❯ Ranma: Ascension – Dug in Deep ( Chapter 3 )

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[Ranma][Xover] Ranma: Ascension.


by Spaceman

Monday, February 11, 2002

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[Disclaimer]I don’t own Ranma

[Type] Alternate/Crossover

[Timeline] Alternates at Ranma age 5. I do not know the Golddigger’s timeline. Alterverse?

[Warning] Graphic Violence.


PART 4: Dug in Deep

/Digger’s mansion, Atlanta, Georgia, USA/

/Early Morning/

The air outside the Digger’s home ripples and shifts. Ranma and Nekoko meld out of the distortion. They look at the huge building and both say,

« Wow! »

« Nekoko » says Ranma, « Were suppose to train with a Mrs. Julia Brigand-Diggers, right? »

Nekoko pulls out a digital workbook and begins to read as profile photos are shown,

« Yes. She’s a Jaden Armsmaster with a famous family. Her husband is a famed aura mage known for his paranormal research. They also have three daughters Britanny, Brianna, and Gina. Britanny also known as ‘Cheetah’ is a shopping freak of a Were-Cheetah and married to a Prince Stripe. Gina is like a human Skuld with a teasure-hunting trait. Brianna is a literal cross of Gina and Britanny with enough armaments to start the next World War. Also, watch out for her Peebos, little robotic Pokemon rejects that can self-destruct. »

Ranma sweatdrops. He’s reminded of the Blasting Balls, but why would a human need them.

Timing is a funny thing.

There is a loud explosion from the mansion and Nekoko and Ranma rush forward.

They find a hole in the wall and look inside. Inside, Cheetah is fighting a muscular bald woman, a ninja with a silvery net around Gina and Brianna, and a robed man has glowing green staff that is keeping Julia and Dr.Diggers frozen in a glowing green bubble.

Nekoko and Ranma glace at the pad and identify them as the warrior Zelda, the Ninja Daishi, and Psionist Mage Ionis. Servants of a lil’ megalomaniac mystic geneticist named Lord Talon. « Peewee » to his enemies.

« Hurry up with the WereCheetah » says Ionis, « I can’t hold the status field much longer. »

« Don’t bet on it » says a tired Cheetah, the gas they used before attack has severely limited her speed.

Suddenly, as Zelda is about to deliver a crippling super-strength blow, *WACK!* her feet are sweep kicked from under her. Everything seems to slow down. (thinl « Matrix » or « The One »)

Cheetah for a split second sees a woman with black hair and golden eyes. Then the woman kicks Zelda falling form sending up threw the ceiling. (Note: There was a 6″ reinforced steel beam in the ceiling). The ceiling explodes into debris as Zelda is imbedded.

/Same Time/

Daishi turns in time to see the twelve afterimages of a spiky haired young man *finishing* there sword archs.

*Snap!* *StriiRip!*

The silver net breaks into shreeded alloy filaments and silver plating.

Daishi stares at the remains of the net and the swordman before him. « What the F…? »


Ranma delivers 260 rapidfire blows and a kick that leaves Daishi spinning in midair. Ranma delivers a hard punch to Daishi, before he can fall. The genetically enhanced ninja flys back at sonic speed and goes completely *threw* two walls and imbedding himself in a third.

Daishi’s bloody form, with twisted limbs, rests in the impact crater for several seconds before falling limply to the ground. A shower of powdered concrete and masontry falling on him.

Both Ranma and Nekoko sweatdrop. They both think the same thing,

<We *Really* have to learn how to control our strength. Defeating opponents good, crushing them into Okonomiyaki ~bad~.>

Ionis is freaking. The Newbies make Zelda’s New enhancement Superstrength look like a premature baby’s. He sees Zelda finally crash back down shattering the floor in a shower of bloody plaster.

He concentrates his power threw the Mind Splinter Staff. He forces his psionic energies into the energy paths in the ancient staff. It glows a sickly green.

A green dome forms around him and blasts outward sending everybody back.

« Where did he get that thing!?!? » says Gina, recovering from the gas, « It’s magnifying his psionics. »

« The Mind Splinter Staff of Lumeria. » says Nekoko, as she shields Gina and Brianna from the winds « The Weapon of the Psionist War Mage, Damatros. Buried with him at Mt. Red-Flame. »

« Thanks for the history lesson » says Brianna, weakly, « How do we STOP HIM! »

Ranma yells « LIKE THIS!!! » as he jumps into air with hands infront of his face. <I love Dragonball Z!!>

There is a totally blinding white flash and a LOUD screeching sound.

As the flash and noise fade, Ionis stands covered in sickly green flames. His eyes, skin, even his teeth are glowing the same shade of green. Green light pours from his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Inside his skull, every brain cell is misfiring and overloading.

There is a flash from Ionis eyes, the flames and glow have vanishes, and Ionis falls to the ground, unconcious.

