Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting His Pride ( Chapter 45 )

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Shattered Illusions

By: Melissa Norvell

Chapter 45: Protecting His Pride


« What do we do? » Millie was desperate for an answer or anything
that might be a key in defeating the possessed king.

« He’s really strong. He’s stronger than Tsubomi. » They could barely
defeat Tsubomi last time they fought her. What made anyone think
that they were going to so easily defeat Copernicus? Zino didn’t
have much faith in their abilities.

« We can’t shake him, no matter what we do, » Shiva had to admit that
she found the task hard to accomplish as well.

« Nothing we do seems to be working, » Zino was running low on

« Hizaki’s possession is strong, » Shiva couldn’t deny that the
Princess of Illusions’ hold was strong. However, she wasn’t about
to give up just yet.

« Come on, we’ve got to beat them somehow. We can’t let them
have him. He’s our main objective. We’re doing all of this
for him, » Teru could hardly keep still as he expressed his
opinion. He was never too good at not talking with his hands, a
habit he had formed in his younger years.

« What do we do? We’re just getting beat up this way, » Zino had run
out of ideas on how to defeat the king. Things were looking more
and grimmer for the group of crusaders.

« We need a plan, or else we’re going to keep running around like
chickens with our heads cut off. » At this point, they all looked
embarrassing. Horatio wanted to make a steady plan of action.

« But, he hasn’t shown any weaknesses yet. We have nothing to work
with. » Things would have looked a little up if it wasn’t for that
fact. Millie felt defeated, like she was just wasting her energy no
matter what she did.

« Someone needs to fight him one on one and find them out, » Teru
knew that would be the only way to truly find the vampire’s
weakness. As much as Copernicus wanted to pretend to be an
impenetrable wall, he was clearly not. There had to be something
that crippled him, something they could use against him.

Shiva glanced to the red head in thought. « What are you thinking? »
Teru didn’t just say things for no reason. Usually, if he was
propositioning that they did something, it was something he wanted
to do himself.

« I’m your man, » Teru puffed out his chest and jerked a thumb to his
chest proudly.

« Are you sure that you can take him on by yourself? » Shiva was a
little worried that the king would be too much for the fiery red
head. After all, they couldn’t all fight him together much less

Teru shifted his eyes towards the king with a sly grin on his face.
« Sure thing, you guys just worry about getting Tsubomi away from
Hizaki. » That in itself should have told them what Teru’s plan had
been all along.

« I’m not sure about all of this… » In fact, Shiva was worried that
Copernicus was going to end up killing Teru. It wasn’t going to be
easy to last that long while they go about freeing Tsubomi from
Hizaki’s grasp. However, there needed to be a distraction in order
for it to work. It was better to free one of them instead of none
of them.

« You worry too much, sis. Have some confidence, will ya? » Teru
waived his hand in dismissal at his sister.

« I suppose you’re right, » she knew that she couldn’t argue with him
at this point. Once Teru made up his mind, that was it. « At this
point, what have we got to lose? »

« Our lives, » Zino answered.

Millie squinted at him and frowned. « Oh yea, real
comforting, Zino. »

« Sorry, it’s true. »

« Death doesn’t scare me. A knight shouldn’t be afraid to face
death, knowing that he could die at any moment, » Horatio was ready
to take on his problems. He didn’t care what the cost was; he only
knew that they needed to get Copernicus back.

« Knights are about the royalty’s lives, not just because they’re
figure heads, though, » Teru remarked.

« Huh? What do you mean? » Millie’s visage morphed into a quizzical
one as she glanced over to the red head.

« The real reason a knight cares so much about the royalty’s
lives is because they care so little about their own. » Honestly,
knights were just laying their lives down so senselessly. Teru
couldn’t even begin to think about why they would live such an
expendable life.

Horatio narrowed his eyes. That was an inward strike to his pride,
and as much as he wanted to respect Teru’s opinion, he found
himself gritting his teeth through a response. « Or, perhaps they
are very selfless and patriotic, willing to give their lives for
the sake of the country. » That was part of his reason for
being a knight.

« How noble of you to say, » Teru commented.

