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[Type] Alternate/Crossover

[Timeline] Alternates at Ranma age 5.

[Warning] Graphic Violence.


PART 5: Tao Masters

/Jusenkyo, Bayankala range, China/

/Early Morning/

Ranma and Nekoko stand in the center of the valley. It’s an incredable feat since nobody has gotten this far into Springs of Sorrow, the valley of the cursed springs. Ranko and Nekoko’s supernatural senses can hear the crys of the dead.

« Jusenkyo. Long ago, magic was infused into these pools. Magic that trapped souls of those that died in area. Souls connected to the waters. When a animal or person disturbs the water, there by distubing the rest of the spirit. In retailiation, the spirits cause the magic to bond a template of them to the victim.’

‘People receive curses because of bad karma, an inner need, or an aura of chaos. Jusenkyo may contain thousands of springs containing thousands of unfortunate souls, but it possesses a collective essence. A form of conciousness. Thats the reason nobody has every been cured. As long as the Springs’ souls don’t rest, the curse will live. »

« Ranma » says Nekoko, « I can feel a lot of supernatural energy, death energy. »

« Jusenkyo is a being of Death. The only thing to change a Jusenkyo Curse is the creation of Life, as a cursed becoming pregnant, or the ‘death’ of the original body as in the case of the Musk locking bucket. »

« So » says Nekoko, « Why are we here???? »

« Jusenkyo is part-magic part-spiritual. I think I can put an end to Jusenkyo. Focused Magic is disrupted by Jusenkyo’s raw magic. Focused chi is absorbed by the death, the negative life. In either case, you must think of Jusenkyo as a whole entity and not individual springs. »

« SO??? »

« I’m going to use a Raw Ki/Chaos Magic Hybrid attack. »

« OH S**T! »

/20 minutes later/

Ranma floats high above in the air, glowing a dark aura. A thick cloud of dark blue and violet. Nekoko in a protective mana/ki bubble floats behind him. A bowling ball size sphere of blue-white starfire and deathly violet flames forms between Ranma’s raised hands.

« Dragon of Chaos, Destroyer of Destiny.

Magic untamed, Magic Pure and Free.

Energy beyond, around, and within thy.

Spirit unchained, Spirit pure and free.’

Sphere grows from bowling ball to a massive sphere, like a miniture star.

‘Water of magic wild and old.

Truth in hot, curse in cold.

Souls of darkness, souls of light.

I break the bonds by my might. »

With the word « might », the sphere of ki and mana shifts from blue and violet to a golden-white fireball covered in jet-black lightning. Ranma tosses the massive ball of power.

The sphere fall to the Springs of Sorrow and detonates with a blinding golden flash.

As the light clears, the magical waters vaporize into multi-colored mists. The sedament on the bottom of the pools, used in the creation of Instant Jusenkyo curse water, burns like magnesium powder. The earth of Jusenkyo fissures and crackles with the lightning that crawls across it.

Suddenly, the heavenly duo watch as the etherial souls of Jusenkyo appear from the pools. A ghostly Chinese girl melds from the Spring of the Drowned Girl. A black piglet appears from the Spring of the Drwoned Black Piglet. A monster appears from the Drowned Yeti-riding-a-bull-carrying-a-crane-and-a-eel, then it splits into five seperate animal spirits. There are spectacular explosions of energy as the spirits of a cursed Ashura, a Dragon, and other powerful creatures are freed.

There is a thunderous, earth-shaking roar like the cry of thousands of animals and even people. A dark spectre, like a 3D shadow appears melds from the boiling earth and mud. It’s long and serpentine with many strange shaped appendages and the wings of many animals. Its head is that of a tiger with a oz’s ears, a rhino’s horn, and octopus tentacles. It has seven hate-filled eyes glowing with crimson light.

<The Jusenkyo Death Phantom> thinks Ranma, <The Dark Essense of Jusenkyo’s tortured souls.>.