« Psionist Mages. Minds control the Magic. Lose concetration and your toast. »

« Excuse Me » says Julia, as the last of the Status bubble dissolves, « but *Who* are you? »

Nekoko and Ranma blush. <Forgot about that. Everyone in Heaven knew us.>

« I’m Nekoko of the Neko-Yasha Clan of WereTigers, Jack-of-all-Trades Sorceress, and Mistress of the Nekoken »

« I’m a newly adopted member of the Neko-Yasha Clan and God-Trained Warrior. I’m Ranma Saotome, Sorry about this. »

/A long explaination later/

The group sits the kitchen. Julia is interested in have a decent sparing partner. Dr. Diggers is interested in finding out what kind of aura magic can be done by one trained by the Gods. Gina is nearly drooling with scientific curiousity and hormones. Brianna is just hormones. Cheetah, whos in hybrid form is the first to speak,

« Ranma, you said your both dragon and were-cat, do you have a beast or hybrid form?? »

« Bastet and Nekoko quickly discovered I have both Tiger Hybrid and Tiger forms, but after a meeting with Kouryuu, I learned I have 4 more forms. »

« FOUR MORE!?!? » yells the Diggers and Nekoko.

« Dragon, Draconian Warrior, Draco-Tiger, and Draco-Tiger Hybrid. »

« Can I see??? » says a hyper-excited Gina, « Please » (Pouty lips and big eyes)

*Sweatdrop* « ok »

/Level 3, Training Area 04/

The Diggers and Nekoko stand back as Ranma stands in the center of the huge room in just his pants and bracers. The Diggers were surprised when his clothing just rippled and vanished.

Ranma suddenly shifts to Tiger form, the pants vanish, but the bracers shift to fit. His powerful white tiger form is HUGE, larger than a large pickup truck. It completely dwarves Cheetah’s cheetah form.

Various thoughts include: Nekoko, <He grew again!?! Oh My!>, Dr.Diggers <He’s Huge!>, Julia, <Wow!>, Cheetah, <I’m Married!>, Brianna, <Rowr!!!>, and Gina, <Woah!>.

Ranma shifts and grows again! Paws become talonid. White/Black fur is replaced by glossy black scales. Finally, Ranma shifts into a huge black weastern dragon that would dwarve a commercial airplane. It’s huge wings darken the room.

Thoughts in order, <That grew too!!>, <He dwarves Jaden Dragons>, <Holy Shit!>, <….>, and <Where the Hell did he get the mass?!?!!?>.

Ranma shifts into his Tiger-Dragon Hybrid form. He GROWS AGAIN! It looks like a immense long muscular Fusion with spiky white-stripped black fur, long spiky hair, and Immense wings. It could make a living Sphinx run away screaming.

Collective thought, <HOLY!!!!!>

Ranma shifts to his Tiger hybrid form. Clothing reappearing to prevent the unattached girls from dying of hormone shock.

Dr.Diggers and Julia are less shocked by his new, but the others get a hungry look. Nekoko, <He Grew there too. Is it getting hot.>, Cheetah, <Stripe, you better be in the mood tonight>, Brianna, <<mindless lust>>, and Gina, <Yummy!>.

« Not bad. 9 inches on the Tiger. 18 inches on the dragon. Another 2 feet on Draco-Tiger, and I’ve gained another 3 inches to Tiger Hybrid. Skuld said, I’m still growing. »

Unattached Girl Lust x 2.

Ranma shifts to Draconian. A taller, muscular form with black scaly skin, golden oval-pupil eyes, and long spiky black hair. He has glossy black talonid fingers, forearm and foreleg spines, and knee and elbow spurs. He also has large membrainous wings and a muscular tail ending in a bone spike. His strange clothing shifts to acommedate. When he speaks you can see serrated teeth.

« Hmm… Another 4 inches. »

Ranma finally shifts to Draco-Tiger Hybrid. A huge, muscular white-striped black Tiger Hybrid with huge wings and talonid claws and spiker fur.

« I still think I have bigger forms locked away »

Everybody Facefalls!!

/1 hour later/

« Are they OK, Julia-sensei?? »

Ranma and Julia stare at the drooling, glossy-eyed Gina and Brianna.

« I give them another hour. Ranma, nect time don’t forget to put up the occupied sign. »

/PeeWee’s Lab/

Lord Erwin Talon, child genius, master of the double helix, notorious genetic engineer, and Peewee to his enemies. The runt of a megalomaniac reads the report of Zelda, Daishi, and Ionis.

« Zelda, Damage 78.9%. Possible spinal damage. Daishi, 87.9%. Possible brain and spinal damage. Ionis, 43.2%. Massive neural trauma. Possible Total amnesia and permanent loss of psionic abilities. DAMN! »

Peewee then activates Zelda and Daishi’s remote bio-scanners. He implanted the biochip-based long-range opponent scanner into Zelda and Daishi with his last upgrades.

« Talon Power Scale. Gina TPS: 200 Brianna. TPS: 800. Cheetah: 2400. Julia: 3000. Dr. Diggers: 2420. Woah!! Unknown Female: 15000! Unknown Male: Off Scale!!! b..bu..but the scale goes to 99999!!!! DAMN IT!!! IT MUST HAVE BROKE!!! »

Peewee types into his chairs’ console.

7 large cylinderal tanks rise from the floor. Each tank is filled with gold-red liquid and large dark shapes can be seen inside membraine sacks inside the tanks.

« I’m sick of those three Idiots!! With these I’ll finally get my DNA sample!!! »

Peewee then storms off to watch Yugioh.

/Digger’s Mansion/

/1 week later/

Charlotte and Penny Pincer stand infront of the bathhouse. Jaws dropped, glossy-eyed, and red faced.

« Sorry, I forgot to put up the sign again. »

/Training Room 5/

/2 weeks later/

Ranma sits cross-legged floating in the air like a mystical yogi.