« Or, they love the figurehead or they are their friend… » Millie
looked thoughtful. The more she thought about it, the more reasons
she found to be a knight. « There could be many reasons really. »

However, she had no time to think as blades shot between she and
Teru’s faces. The two quickly moved out of the way, avoiding being
cut by the vicious metal.

« Hey! I’m your man, Copernicus! » Teru taunted the possessed king.
It was time to initiate his plan, and he knew exactly how he was
going to do that.

He jumped up into the air and flipped, pulling out his long, black
whip. The object spiraled around him as he fell back towards the
vampire, who simply put up his sword and simply said ‘barrier’
summoning the energy dome once more. Teru’s body hit the magical
shield with such force that he bounced off. He caught himself
before he went crashing to the ground and dug his heels into the
soil, skidding back.

Teru reeled back and flung his weapon forward. It hit the barrier
with great force, then was propelled back at him. Unable to stop
it, he jumped over it as he traveled behind him. Then he maneuvered
the weapon over his head, working with the built up force behind it
and slammed it down towards the vampire, but a blade hit it and dug
into the ground and pinned his weapon there.

« What? » Teru’s face lit up in realization as his eyes laid their
sights on his weapon. However, taking his concentration away from
the vampire was a mistake. A large, white blast impacted his
stomach and propelled his body backwards. The red head was sent
back into a bush, crashing among the leaves that scattered through
the air in disarray.

‘None of them even are a challenge for Copernicus. He’s
unbelievable as a warrior. Hide taught him to use the Rigatama
Dark joy grew as the smirk did on Hizaki’s face.

« Hyouzonyuu! Spirit Dragon Attack! » Horatio pointed his blade
skyward as white swirls of a foggy, white substance swirled around
the blade slowly. They soon formed tiny, fish-like dragons with
long, wisping bodies trailed around him. He then pointed his sword
forward and they rushed towards the pretty man, threatening to end
his life.

« Huh? » Hizaki caught sight of them out of the corner of his eye and
turned with widened eyes as he realized his oncoming doom. Anger
marred his face as he bore his fangs and vanished into a burst of
cherry blossom petals that flew at the knight, ripping past his
form and cutting his skin and clothing.

‘Foolish knight,’ he thought as he reached his hand out.
« Meet your death. » His fingernails grew and extended towards his
face. Horatio dodged only to be blasted by a beam that came out of
Hizaki’s umbrella tip.

The cross-dressing vampire stood above his form, which laid fallen
on the ground. « You dare to challenge me? » Gold eyes, filled with
malice looked down upon him.

Shiva popped out her umbrella and summoned her Atomic Shock as
waves of sound blasted from her umbrella in invisible waves. Hizaki
turned and threw his hand up, making a barrier around himself. « You
too, huh? »

« Release Tsubomi, » Shiva commanded.

« Do you honestly think I’m just going to hand her over to you? »
Surely this woman couldn’t be serious. Did she honestly think that
she even stood a chance against him?

Teru ran in front of the door that existed in the rose garden. It
was a secret entrance into Hide’s base, and if he could make it
there, then he could bypass Copernicus or even lose him in the
corridors and buy himself more time. However, his moves were
overshot as the vampire grabbed him by the neck and slammed him
down with great force.

The red head’s body broke the wooden door, and he could see
splinters of wood all around him as he was plunged into the dark
abyss. Roses, petals and dirt flew up around him as a crack
resonated in his ears.

The two fell down and hit the ground as the taller vampire loomed
over him. Grunting, Teru shoved his feet into Coeprnicus’ gut,
launching him into the air as he tumbled backwards and popped up to
his feet. The blade of the Rigatama plunged into the ground shortly
after and he barely avoided it.

« This must be a corridor to Hide’s underground fortress. Man, this
place is huge, » Teru scanned the vast space, shrouded in darkness.
Silhouettes and shadows were the only defining features that didn’t
make it look like an open room.

However, Teru didn’t have too much time to admire the scenery.
Copernicus was on him, weapon raised and ready to strike. When it
came down, he blocked himself with the hilt of his whip. Piercing
eyes stared into the hollow voids of the vampire. « Come on, king.
You’ve got to pull out of this. »

His voice was dire as he stepped to the side as Copernicus stumbled
forward. As he lost his balance, Teru shoved him hard, propelling
him forward. The brunette fell to the ground but rolled and popped
back up with no effort.

