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Fanfic from My own DREAM–PROMISSES

Ahad, 4 Ramadhan 1423 H

Sunday, 10 November 2002

24.00 WIB until. 3.15 WIB – 00.00 A.M until 3.15 A.M

That TV show makes me shock. Ah…Impossible, that show is old production. But why now they turn it again? I kept looking girl who wearing Java cloth astonished. Yes…she was me 12 years ago. When I followed fashion championship on Anyer beach. I was on elementary school that time.

Suddenly, a shard of pain cut trough my head. The throbbing started. I am tottering. Ah…what is this? Many piece of memory spread on my head. I fall down….

My breath narrows…I breathless. My skin suddenly felt cold. I’m very shock when opened my eyes. Now, I’m on the bottom of the sea. On my right hands looks a little turtle frightened. Am I alone? No! Many people swim around me. They are the fashion championship’s member. My eyes opened greed! Their eyes opened blank…! THEY DEATH! Silent…only water flow sound in my ear drums. I hug that turtle tight. Try to protect him from stream even though I’m not sure that I will survive. Will I die like those people? I shook my head! I MUST live! But the salty water too much swallowed. My body felt so relieved…I’m tired….

When I want to close my eyes, I felt some one drawing me up. Who? I look at him weakly. A boy pulls me up. Maybe his age ten years old. He keeps pulling me up surely. That hand is so warm. The sun light starts shining behind the water shadow. Chocolate hair’s boy move faster. Hah…at least we appear on level of the sea.

But I’m so weak. I only able to watch him who hug me and swimming to the beach. His eyes look very beautiful. Those soft green eyes gave me a spirit to kept stand. His hakama was torn on many parts. But I’m still able to read his name tag. « Ho-ku-to…. » I murmured. He is looking at me for a while. He gave his sweet smile. A smile that able to made my heart throbbing. I want to kept look at him. But I can’t stand anymore. Suddenly all change become dark.

Indistinct I heard someone called my name. When I opened my eyes, I’m on my own leaving room. Ah… I took a deep breath. I was dreamed. My memories! All memories which was buried on my deep heart…. That’s the reason why I’m phobia with the sea. A girl sits down beside me. Her face looks glad.

« Are U ok, Bayu? » She asked.

« I think so…. » I woke up. I felt crack of pain hit the side of my head. But that does disappear slowly.

I look at the television again. But that’s show already finished. I don’t believe! I want to see that boys who was save my live! That girl touches my shoulder slowly.

« Do U want meet him? »

I look at her face surprised. Am I hear the right thing?

« Do U want to meet some one who was save Ur live? » She repeated her question as she able to read my mind.

« Yes…I…I…Want! » Many feeling mixed in my heart. My hearth is throbbing harder. My hand is so cold because of nervous.

Not too long we walked; we stopped in front of a closing room. She pointed her finger to that room. « Open it! » And she’s disappearing.

Slow but surely, I opened that wood door. The crack slices my heart. That neat room only has one table. A young man sat down behind it writing something. That hair becomes longer. Slowly he resists his face. « Who are U? » softly he asks me. That voice…so gentle…as gentle as his eye’s light. Like use to be…same as my memory 12 years ago….

I try to strength my heart to talk. I think my motorist system is raving. I clench my hand hardly. I felt there is no blood on my hands. « Ho-ku-to…. » I stammered. « Do you remember me? I’m Bayu…. » Only that word that I can say to him. I’m too nervous. I’m waiting his words. I’m waiting his words that he remembered me. But wish still a whish. He keeps silent. His eyes looks confuse and anxious. I can’t stand anymore on this situation. I curve my body a little, « Ne-never mind…forget what did I said…. » I turn around and run left him. I felt my face really hot. My eyes blurred.

I stopped not far from that room. I stood by the doorframe and try to keep stood. Suddenly, I felt someone stood behind me. I’m look around. I don’t believe my own eyes. He…Hokuto…stood on my back. That face looks very handsome. Again, he gave his best smile. « Of course I remember U…Bayu…! I’m looking at U for a long time….Hishisaburi desune! »

My tears can not handle again. I cried and run to his hug. He hugs me tight. Warm hug that I miss for such a long time… at least I can reach it back. His hand flatters my hair softly….

