❯ Ranma: Ascension – Final Training and Goodbyes ( Chapter 2 )

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[Ranma][Xover] Ranma: Ascension.


by Spaceman

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[Disclaimer]I don’t own Ranma

[Type] Alternate/Crossover

[Timeline] Alternates at Ranma age 5.

[Warning] Graphic Violence.



PART 2: Higher Planning.

//Private Plane Swallowtail 4//

//2 weeks later//

Ranma slowly wakes and finds himself in in a flying plane!. He’s dressed is white tiger-striped shirt, black pants, and his chinese slippers. He also notices his arm and leg are nearly finished *growing back*.

He sees the woman from the tomb. Without the fog of blood-lose he can see she’s a tall, athletic Japanese woman with dark tan kin and hip-length black hair. She’s dressed black boots, black pants, white T-shirt, and a black vest. She also wears an adventurer’s belt. He looks at her golden eyes with there almond pupils.

« Neko!! »

« Hello, Ranma » she says in Japanese, « My name is Neko-Yasha. Don’t be scared. »

« Where am I?!? »

« A plane. Were on route to Egypt. »

« Egypt?? Why?? Where’s Pops?? »

« Your ‘father’ is an idiot. He was trying to teach you a corrupted version of a art that should *never* be taught to humans. It’s best I explain more about myself. »

Neko-Yasha takes Ranma’s hands and slowly speaks to him.

« My name is Nekoko of the Neko-Yasha clan of Were-Tigers. (Ranma nearly freaks) There are many Zoamorphs in the world. Wolves, Tigers, Cheetahs, etc… We are special hidden races.’

‘Thousands of Years ago, the Egyptian Goddess of Cats Bastet and her co-wife the Goddess of War Sekmet created the Neko-ken for the were-cats. Just as China has Wushu, we have Neko-Ken varieties. Greedy, stupid humans like your father thought they could teach there own Neko-ken. Instead it either killed them or left them in a insane feral state. »

Ranma looks scared and Nekoko hugs him.

« Don’t worry. Bastet is a ptotector of children. She developed a weaker branch of Neko-ken to cure humans inflicted with the madness.’

‘The Reason I’m taking you to Egypt is because of what I did to save your life. »

Ranma slowly says « Magic? ».

« I was known as Nekoko of Spirits. A was a powerful sorceress until an insane devil hunter tricked me and sealed me in the Silver tomb. Your father took away the Silver tomb and ward gems, and the combination of Tiger and human blood triggered my magical resurrection.’

‘To be resurrected I absorbed the energies of the 1st tiger. To save you, I merged you with 2nd tiger. »

« I’M PART TIGER!?!? »

« Calm down, Ranma. Yes. You are a weretiger and have the potential to learn the True Neko-Ken. I promise you’ll be the best fighter in the world like you wanted and you’ll never be hurt by Genma again. »

Ranma stops and thinks. The training trip had been painful and insanely hard. When his father learned of his strange healing ability, he made thinks harder. Then he took it away, so the Tigers could hurt him! He almost died because of that Idiot! A thought struck him.

« How do you know my name? and my dream?? and modern Japanese??? »

« When the magic merged you and the tiger, it needed a pattern to work with, so it used me. As a result We have a link between us. I can tell that your lonely and I want to be your friend. »

<Friend? A Friend that will stay. No Pops to take me away.>

« I’ll do it! »

#Passengers. We will be landing in 10 minutes.#


//Temple of Bastet, Egypt//

« Neko-chan (as she liked being called), I forgot to ask you. What happened to the Silver Tomb and the … Seal Gems?? »

« Several were-creatures are vulnerable to silver, but only specialized magical silver can affect Neko-yasha Were-Tigers. I cast a spell that overloaded the spell template of the ‘coffin’. The magical silver superheated and vaporized. »

« and the Gems? »

« I didn’t want your Idiot father to take them. One little spell and instant gem dust! »

Ranma laughs at the image of the old bastard holding a handful of worthless dust.