Teru jumped and spun his black cord around. It shot forward,
through the darkness and wrapped around his opponent’s neck.
Yanking it forward, he tried to slam the other vampire into the
wall, but Copernicus only ended up falling to his hands and knees.
A foot was dug into his side in a powerful spin-kick. Then
Copernicus slammed the end of his sword into his stomach.

Teru landed harshly on his back. Cold, blue eyes stared into his
soul as he wiped the spit from the corner of his mouth. One eye was
closed in pain as he glared at him in defiance.

« Are you done yet? » Copernicus asked.

« That possession must make you immune to the pain. Man, I’m really
feeling mine about now. You’re inhuman, I mean, even for a vampire
you don’t even show any signs of wearing down. » Despite the both of
them being supernatural entities, they only had a certain amount of
expendable energy. Copernicus looked as if he hadn’t even broken a
sweat. He showed no signs of wear, no panting breath, no layer of
sweat on the skin, nothing.

« I won’t feel the effects of pain or fatigue as long as I am like
this. I get a constant supply of energy from my master. » It was
common fact that his body was merely controlled by another. He
didn’t have to act upon his own energy to fight.

« So, that’s how it works, huh? It’s not really you we have to worry
about – it’s Hizaki. » Damn, he felt like a fool now. Their true
enemy was the Illusionary Princess and not the puppet itself.

« Even so, there’s no way I’ll let you touch him. » Blue eyes
narrowed and his voice was filled with venom, a break in

« Well, you can’t defend him down here, can you? » Teru shot back
with a smirk. So far, his plan was working.

« So, that was your plan? To draw me down here? » Copernicus

« I actually didn’t have a plan, and you were the one who tackled me
through the door, » Teru placed a hand to his back and winced. He
still felt the pain of the contact of each stair as they took their
tumble. « That roll down the stairs hurt like a bitch though.
Anyway, since you’re the one who separated us, it was
convenient. »

Copernicus frowned and ran back up the stairs, trying this best to
get back to Hizaki. He had made an error in his ways. This left
Hizaki wide open to be attacked by the others, and his psychic
abilities were down since he was controlling a puppet.

« You’re not getting away that easily. Yah! » Teru swung the
black cord around. It wrapped around Copernicus’ neck and jerked
his body backwards.

The brunette rolled down and stairs awkwardly as the corners dug
into his body. He finally landed in a crumpled heap before the red
head. « We have a fight to finish. You’re not getting away yet. »

Copernicus propped himself up and glared in defiance at the younger
vampire. « Of course, » he replied as blades shot up from the

Teru backflipped to avoid the blades, then shot forward only to
have his weapon collide with the blade of the Rigatama once more.
They both pushed against each other in a power struggle. Their arms
burned with the passion and competitive spirit each one felt.

« Too bad I’m going easy on you. I did promise not to kill
you. » That was something Teru would keep.

« Die, » Copernicus swung his sword as the snake-like chain of blades
shot forward. Teru screamed and nearly fell backwards as he avoided
being struck. Plunging the sword down, he attempted to stab him
again, but Teru rolled out of the way and leaped at his opponent

Copernicus tried to stab him again, but Teru evaded his movement
and ran off into the darkness.

« You can’t escape me. » With that, the brunette took off in pursuit
of the red head.

‘I have no idea in hell
where I am going or what I am doing, but I hope I can beat him,
Teru’s mind processed as blades flew at him from
behind and he heard Copernicus say ‘randomize’. Panic shot through
his body as the weapons shot off in multiple directions again.

Quickly, Teru shot around the corner, evading the attack. His
breath hitched in his throat and for a moment, he didn’t breathe.
Sighing in relief, Teru felt more at ease now that they had passed

However, his relief was short-lived as he felt cold metal to his
temple. His eyes slowly trailed over to see that one of the
vampuric guards had a gun pointed to his head. « This is so
annoying, annoying, annoying, » he spat in anger.

« Stop right there, » the guard commanded.

« I don’t have time for this, » Teru kicked the gun out of the
guard’s hands, then shot forward and planted his foot into his
stomach and took off running down the corridor with Copernicus in
hot pursuit.