Dr. Digger walks in with a old leather-bound book, a bottle of dark blue liquid, and a flower pot containing a withered plant.

« What’s up, Doc? »

Dr. Diggers sweatdrops, why did Gina introduce him to American cartoons.

« We’ll Ranma. Julia is still recovering from your weapons training. »

<I guess I shouldn’t have used my speed-up technique.> thinks Ranma. Sweatdrop.

« Gina is still repairing the exercise machines. »

<Who thought tungsten carbide and titanium was so fragile> Double Sweatdrop.

« Brianna is consumed with making better Peebos »

<I had to tell her about Skuld’s Blasting Balls> Big Sweatdrop.

« Cheetah is still tending to Stripe, Seance, and Penny. »

<I told them not to interupt a fire spell!> MEGA Sweatdrop!

« So I decided to work with you on aura magic. I noticed a powerful werecat’s aura affects magic differently than a human aura. I’m curious to find out what a powerful Draco-Tiger Hybrid aura can do. »

« What’s the test? »

« This blue goo is called ‘Demeter’s Heart Kiss’. You focus your aura into the bottle and pour it on the plant. My aura caused a similar plant to heal and grow to 6 feet. »

Ranma stops floating and takes the bottle while Dr. Digger places the pot in the center of the room.

Ranma focuses. The blue liquid shifts and swirls rapidly, first glowing a light blue, then a blue fire, then explodes into a blue star. The entire room is covered in a blue glow.

Dr. Diggers stares at the blue-white star fire in the vibrating bottle. There is a brief pause. Making a decision, he says, « OK. Pour it! »

Ranma pours the blue-white fire-like liquid on the withered plant. The plant slowly morphs from a grey-brown dried hush to a lush dark green plant and begins to grow from 3 inches to 6 inches to 2 feet to 16 feet!

Suddenly, there is a flash. A blue glow spreads across the plant turning glossy green to crystaline white-blue. The plant grows faster and faster, filling the room with huge leaves, stems, vines, and tendrals.

« This is not good » says Dr. Diggers, « Good thing this Training Room is heat resistant. »

Dr.Diggers conjures a huge fireball spell and launches in at the blue-white Crystal-Plant. The fiery red-gold ball of destruction hits the plant, but dissolves into a red glow thats absorbed.

Flower buds on the plant open to reveal fire-like red blossom. The blossoms suddenly start shooting fire.

Ranma barely manages to erect a shield. « Nice going, Doc! » The Crystal-Plant vines wrap around the shield bubble and thicken.

« Lets get out of here » says Ranma. With a surge of power, the duo vanish.


Julia stares at the bandages on her arms. One second, she was pushing Ranma’s katana back with her own broadsword, he next he blurs and her arms each have 500 parralel 3 inch cuts. A second after that, he’s apologizing.

Julia begins to laugh. A lethal force with a child’s heart.

Suddenly, the floor bulges and Crystal-Plant vines shoot from the canvas. Julia easily jumps and flips clear.

/Gina’s Main Lab/

Gina ducks another vine and leaps back. She carrying her new Focused Plasma Cannon 8000m. A gray cylinderal device 4 feet long, 3 inch diameter. She looks threw the scope and points at the twisting wild mass of foilage.

Gina fire a spinning beam of bright blue-white high-energy plasma at the vines. The Plants don’t vaporize like she thought they would. They glow and shift colors. Red to orange to yellow to white to blue-white, finally they shatter like glass into glowing shards.

Gina is about to cheering.

Then, Gina watches as the shards swell and morph into new Crystal-Plants!

« Crap! »

/Brianna’s Room/

Brianna is not having a good day. For every Crystal-Plant she blows away, 50 more pop up. If she had noticed that the shards were the cause of the new plants she may have changed tactics. No the thing is clinging to here like a regect from a tentacle-sex hentai.

A Peebo gets too close and is swallowed by a Crystal Fly-Trap.


No Peebo and 68 miniture Crystal Fly Traps.


Cheetah, Nekoko, Penny, Stripe, and the others with every ambient object are slicing, shattering, smashing, and tearing Crystal-Plants. The number of plants is increasing faster and faster.


Dr.Diggers is looking threw the book reading about Demeter’s Heart Kiss and the other varients.

Ranma has formed a new barrier to hold the monster greenhouse back.

« This is going to be difficult » says Dr. Diggers, « It draws its energy from all electromagnetic forms and all focused magic. A physical attack causes it to shatter into seedlings. Every spell I use it absorbs and copies »

« I figured that out when you used Fireball, Burning Light, and Lightning, and the plant started using Fire, Laser, and Lightning attacks on us. »

« All my focused magic is useless »

« but not my magic » says Ranma, straining again the rock-hard plants, « What about a Chaos spell. It wouldn’t be able to absorb or adapt to it. »

« Chaos Spell. Its risky, but give it try! »

The world suddenly becomes cold and silent. Not even breathing can be heard. Ranma’s resonating words are the only sound.

« Dragon of Chaos, Destroyer of Destiny.

Magic untamed, Magic Pure and Free.

Burn down the order is my desire.

Burn down with dragon’s fire.


A HUGE ball of pure black fire and jet-black electricity shoots from his cupped hands at the monster plant leaving a shadowy, rippling air trail.

The Crystal-Plants screech and shift from blue glow to deathy violet flame.

A surge of black electricity goes threw the Crystal-Plant changing them back into normal plants. The 300 feet of flowery dark green vines collapse to the floor.