« Neko-chan, that thing is the Spirit of Jusenkyo. The other spirits will pass onto the kami plane and rejoin the cosmic tao, but this thing is not a true soul, just entropy. »

« It’s ceasing to exist without souls » concludes Nekoko, ducking a claw of the Death Phantom, « It’s trying to get new souls from us!! »

The Death Phantom contiues to roar and attack with all of its appendages. It glows a black battle aura. Nekoko’s attacks are absorbed. Ranma’s chaos attacks cause minor damage.

Ranma finally gets close to the monster. <Hot Mana/Negative Ki meet Cold Mana/Positive Ki>

« GOU MAJIKKURYUU SHOTEN HA!!! » (Great Magic Dragon Ascension attack)

A huge F20 black tornado forms. The Death Phantom’s mana is absorbed and remaining Jusenkyo and Chaos magic is absorbed. The raw ki is absorbed. The cursewater vapor, mud, and heat is absorbed. The Death Phantom dissolves into power and Ranma and Nekoko are sweeped up into the Mach 1 winds.

/2 hours later/

The Jusenkyo Guide and his cute daughter Plum arrive at the cursed springs. They find a frozen scorched desert with an immense spiral-edge crater. As if Kami-Sama decided to drill a ditch. A layer of icy fog covers the valley.

« Daddy » says Plum in Chinese, « Does this mean we can go back to the beach? »

/Nyuuchezuu Temple/

Nyuuchezu couple Shuan Jing and Shan Lie are here for there newborn’s Beginning Ceramony. This is pure ceramony. No animosity, no political agendas, and no secret plans. Just the beginning of a lil’ girl’s journey as Nyuchezuu Warrior or Healer.

Suddenly, there is a crackling sound. The air above the crowd explodes into golden white light. White fire that doesn’t burn flashes from the distortion. Two glowing forms fall from the distortion before it dissolves into a cloud a feather-like images.

As the white fire dies, the larger object is revealed. A large female golden-eyed white tiger. Flawless, natural beauty. The second fire dies to reveal a short, busty Japanese girl with long fiery red hair streaked with pure white. She’s completely nude except for a silver earring stud and two white bracers. She has supernatural beauty.

/Hakyokusaken Dojo, South Town/

The air of the dojo crackles and darkens. The air ripples and implodes into a black distortion, like a miniture black hole. A fierce howling wind blows. Suddenly two figures covered in black and violet spirit flames fall from the distortion as it implodes in upon itself.

As the dark flames vanish, the figures are revealed covered in a thin layer of supercold ice and frost. There is a loud cracking sound as they break threw there ice coffins.

The first is a tall athletic woman with long black hair, dark skin, and golden cat’s eyes. She stands bare.

The Other is a very tall, very muscular warrior with violet eyes, very dark skin, and dark blood red hair striped with black. He only wears a black earring stud and two black bracers. He has a aura of menacing darkness.

Ranma lets out a cry of angry and is bathed in a black battle aura, before he falls inconcious.

//Nyuchezuu village//

//1 hour later//

Elder Nyu Kuh Lon of the Nyuchezuu looks at sleeping woman. There is an aura of light and purity in the air. During the Beginning Ceramony she had watched a light coming from Jusenkyo. When she arrived, she had found the once feared and powerful accursed training ground had been reduced to a frozen wasteland.

When she arrived back at the village, she had learned the strange woman and the Tiger that had appeared in the great light. <I sense prue positive energy coming from her.> thinks Kuh Lon, <but if she’s a seperation of Tao as I believe, the other half, whereever he is must be pure darkness. A frightening thought, even for a Elder of the Woman Hero Tribe.>

[Part II: New Nyuchezuu]

//Healing hut, Nyuchezuu Village//


Five Months ago, a strange woman fell from the Heavens during the End of Jusenkyo. A woman with vast magical and ki potential. A woman with no memory of her past, except a thorst for knowledge. A Woman who has been given the name Shenga, « Daughter of the Dragon ».

She and her White Tiger, Li Zhen, have caused many changes to 3000 year old matriarchy.