« Ha! » Hizaki called out as he tried to stab Shiva with his nails.
She hopped back and threw up her arms to avoid his sword-like
nails. He barely missed her. She could feel her heart pounding in
her chest.

Throwing her umbrella, it spiraled into the air and collected
energy. Streams of a light lavender were sucked into the object,
but Hizaki dodged it and turned to her with an arrogant smirk. « Do
you think that childish toy will hurt me? »

The umbrella shot back, nearly hitting the cross dresser. Hizaki
dodged, but he wasn’t without taking his damage. It managed to tear
through the layers of his beautifully-crafted, Victorian dress.

Hizaki was outraged.

« My dress! » His face lit up in horror before it morphed into
malice. « You bitch, you’ll pay for that! »

Hizaki swung his long nails around, utilizing them like a sword
blade as he attempted to cut Shiva in half. However, she jumped
backwards and barely missed the tips of the hardened nails. Hizaki
struck again, attempting to get her a second time, but before his
nails could land their mark a wave of neon energy blasted him in
the stomach. The cross-dresser flew back like a discarded doll and
landed in the nearby rose bushes.

« Princess Shiva! » Millie attempted to run after her.

« You can die, too! » Hizaki sat up, sending his fingernails
extending towards the girls legs. She jumped out of the way as they
made contact with the soil, barely missing her feet.

Turning as she jumped, the gun slinger pulled out her weapon and
was about the shoot the feminine vampire, her vision blurred.
Pupils widening in horror, Millie’s feet hit the ground. « What?
What’s going on? »

In that moment, she felt her skin being sliced and could feel her
clothes being ripped away from her body. Blue and white blood
bsoaked threads sailed through the air as a searing pain scorched
her shoulder, hip and ribs. She yelled and fell backwards as Hizaki
went down for another strike. The word die was shouted as long, red
nails shot through the air, threatening to pierce her chest.

However, he was stopped by the end of Shiva’s umbrella, penetrating
his shoulder. The end acted like a bayonet and rich, red essence
bled through as the dark-skinned woman looked upon him with

« Electro-Shock! » She called forth waves of electricity that surged
through the psivamp’s form. His body spazzed and undulated as he
cried out in pain from the current ripping through his body.

As an act of defense and self-preservation, he allowed his nails to
extend once more in an attempt to pierce Shiva, but she jumped back
and evaded his attack. Hizaki seized her umbrella, but the device
exploded into a burst of fire and debris. The blast sent Shiva and
Millie’s forms backwards as it knocked them off of their feet.

The gunslinger felt weightless for a few moments before she was
grabbed harshly and slammed into a rock. The pain registered
throughout her form as widened eyes caught glimpse of her
assailant. It was Hizaki, and he was more than livid at her. She
didn’t have any time to react before his knee made contact with her
stomach, driving her into the rock even harder than before. She
barely cried out in pain due to the fact that her breath was being
beaten out of her.

Tsubomi glanced to the umbrella, then pulled her tired form from
the ground as she walked over to it. Grabbing the item, the tom boy
held it defensively. It was now nothing but mangled wire and metal,
but it would do for the purpose she had intended for it.

Shiva pulled herself from the dirt as Millie delivered a swift but
powerful kick to Hizaki’s stomach, sending his form propelling
backwards. Quickly, Horatio positioned himself behind the psivamp,
ready to deliver a swift cut that would end his life, but his form
burst into flower petals before launching themselves at him.

« Not this again, » the knight held out his sword and created a
barrier that deflected them. The razors of the petals sounded like
rain against the barrier’s surface.

However, he had little time to think as Hizaki materialized behind
him, ready to strike him again.


Copernicus came from behind and tried to cut Teru in half with the
Rigatama as the two ventured farther into the building. The red
head dodged his strike. « There’s no escape from me. »

« Who said I was escaping? » Teru asked, standing in front of a
finely crafted portrait of Hide.

The Inheritor King walked towards him, wordlessly and out of
reaction, Teru grabbed the picture from the wall and hurled it at
the approaching male, who simply cut it in half in one, clean,
swift stoke.

Teru took off running through the dimly lit hallway, past a row of
windows. Copernicus ran in tandem with him, gazing at him with
intent through the passing windows. Taking a sudden detour, he
jumped through, glass shattering all around him as his blade
clashed with Teru’s oversized whip. The red-head stumbled backwards
and flung his weapon out once more. The possessed vampire leaned
backwards as it shot through another window, showering the two with
shards of glass.