/Gina Lab/

Gina is about to be drawn and quartered by the vines (or molested), when them burst into violet flame and morphs into a fruit tree.

Gina suddenly finds herself hanging from the tree with soccerball size orange fruit. Thin green vines and branches around her.


Gina now finds herself sprawled on the ground, staring up. Her back hurting and a orange falling.


Gina can’t see much with orange fruit on her face.


Julia had been slaughtering plants.

Now she finds herself buried in fresh red, yellow, and green produce.

<Why do I think this is Theodore and Ranma’s fault>

/Brianna room/

Brianna finds herself swimming in heated Red-Orange Fruit Punch along with several large leaves and a Peebo thats playing Hawaiian Beach Music.

« ..ukalalalal.. »

« OH SHUT UP!! »


The Group stands up to there chests in vines, flowers, and fruit.

/12 minutes later/

Dr. Diggers has finished explaining what happened. He’s glad this isn’t a Japanese Anime, they probally pull out a Huge Mallet and yell…



He forgot about a certain Neko-Yasha whos fur gets wrecked by citrus. <Ite!>

//Nazumi Base, Mt.Fugi, Japan//

//1 month later//

Britanny, Brianna, Nekoko, Ranma, and Gina stand on a huge pedestal each sealed in a clear crystal pillar. Lord High Elder Gothwrain, Leader of the Were-Rats, stands infront of them with Moisha, Romeo, and Lydia.

« This is the end Were-Cats. The Crystal is too strong for that human to escape and places all Were-Felines in status. This is the end of your threat. This is. »


« Huh?? »

Gothwrain watches as a crack forms in Ranma’s column. Then another. And Another. And Another.

« but… but he’s a Were-Tiger. He should be powerless »

The Column is now multi-spiderwebbed with cracks and fissures. With the sound of shattering glass, the column of crystal explodes into dust and fragments. Ranma stands with his Rune bracer, the Silent Heart glowing a angry violet.

Moisha, Romeo, and Lydia hid behind Gothwrain as the Tyrant pulls out a long silver-plated sword.


A blast of vaporized silver and flame explodes from Ranma’s hand. The Silver Fire Strike was developed on the Kami’s Plane to fight silver-vulnerable demons. It hurt lycanthopes too.

The blast tears off and incinerates Gothwain’s sword arm. The Tyrant screams in pain as His molten sword fall to the ground with a audible hiss. The silver-infected wound burns.

« WHAT DO WE LIKE DO!!!!!!!!! » screams Moisha, already losing bladder control.

« Run. »

With the a yell of « Silent Strike!! » part of the mountain implodes!!

//Plane ride home//

//3 hours later//

« Ranma » says Brianna, « Why weren’t you affected by the crystal? Except for Nekoko it took us hours to recover and she took at least one? »

« Remember I’m not only part Tiger, I’m part dragon. Gothy found out the hard way. »

« What did happen to that jerk. When we talked to the Wererats they didin’t say anything about him. » says Gina.

« Mr.Rat met a Mr.Dragon’s Flame Breath. »

Everybody, except Ranma and Nekoko, turn a little green. Gina decides to change the subject.

« So how did you fix Fugi after wrecking it??? »

« A combo spell I got from a God of Sculpture and a Earth God. Alot of the Japanese Pantheon would be angry if I destroyed Fugi-sama »

Ranma’s beeper goes off and everybody crowds to see the message. Ranma’s beeper is from the Kami’s Plane and has never gone off before.

« YOU BET WE WOULD BE MAD!- Amaterasu Oumikami »

Everybody Sweatdrop!

//Cathill Mountains, Jaden Realm//

//2 months later//

Nekoko and Julia are walking threw the mountainous region. They move carefully with weapons drawn.

« Ranma can destroy entire armies without breaking a sweat. » says Nekoko, « but on his first Jaden trip, he’s kidnapped by three dozen female werecats. I heard of animal magnetism, but this is rediculous!!! »

« Well they did use enchanted chains made of mythril and aesir adamantium. » says Julia, « Most Gods couldn’t break \those chains. »

« Yeah » says Nekoko, « Unbreakable for Gods, but Ranma is Ranma! »

The Duo arrive at the werecat camp. They are shocked to find the entire camp half-nakkid and exhaused.

On top of a 30′ tall 3″ thick flag pole, Ranma stands completely covered in chains from the neck to the ankles. He looks *very* nervous.

« 10 years of attracting every pantheon, demon, and mythological creature like 500 ton electromagnet and iron coins, and he’s still a virgin. » says Nekoko as Ranma hops down from the pole, blushing badly.

Julia sweatdrops, when she notices three of the werecats are superfast werecheetahs.

<He must be wearing 500lbs of enchanted metal! He still outran them.>

Nekoko unlocks his chains, they fall to the ground nearly caving it in.

« Still fully dressed » says Nekoko, « I guess they had problems with your weighted training clothing. »

Big Sweatdrop. Julia thinks, <Weighted clothing?!?>

« Why didn’t you get out of it sooner? » says Nekoko

« I was afraid the sharpnel would hurt them. »

« Sharpnel? » says Julia, « Wha… What do you mean??? »

Ranma picks up one mythil/Adamantium chain and closes his hand over a link.


There is a muffled gunshot sound. Ranma opens his hand to reveal a crushed chain link.

Julia smiles, then the famous Armsmaster of Jaden faints!