Suddenly, the green eyes of the cat-headed Bastet statue glow. Nekoko and Ranma watch as the world around them ripples and vanishes into mist leaving them alone with the statue.


« I am Nekoko of Neko-Yasha Clan of Were-Tigers. I seek an audience with the Goddess Bastet and the Goddess Sekmet, Creators of the Cat Fist. I seek them in the name of child-victim of the Cat Fist and Humanity’s Greed. »

There is a silent pause.


« I do! »

With those words, Ranma and Nekoko vanish from the mortal plane.


//Egyptian sector-Pantheon//

Ranma and Nekoko appear in Egyptian-style garden. They turn and bow at two women before them.

Bastet is a sexual woman with long black hair, oval-pupil eyes, cat’s ears, and a tail. She wears a white dress. He aura explodes with pleasure.

Sekmet is a athletic « bad girl » with darker features and black clothing. Her aura is the paragon of Bad Girl.

« Hi » says Bastet « I’m Bastet, but you can call me Bast »

Nekoko and Ranma facefall.

« You’ll have to excuse her. The Egyptian Pantheon got into a drinking contest with the Greeco-Romans and Asgard. »

Double Facefall. Bastet shakes her head and casts a anti-hangover spell. (Gods like to party too)

« What is this about a child victim? »

Nekoko tells the two Goddesses of herself, Ranma’s training, the *numberous* nekoken attempts which resulted in numberous feline deaths, and the final nekoken attempt.

To says the two goddesses were severely pissed-off was like saying nuclear explosion at 100 meters was slightly brighter than a candle. A MAJOR ****ing understatement.



Genma lies smoking in a crater wondering how that 12th lightning strike hit him in a underground Tokyo subway station.


Bastet and Sekmet stare at the two mortals, well one mortal and one semi-mortal. They finally nod to each each other and begin.

« As Normal Cat-Warriors you are entitled to the True Cat Fist, but you and the Tiger spirits that merged with you suffered immensely and are entitled to more than normal. Alot More! How the Hell did you end up with such a rotten life!! Do you agree, Sekmet? »

« Yes. Me and Bastet secretly practice an Advance form of the True Cat Fist, the Great Cat God Fist. We will teach both of you along with the True Cat Fist. »

Ranma looks excited while Nekoko looks shocked! <A God’s art!?!?!>


//Yggsdrail Info Archive//

//1 year later//

Ranma sits at a Terminal reading page after page of info. The deities wanted Ranma to get an education, but Ranma wanted to learn martial arts, so they struck a deal. Equal amount of martial arts to educational material.

They facefalled when they say Ranma reading at hypertime speed (the speed which god’s can type at.).


//Paraguay, Earth Plane//

//1 year later//

Ranma is chasing his magically-enhanced ocelot friend. He’s surfs vines and races across brush and branches at incredible speeds. The magical Ocelot compared to a cheetah is like comparing a cheetah to a 40lb housecat.

Bastet smiles, she remembers 3 weeks ago when 8-year-old Ranma found the injured forest cat. The boy had cared for the little one and healed it with his own magic.

She swetdrops as Ranma goes straight threw a 20′ thick tree trunk. The bottom of the tree shatters in toothpicks.


//Tahuti’s Lab, Egyptian Pantheon//

//2 months later//

Tahuti, Thoth to the Greeks, just ran out after doing some tsubo/magical reading on him.

Ranma gets up and looks around. He looks at each colorful bottle, each herb, etc…

Ranma then uses one of Urd’s tricks (for when she locks herself out or wants to borrow items) to open a large cabinet. Inside are thousands of scrolls. Scrolls on Medicine, Pressure Points, Magic, and even several martial arts.

Ranma learned one think from Genma, scrolls are good. The scroll in the temple took away pain and healed him. Tahuti and other Pantheons of knowledge said « wisdom is power ». Ranma pulls out a pile and puts them on a lab table.

