❯ R.I.P. no more – R.I.P. no more ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
R.I.P. no more
by Kuronohime
Reading instruction:
1st verse: Spike
2nd verse: Buffy
3rd verse: Spike
4th verse: Both
5th verse: Buffy
6th verse: Spike
The trace of fertility,
The luscious line of life.
It rolls off my tongue,
As I sink myself into your rush.

The chains are broken,
My cage is shattered.
See me,
As I am.

I’m here,
Although not seen.
In the shadows,
Beneath the soil.

You woke me from this slumber,
With this pain unbearable.
I hurt, I ache,
You make me feel.

Kill me more,
I want to feel alive.

With your verve in my veins.
I cease to nonexist.

A/N: This is what overdose of Buffy and Angel combined will do to you.

James Marsters, the embodiment of evil, twisted and violent sexyness! Oh, someone, spank me, hard! *shivers*

Okay, the poem is kind of mixture of Buffy’s and Spike’s thoughts. Ah, the love and the hate. Guilty sex, passion, unspoken understanding. I believe that, in the end, Spike became the right one for Buffy. They share things – and mental issues.

I was inspired by the episode of « Once more, with feeling » (season 6, episode 7). Especially with Spike’s serenade, Rest in peace, for Buffy. True love is agony.