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Orochimaru glared balefully. To any of the men walking the halls at the moment, they knew this meant to give the Snake-man wide birth. After all, no one wanted to become another of his experiments. For his part, Orochimaru wasn’t looking at anything around him in particular, rather he was contemplating a conundrum.

The situation he was finding himself in, was a trite bit disconcerting for the pale-skinned man. Back when he had left his village, effectively deserting all ties to nation, family or friends, he had never thought that he would find himself giving reports again. Sighing, Orochimaru did his best to get rid of his scowl as he walked through a grand steel door. To say the door was grand is actually a bit of an understatement, as the swinging double doors were easily twenty feet in height and each weighed at least four tons. The doors were made of steel and had intricate patterns of six warriors, burning auras surrounding them, locked in battle. One of these warriors was a man within the chambers, the new « King of The Times ».

Orochimaru took his place, bowing on one knee as he supplicated his lord. « Raoh-Sama, I’ve returned with a bit of interesting news, » he began. His displeasure at seeing Kimmimaro (the body that should have been his) sitting on the left-hand side of Raoh, in his full Kekkei Genkai release, was quite obvious.

Raoh made the barest of nods.

Taking such a gesture as his cue, Orochimaru continued. « It would seem that the Leaf Village is holding a this year’s Chuunin Exam. With your permission, I’d like to attend the event. I already have a few projects in motion. » Orochimaru knew that bringing up such a frivolous ploy with the king would result in at least one head rolling. So, as such, he neglected to mention that his purpose of going was to lay low the village.

Raoh turned his gaze to the gorgeous young woman sitting next to him. Her eyes burned crimson with three tsubo swirling in a hypnotic motion. Since his arrival in this world, things had progressed rather differently. Had Raoh not come along when he did, Itachi would have completed wiping out the Uchiha clan and not been stopped. The woman, Kimiko Uchiha, had no doubts in her mind that the Uchiha traitor would have ended her life. But luckily, she had spotted the large man appear from thin air and locked him in her Genjutsu, desperate for help.


Itachi raised his right finger at Kimiko, his Genjutsu already provoking her to go home and slaughter her parents. Had she not been a Genjutsu specialist, she may not have ever known that she was under. Even still, knowing she was under his spell and acting against it were two different things. She could feel the compulsion overwhelming her. Itachi’s Genjutsu was just too powerful for her to break. Then it hit her….

Well, not so much an « it as a « he ». Forming in the middle of the street in front of her was a mountain of a man, his fist thrusts high in the air. He started as a man-shaped pillar of sand and as Chakra flowed into him, he became animated and human. Try as she might, Kimiko could not stop her body to marvel at the man appearing from nowhere. Even as she tried screaming for help, No sound came from her mouth. Her lips refused to move and her lungs and vocal chords were no longer hers to demand. It had simply been her luck that the man turned to her, and she realized her Sharingan would allow her a last ditch effort of a Genjutsu. So saying, without so much as a hello, she forced the man to form the seals to dispel Itachi’s spell and free her from demise.

What she hadn’t expected was that the man’s Chakra was so high that his dispel has ricocheted and spread throughout the Uchiha compound, effectively freeing all the Uchihas from murdering one another. Itachi, took this as a direct affront and moved in kind to stop the interloper.

Raoh, having just arrived in this world after thinking he killed himself ina climactic battle with his brother, Kenshiro, was quite surprised to see he was somewhere. His first thought was that he’d actually managed to make it to the heavens. As soon as he could move his body, he spun around and fell into a hypnotic trance. Of course the gods, and in this case goddess, would have far stronger hypnosis. So, without immediately resisting, he found himself forced to coil his energy in a strange manner, resulting him wasting a good fourth of his reserves. Quickly gathering his about himself, Raoh shook off the woman’s second attempt at controlling him and rounded on her. Seeing as he had made it into the heavens, and these gods were capable of actually taking advantage of a lapse on his part, Raoh felt that he may as well allow his full aura to spring forth. Raoh stopped holding back, and radiated his displeasure and desire to wipe this land clean of any foes.

Kimiko couldn’t make heads or tails of the man in front of her. The sheer amount of Chakra wafting from him reminded her of the Kyuubi attack a few years prior. Except that his kill intent seemed to be a bit stronger. She trembled as his gaze fell upon her and she found herself falling to her knees, tears streaming down her face. If there was even an ounce of compassion in the man, she had yet to sense it. And to make matters worse, she had just treated the man as a pawn. As the man raised a mighty hand, she shrunk in on herself and flinched.

Raoh’s arm raised to squash the bug before him. He had initially been impressed by the woman, thinking that maybe the gods were less feeble than humans. But, now, as he watched the goddess crumple before his presence, he lost all sense of respect. That is until a flash caught his attention. To his eyes, there was only a world of red and black, and blood was flowing down the avenue in a crimson river.

Fooling the eyes was one, thing, and Raoh, while not especially susceptible, would rather trust his Spirit energy which was screaming for him to duck.