Ranma stomach rumbles. He notices a small fridge and uses the Urd Trick to open it. Various fruits, Odd plants, herbs, and colorful liquids. The titles which he can read (his Egyptian Hyrogythic is a little rusty) say « Strength enhancing Fruit Juice », »Mega Health drink », and « Herbal rejuvination. »

Ranma recalls that Most Knowledge Gods and Goddesses (with the exception of a certain sake-drinking Goddess of the Past) are Health nuts. Divine Foods for Divinity.

<Ah Well! Health Food is bettter than no Food!>

Ranma pulls out what appear to be berries, noodles, odd fruits, nuts, and three bottles of juice (one green, one red, one blue-violet).

He sits down at the lab table and begins to both eat and read.


//Bastet’s Garden//

« What is it, Tahuti? » says the alarmed Bastet

« Is Ranma OK? » says Sekmet

Nekoko looks worried.

« I took a look at his ‘chi lines’. Genma is a even worse bastard than we thought. Even before the trip, he used tsubos to dull Ranma’s prodigy mind. He made Ranma incapable of independent learning. »

« That’s horrible » says Nekoko, « Can you fix the damage? »

« I already pressed the correct points and 1 cup of 1% formula Green 20 should have him healed within a 2 weeks. There is a second problem. »

« Oh no » says Bastet « What now?? »

« 3 years ago, Ranma was given the gift of Dragon blood by a very powerful ki dragon. (the Cat-girls gasp)Just before the flawed Cat Fist training, Genma used limiters. »

« LIMITERS!!! » says Sekmet, « Ranma is only using PART of his power! »

« The limiters prevent Ranma from using more than *a tenth of a percent* of his total power. As the Dragon’s power increases, Ranma’s already vast powers increase and are further magnified by the Great Cat God Fist and his Were-Tiger nature. »

« A tenth of a percent!? » says Nekoko, « Ranma actually a 1000x more powerful and he’s still getting stronger!! »

« That’s not all. I’m detecting a unusal bloodline. Genma is not Ranma’s father! »

« That’s Great! » says Bastet, « What bloodlines »

« His mother contains Royal Jurai and Yagami. »

« A Tao thing » says Sekmet, « Part Protective Light/ Part Destructive Dark »

« His true father is…a Class 0 Makai »

« Makai??!?! » says the trio of Cat girls. Tahuti is nearly blown away.

« Ranma’s real father is a Darkstalker! » says Nekoko, « How did a Makai Realm demon get to Earth? Class O’s are as strong as Class 1 Gods!! »

« It’s hard to tell with the combined Ranma/Kageryuu Chaos, but I think we should ask Kami-Sama for more powerful limiters. »



Bastet, Sekmet, Tahuti, and Nekoko rush into the lab to find Ranma sitting near a pile of scrolls, fruit rines, nut shells, and empty bottles. In his hand is a smoking black powder.

« What happened?!? » says Tahuti, « I don’t have explos… »

Tahuti notices his medicinal fridge is open and looks at lunch. The bottles of Green: Mind/Psychic Enhancer, Red: Body/Beauty Enhancer; and Blue-Violet: Combo Magic/Ki enhancer. Super-strength noodles. Chinese Peaches. Sensu beans. Speed-enhancing nuts. Ambroisa. Jade Juice. Chinese Pearls. Super-Senses herb for flavor.

« Sorry, Tahuti-sensei » says an embrassed 8-year-old Ranma, »I raided the health food. »

« What caused the noise? » says Nekoko.

« I rubbed a stone, like those, too much. »

Tahuti and the three see the carbon stains on his hand and the small pile of pebble-size diamonds.