Shenga has to the surprise of the *Elders*, has rapidly grown far beyond her original form. She has grown from a short, weak, busty girl with the hair color of a fire truck to a tall, athletic warrior woman that could make any Nyuchezuu envious.

Li Zhen has become the silent night guardian of the village, shreeding bandits to bloody pulp, but as gentle as a newborn kitten to children.

In the Past, a new warrior would shake up feelings of envy, angry, prejudice, and lust, but Shenga has a aura of purity and light, that seems to drive all negative emotions from those close to her.

She won them over by saving Shan Pu and two small children from a disease-maddened wolf pack.

She became friends with the village champion, Elder Kuh Lon’s heir, Shan Pu. An event that began to open the heart of the lonely Nyuchezuu. She even calmed the hormonal fires of Hidden Weapons Master Mu Su.

Elders Kuh Lon, Mi Tsu, and Lo Shan have watched there newest member learn fighting technique after fighting technique. They watched Splitting Cat Hairs, Sweet Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire punch, Blasting Point Pressure Point, and others be learned in **hours**!!

They also watched he learn the art of healing and medicine, from simple herbal remedies to advance Ki transfers. Since the healing of Mu Su, something the Elder Healer failed at, all forms of Medicine are hers.

Kuh Lon remember what happened 3 Months ago, when the lives of her heir and Mu Su changed, and Shenga displayed her hidden power.


//Outside Village//

//3 Months ago//

Shenga, Mu Su, and Shan Pu are walking down a path carrying a freshly killed wild boar.

<« STIPID MU SU!! I TOLD YOU I’M FINE!!! »> yells Shan Pu, threating to smash Mu Su with her bon bori.

<« Sister, Calm down. Mu Su just cares about you, but Mu Su, you should calm down. My healing herbs will have her totally healed by the time we get home. »> says Shenga, <« Let’s hurry up. »>

<« Thanks Shenga, I’ll try to remember your the best healer in the village. »>

<« Me..the best..well »> says a badly blushing Shenga.

<« Sister, you *are* the best. Elder Healer Gel said so. »>

Suddenly, they here a conversation up ahead. Remember reports on Musk, the group ducks behind a boulder and peeks over it.

They see the bulky male Mao Wazi, Elder Rin ce, and exiled Nuchezuu warrior Dai talking to several men dressed in black. Shenga spots the tattoos that mark the men of *Triad* and alerts her fellow Amazons.

<« Those old fools!! »> says Mao Wazi with a snarl, <« There so consumed with history and tradition, they can’t see the power before them. »>

<« I’m sick of this small, primitive village! »> says Rin Ce, <« The Same stupid students decade after decade. Now I have the chance to get rid of my rivals especially Kuh Lon, Lo Shan, and Mi Tzu. »>

Dai pulls out a long jet-black staff with a large violet crystal on top and smaller oval ones in the staff. A image flashes threw Shenga’s mind, « The Death Stone Staff ».

Suddenly, the group of Triad and Traitors turn and spot the three Amazons. Dai’s Death Stone Staff glows with a blue-violet miasma. Dai concentrates and points his staff at the trio.

<« I knew my friends would want a demonstration. »>

A beam of dark violet energy shoots out of the staff. Shan Pu, Mu Su, and Shenga leap away as the beam of energy strikes. The huge boulder they were hiding behind glows purple then collapses into powder. Dai fires a second beam, which Shenga ducks with her inhuman reflexes. The second beam hits the wild boar.

The boar then glows purple. Flesh rots and dissolves off the bones, which turn to dust. Shenga is shocked by the staff’s power. Then she turns and fires a ki blast from her palm.

The Staff is knocked from Dai’s hand high into the air. Rin Ce is shocked that the child was able to produce to a pure raw ki blast.

The battle explodes. The 7 Triad men do the worst. They use pitiful martial arts, knives, and guns. In seconds there flesh is rended and bones are shattered. They only get a chance to scream when there bloody, mangled forms hit the dirt. Dai uses his swords to counter Mu Su’s long range weapons. The strong agile Shan Pu holds her own against the massive muscular Mao Wazi. Shenga’s superior strength, speed, and agility enable her to hold her own against the skill of the 213 year old Elder of the Nyuchezuu.

