Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ Rath and Rune and Lykouleon ( Chapter 1 )

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Of Demons and elves
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* * *
Rath watched Rune as the elf meditated trying to get his elfin healing powers back. Rath couldn’t help but wonder why it was so important to the elf but Rath was a useless Dragon Knight that could only kill demons. He felt like having Fire was a fluke, and that he was forced into being the fire Dragon Knight. He was not important, but Rune, Rune was important to the Dragon Lord. He was chosen to be a knight by Water, unlike Rath and Fire.
Rath sighed as he watched Rune comeout of his meditation and look up towards the window he stood at. The elf smiled up at him, “Hello Rath.”
The Dragon knight of fire couldn’t help but smile back. “Rune,” he said. “Hi.”
Water crawled up onto his master’s shoulder and held up a sign that read, “Hello master, any luck?” Rune smiled at his Dragon who was in a lizard form.
“No,” Rune told the Dragon of water. His eyes went back to Rath. He was captivating, but no one could get close to the young Dragon Knight without the Dragon Lord’s permission. Rune knew that all to well.
“Hey Rune let’s go demon hunting!” Rath called.
“No thinks, Rath.” Rune said shaking his head he would not get in trouble with the Dragon Lord.
“Ah, come on.”
Rune started off a way from the castle. “Wait I’ll come with!” Rath called.
“And where are you going?” Lord Lykouleon’s voice asked from behind him.
Rath sighed and turned to look at the Dragon Lord, “Hello Lykouleon.”
“You are not thinking about running off again are you?” The Dragon Lord asked.
“Of course.”
“I see, so should I have someone watch you from now on?”
Rath glared, “You can but they won’t stop me.”
“Rath I worry about you.”
“No you don’t.”
“Rath we’ve been through this before,” Lykouleon said as he thought of a ten year old Rath waking from a nightmare all those years ago. “I love you Rath.”
“Don’t say that!” Rath yelled. “You have your queen!”
“Yes I do,” the Dragon Lord said. “And I love her very much. But I also love you my Rath.”
“Only because I hold your blood.”
“No, Rath I love you.”
“Stop it!” Rath screamed and jumped out of the window flewing off in the direction Rune went. Lykouleon watched as Rath disappeared. “I wish you knew how much I love you.”
The Dragon Lord turned to go find someone to look after his Rath. After all he couldn’t have what was his running off again now could he?