« I think we should get Limiters, Now! »

[END of Chapter 2]

PART 3: Final Training and Goodbyes

//Ranma Age 9//

Ranma is playing a game with the tricksters Coyote, Raven, Anazi, and a Fox. It involves summoning elemental spirits fueled by the players own mana. <Weird Games. Yugioh is Japanese for « King of the Games ». This game is based on something called Dual Monsters. Where do they get these Ideas??>

« Alright. » says a tired Coyote, « I Summon the Star-eyed Silver Dragon. »

Ranma watches as Coyote’s card dissolves into silver fire and a silver inferno appears on the fighting ground. A huge silver dragon bursts from the flames and roars. With a flick of Coyote’s wrist, the Dragon fires a huge blast of white fire.

Ranma’s own elemental monster, a Black Golem shatters and dissolves from existance.

« So much for the rockhead, horsey. » mocks Coyote, « Silver is the strongest monster in the deck. »

Ranma pulls a black card from his deck.

« I summon the Shadowwalker »

A clouds of black mist and dark electricity swirl on the deck. The smoke coaleses to forms a tall dark warrior dressed in traditional black ninja outfit with tight leather bracers, lace-up leather boots, and a sleaveless black coat.

« Hah! » says Coyote, « Shadowwalker has less than a tenth the power Silver has. »

Ranma holds up what Dual Monsters would call a Magic Card. A Black Card with a dozen swirls interlinking on it. Ranma smirks and says, « Chaos Dance ».

Black Fire explodes from the Card into Shadowwalkers form. A black battle aura explodes around him and he becomes a dark blur of motion. Black lightning and fire swirls around the arms.

« Dancer’s Ribbon. »

He jumps into the air, spins, and whips a trail of darkness like a ribbon whip.

The first strike doesn’t have an effect.

The second strike makes it flince.

The third weakens the dragon.

The fourth tears threw.

The Dragon dissolves.

//Minutes later//

« Good one, Ranma » says Anazi, « Chaos Dance doubles damage per strike. Walker may be weaker, but he hits multiple times. »

Ranma just smirks, playing with a baseball-size jet-black ball of chaos energy. <I’m a Chaos Master, Wolfie>

On the stone floor is a smoking, featherless bird. To the bird, Coyote says, « That’s what you get for cheating Raven. Come on, Ranma lets see if Skuld’s ice cream shipment is in. » Ranma nods and absentmindedly tosses the sphere away.

//Pantheon Ice cream shop//

Skuld shivers. <Icecream is my power up, how can Ranma eat 10x me!!>

//Earth Plane//

The Gambling King smirks at the lunch money he got from the little kids. He kisses his new trick cards.

Suddenly, there is a blinding flash. When it clears, a charred man with a burnt black beard and dressed in a smoking grey ribbons stands in a deep glowing red crater. The miracously unharmed yen coins roll down the hill, where the little kids quickly snatches them up.

//Ranma Age 10//

Urd laughs at the « Chaos Master » Ranma, a aura of swirling black around him. Numberous Bugs jump up and down around him. Urd smirks and says, « I Promise, If you ever master that aura, I’ll run threw Greeco-Roman Pantheon butt-nekkid. »

//45 seconds later//

Urd facefalls as she sees Ranma make all 24 Bugs line up in rows of 6 and sing Urd’s favourite song before musically popping out of existance.


Lightning writes a message in the cobblestones.


//3 minutes later//

The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes of Greeco-Roman Pantheon enjoy the show of a certain Aesir. All except Zeus, who Hera is pounding him into subspace. (VERY BIG HAMMER).

//Ranma Age 11//

Nekoko and Bast look amazed at the sight of before them. A serpentine Class 1 Unlimited Demon ia suppose to be extremely dangerous. This one is tied in numberous knots that would make the Boy Shouts green with envy.

« What did he do » says Nekoko, finally over her accent, « Try to raid Heaven’s Armory. »

« No » says Ranma, who is now making knots in its long forked tongue, « He tried to steal my lunch! »

As Ranma sits down to eat his Ramen, Nekoko notices there using a new kind of marble in the floors, it tastes different.

//Ranma Age 12//

Five Demons and Five Gods stare at the boy before them. They where about to finish each other off, when he appeared and kicked the crap out of them. Ranma picks threw the rubbles and pulls out a silvery lunch box.