Suddenly, Dai gets threw Mu Su’s defenses and is about to deliver a lethal sword strike. A bon bori strikes Dai in the back of the skull. The distraction enables Mu Su to deliver a « Fist of the White Swan » to the nose with a red spray. The chi-charged ceramic weapon manages to shatter bone sending fragments into Dai’s brain.

Mu Su hears and a cry and turns to see giant Mao Wazi crushing Shan Pu whos about to drop her other bon-bori.

Mu Su throws a chains which wraps around Mao Wazi’s neck. He pulls himself into the air, pulling Mao’s head back and himself on Mao back. He used bird talon foot weapons to tear threw Mao Wazi’s back muscles. As Mao lets go, Shan Pu jumps off his chest into the air and comes down, bon bori raised. The sphere of iron covered in steel strikes Mao Wazi’s head, caving it in a crimson spray of blood and gore.

Meanwhile, Shenga and Rin Ce are *Still* fighting fast and furious. There raging energies tearing the ground apart.

They suddenly stop, revealing there battered forms.

<« Impressive, ~Shenga~. »> Rin Ce sneers.

<« You shouldn’t have used Chestnut Fist, ~Elder~, you may have superior skill, but I have superior power. »>

<« True Little Dragon, but I have more tricks. »> says Rin Ce focusing her chi.

The Death Stone Staff and Rin Ce’s Elder Staff explode from a pile of rumble into Rin Ce’s hands. She turns and fires a huge black-purple blast from the D.S.S. at Shenga. Shenga draws her hand back, crackling with white-gold ki. She backhands the blast sending it flying into a section of forest.

There is a violet flash, then the section of forest dies. The green trees and plants turn brown and collapse into dust. Ridges of ancient rock crumble into powder and lone deer dissolves into dust.

Shenga holds her arm, feeling as if she broke every bone in it. Her hand is smoking and is covered in fine white dust, the result of the outer skin cells disintergrating.

A shower of Mu Su’s weapons heads for Rin Ce, but a spray of vapor-like purple energy causes them to rust and dissolve into dust. Rin Ce screams in rage and channels all of her ki reserves from herself and her ancient fighting staff into a beam of violet death.

Shenga protects herself and friends with a Ki barrier. She’s glad she saw the Musk Prince Herb use one and learned how to make her own. The strain in immense. Shenga’s clothing slowly dissolves. The ground around the barrier dissolves and is blown away. Her hair goes threw the strangest transformation, it rapidly lengthens and shifts from red to black to gray to dark violet!!

Suddenly, another shower of weapons shoots at Rin Ce. The wood rots away, ceramics crumble, and the metal corrodes, but a single golden blade strikes the shocked Elder in the chest. As the beam is disrupted, Shenga releases her shield at Rin Ce as a wave-like ki blast.

Rin Ce doesn’t have a chance to scream as the blast hits. The Death Stone staff shatters into splinters and gem dust. A storm of purple energy miasma consumes Rince and the earth round. In a flash, all that remains is a pile of fine dust.

Shenga collapses.

<« Shenga, are you alright?!? »> says Mu Su, <« Are you Hurt?!? Was your hair always purple??? »>

<« Stupid Mu Su, stop crowdig her! »> says Shan Pu.

<« I’m fine, just tired, and he’s not stupid, Shan Pu. »> says Shenga, <« If it wasn’t for that gold blade, we be dusted. »>

<« Thanks Shenga. »> says Mu Su, « but I do have one question. »

He looks over his shoulder and Shan Pu and Shenga follow his gaze. To the pile of dust that was there boar.

<« What are we going to eat now?? »>

~~End of Flashback~~

Shenga managed to clear Mu Su’s vision in both the physical and mental sense. Curing his vison problems and giving advice on how to make a relationship. A Miracle.

Shenga is praticing her kata dressed in a red/gold/black fire-design pantsuit. Three Elders sit by watching her.