//2 months later//

//Athena’s Forest//


Nekoko and Julia sweatdrop as Ranma repeatly whacks a huge black dragon into the ground using its tail. What is so intimidating is the dragon must weight 80 tons.

« Never » says Nekoko, « Never get between Ranma and Lunch. »

« Yup »

The dragon comes to one conclusion, <Mommy!!>.

//1 month later//

//Tournament of Arms//

The Tournament has been a surprise. The Armsmasters experience and youthful deception make up for the fact that Ranma’s shear power.

Julia walks over to Ranma to give him new advice on his next opponent.

The next opponent, the last one, is a strange 12′ extremely muscular giant with gray eyes, scarred dark brown skin, and no hair. He’s dressed in strappy grey leather.

« His name is Bromhall. He was banished from the Tournament for 25 years ago, for unnecessary brutality. My mother was the one who got him banished, so he will be after you, my student, for revenge. » says Julia and Nekoko wipes a tiny bit of sweat from his forehead. « He’ll try to inflict alot of damage. »

Ranma hears the gong and enters the ring.

*Ladies and Gentlemen, the Final Round of the Jaden World Tournament. The Mountain Giant Duvan « Crusher » Brumhall vs the Wild Horse of the Heavens, Ranma « Dragon-Cat » Saotome!!! In the words of the Earth Realm, ‘LETS GET READY TO RUUMMMBBLLEE!!!!’*

Brumhall trys several powerful punches and a kick, all that Ranma ducks. Ranma’s eyes narrow.

Ranma’s supernatural eyes see specks of golden light flowing from the ground into Brumhall’s legs with every step.

<Cheater. The Tournament says no magic, but he’s using an unorthodox form of Earth Magic to increase his strength and toughness. He recharges and heals everytime he touches the ground!>

Ranma suddenly springs forward and Brumhall moves his arms to block. Ranma suddenly vanishes and reappears *behind* Brumhall.

« RESHA HAPPA SHINKEN!!! » (Rapid-fire exploding god fist)

Ranma starts hitting him 4x faster that Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken. Each punch with enough power to shatter reinforced concrete and each loaded with an explosive ki charge.

Normally this attack of the Gods would pulverize flesh, cause organs to explode, and shatter bones into flesh-shreeding sharpnel. In the case of the Earth-powered Brumhall, it sends him flying foreward with his back cracking like stone. He lands on the edge of the ring.

Brumhall digs his fingers into the marble floor and each digit glows a faint gold. The hairline cracks vanish from his back. Ranma raises his sword and focuses his ki.

« Game Over, Crusher. SHINITTOU ISHIKIRI!!! » (God Blade Stone Cutter)

Ranma slices his violet-glowing ki-charged blade into the marble floor. A fissure shooting high velocity rock fragments shoots from the strike towards Brumhall. The Earth sensitive Brumhall is knocked clear out of the ring and hits the ringside stone audience wall.


« NOOO!!! »

Brumhall stands with a huge golden aura. His clothing has shifted from gray to motted grey-brown. His skin is now a motted grey-brown and has the texture of rock. His eyes glow like golden fires. The earth and soil beneath him glows gold and boils (think of when Stripe jumped in the pool in the movie Gremlins) sending arcs of yellow lightning into Brumhalls growing body

Nekoko, Ranma, and Julia think the same thing, <Oh Shit!>

Brumhall grows from his already massive 12′ to 30′. Huge muscles grow to grotesque size. His skin sprouts and morphs into ragged rock armor. Huge spikes grow from the sides of the arms and legs and a crest of spike forms on his head. He looks like a menacing Earth Golem.

With one punch of his massive fist, Ranma is sent flying out the stadium tearing threw marble bleachers and three thick stone walls. Golem-Brumhall roars and prepares to crush the hated Julia Briggand-Diggers!!

Suddenly, a ki blast nails him behind the ear, ripping it off!! The maddened Brumhall turns to see Ranma standing on a hill out the Stadium.

[21 min later]

Ranma has lead the now 60′ Golem-Brumhall far away from the Stadium and the people within.

Julia and Nekoko stand behind a boulder watching.

« Think he has a plan? » says Julia, « Earth-fueld Netherworld Golems are near impossible to stop! »

« Ranma has a special spirit for a teacher. Lo Xian of the Nyuchezuu. » says Nekoko, crouching low, « I think he’s going to use a revised version of a mining technique. »

« Mining Technique?? »

« SUPPUKA BUKUSAI TENKETSU!!!! » (Suicide Blasting Pressure Point)

Theres a flash of light, then Golem-Brumhall’s stone body explodes! Shards of rock shoot in all directions.

Minutes later, Nekoko, Julia, and Ranma gather around the local remains.

« That was impressive » says Julia, « One touch and a 60′ golem shatters! »

Suddenly, there is a strange gurgling, moaning sound. They turn to see a horrific sight. A 10′ humanoid made of mutated pinkish flesh and stone shards. It reminds Ranma of a piece of crewing gum covered in dirt and gravel. It crawls and shifts across the blackened ground. (Think the mutating Tatsu from the Anime Classic « Akira ») Its pulsating red-pinkish flesh crackles with golden electricity.

The three turn to each other, pause, then nod.

« Sorry Skuld »

Ranma raises his hand and fires a HUGE Ki blast, vaporizing the mutated Brumhall.

[3 miles away]

Sabbo, Hidden Emperor of Jaden, stands in a empty field.