« Ah Lunch Time! »

Ranma eats Ambrosia while the audience of ten eat limestone. A common site near Ranma.

//Ranma Age 13//

Ranma is juggling a dozen black balls of crackling Chaos energy.

Suddenly, a 30 foot monster made of magma and flame attacks. Ranma tosses the balls into the air and ducks the monsters huge fiery fists. He continues to evade the attacks for a minute and a half.

There is a whisling sound and the monster looks up.

Six of the chaos balls come down on the monster’s head, they pass striaght threw and hit the ground. They also tranfers the heat from the beast to the stone floor. The now ice cold stone monsters crumbles and collapses into the newly formed lava pit.


A shower of smoking black feathers falls from the sky.

« Raven. Raven. Raven. This is the 36th monster attack, birdbrain. »

Roasted Raven hits the stones with a *SPLAT!*.

//Down in Hell//

Several Demons are praying before a Ranma shrine. The incense and blood is normal, but black lace panties!?!

//A week later//

Ranma stands next to pile of demons and goddesses.

First, he beat up several incubi who were attacking a godling.

Then, the 15 year old Goddess of Charity acted like a Goddess of Lust trying to ~thank~ him.

Then, three succubi (female sex demons) and two more goddesses got in a fight over him.

THEN, four gods and six incubi (male succubi) attacked Ranman over the females.

Ranma stares at the smoking pile, freshly zapped by the Almighty.

« I told them I’m only 13. » <Why are Immortals, so sex crazed.>

//4 days later//

//Aesir Ice Cream Parlor//

Ranma has finished his 3rd gallon of ice cream. Skuld is staring at him.

« OK Skuld-chan, what do you want for the ice cream you gave me?? »

Skuld smirks <Urd, I’ll show you!>. She grabs and kisses him deeply.

The Kiss goes on and on.

//34 min later//

The Kiss finally breaks.

Skuld feels funny like a combination warm heat and ice cream headache.

Ranma is glowing a golden area crackling with jet-black lioghtning.

Thor walks in and notices the badly blushing pair. He moves to put his hand on Ranma’s shoulder.

« Hey Kid, you…? »


One extra crispy Thor falls to the ground with a loud CRACK! causing the floor to develop a spiderweb of cracks.

Ranma and Skuld Sweaydrop. Then Skuld grabs Ranma again.

//Ranma Age 14//

//The Training Chamber//

The Training Chamber. A transfinite full enviroment control area for training Gods and Goddess. Specifical, a place created by Skuld, Tahuti, and other Gods and Goddess of Future and Wisdom, for Heaven’s Rising Star, Ranma Saotome. A Place based on the plans of the famed scientist/goddess Washu. (***WHAM!!!** Washu-chan)

Outside, the TC is 10 meter radius circular white building with 10 meter high walls, and a white and gold dome. Inside, is 100 km radius and 200 km high at the center training area.

Today, Ranma is training at 350x Earth’s gravity wearing weighted clothing and his Limiter bands. The Limiter bands resemble heavy black bracers and silver earstud. Ranma has grown alot over past few years and now stands at nearly 6 foot with dark tanned skin, striking blue eyes, and short spiky black hair with his trademark braid. He has a body that makes other Gods envious.

He jumps around in the high gravity like a Hyper-active Grasshopper on Cappochino.

His opponents appear, powerful synthetic humanoids known Ranoids and attack units known as Blasting Balls. Each Ranoid is a tall, lean muscular humanoids ranging from 5’1 to 7’1 with pure white skin and no facial features or any features on there smooth plastic-like bodies. The Blasting Balls are 6-inch-radius black spheres.

The Ranoids physical attack are impressive with hypersonic speed, superhuman strength, and harder than diamond skin. They also possess high-velocity miniguns, miniturized railguns, particle weapons, and other nasty weapons built into there body or stored in subspace pockets.

The Blasting Ball are hyper-fast hovering machines each with enough stored armaments to start World War III and enough left for WWIV.