<« I’m beginning to believe she is the daughter of a Dragon. »> says Mi Tzu, <« but she has the aura of a Tiger Spirit »>

<« Within her I have sensed Dragon power far greater than the Musk Prince Herb. »> says Lo Shan, <« but it’s overshadowed by something that reminds me of the Dreaded Cat Fist. Could… Could she be the Daughter of Bastet??? »>

<« We can only guess. »> says Kuh Lon, <« What I *do* know is most of her power is hidden. »>

Suddenly, an alarm goes threw the village. The Elders and Shenga turn to see the Former Guide of Jusenkyo, crying, carrying a small bloody form. The form of his daughter Plum!!!

<« Plum! What has happened, Guide?!? »>

<« Musk Invasion! 2 Days. At Junsenkyo. »> he says as he collapses revealing a bloody back, <« Please Help Daughter »>

Without thinking, Shenga places her hands on Plum’s small broken body. There is a small white flash and Shenga’s hands ignite with golden light. A shower of golden particles falls from her hands and are absorbed by the small body. The Elders watch in amazement as bones fuse back together, flesh mends and heals, and blood flows back into the body. Finally, the glow dies and Plum, still clad in bloody, torn clothing, is completely healed without a trace of a scar.

Shenga then grabs the guide and uses the same golden energy to heal him.

<« Child. »> says Lo Shan, <« What did you do?? That wasn’t normal Ki. »>

<« I do not know Elder Lo Shan, I think it was a mixture of Ki and Magic. I did it without thought. »>

<« Well learn about it later, were at War. »> says Mi Tzu.

//Pools of Sorrow//

// 2 Days later//

The entire Musk army stands ready for a invasion against the Nyuchezuu. With the lose of the Jusenkyo 5 months ago and the supply of Spring Water depleted, they need the Nyuchezuu for slaves and breeding stock. This rigid patriarch society can’t coceive of Women’s Rights. They are armed with swords, spears, battle axes, and other heavy weapons.

The Leaders are super-strength-gifted Lime, super-fast Mint, mage Loremaster, Generals Cayenne, Mustard, and Halepino, and the Dragon Prince of the Musk Dynasty Herb.

On the ridge, they see Nyuchezuu army armed with bon-bori, spears, swords, and potion bombs. Three are even armed with AK-47s they took from the People’s Army.

<« I told that fool to stop the Guide and his brat. »> says General Cayenne, <« MUSK ARMY FORWARD!!! »>

//The Battle Begins//

The forces of the Woman Hero Tribe and the Descendents of the Musk clash. Soon the once accursed waters of Jusenkyo turn red with blood. The Musk possess superior strength and ki, but the woman hero tribe possesses superior skills. Blades cut threw flesh and bone. Bullet shreed flesh in gory sprays. Blasts of Ki destroy there enemies.

Shenga delivers a brutal knee strike to the chest of a huge bull-based Musk warrior. The Musk’s sternum implodes with a audable crunch, broken ribs tear into vital organs including the heart. The Musk lets out a tiny groan (can’t say much with no lungs) and falls dead to the ground.

Suddenly, Shenga senses something wrong. She runs across the gore soaked field to the battle between the Elders and the Dragon Prince Herb. She finds some of the Elders dead and the others paralysed by a black magic orb helded by the Msuk sorceror Loremaster. Musk Warrior Mint spots her and rushes forward at top speed. His Friend Lime ia about to use a HUGE mace on Lo Shan!

Shenga is hard-pressed against Mint’s superspeed which has been enhanced even further by magical means.She helpless to stop

As the Mace is falling, Li Zhen explodes from neraby brush. The immense White Tiger knocks the Musk Titan back, but Herb hits her with a bolt of Ki. General Cayenne also appears with his flame sword delivering a burning gash to the Tiger’s side.

Deep within the Tiger’s mind, something clicks. A surge of power to counter the immense pain.

Deep within Shenga’s mind, something clicks. A surge of power to counter the immense suffuring.

