Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ Quick Tranlations ( Chapter 3 )

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Riza came to the table with two cups of tea. “What have you been able to translate so far?” she sat next to Havoc.
“I was only able to make out a few key words. The Latin in this is seriously old. Most of this isn’t even used any more, not even by military standards.” the blond male flipped through the book, looking at the pages.
“But is it possible for you to do it?”
“Yeah, if I had a shit ton of translation books, a life-time supply of coffee, and enough vacation time with pay.” he snorted and closed the book. “You’d need a master translator or something.”
“…Do it.”
“What do you mean ‘Do it’?!” Havoc looked at her with an incredulous look. “Didn’t you hear me? It’s next to impossible for me to translate it!”
“But it can be done, so get it. I want to know what this book is.”
Havoc signed. He decided it was best not to continue this argument any longer. He knew he had only two options: translate the book or translate the book and let his life be a living hell. “Alright, fine but when am I supposed to do this? In case you forgot, Mustang went on vacation with Ed, leaving us with more work; I can barely get all my work done.”
“I’ll do your work, just clock in then go to the library and stay till lunch. Meet me at the café then.”
Havoc rubbed his face.
“And don’t let anyone know what we’re doing. I didn’t want you to know what I’m doing but I am not able to read Latin.” she sipped her tea. “Besides, it’ll give you a chance to get out the office.”
“Only to be cooped up in a quite library all damn day.”
“Do you think you can get two pages done now then? I got a few translation books earlier today.” Riza went to the living room.

Riza sat on the couch with her feet hugged to her chest. It had been about two hours since the man in the kitchen started translating that strange book. Before she fell asleep, she was starting to think Havoc wouldn’t be able to translate the book.
“Riza, I’m done!” the second lieutenant said with much excitement in his voice.
“Mhh. Riza yawned at stretched. “What did you finish?” she had forgotten what was going on.
“The translations, I just finished the.” he came over and plopped down next to her.”I think they might be wrong, I’m not sure…but after reading over this, the things in this are pretty strange.”
“Just let me see them.” she took the papers from the male and read them. ‘Havoc wasn’t kidding; the things in this book are quite strange and rather disturbing.’
“But what’s the weirdest is that it looks like this is a cook book or something.” Havoc pointed to a small list at the top of the paper. “This ‘recipe’ calls for a cup aged bats blood and roots of Lavender Pebbles; which I’ll tell you now, that flower is all the way in Creta. It also says when you’ve mixed everything up and boil it,” he made a face. “you’re supposed to give it to your foe and they’re supposed turn into a two headed ferret.” he made a face and drank his tea.
As Riza read through the last paper, she realized that in all the ‘recipes’ called for a pentagram to be drawn under the cauldron or else the mixture wouldn’t have any effect. “Havoc, do you know anything about pentagrams?”
“Uh yeah…I’ve read that they are supposed to be used in occult and spiritual ceremonies. The star stands for five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. There is other stuff to it as well but I only know the basic things.” Havoc went back to the kitchen and poured himself some more tea. “That occult stuff is pretty wicket.”
“Hm…it is interesting though.” she murmured under her breath. ‘I’ll have to go back to that shop again…and soon.’
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