Todays battle, 500 version 3210 Ranoids and 1500 version 3515 Blasting Balls verses Ranma. Begin!

Within nanoseconds its raining neutronium armor, sythetizoid blood, and metal fragments. 425 R 1415 BB.

« RESHA NEKOSHINKEN!!!! » (Rapid Fire Cat God Fist)

Blasting Ball burst like bolloons. Ranoids are shreeded into a shower of dark blue sytho-gore. 365 R 1355 BB

Ki blast that would make a Super-Saiyajin Jealous.

226 R 1134 BB


186 R 1054 BB

« KOTONRYUUJIN KAGESHOTEN HA!!! » (Chaos Dragon God Dark Ascension punch)

054 R 0512 BB

He finishes with something similar to Vegita’s ki gatling gun.

000 R 0001 BB

Ranma smirks at the wobbling Blasting Ball pointing a mini-railgun at him. Ranma moves his pinkie.

The BB falls to pieces. GAME OVER!

//Outside the TC//

Ranma steps out of the chamber and finds Skuld and Tahuti waiting for him.

« So » says Skuld, « How did training go? »

« A little dull actually. »

Skuld notices the gauges on the TC’s side

Chamber Gravity: 350G

Chamber Supply: 0 BB/0 R

Chamber Damage: 85.6%


« I even wore your best weighted clothing and my limiters are on full. »

Double Facefall

« Wh..Which Limiters?? » says Tahuti

« The New Models. »

MEGA Facefall.

« How do you feel??? » says Skuld flossing the marble out.

« I was holding back. »

ULTRA FACEFALL! (also known as « China’s-Gravel-tastes-funny facefall »)

<At least we will have a ringer in arm wrestling when the other team uses Atlas> thinks Tahuti.

<He’s not even a God yet! Weve raised a Monster!!!>

« Well I off to my magic lessons »

After Ranma leaves, Skuld sweatdrops and turns to a sweating Tahuti.

« Well… Back to the Drawing Board!!! »

//1 day later//

//Planet 134-635-134//

Ranma stands on the Earth size planet. The Planet has a thin nitrogen/methane atmosphere and is covered in dirty-looking ice.

<This is the test. My most destructive magical attack on a worthless planetoid in a dead galaxy… Its weird speaking in a near airless atmosphere>

« Dragon of Chaos I call to thy.

Break the barriers and set free.

Eternal Darkness I swear to thy.

End of all things I set you free.

Consume the day and the night.

Consume the darkness and the light.

Grant thy…. SOLITUDE’

A column of pure black energy explodes around him. The darkness spreads from Ranma like a dome, an Akira wave that tears threw matter before consuming.

From space, you can see a point on the planet so pitch black, then watch it expands rapidly to cover the entire planet. Streams of black energy shoot like solar flares before diving back in. The dark energies break down all matter below the subatomic, creating a quantum field.

Suddenly, the entire planet implodes into a miasma of dark power, that also collapses. The Only thing left of the planet is a few arcs of dark energy and Ranma floating silently in space.

« That big enough? »

//Yggsdrail monitors 321//

Skuld watches as the sensors record Planet 134-635-134’s reading cease. The Screen says,


<Planets are made of matter. Matter is made of molecules and atoms. Atoms are made of subatomic particles. Subatomic particles are made of quarks. Quarks are made of Gleon-Quarks.> thinks Skuld, <You can fit enough gluon-quarks in a atoms there are atoms in the universe and *Yggsdrail* *can’t* *find* *ONE!!!* Not only did he breakdown everything to the last quark, he pushes every single gluon-quark into another demension!!!!!!>

//1 week later//


A number of pantheons stand on a asteroid in orbit of a blue-white planet. The planet is the farther from its white supergiant system star.

The Characters are:

Bishamon. Japanese God of war, justice and protector of the law.

Futsu-Nushi-no-Kami. God of fire and lightning, war god and general of Ameratsu.