Reaching up, Copernicus grabbed the whip and yanked it back,
pulling Teru towards him. When the red head was close enough, he
gripped his shoulders and slammed him through another window. The
glass dug into his body, cutting him mercilessly as he landed in a
pile of broke glass. Quickly, he rolled back, his body covered in
biting spikes of the clear substance only to be met with more
blades. He jumped back, barely avoiding them. His breath was heavy
as he stared at the possessed king.

‘Man, this is not good. I’m wearing down
too fast, and he won’t run out of energy because he’s a freak like
that. It’s just me and him. What the hell am I going to do
His eyes darted around the room, frantic for anything
that would give him an idea on what to do. He spied an elaborate,
large chandelier and his face lit up with an idea.

« Ha! Got it! » He exclaimed as he threw his weapon upwards. It
wrapped around the base of the chandelier but before anything could
happen, Copernicus charged at him and kicked him in the chest,
sending him back into a wooden chair. The chair tipped backwards
and Teru went with it.

Copernicus swung at him again, destroying the chair as Teru
scrambled out of it. Just then, Teru remembered something and
looked up to see that the massive chandelier was plummeting towards
him. He tried to get out of the way as it crashed to the ground,
sending pieces everywhere.

« That was close. » He held a hand to his chest, trying to calm his
beating heart as the vampire closed in on him and swung his blade,
trying to decapitate him. Quickly, Teru back flipped and charged
his whip with a red, glowing energy. He thrusted the weapon
forward, creating a string of energy that he launched at his
opponent. Then he landed and jumped over Copernicus and shot off
towards the entry way.

« This is futile. » Copernicus said as he too chase to him once


« Raging Dragon! » Horatio summoned his attack once more.

It made contact with Hizaki and the vampire’s image exploded on
contact, sending powerful waves out that knocked the knight
backwards. Zino took off, running through the fire and debris of
the explosion and tried to cut the Illusionary Princess in half,
but he merely teleported and reappeared behind him and brought his
clasped hands above his head. Hizaki was about to deliver a
powerful axe handle him to but Zino delivered a harsh punch to his

« You’ll pay for touching my face! Die! » Hizaki shouted in malice
and extended his fingernails towards the dark-haired man. They
nearly reached his face until they were shot off by Millie.

After sighing in relief, Zino thanked the girl.

Millie pointed the gun up with a smile. « Thank god for dad
insisting that I should take up sharp shooting. Little did I know
it would actually be useful for something. »

Hizaki shoved the nails on his other hand into the ground. When
they made contact, they exploded and sent the screaming gunslinger
backwards with the force of the blast.

Tsubomi dug the end of the umbrella into the ground as she
desperately tried to keep her balance. Determined, navy eyes peered
through the blast. ‘I need to gather energy. It’s really hard
when I’ve been completely drained of everything I had. I can’t sit
here, hating myself or nothing will get done. I feel guilty for
staying here and watching as everyone else is getting slammed
around by Copernicus.’
Her eyes were drawn to the hole in the
ground that Teru and Copernicus fell through. ‘It’s been a while
since they’ve been down there. I wonder if Prince Teru is

Suddenly, in a burst of leaves and roses, the red head shot up
through the air and landed on the edge of the hole on one knee.
Tsubomi’s eyes widened a little and she blinked in shock.

She didn’t expect him to just pop up like that.

« Teru…Hm? » Her eyes were then drawn to her possessed master, who
calmly walked up the stairs towards her.

Defensively, she held out her umbrella to him, poised and ready to
stab him if she needed to. Her muscles tensed and she bore her
clenched teeth like an animal backed into a corner. « Stay back, »
she warned.

« You belong to me…So, if I order to drink your blood, then you
must comply. » Copernicus was right. She was his donor, and
she was to serve her master no matter what the circumstances. That
was the terms of their contract.

« Usually, I wouldn’t mind but right now, there’s no way in hell, »
Tsubomi wasn’t going to fall for that load of garbage. She wasn’t
helping him kill her friends.

« Then I will just take it by force. »

…To Be Continued

The Possession of Copernicus