At least, I can fulfil my desire. We sat on white neat table and I lay my head on his shoulder. Strength shoulders which able to protect me. He grow up become a man! Now, my height is only as his shoulders. His chocolate soft hair grows until his back, as tall as my hair.

« How are U? » I’m still nervous.

« Fine, Thx. And thx also for helping Max. She is my B’T now. »

« Max? » I released my lying from his shoulder.

« A sea turtle that you saved that time…. Now, I’m member of Shireishou…. Four Guardian Spirit. » He chagrined. He looks have big duty and also big trouble. He realized I’m look at him worriedly.

« I’m ok! Everything is fine! Shinpai arimasen. I must finish some problem with Kikaikou. That’s all! » He smiles again. He rusted my hair slowly, his eyes a mischievous green. « U can’t be worry easily! »

« Yes! » I’m laughing. But on my deep heath I’m still worried. I knew it’s not a simple problem. I’m shiver.

He put his hand in his suitcase pocket. In his hand there is a bottle of Silver ink and a paint brush. « Give me Ur right hand! »

I obey him. I give my right hand. He immerses the paint brush on silver ink. That silver liquid warp around a paint-brushes and he started to write on my back hand. He writes one kanji. « Promises » That’s the word which painted on my hand. The light makes me chink my eyes. But what happen on my feeling? I felt worried… frightened… panic… I don’t know!

That word will disappear next month! »

I’m shock when saw his serious face.

His eyes become pathetic. « I wish even though that word already disappears, U always remember me. I wish U promises me not forget me…. » He shook his head.

I pull up his chin with my forefinger. « I’m promise! »


A year after we first met. He disappear without give me any news. I’m flattering my hand where that kanji was there. I scanned twilight sky. Hokuto…like my promises, I always remember you! But… do U also remember me? My leg walked slowly. I’m walking on gloomy city. Or maybe just on my mind this city looks gloomy?

At least I stood on meat shop. I curve my head slowly on that shop. An un explanation feeling bring me to do that. That guy, figure that I knew well stood there. Cutting a meat and washing it. His dress is very dirty. Bloody and rumpled. Not sure its reality, I walked to him.

« Hokuto…. » I murmured.

He looks at me anxiously. « Do U know me lady? »

Entire my body fell suffocated when hear what he said. H-How can that be? He forgets me?! That’s word slice my heart become a pieces. It’s burning down entire hope that I always kept on my mind. That eyes look at me without expression. I don’t know where is memory about me on those eyes…?

« You do not remember me? » My tears fell down slowly. Why I’m so tearful?! But my eyes felt so bitter.

« I-I’m sorry lady… » He panics. « I-I can’t remember my past except my name! I got amnesia! »

I look at his eyes. There is a truth on it.

I give him my hands. « Follow me…. » I try to smile even though that damn tears still drew on my face.


We are sitting on some park chair. Like used to, he sit beside me. Now, he used a shirt with black long pants. I give him silver ink and paint-brush that he gave me. I tried not to cry anymore.

« With this, U wrote a promise on my hand also on my heart. With this, a year ago, U wish I will not forget U. With this I wish U will be back for me also… because… I can’t live without U…! »

I grabbed his hand and add the paint-brush on his right hand. With my left hand, I lead him to write that kanji on my right hand. I knew that my entire hands shaking uncontrolled. But I can’t uphold these feelings.

When the written almost finished, that paint-brush drop from his grip. I felt warm water drop on my hand. To me surprise a tear fell from his green eyes. The most shining eyes created pure water on it…one by one….

« Tadaima…Bayu kun…. »

Ah…my tears flow down surely… He hugs me tightly. He doesn’t want to let me away from his side. Neither do I….I give my hand on his back….

« Okaerinnasai…Hokuto chan… »


When this dream happens, what I think is, Allah give me a miracle…He gave me the most beautiful dream…! I wish I can woke up on time to sahur and pray. I don’t know why the setting is not clear.

Sort Dictionary :

Hakama : Japanese cloth

Hisashiburi desune : Long time no see

Shinpai Arimasen : Don’t worry

Tadaima : I’m home

Kun : Using for boy or beloved female

Okaeri : Answered for tadaima

Chan : Using for girl or beloved male