Hachiman. God of war and agriculture, and the divine protector of the Japanese people.

Guan-di. Taoist god of war

Yu-huang. The Jade Emperor of China.

Kartikeya. Hindu War god and bestower of knowledge and power.

Karttikeya. Hindu God of war and the general of the celestial armies.

Belatu-Cadros. Also Belatucadros. Celtic God of war and destruction of enemies.

Teutates. Celtic god of war, fertility and wealth.

Badb. Irish war goddess

Morrigan. Irish Goddess of War and Death.

Various Egyptian Gods and Goddesses of War including Sekmet.

Even the Loa (Voodoo God) Ogoun

« Ranma-san has progressed far in his mortal years » says Bishamon, « He has the potential to be a Great Hero. »

« Who are you kidding, Bisha-kun? » says Futsu-Nushi-no-Kami, « Most of us here combined couldn’t take him. His power level already dwarfs most gods. *When* Ranma ascends he’ll go straight from ~mortal~ to Class 1 Unlimited. »

« He reminds me of the Monkey » says the Jade Emperor, « The Same drive to be Great. »

« Yes, he does act like Gokou at times » says Hachiman, « Except, he didn’t learn with Thoth’s lab like Gokou’s appetite. »

« I heard of that barn’s bottomless pit » says Morrigan with a accent, « Is it true, he ate three trees of Peaches and three bags of Pearls!! »

« Yes. » says a giggling Guan-di, « he also drank enough Jade juice to drown a Tatsu! »

« I heard he ate an entire Pa Snake as a snack » says Teutates, « How the H**l could he eat a *elephant*-eating Chinese serpent-dragon!?!? »

Suddenly, Ares snaps his fingers.

« The reason I called you here is to show you Ranma’s ki abilities. You’ve already heard the Aesir report on Ranma’s battle magic. »

« Yes. » says Karttikeya, « His Solitude is more powerful than Universe L’s Giga Slave or Princess Saturn’s Revolution. »

« Why are we this far away from Ranma’s test planet. » says Ogoun, « Is he going to do it Saiyajin style and blow up the entire planet with a flash? »

« Bigger. »

Suddenly, there is a violet light from the third planet from the Star. A violet flash that makes a second dark star appear in the darkness.

Ares projects a picture with an Aesir Terminal- A holographic Yggsdrail Uplink Laptop.

[On Screen]

[Dated a few minutes ago]

A violet shockwave travels across the face of planet. Oceans turn white as water vaporizes. Land masses turn from green to red as vegitation is vaporized and bedrock boils into the air. The entire planet shakes as the mantle shatters.

A beam of violet white fire erupts from the planet and the planet seems to shunder.

[Orbit around Star]

[Date: Mins later]

The Violet Beam moving at near light volicity hits the surface of the Star and buries itself straight to the core.

Monitors read temperature and solar activity. Temperatures double, triple, quadruple over and over. Hydrogen-Helium fusion shifts to glueon-quark reactions.

The Blue Star flares with monsterous atomic solar flares and arcs of energy. The Star darkens as the Star reaches a critical level.

Subatomic stellar matter, too accellerated to be controlled by gravity, blasts into space. The shift in mass affects the balance of gravity and fusion. The Star loses cohension.

In Terran Layman’s terms, the star flares and goes Supernova, exploding into a nebula storm.

[Planet 3 orbit]

[Minutes later]

The planet is completely dead. The atmosphere and oceans have been burnt off. The surface is boiling magma and vaporized metallic gases. It gives a red-black-brown cracked egg look.

Suddenly, a distortion, a gravity shockwave from the Sudden Supernova hits the planet reducing it to cosmic dust.

[Back to the Asteroid]

All of the Gods and Goddesses have Huge Sweatdrops. Ares looks very jealous.

« We… we better leave now. That shockwave will hit this planet in a few minutes. »

The Pantheon warriors nod and vanish in a flash of light.

