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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Title: Obsolete Garden

By: Revamp

Rating: T/M

Pairings: All.

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Mythology/Horror/Psychological

Warnings: Gore, Language, Graphic Content, sexual innuendo,
Death, Violence

Summary: Even the prettiest flowers wilt one day, and render the
garden obsolete.


Obsolete Garden

There was once a great land where all of the dimensions
were joined as one and time flowed in one path. We called it
Pangea. The gods lived in harmony and created large kingdoms in
which they ruled. Everything worked on a system of scales and
balances and harmony was maintained.

For every right there was a wrong, for every inherently good
being, there was a corrupt one. There was only one plain f

No heaven.

No hell.

Denizens merely reincarnated over and over.

The land was peaceful with no major wars and it flourished. The
deities flourished as well. Some fell in love and had children who
ruled over their respective elements…but that’s where things
grew complicated.

The goddess of summer was tempted by a demon who pulled her down
into a dark world full of purgatory where she could never return.
Her father became so distraught that he abandoned Pangea and
created his own dimension full of roses and vegetation.

Upon his departure, the vegetation of Pangea began to wither and
die and the once fertile world grew barren. One by one, the gods
and demons disappear
ed and the world fell into ruin.

The only place that remained untouched by time was a small
garden full of glowing, blue flowers. No one could understand why
it had been untouched by time, decay or illness and the area soon
became a place of sanctity, a safe haven for the deities to meet up
peacefully and discuss the state of their worlds.

However, even the prettiest flowers wilt one day…and
render the garden obsolete.

…To Be Continued

Original Version Written: 6/18/16

Typed Version Began: 1:53 a.m. 12/1/16