A charred black field covered in rock shards to match a charred lumpy Sabbo, who is covered in roasted pineapple pieces.

« Owie. »

[Back at the Site]

« At least, he caused less damage than before » says Julia

//Flashback months ago//


Four charred wererats stand in a huge crater that was there HQ. Fires burn everywhere.

Moisha says, « Like that hurt »

Romeo says , « Anybody got the number of that ICBM?! »

There Great Leader doesn’t say anything, hes too crispy.

//Back to the present//

« How would I know, Wererats had underground gas storage. » says a blushing Ranma.

/3 weeks later/

/Dr.Digger’s Greenhouse/

Gina is studying one of the Chaos Digger Plants, as named by there inadvertant creators, her father and Ranma.

She makes a few notes with her digital notebook:

Chaos Digger <Chaos Fossor>

Dark Green plant with large leaves and vines. Adult plants have dark spots.

Grows 9″/day. Maxium height of 30′.

Fruit: Round fruit ranging from young orange to ripe dark red.

Edible Size 1″ youngest to 1.5′ oldest.

*CD fruit is Ideal Food. Containing all the nutients needed for humans.

Bean Pods: Foot long dark brown pods filled with dark brown beans. Beans are remincent and have the flavor of Cocoa beans.

*Taste-test. Chocolate and Coffee made from CD beans instead of standard high-quality cocoa beans taste much better.

Flowers: Flowers range from tiny blooms to 1′ wide blooms.

Flower Colors: Creamy white. Lush Black. Firey Red. Gold. Silver. Blue. Violet. Mixed Varieties. Rare Metallics.

*Scent of CD blossoms have various effects related to there color.

**Some blossoms have bio-luminecent fibers like fiberoptic ordaments.

Medical Uses: Antibiotic/healing salve in leaves. Coagulant in roots.

Industrial: Leaves and Vines contain a organic liquid that solidifies into silk-like fibers.

Nekoko and Ranma enter the garden.

« Ranma! Nekoko! » yells an excited Gina, « We’ve hit a motherload!!! »

« What do you mean Gina-chan? » says Ranma.

« Chaos Digger. The Plants you and dad made. There fungi/pest-proof crop plants that produce Ideal food, medicine, flowers, perfume, and a silk-like material! » she explains, « They can survive anywhere on earth, except the polar regions. »

« You seem ~very~ excited » says Nekoko with a knowing smirk.

Gina blushes.

« We’ll… I sent samples of the fruit to the markets… I also sent samples of flowers to the Atlanta Gardens… and a local perfume maker… I also sent a sample of the silk to a clothing company… and I sent a small sample of the salve to a pharmacy company. »

Nekoko smirk increases. « the results »

Gina blush increases and pulls out various letters from her pack. She writes down the combined money-making ability. She turns the paper to Nekoko and Ranma.



Gina sweatdrops at the two fainted warriors.

/Peewee’s Lab/

Peewee stares at his greatest creations. Seven bioengineered warriors created from scratch and programmed with 100x Daishi’s training.

The Seven bio-warriors are unique.

#1 is a huge extremely muscular brute with motted brown scaly skin, black eyes, and no hair. It also has four extra arms, a muscular tail and a spiky head. Codename: Ashura

#2 is a tall, very muscular humanoid with yellow reptilian eyes, dark motted green skin covered in black chitin-like armor, and a bone crown. It also has elbow spikes, knee spikes, and extendable forearm spikes. Codename: Blades.

#3 is a muscular semi-humanoid with long arms and 8 sucker-less tentacles instead of a lower body. It has green eyes, motted yellow-brown skin, and long thin tentacles instead of hair. He also has a long flexable neck and his hands have long talonid fingers crackling with electrical power. Codename: Shocker.

#4 is a bulky, muscular humanoid with golden eyes, brown skin covered in sharp yellow spines, and sharp spiny hair. It also has sharp clawed hands and a spiny tail. Codename: Spike.

#5 is a menacing anthropomorphic dragon with gold eyes, gunmetal gray scales, and black spiny hair. A very menacing medeval dragon with huge wings merged with a pro-athlete. Steam comes from his breathe. Codename: Pyro.

#6 is identical to Pyro with silver eyes and white spiny hair. An icy fog comes from its mouth. Codename: Cryo.

#7 is a huge muscular werewolf with glossy black fur and silver eyes. His claws and teeth are razor-sharp and silver-coated. Codename: Wildfire.

Peewee smirks at his lost numbers, impossible to recreate and incredable power

/Diggers home/

Ranma and Nekoko stare at the predicted profit margen of Chaos Digger.

« At least we don’t have to worry about travel expenses » says Nekoko, « or anything else for that matter. »

Suddenly, alarms sound.


The Diggers houshold stares at a moniter. Peewee in Talon 9 exo along with monsters that came out horror films.

« Totally souless. Engineered. No Mercy »

Ranma quickly analzes his opponents and nods to Dr. Diggers and Julia.

« The First one is all strength, endurance, and toughness. Cheetah, your speed is the key. Remember what I did last week.’

‘The Second is fast and uses those spikes like swords. He’ll have to get close to hurt. Brianna, your latest inventions should do the trick.’

‘The Third is an electrical monster. Gina, you cause plenty of shorts »

« Hey! »

« The Fourth can’t be touched but Julia, you don’t need to touch.’

