoulder sympathetically, giving Eri a pointed look. « I dunno, I think that was pretty brave of you to do. Out of everyone there, you were the only one who had the guts to even try anything. » Her face gained an exited glow. « And then when you tossed that guy on his ass! That was just awesome!! » she squealed out.
Ayumi, always the sweet one, crouched down to Kagome and took in the dazed look on her friend, misreading it as shock rather than thought. She placed an arm around her shoulders. « You ok Kagome-chan? » she asked softly in concern.
Kagome turned her head slowly, taking in Ayumi’s worried features. She gave her a comforting smile. « ‘Course I am Ayumi-chan! » she chirped cheerily, more for her friends’ benefit than herself. « Just a little wiped from all that’s happened, you know? »
Her three friends shared a look. Yuka gave Kagome a knowing smile. « You wanna just head back and have a girls’ day in instead? We can go out to Spaceland next week or something…. »
Kagome gave her friend a grateful smile. « Thanks Yuka-chan… » she said softly.
Before anyone could say anything else, a boy their age approached them with an officer. « Here’s the woman who saved us. » they heard him say politely.
Kagome’s eyes narrowed unconsciously at the boy, her spine tensing lightly.
He was tall and rather handsome compared to the average boy, that she could admit.
Short brown hair was neatly cut to frame his face, but never went past his chin. His whole character seemed to portray one of a well groomed gentleman; his clothes were, for the lack of a better word, normal, he had a sweet smile, and he held an air of intelligence.
More likely than not, he was probably a very dedicated student.
What put her off though, was the feel of a dark aura teasing at her senses. And not to mention, his eyes seemed to have an unnatural reddish-hued ring to them.
It was enough to put her on edge…
As Kagome watched the boy converse with the police officer, she noticed that despite his calm, polite face, his eyes told a different story.
She noted that his eyes were a honey brown that were at times, sweet and soft but at other times sharp – observant even.
It was as if there was more to him than what meets the eye – as if there was a whole new persona behind this polite front that he put on, one more devious, plotting…
Regardless, she gave them a small smile once they reached her. « Hi there. »
The boy held out his hand to introduce himself. « Hello, I’m Light Yagami. I just wanted to thank you for what you did. Who knows what could have happened if you didn’t step in. Someone could have died. » he said seriously and Kagome unnoticeably stiffened even more.
It wasn’t what he said or how he said it that had Kagome tensing. It was more in the fact that his eyes flashed with a sliver of anger.
Curious…very curious…
Kagome nodded politely. « I’m Kagome Higurashi… »
It became even more curious at what happened next.
« It is truly a pleasure to meet you…Kagome Higurashi… »
She had almost missed it, and if she hadn’t learn that being observant to even the most miniscule, insignificant things meant the difference between life and death, she probably would have…
The small, almost indiscernible twitch at Light’s lips.
For some unknown reason, Light Yagami had almost just smirked at her name.
And oddly, that did not bode well…
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