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[Disclaimer]I don’t own Ranma

[Type] Alternate/Crossover

[Timeline] Alternates at Ranma age 5.

[Warning] Graphic Violence.



PART 1: The Dragon and the Tiger.

//Ranma Age 5//

//Temple of the Okagejutsu Ninjutsu//

Ranma slowly walks threw the trap-laden temple of the Way of the Great Shadow Dragon in search of the fabled Black scrolls. Scrolls suppose to contain the greatest fighting arts of the ancient order.

<Stupid Pops! Why do I have to get the scrolls. Skill testing my ass!>

Ranma has put up with alot since his father learned of the new unrestricted tournaments with large cash prizes. The training is now 10x worser than before. He still has cracked ribs and a limp. He barely makes it around the tripwires.

Ranma sees the scrolls, pure jet-black, resting on a gold pedestal. One has a golden tie, the Other has a silver tie. Ranma prepares himself, then with a lightning fast punch snatches the scrolls and leaps away. <Stupid Old Man!!>

A split second later three circular blades cut the pedestal to pieces.

Ranma rolls away and stares at the scrolls.

<Why not! I nearly got killed for it! This better not be another sacred cookbook.>

Ranma breaks Silver scroll’s black wax seal, unties the silk cord and unrolls the old scroll. He slowly reads the scroll. He notices it contains a few powerful techniques and one supreme stealth/escape technique. He quickly memorizes them. <Might need them to get away from Pop next time he gets drunk.>

He then breaks the seal, unties, and opens of Gold scroll.

*Greeting Child of Chaos.

By breaking the Seal of the Shadow you have brought about the resurrection of the Shadow Dragon, Imperial Dragon of Chaos and Destroyer of Destiny.

The Chaos Dragon here by Grants to you the teachings of the Way of the Shadow Dragon school and the gift of dragon blood. As Chaos Dragon returns to its Supreme, so shall your abilities increase.

Until, your ready to accept your power, the Chaos

Dragon hides this memory.*

Suddenly, a violet-blue aura explodes around Ranma into a column of light. The power explodes threw him infusing ever living cell and altering the DNA he was born with, the Blood of the Chaos Dragon is blasted into his body. Ranma’s injuries are healed in a flash, as flesh is remade to the new genetic code. Ranma then lets out a silent scream as his soul is reformed into something else. He falls unconcious as Way of the Great Shadow Dragon in blasted into his mind. The scrolls fall from his limp fingers.

The scrolls turns from pure black to white to old yellow-gray. The Wax turns from glossy black to moldy yellow-green. The ties change from gold and silver to old gray. Finally, the scrolls crumble into dust leaving a musky, old smell in the air.

Genma finally looks in and sees his unconcious son next to a double-scroll-size pile of paper dust.

« Stupid Boy! All this way for nothing! »


//Kuonji Okonomiyaki Stand//

« Ukyou, Pop. She’s not weak. »

Genma winces. He had hoped to trick the boy so he could steal the cart. The boy had spoiled his plans, by lissening to a lil’ girl instead of his father. Genma is angry that all of his plans have been spoiled.

« Stupid Boy, your coming with me and taking the cart! » says Genma as he knocks Ranma unconcious and takes off with Ranma and the Cart. <Time for more advance training> thinks Genma nursing a stinging hand.

Ukyou watches from the bushes. She had just watched Genma steal her father’s cart and her best friend.

<You’ll pay for this Genma! I’ll find you Ranchan.>


//Tomb of Neko-Yasha//

//Age 6//

Genma seals the tomb with it’s stone.

The Nekoken was suppose to be the ultimate fighting style and Ranma would be upstoppable with it. The damn boy just wouldn’t learn it. <Why am I cursed with such a disobedient boy!!>

The boy’s unnatural healing ability and resistance to pain prevented the cat’s from harming him and he had developed some strange stealth ability that put his own Umisenken to shame. The boy didn’t leave the vacuum that Genma’s Goshin Dai Ryu Sei Fu (body defense shooting star cloth).

He dug a pit 3x deeper, used twice the number of cats and wild cats at that, and used half the food. He sealed the pit with a huge bolder. No way out, not even his dreaded Master could escape.

3 minutes later, Genma found Ranma eating under a fruit tree.

Genma learned Ranma had problems in supernatural and magical places. So he used chi/strength-suppressing tsubos he found in an old scroll and tossed him into the tomb with drugged bloody meat and two maddened tigers.

He even used a drug that would intensify the pain without allowing Ranma passing out and another herbal that would decrease his defense strength.