Itachi’s face slightly screwed up, showing his displeasure. First a man had appeared in the middle of the street, seemingly out of thin air. Second, the man had dispelled all of his Genjutsu throughout the Uchiiha compound, allowing the clan to gather and begin a hasty retreat. He’d only managed to cleanse half of his own blood. ‘All for the sake of my village,’ he thought to himself, ruefully. To think that such an order was tasked to him. Granted his clan were planning to defect and wrest control, but to kill everyone he had grown up with and every other person that had his familial trait was a bit overboard.

Had he realised that he would be branded a traitor and outcasted from the village upon completion, he would not have undertaken this task at all. What was the point in protecting a village if you couldn’t live there?

He watched as the man turned to wipe Kimiko off the map. For a split moment, even Itachi himself was taken aback by the kill intent radiating off of the giant of man. Sure killing his clan was one thing, but having seen how much Chakra was used in dispelling the Genjutsu of everyone and still feeling as if he were looking at the Kyuubi changed his priorities. He knew that with such kill intent in the air, the ANBU would be arriving in short order. Itachi engaged his Mangekyou Sharingan and placed the man into a Genjutsu that would allow him to experience death repeatedly for an enternity in an instant.

Taking his time, he strolled up to the man, and withdrew a kunai. « Who ever you are, you chose to interfere at the wrong time and attacked the wrong village, » he informed, idly slashing.

To say the least, it came as a shock when the man, ducked the slash, and retorted with a high kick. Itachi dashed backward, flipping away from the man. Coming to a halt, Itachi gazed at his chest, and the blood freshly spilling from a slice. To think a man would use chakra as a blade from his foot was just unheard of. Itachi, threw a salvo of kunai at high speed. With much interest, he watched as the man, with eyes still glazed, deftly avoided each thrown knife. The last of which, aimed for Raoh’s head was caught between two fingers, reversed and sped double speed at Itachi.

It was only instinct that saved Itachi from death, as the young ninja raised his hands to catch the kunai. He hadn’t expected the force behind the man’s throw, so when the kunai continued on it’s course, it embedded itself into one of Itachi’s eyes.

Kimiko, having watched the interaction was awestruck. Shakily, as the kill intent was still emanating from the behemoth, she climbed to her feet and tried to edge away. When she saw Itachi lose an eye, and the Genjutsu on the taller man break, she knew she was in trouble… Just as Kimiko was about to leap away, a group of ANBU landed nearby. blades trained on his position telling her to halt, even though the masked men hadn’t uttered a word.

Raoh, freed from the illusion was a bit annoyed that the young man was still alive. « You would dare to attack to attack me? » he threatened, walking forward, his every step causing the ground to quake. The combination of the kill intent, the size of the man, the fact he was pure power, the ground tremling beneath him and the the way that the stone road was cracking under each step gave pause to the ANBU and and even Itachi showed fear in his remaining eye for the first time in his young life. « Do you not know who I am? Have you not gazed down upon the Earth to watch me conquer it? » he continued. Raoh, still believing he was in the heavens gazed up, and pointed high in the sky. « Do you see that star burning brightly in the middle of the night sky? The Death Star has chosen to shine down on you! Now DIE! » he commanded as his mighty hand came down, fingertips first.

Call it fate, or destiny, or luck, but Itachi happened to gaze up and see a particular star shining brighter than the north star. Strange that he’d never noticed a star in that position of the sky before, much less a star shining bright enough to illuminate the night as if it were dusk. ‘So,’ he thought ruefully, ‘this is how I will die?’ He closed his remaining eye, and consigned to to his fate.

It was in that instant that the Hokage, an elder man by the title of sandaime, arrived, dressed in all black, brandishing an iron pole. Said pole was extended across the front of the elder ninja, taking the brunt of the attack and sending Sarutobi sliding back. Even as he collided with Itachi, both men carried on backward from the force of the strike. « I don’t know who you are, but you have chance to leave my village or we will be forced to execute you, » warned Hiruzen Saritobi. Whether or not he would be capable of getting rid of this man was up in the air.

Raoh, gazed about himself, and tapped into his foresight, observing every possible outcome of a battle against the entire village. he watched as he killed the majority of the arriving ninja only to be stabbed in the backl by one of the stealthier. He saw how he could project his Ki and wipe out nearly all of the men, only to be weak enough that a child would kill him. None of these were acceptible as Raoh needed to live in order to take over the heavens. there was foresight that was appealing to him and this was the best outcome for him and his goals.

Plan in mind and outcome percieved, Raoh spoke. « I will take my leave, but I demand you give me all of these people that the young man there was sent to kill. They will fall under my protection. »

Such a statement was not a request, it was an order, and Sarutobi knew as much. However, he was not so quick to just give in. ‘If I were to give him all of the Uchia, my village could come under attack by them at any moment and I’d be helpless to stop them. They know all of the secrets here as anyone else that lives here,’ he surmised, ruefully. « As much as I’d like to give in to your demands, these people are branded traitors and have to be dealt with as such. »

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