‘The Fifth one, the dragon on the left, is fire and very hot. Remember that trick Lo Xian showed me Doc, and my magical version.’

‘The other dragon is ice and very cold. Remember that fight with the Three Storms.’

‘The last one is MINE! »

/Minutes later/

/Hallway: Pyro vs Dr. Diggers/

« CRUSH!! »

Dr. Diggers moves clear has a blast of white fire hits the place he was. The crater of boiling molten stone is formed.

Fire swirls around Pyro’s form illuminating its wings red. White fire forms in its mouth and the palms of its palms.

Pyro throws white fireball after white fireball, in a machinegun fashion, while producing a continous mouth flamethrower.

Dr. Diggers is glad for his wife’s new gymnastics plan. He manages to run around Pyro ducking the plasma and avoiding the vaporized matter fumes and boiling pits.

Dr. Diggers uses a powerful shield spell to keep the heat away, as the walls burns and the floor begins to melt away. The lighting fixtures melt and form steams of molten plastic.

Dr. Diggers gets closer and closer to the monster as his magic builds and strengthens against the destructive heat.


(Magic Dragon Ascension attack)

Hiryuu Shoten Ha. A hot/cold chi attack taught by ancient nyuchezuu (Women hero tribe)spirit, Lo Xian to her little dragon warrior, Ranma. Majikkuryuu Shoten Ha is varient taught by Ranma to Dr. Diggers using a cold magic aura instead of a cold chi aura.

Cold Chi vs Hot Chi is powerful. Extreme Cold Chi vs Exteme Hot Chi (or cold mana vs hot mana) is extremely powerful. Extreme Cold Mana vs Extreme Hot Chi is *completely* *INSANE!!!*

A HUGE ultra high velocity tornado forms.

Pyro crys in pain. His fire powers are working at there max, but the tornado continues to disrupt them, drain them, and cause them to damage himself. The winds cause scales to tears threw his flesh.

Finally, the strain at working at 120% the recommended level, extreme cold, and the wind forces take care of Pyro. His hands and skull shatter into half-carbonized half-frozen bone fragments and flesh.

Pyro’s corpse falls from the dying tornado.

Dr. Diggers pulls himself from the rubble. He has many 1st degree burns and a couple 2nd degrees.

« Lets not do that again »

/Lawn: Ashura vs Cheetah/

Ashura throws concrete shattering punches with all six fists. Cheetah manages to move out the way.

<OK Ranma,lets see if last week was worth it!>

Cheetah jumps over a superstrength kick, avoids the first and second right punch, and grabs his third fist. She hyper-extends as he trys to throw, and breaks his arm at the elbow.

Ashura roars in pain. Cheetah kicks leg breaking his kneecap and throws a kick into his throat. Ashura falls back choaking.

Cheetah watches as the monster throws another superstrength punch, but can’t compensate with a shattered knee cap. Cheetah does a judo throw sending him towards the new hole in the wall. Ashura lands on a broken power cable.

Ashura is hit with high voltage. Massive amounts of electrical power flow threw it’s mutant nerves. Super-Muscles break his own bones and Ashura dies a painful death. it’s spine shattered by it’s own back.

/Stairs: Brianna vs Blades/

Brianna is armed with a huge minigun is firing at the insanely agile Blades. Blades manages to duck the high velocity projectiles as they tear threw the the wood of the stairs.


Brianna watches as the forearm blades come down towards her and smiles.


A monofilament tripline cuts threw Blades’ arms. Blades falls close to Brianna whole has pulled out two large handguns.

Two armor-piercing shell tear out of Blades back spraying green-yellow blood and sending him flying.

Blades tries to recover, his arms already beginning to regenerate.

Suddenly, a mass of Peebos cover his prone form and say, « BAD BUG! YOU GO BOOM NOW! »


Where there was one mutant warrior and 50 Peebos, there is now a huge crater.

Brianna notices the two forearms have connected themselves with a pulsating green-gray mass. Brianna pulls off her earrings and drops them onto the disgusting, regenerating mass.

*Tick Tick Ka-FHOOOOSSSHH!!!*

The mass is turned into smoking ash. <I HATE Bugs!>

/Gina’s secondary lab: Gina vs Shocker/

At severely shocked Gina is sent flying across the room, crashing into the shelves. She has second degree electrical burns.


<A little closer. Just a little closer!>

Shocker moves closer for the kill.


Gina pulls out a remote and clicks the switch on the side. A robotic arm unlocks and drops a load of electromagnetic rings from the ceiling.

The rings land on Shocker and are charged by his electrical field. The EM field increases bio-generators which in turn increase the electrical field.

The supercharged electrical field shocks Shocker senseless, before the ring overload. The rings become white hot and melt, burning threw the monster.

« Brains over Brawn. Geek over Moron!!…. Ranma, you owe me new coils. »

/Julia vs Spike/

Spike trys kicks, punches, and tail swips to get Julia with his spines.

Julia’s sword manages to block and cut off spines, which quickly fall off and are replaced.

Julia finally gets an Idea. She ducks under his strikes and slashes his arm at the elbow. Without the spine armor, the sword cuts threw and severes his arm in a spray of light brown blood.

The wound is soon sealed by long spines. Julia ducks the tail swipe as Spike roars in rage and pain, and slices both legs behind the knees.

The « spine seal » of the knees make them rigid, forcing Spike to balance on his tail.

Julia smirks.

Julia hits Spike’s back spines with her blade like nails causing him to fall forward. He’s impaled on his own spines.