// Age 15//

Nekoko and Ranma stand on a raised dais infront of Bastet, Sekmet, Skuld, Tahuti, and the Kageryuu.

« Today you’ll will begin a journey to learn and understand the mortal plane. » says Sekmet, « You’ll also get a chance to compete in the Tournaments of Makai, Jaden, and the mortal Plane »

« To make sure they at least have a chance. » says Skuld, « Your new limiters will keep you at mortal power limits. Try not to vaporize anyone. »

« I also have a Gift for you, Child of my Blood. » says the Chaos Dragon. He raises a 5-taloned forepaw and violet light covers Ranma.

As it clears, Ranma stands his impressive +6 feet height dressed in a sleeveless black silk shirt, black draw string pants, and black slippers. The shirt at a detailed silver tiger design on the right side and a gold dragon on the left. On his back is a silver cresent moon over a ying-yang Tao symbol. The symbols « Ten » and « Ran » below it. He also wears his new gold-detailed thin black bracers (actually Limiters), but over the right Bracer is a detailed black dragon bracer.

« The clothing is lighter than any cloth on the mortal plane and magical layer of air on them makes them stain and water proof. They are also near-indestructible.’

‘The Bracer is the Rune Weapon, the Silent Heart. Untold Millenia ago, a part of my Immortal Soul was merged with that device. It has many powers that I can only trust with you, my Avatar.’

‘My Final gift is Silence Sword. Millenia the soul of the demonic Silence was broken in half and used to create two of the most powerful Rune Weapons in existance, one a Glaive and the other the Sword. You can use the Silent Heart to summon the Sword if you require it. »

The Gods are a little unnerved by the Avatar of Alien Force. A Lord of Nightmares. Bastet is a little shocked at the fact the Chaos Dragon possessed two planet-destroying Rune Weapons, she then smiles and both her and Sekmet fire a shower of sparkling gold and violet mist from there palms.

« We also have a sword for you, too, and one for Konoko » says Bastet.

At Konoko’s side, a black scabbard Japanese-style Katana appears. It’s a beautifully crafted weapon that seems to resonate with power. Sekmet speaks with pride.

« She is called ‘Heaven’s Tears’. She looks Japanese but she was forged by the ancient gods over a period of 2000 years and folded 800 million times. The Alloy can withstand temperatures hotter than the sun and can easily cut threw the hardest metal and diamonds. She can also focus magical, psychic, life, and spiritual power. She is a weapon of the Heavens. »

Konoko is awed by it. She can’t believe all this stuff happened to her *after* she died. She nearly crys.

<Yes! Yes! YES!! Eat your heart out Clan Sisters!!!>

At Ranma’s side, a similar Katana with a black-and-silver instead white-and-gold grip.

« She is called ‘Redemption’. She is the sister blade. A darkness to her sisters light. Same powers but forged by ancient demon gods. While Heaven’s Tears is filled with Ki (spirit life energy), she is filled with Satsuki (killing ki). »

Ranma can feel the inner darkness of his blade, like a suductress. Worse than that cave of a 1000 succubi. This is a HUGE responsability. They both makes there weapons disappear into there personal subspace pockets.

<Who had thought?> thinks Tahuti, <He was raised as pure unarmed fighter, but he turned out to have a talent with the blade. He’s now a master swordsman carrying the two Deadliest swords in existance.>

Skuld jumps onto the Dais and kisses Ranmam then leaps down, leaving Ranma with a crimson face.

With a flash, Konoko and Ranma vanish.

[Demon Realm]

A ancient demon speaks for the first time in millenia. « It begins »

[Kami’s Office]

Kami-Sama stares at his computer screen, « MISSION ACTIVE »

[Zero Star of Sagittarius]

Kotonryuu coiled black body hovers over the Galactic Cauldron. Two dark bubbles of energy appear and hovers infront of him.

« Two down, four to go! »


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Ranma: Ascension – The Dragon and the Tiger/Higher Planning
Ranma: Ascension – Dug in Deep