The tomb was suppose to be the resting place of a Neko-Yasha, a cat demoness, who was also a powerful sorceress, millenia ago. He had found a weird mummified corpse in a silver coffin. The perfecr nekoken training site!

He swiped from the tomb and the corpse’s silver Jewelry. He threw the creepy thing back into the tomb, to scare the boy. The Boy would learn the Nekoken!!


Ranma lies in a pool of tiger and his own blood. He knows he’s dying and is glad he knows that pain-supression technique and disturbed at seeing that he’s missing half his right arm and his lower left leg. Blood slowly flows and he wonders why he’s not spurting.

He wasn’t able to « shadow walk » out of this place. Many forces like magic, chi, reiki, etc.. were woven into the floor, ceiling, walls, and stones themselves. All interwoven at an insane level. Like a person who only needs to build a foot thick will deciding to make it 50 feet thick. (The Silver scroll gave him trap-sensing technique)

The danger was great, because the drug used by Genma to madden the Tigers further, was a « stay awake » stimulant with pain-killing properties. Even shattering bones wouldn’t stop the crazed animals. All sanity has been removed from these once noble predators. It changed them from animals he loved to see in zoos to demons of ancient myth in this cold, dark tome.

He had to use a forbidden (to himself)technique. He managed to kill the first hunger/drug maddened tiger in a spray of gore that would haunt him in the afterlife. The blood soaking himself and the monster corpse next to him. He studders remembering why he named it Hakuto no Ken, just like the manga. The Tiger’s roar of pain was more horrific than being bitten.

The attack severely weakened himself and enabled the other tiger to maul him. He desperately used the last of his chi to deliver a instant kill blow to the tigers head just as it was about to tear out his throat. A blow that nearly imploded it’s head.

Ranma knows Genma won’t be able to save him. His vision fogs.

<Goodbye Mom. I hope we’ll meet again.>

Suddenly, there is a weird moaning, crecking, and electrical sounds. Ranma turns his scarred head to see, but falls unconcious before he can clearly see..

The corpse of Neko-Yasha is slowly moving?!? Withered ancient arms rise from the cold stone.

Electrical ripples of red light go across the corpse’s form. The corpse ignites into magical violet flames. A distortion like a shockwave shoots from the corpse. Eveything is filled with a charge of energy as a chi storm forms like a nimbus around her.

The shreaded gorey pieces of the first tiger dissolve into red mist and flow into the corpse, causing it to glow bright. The energies and organics of the deceased tiger fuse with the remains of the ancient cadaver.

Neko-Yasha mummified form grows and changes. The chi flames seem to burn away time’s effects. The cold decaying ancient flesh turns into warm living tissue. The dry bones reform and strengthen. The withered organs regenerate. Her skin changes from old parchment to silky dark tan and her old hair is replaced by new lush sable.

With a gasp, two golden oval-pupil eyes open. As she gets up, the dusty scraps of her clothing fall away. A Vision of Sensuality.

Neko-Yasha turns and sees the small bloody form of a young boy. She is horrified and unable to move for several moments. Then she reacts.

<« Bastet protect me! What monster would do this?! I.. I have to save him! »>

Neko-Yasha runs to were her coffin was and pulls out a talisman from under the stone platform, thanking the Cat deities her capturers didn’t know about resurection spells. <« Please Work! »>

The Talisman. A blue-violet crystal tiger with detailed gold stripes. She places the talisman on Ranma’s chest and begins to speak in dead language never spoken on the Earth plane.

The talisman hums and then glows violet. Particles of violet-white light swirl around her, Ranma, and the Talisman forming a complex pattern. Neko-Yasha places her hands close to the talisman. Violet mists of magic flow into the talisman.

<I need more! His life force is too weak and I’m not strong enough yet. The Tomb!>

Nekoyasha cries out with more strange words. A shower of violet particles explodes from her into the walls, floor, and ceiling. The cold stone walls, ceiling, and floor, the entire ancient burial tomb crackle with violet electricity. Colored mists of different energies flow into the talisman and into Ranma. Blue chi, Violet mana, White spirit, Black Youki, and a Green unknown energies all flow like streams and rivers into the tiny form.. The second tiger corpse dissolves into mist.


Genma pulls off the lid to see if the boy learned the technique.

There is a violent explosion and Genma is launched into the nearby woods. That wouldn’t be too bad, if the thick, **Heavy**, stone lid didn’t land on him, appearantly crushing him to the thickness of Okonomiyaki.


Without the energies to preserve the stone, it implodes creating a huge sinkhole.

Later, when Genma- who survived unfortunately- returns he finds no tigers, no weird corpse, no silver coffins and jewels, and no Ranma!

<Nodoka’s going to kill me!!>


[end of chapter 1]

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