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Nam Iustitia et Amor- (Latin-For justice and love) Death Note/Inuyasha- He had to know. “Why do this? Why risk your life?”— She looked at him, her sapphire eyes glowing hauntingly. “A wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing to do…” He couldn’t put it in better words. Kagome/L
Mostly Romance, Humor, and Adventure/Action… some Mystery, Drama, and Angst maybe as well… Crime and Fantasy too I guess…
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–Nam Iustitia et Amor–
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Once, when she was little, she thought the world as a happy place… where nothing could go wrong and everything was perfect.
Throughout her young years, she held on to that thought… and then the world was revealed to her.
Crime… murder… rape…
But still, as horrible as these misdoings were, as despicable as they were, she had never experienced it, never been exposed.
So how was she supposed to feel?
She shouldn’t be afraid of something that might never happen to her right? But she wasn’t dense enough to take needless risks to help it happening to her either.
So sure, crimes popping up and spreading throughout the area was not a good thing, but it just wasn’t new and it wasn’t often. It caused little to be concerned about… and she soon learned that life just sucked sometimes. Plain and simple…
…or so she thought…
And then she was exposed to the real world. Something no one else in her generation was ever exposed to… something so horrible a grown man bred for the hardships in life would shriek in fright and cower like a small child. Something she sometimes she wished never happened to her…
Epidemics of diseases, the loss of friends and family, the gore, the slaughters, and worst of all, the sight of little children crying their hearts out because they didn’t know why mommy and daddy wouldn’t wake up.
And then, you see how immoral, how wrong some people are… you have to watch, restrained, as someone you thought you knew try to sacrifice an innocent child.
Sacrificing someone for the greater good…
Was that really okay? Peace and harmony, at the expense of an innocent child who never seen it coming… really?
And even if it wasn’t an innocent child, even if it was someone who was the direct opposite of innocent, it was still the same.
No one deserved to have their life ripped out from under prematurely.
That job was for the death gods and them alone…
And so, once you’re seen that, there’s no turning back…
And no matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she pushed it away to hide it and put on a happy face, that’s exactly how it was for her
But despite what happened, despite what she experienced, one thing has yet to change and that would be her beliefs…
Her beliefs that, no matter what monstrous thing someone did, to you or someone you love, it is not your place to act as punisher.
It is not another person’s job to go out of their way to pass judgment on someone, and to take it into their own hands.
Justice was putting the bad guys away, and making them pay for their wrongs, and sometimes… that meant the death penalty…
… but either way, not every criminal should pay with that punishment, because sometimes they didn’t deserve it. Sometimes what they did, did not warrant a needle in their arm.
They may deserve a lot a shit, but they also may not deserve dying either, not unless absolutely necessary.
So no matter how right it is, no matter how good it might seem…
Accidents and self-defense aside, a murderer is still a murderer and killing a murderer just makes you a murderer yourself…
It’s still unjust killing, no matter what.
It’s still wrong; whichever way you may view it.
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–Japan; Kanto Region—
–Friday morning–
…She was late…
The morning had started off and gave the impression of a usual day…
“Bye Mama! See you after school!!” a voice rushed out.
As the teenage girl bordering adult flew out of the house and hurried down the seemingly endless flight of shrine stairs, her mane of blue-black hair whipping in the wind as her petite hands clutched at the straps of the gaudy yellow backpack that she adorned on her back.
She panted slightly as she sprinted down the street, praying to Kami she wouldn’t miss the bus… again.
Her sapphire eyes lit up brilliantly at the presence of other’s dressed similar to her, and she increased her pace.
Though, if you looked closely in those azure depths… you could see a void only seen to the trained eyes.
Luckily for her, no one around her was that trained…
“Kagome-chan!” three voices chorused out cheerfully as she approached.
Kagome skidded to a halt in front of her three friends, a slightly forced smile on her face as she tried to catch her breath. “Hey… guys…” she managed out.
The three girls giggled. The one with wavy brown hair that was slightly longer than the others spoke. “I thought you would learn your lesson and leave sooner Kagome-chan!” she chided teasingly.
Façade in check, a light laugh slipped out of Kagome’s mouth as she grinned. “Well, you know me Ayumi. I’m a slow learner.”
The one teen with brown hair in a bob mumbled. “More like stubborn.” She giggled when Kagome heard her and stuck her tongue out.
“Yuka!!” There was a slight pause, before Kagome spoke up again, shrugging. “Eh, so what if I am?” she said cheekily.
The last girl, sporting black shoulder length hair wrapped an arm around Kagome’s shoulder. “We still love you!” Eri exclaimed laughingly.
“You got it!” Following suit, the two other girls glomped Kagome, turning heads at the commotion they were making.
An embarrassed blush crept up Kagome’s neck and settled on her cheeks, and she laughed nervously. “Love you too guys…” She mentally sweatdropped.
Luckily the bus was arriving, and Kagome didn’t have to pry them off her.
They clambered onto the bus, and took their seats.
Kagome turned to them and smiled gently. “So, what do you guys want to do this weekend…?” she chirped
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So.. how was it? There wasn’t any Death Note in here yet, that comes next chapter. I just wanted to give a little of Kag’s insight on `justice’ lol. Obviously she’s not a Kira fan hahah.
It’s only a prologue, so it’s a little boring (most like more than a little) but eh, whatever. But `phew’! That first part was crazy, and hard. I sounded so philosophical there, sorta… I usually don’t do that, and it was weird and a new experience… Anywhoo, tell me what you think!!
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