She « golfs » Spike’s head causing him to go back and fall on his back, impailing himself again.

Spike coffs repeatly, brown blood on his lips, as his own spine seal kills him.

« Peewee. Acid blood is better than xtra spiny. Never seen the Aliens collection. »

/Nekoko vs Cryo/


Cryo’s blue-white breath-blast covers everything in a thin layer of supercold ice. His hands fire high-velocity shards of supercold ice, like subzero shurikan. Nekoko’s mystic barrier protects her from certain death.

Suddenly, Cryo’s glowing blue wings fire a icy blast that forms ice on the barrier, forming a 4 inch thick cocoon of ice.

Cryo focuses his powers and increases the ice cocoon to over three feet thick. He smirks, which is pretty hard for a dragon.

Suddenly, there is a screeching sound and Cryo roars in pain. The Ice Cocoon shakes and vibrates. The supercold superhard ice cracks and breaks.

The Cocoon explodes out into razorsharp ice shards. The still-stunned Cryo is impaled by a couple dozen shards, spraying icy blue-white blood.

Nekoko stands in her bubble-like shield with a vibrating outer shield. The two shields seperate from her and form into two spheres in her talonid hands. <Who thought a God of Musics sound aura would be so useful>

She throws both spheres forward, darkness arcing between the concentrated bubbles. They passby Cryo, but the arcing darkness rips the engineered monster’s wings and arms apart.

Cryo falls to the ground, shattering like a ice statue filled with blue water.

/Ranma vs Wildfire/

« My name is Wildfire. Prepare to Die »

Wildfire charges Ranma while the confident Peewee watches.

Ranma delivers a powerful kick that twists the wolfman’s head 180 degrees! Then he delivers a palm strike that implodes Wildfire’s sternum and sends him flying 30 feet!

There is a brief pause, then Ranma watches in shock as wolfie gets back on his feet. There is a sound remenescent of an un-crushing aluminum can, but louder. Wildfire metal ribs and sternum bend and pop back into place. Wildfires head twists back into place. Finally, the flesh pulses and shifts back to normal.

« I regenerate from physical attacks. Even sliced or blow into pieces I would come back! »

Ranma cups his hands and gathers his ki. A ball of darkness forms in his palms. Then he brings it forward.


The Black Ki blast hits the arrogant werebeast and detonates. There is a huge explosion leaving a huge crater.

There is a pause, then the ashes, smoke, and metal fragments gather and coalese into a humanoid form. The humnoid bursts into flames and Wildfire unburns from the ashes. He has a arrogant smirk.

« Master Talon used special magic in my creation. I absorb all focused electromagnetic, ki, and mana, and use it to regenerate. I Am Immortal! »

Wildfire rushes forward, only to mega-punched into the air by Ranma and then smashed into the ground creating another huge crater.

Ranma flips back and away from the downed ‘Immortal’.

« Third times the charm. » he says as black fire and jet black lightning gather around his dark aura.

« Dragon of Chaos, Destroyer of Destiny.

Magic untamed, Magic Pure and Free.

Like River untamed, Power no mortal know.

River of Darkness, Unleash the flow.


The space infront of Ranma ripples and implodes into darkness. A river a rippling darkness shoots from his hands to the recovering wolfman. The streams dissapears after 30 seconds.

Wildfire roars in pain and insanity. His body has turn pure black, even his silver claws and teeth. Black lightning shoots from his body in all directions as a shadowy aura explodes around him. The contents of the aura sphere implode into a concentration of dark energy.

« KOTONRYUU SHOTEN HA REVISED! » (Chaos Dragon Ascension Attack Revised).

The black sphere is propelled by mana/ki- charged winds right into Peewee’s paralzed-with-fear form.


Peewee is sent flying into the Digger’s newly installed pool.

/Minutes later/

The rest of the group arrives to find Ranma holding a soaking wet, crying Peewee.

« How did you guys fare? » says Ranma, like he didn’t know.

« Gina needs to have several severe electrical burns tended, the rest of us have only minor burns and scratches. » says Dr. Diggers, « Peewee’s living robots broke like you thought they would. »

« What happened to the wolfman? » says Gina, « Dissolve like the others? »

« No. » says Ranma, « It regenerated from all physical attacks. It absorbed focused energies to regenerate. A near Immortal warrior. »

« So HOW did you get rid of it » says Cheetah, remembering the werewolf’s silver teeth and claws. <I HATE SILVER!>

« Same way I stopped the Crystal Plant, a Chaos spell. » says Ranma, tying up the megalomanical brat, « Think I turned him into anti-matter and negative energy. »

The Diggers and Nekoko sweatdrop.

<Anti-matter….Negative energy…HOW THE HELL COULD HE DO THAT!?!?!> thinks Gina.

/Ranma Age:16/

Ranma and Nekoko leave the Digger’s home for the mystical area of China.

Julia will miss the superhuman friends of her. Dr. Diggers will miss the incredable feats of magic that follow them around. Gina will miss the experiments and staring at Ranma’s bod. Good thing she had alot of hidden cameras. Brianna will miss the action and Ranma’s bod. Good thing she found Gina’s « shower » tapes. Cheetah and Stripe will miss there effects on the others.

A Pokemon Peebo on the left blinks it’s eyes. « Peekobo follow. »

/Next part/

Jusenkyo, Nyuchezuu, and Southtown!!

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