General Cayenne is about to kill the Tiger with his mystic sword when the Tiger glows white and begins to change. Where there was once an injured giant white tiger there is now a tall *naked* white Were-Tiger!! The Tigress’ delivers a kick to the General’s sword hand before he can recover. The sword of fire flies into the sky as she delivers hyper-fast punches that shatter musk bones and pulverize flesh!

Shenga stands sorrounded by a golden aura while Mint races around looking for a weakness. Suddenly, she delivers a glowing two finger strike to the Musk’s forehead. What happens next is very gory as Mints skeleron tear out of his body, reducing him to a high velocity spray of blood and pulp*

(*Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken (Bone Crushing Fist) from Hokuto Shinken (Fist of the North Star))

The gore spray blinds Lime, soaking him in hid friend’s blood. When he opens his eyes, he looks into the eyes of death. Shenga’s glowing eyes. Her right hand is on Lime’s chest. The next thing he knows is an explosion of pain followed by oblivion.

The Dragon Prince Herb is enraged at what he sees. His General pulverized by a Lycanthrope and his two closest « friends » reduced to gore explosions. He pulls out a strange black animal fang from his cloak. Shenga feels the unnatural aura of Fang, very similar to Death Stone Staff!!


« Foolish Werecreature. Nothing can enter my barrier, neither matter nor energy!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! »

Loremaster is trying to hit Li Zhen with the black orb’s power. Li Zhen makes a open hand strike (like she pushing something) 3 meters away. A bolt of pressurized air hits the orb sending it into Loremaster’s chest with bone-crushing force. Loremaster falls to the ground koffing up blood.

Li Zhen appears and delivers multiple claw strikes. Three seconds later, Loremaster falls to bloody pieces.

//Lime (Back you Hentais)//

Lime recovered from the impact attacks Li Zhen, but she proves that no matter how strong a person is, it doesn’t mean Shit if it’s not fast enough to hit. Li Zhen dissapears and reappears with her own inhuman speed. Yhen in a shreeking white flash, Li Zhen appears infront of Lime in a spinning dance. He also watches as her sparkling, spinning form seems to move threw his body like a ghost and strike a stance behind him.

Lime tries to turn and he is no more, his entire body explodes and dissolves into red mist and bone fragments.


The Dragon Prince Herb is seething with rage. He just watched a Were-Tiger and a white-haired child destroy the greatest warriors of the Musk. He kills another Amazon with a compressed ki blast, then he reaches under his cloak and pulls out a large black animal fang edged with glowing runes. It glows with a violet miasma as the Prince’s enraged Ki activates the fang.

The Dragon Prince roars as the energies of the Accursed Fang merges with his Ki and change him. The Prince’s blood boils as raw power flows threw his veins. His flesh pulsates and grows, and the multiplied Ki covers him a dark aura. Every cell charged with power begins to change and he begins to evolve into a stronger form.

Deep within the Descendent of the Ki Dragon, the Fangs true evil surfaces. The darkness of the fang made connections when it whispered to the Prince about the War with the Amazons, it made more when the Prince began to trust in it. Now as the Prince uses it’s powers, the Darkness shatters the noble soul of the Royality and leaves behind a dark copy in it’s place.

The Ki flames clear to reveal the New Dragon Prince. He stands taller and more muscular with blood-gold eyes, black scaly skin, and long violet hair. He now wears dark violet dragon-scale chest/back armor and bracers. He also wears black pants and boots. The most menacing traits are the sharp talonid fingers, long dragon-style horns and spikes, and steam pouring from his mouth. (a cross of Herb and an evil shenlong from DBZ-GT)

A faint stream of blood comes from his mouth.

Herb jumps forward with enough power that the ground beneath him shatters leaving a huge crater. Herb covered in a fierce violet aura kills 14 Amazons and 9 *Musk* in less than 10 seconds. His victims fall to the ground in bloody, smoking pieces.

Herb appears infront of Li Zhen and Shenga and fires a monsterous violet Ki blast that sends them flying.

