Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Let me tell you a story…”

Those were the words I had used, and you were too young to understand the difference between fantasy and reality back then, and all I could do was give you a small, warm smile, hoping it was reassuring enough for you to go to sleep while I told you magical stories about angels and demons.

“A long time ago, there existed a tree. This tree was the tallest, most beautiful tree the world had ever seen; it was big and wide, encompassing the eyesight of everyone fortunate enough to lay eyes on the tree.”

“Really?” Shinji looked up at Yui’s smiling face, who looked down at his face, giving him one of her trademarked warm smiles as she eased back the young boy’s bangs, the simple, gentle move making the small, quiet boy slowly begin to slip into the embrace of sleep.

“Really… the tree was guarded by the most beautiful woman any man would have ever seen; with hair the color of flames and skin as white as the clouds; those who would stare at her would always remark how beautiful her face and eyes and smile were.”

Shinji sighed as he closed his eyes, letting the warmth of his mom’s words caress his cheeks along with her breath as Yui’s voice became softer and softer, lulling the little boy into deep slumber, the only sound escaping from him were the small, soft snores as he snuggled deeper into his bed while Yui kept stroking his hair, staring at him with the smile only a mother could have for her first born child; a smile full of hope and warmth and love.

“Did the pretty lady have a lot of boyfriends?”

Kyoko made a pause while combing Asuka’s hair, staring at the little girl staring back at her from the mirror with bright, blue inquisitive eyes and an impish, toothy smile, before she let out a sigh as she kept brushing the still wet hair, tying it into twin ponytails.

“And just how did you hear about boyfriends?”

“A girl at school; Kaname… she likes this boy and shares her lunch with him, so they’re boyfriends.” Asuka said as she shrugged, kicking her legs into the air and Kyoko recognized her daughter was just about to get antsy, and start wiggling in her seat.


“So?” Kyoko repeated as she pulled Asuka down and helped her to her bed where the little redhead immediately snuggled into her bed, hugging the plush monkey doll before she looked up at her mother.

“So what else happened?”

“I’ll tell you if you go to sleep.” Kyoko answered with a smile as Asuka giggled and kept perfectly still, closing her eyes, while Kyoko sat on her daughter’s bed, tracing her face slowly, as the redhead giggled and kept her eyes closed.

“The original guardians of Freya were called ‘angels’; and they were divine in origin.” Kyoko said softly, slowly, almost sadly.”They had promised their allegiance to Freya, to defend her against the evils of the world. Some angels, however were tainted when Freya was struck, and became willing agents of the darkness that tainted and corrupted them…”

“So they became bad, mama?” Asuka whispered softly while Kyoko kept smiling, loosing herself in the old tale of knights and princesses, knowing each word by heart.

“No sweetie… now go to sleep.” Kyoko said as she leaned forth and kissed Asuka’s forehead, getting up and turning the light off, before she walked out to the veranda, and smelled the fresh, crisp air, shuddering as she felt the air growing a little colder, before the sound of a door sliding open and she turned around to greet her neighbor.

“Winter will come early this year, it seems.” Yui said with her usual pleasant smile, while carrying two mugs of coffee, and offering one to Kyoko who took it and smiled, thanking her in silence.

“Yeah.” Kyoko said in a soft tone, staring along with Yui out the night sky into the horizon, both women feeling the air play with their hair, and enjoying the artificial warmness the coffee gave them, sighing softly because she knew.

“Shinji and Asuka have been swapping stories.” Yui spoke in a neutral tone of voice, making it clear she wasn’t angry but rather amused. “Shinji came home asking me to tell him a story about the beautiful lady from the tree.”

“Yes, Asuka seems to think I’m talking about myself.” Kyoko said smiling as she ran her fingers through her short hair, not as short as Yui’s page-boy cut, but shorter that how she used to have it.

“Well, Shinji might start asking me about who the lady with the hair as fire is soon.” Yui chuckled as she took another drink of her cup, humming softly to herself before she turned to Kyoko.

“How does the end of the story of Freya, the first tree of life ends?”

“Well…” Kyoko dawdled as she sat on the small table adjacent to where Yui stood. “Angels don’t need faith as they already have the knowledge of celestial things, so their rebellion against God, and Freya constituted an unforgivable sin.”

Yui nodded as she looked out the sky and into the bright white stars. “And now, they need the cores that reside within Lilith to become whole again, so that they can ascend to heaven.”

Kyoko nodded slowly, before she spoke again in a small, soft tone of voice.

“We are the caretakers of the tree, chosen by birthright to look after Lilith, and defend her against all who will try to strike her… but we are not their guardians; we need willing swords and shields for the battle that is to come.”

Yui nodded as she finished her coffee, looking out at Kyoko who smiled at her, both women knowing full well what it all mean, how it all affected the world, and how it will affect them in the future before they walked to their respective homes, and into the open arms of their respective husbands.

Yui shook her head, making herself step forth from memory lane, and into the new day that signaled the start of the new school year, effortlessly coming back from that time and place when her son was 5 years old, into the day that she had feared would come but all the chestnut-haired woman could do was let time flow like a river, running its course, as Asuka poked her head and smiled at Yui as she always did whenever she came to wake up her son, watching as the redhead bounded quickly towards Shinji’s door before her steps became a soft padding before the redhead opened the door and disappeared inside, making her way quietly to Shinji’s side, taking in the peacefulness in his face as he snored lightly, blissfully unaware.


Shinji mumbled and shrugged into his bed, while Asuka tiptoed silently into his room, smiling at his sleeping face before she leaned forth, a wide smile planted on her lips.


Yui smiled into her coffee like she always did in the morning, hearing the snap-crackle and pop routine between her son and Kyoko’s daughter, so familiar and used after hearing it happening for more than 8 years, before she saw Asuka exit Shinji’s room with him in tow, grumbling and stopping to straighten his collar while Yui held a piece of toast for her son while he was simultaneously pulled and pushed outside by the eager redhead, making Yui sigh wistfully before she stood at the front door, seeing as both teens entered the elevator and made their usual trek down to the ground floor, before they began walking towards their school.

“They’re gone.” Kyoko said as she came out of her own apartment, impeccably dressed in her skirt and blouse, white lab coat draped over her arm while Yui nodded.

“Let me tell you a story…” Yui said softly, remembering other times, far away, when Shinji would look at her with bright, wide eyes, hanging onto her every word at night while Yui would lull him to sleep. “Those were the words I had used, and they were too young to understand the difference between fantasy and reality back then.”

Kyoko nodded.

“All we can do is give them a small, warm smile, hoping it’s reassuring enough for when they to go to sleep while we fight our war, masking it as magical stories about angels and demons.”

The Transfer Student