Herb laughs maniacally and begins firing massive purple fireballs one after another in a machine-gun fashion (think Vegita’s Rozoku Shine). Within minutes, 69% of the Nyuchezuu army and 52% of the Musk are ruthlessly destroyed.

Herb flys into the air, laughing like a madman. He raises his hands and two violet spheres appear and begin to grow. They grow from 10 centimeters to 1 meter to 100 meter radius, both crackling with black lightning. With a throw of his right arm, the first sphere rockets threw the sky towards a mountain on the edge of Jusenkyo.

There is a massive explosion and flash like that of a nuke. In that blast the mountain and the Musk Citadel is destroyed. Both armies can’t believe the destruction and horror.

With a insane smirk, Herb tosses the other sphere in the direction of the Nyuchezuu village. The remaining Amazons can only watch as there destruction falls.

[Shenga’s Revenge]

Suddenly, a golden blast lances the ball of violet death. The ball explodes, shattering into white fire that only causes minor damage and small fires.

Shenga and Li Zhen stand with gold-white battle auras burning like bonfires.


Li Zhen fires hundreds of high speed vacuum blades at the demonic dragon prince. The blades cut flesh in sprays of black blood. The armor falls away in tiny pieces. Herb roars in pain, then begins to glow *black*!


Shenga releases a huge gold-white ki blast (think Kamehameha)which…


…slams into Dragon-Herb’s own black Ki blast.

Shenga and Herb strain with there two massive energy blasts. The colliding beams creates a sphere of swirling white and black. A sphere that radiates ki pressurized air and destructive ki energy waves. The ground shatters and the rock fragments levitate into the air. The remaining Nyuchezuu and Musk are blow away in the Ki-charged wind storm. The barren ground shakes like a 9.8 Earthquake.

Shenga strains as her pantsuit is shreeded by the winds and pools of sweat form on her body. The muscles and tendons strain threw the skin as cells glow with energy.

Herb’s monsterous form crackles with an aura of jet-black fire and black lightning. It’s monsterous hard muscles strain and bulge under the scaly hide. The dark ki in his cells rapidly approachs saturation.

Suddenly, Herb’s body morphs again. Herb grows another foot and his grotesque muscles triple in size. The black claws abd spikes lengthen spraying vaporized blood. The most gross feature is that his scaly skin doesn’t grow, but stretchs to obcene levels. Fluidic streams of black fire and lightning pour from his new form into his hands and the Demon Firestorm beam triples in diameter.

Shenga falls to her knees as the Demon Fire Storm pushes the Dragon Heart Fire to less than a meter from her. A massive crater forms from the pressure as her feet sink into the fused earth. 1st and 2nd degree burns and deep cuts form from the radiated Ki and burning rock fragments.

Shenga feels a hand on her burning shoulder and a wave of cool air washes over her nearly bare form. She sees Li Zhen behind her with her glowing hand touching her.

« Together? »

« Together!! »

Li Zhen transfers her own Ki force into Shenga. Within Shenga’s taxed cells Li Zhen’s Ki unlockes deeply hidden potential and ignites.

Herb stares in shock as Shenga’s DHF’s dragon image becomes a dragon and a tiger. The beams quadruples in diameter pushing Herb’s own black blast back. Herb can only roar as the beam over powers him in a white light.

There is silence except for the wind, then Herb explodes resembling a low-yeild nuke.


The surviving Nyuchezuu and Musk rush to the scene of the battle. They find the drained unconcious forms of Li Zhen and Shenga, and the dying, unmutated form of Herb. Kuh Lon approaches Herb as he trys to speak. His body is begining to dissolve into speaks of white light.

« Elder Kuh Lon of the Nyuchezuu… I have a message for the girl… that defeated me. I was given the… Dragon Fang by an agent of… a gret darkness. He said to… use it to… destroy the dragon child… of the Woman Heroes. The Darkness and… it’s agents will continue… to hunt… her and I leave…her with… a name….Entropy. »

The Musk and Nyuchezuu watch as Herb’s enmtire body dissolves into particles of light. In the reverse rain, a image of a chinese dragon appears ascending to the heavens.

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