Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Fight Hina
A Love Hina/Street Fighter crossover fanfiction
By The Headcrook

Legal BS Disclaimer: All characters and locations of the Street Fighter series are the property of Capcom Entertaiment, while the characters and locations of Love Hina are the property of Ken Akamatsu. This is my first crossover with an anime and I was intrigued with the idea of mixing Street Fighter with Love Hina. Several characters from the SF roster are slightly OOC, so don’t flame me on that.

About Ryu’s swordfighting style: The idea came to me that aside from Ansatsuken, Ryu is also a shihan (master teacher) of Ansatsuken Shinjutsu, a swordfighting style which is a combination of elements from numerous fighting styles, such as Iaido and Battoujutsu. Like Motoko’s Shinmeiryu style, Ryu’s kendo style also uses ki attacks, albeit on a more destructive scale than Motoko’s, but up to part to Tsuruko.


Hinata House – Hinata City, Japan…10 years earlier

The young boy watched as the three men – an older, balding man with a beard, a blond American and a Japanese man – bid their goodbyes to the owner of the Hinata House, Hina Urashima, and her daughter, Haruka. The two younger men were both in their teens, around his aunt Haruka’s age. The boy had grown especially attatched to the Japanese teen in the white gi and matching headband.

« Do you have to go? » the boy asked shyly.

The Japanese man crouched down. « I have to go. I have to train to become the strongest fighter in the world. » He noticed the frown on the boy’s face. « I’ll tell you what…let’s make a promise. If you ever get into trouble, or if you need help, you find me, okay? »

The boy nodded. « Okay. » He then raised his small hand. « Promise? »

The taller man clasped his hand into the boy’s. « I promise. » He then took his worn duffel bag and slung it over his shouder. « See you around, Keitaro. »

———————————————————————— ——–
On the other side of Kanagawa Prefecture, Present Day…

« Hello…hey, Sempai, I think he’s coming to. »

Keitaro Urashima found himself lying flat on his back. His jaw was sore, as well as the rest of him from landing who-knows-where. As his vision cleared, he saw that he was inside a massive training hall of some sort. There was a teenage girl around his age looking over him, waving her hand over his face, occasionally snapping her fingers.

« It’s a miracle that he didn’t die from taking such a fall, » another female voice said.

« I’ve seen him before, » a male voice said. « It was ten years ago. Ken, Master Gouken and I were guests at the Hinata House. »

Upon hearing those words, Keitaro was completely alert. He assumed a sitting position as the girl moved back. The training hall was huge, and he found the souce of the voices. One was male and Japanese while the other was female and Chinese. The Japanese man was muscular, wearing only a tattered white karate dogi. A red hakimachi was wrapped around his head, keeping the dark bangs out of his eyes. He was seated beside him, in the lotus position.

The Chinese woman was curvaceous, and dressed in a one-piece blue tracksuit with yellow trim. Her long hair was braided and bunned, secured with yellow ribbons. The teenage girl was simply dressed in a white V-necked shirt and a pare of track pants. A white hakimachi was wrapped around her head.

« How do you know about the Hinata House? » Keitaro asked. He looked at the man closely. « Wait a minute…do I know you some somewhere? »

« Last time we met, you were a little sprat, » the man replied. « You’ve grown, Keitaro. »

Keitaro blinked. « Ryu-sempai? Is it you? »

Ryu Hoshi nodded. « It’s me. » He gestured to the girl in the skirt. « You caused a scare in my apprentice when you landed in the courtyard of our school. »

« Hey! » the girl objected. « It’s not everyday that a guy comes crashing into the courtyard of the school. »

« Keitaro Urashima, my student in the martial arts and physical education major, Sakura Kasugano, » Ryu introduced. « Sakura, this is Keitaro Urashima. » He then gestured to the Chinese beauty beside him. « My wife and co-owner of this school, Chun Li Xiang. Sakura is a freshman at Tokyo University. »

Keitaro blinked. « Tokyo U? You got into Tokyo University? I’ve been trying for the past three years! »

Sakura shrugged. « Yeah. The entrance exams wasn’t that hard with Ryu and Chun Li tutoring me. You must be a ronin. »

Keitaro nodded. « I am. »

« So how’s Granny Hina? » Ryu asked. « Is she still running the hotel? »

« No. Granny is travelling the world. She’s turned the Hinata House into an all-girls dorm. I’m the landlord and owner. »

« Lucky you, » Ryu said. « The male landlord of an all girls-dormitory. »

« Like hell it is! » Keitaro snapped, getting to his feet. « Every day for the past year, I’ve worked my butt off to keep the dorm running and what thanks do I get? I get tested upon, used as a means to an end, punched and slashed to hell! It’s a miracle that I’m still alive! »

The Tokyo University aspirant was now trembling. « I’ve put up with their crap long enough! All I get is a Naru-punch and a Shinmeiryu ki attack for my troubles! I’VE HAD IT! »

Ryu and Chun Li were silent as they watched the male Urashima rant and rave. Sakura was apalled at the sight.

« This ends when I get back! I don’t give a damn about their personal lives! Those three are OUTTA HERE! THEY ARE EVICTED! »

Keitaro took a moment to catch his breath. Chun Li was speechless. After a tense minute, Ryu said, « Maybe we should talk about your little problem. »

———————————————————————— ——–
Inside the kitchen, over a pot of tea, Keitaro opened himself up to the couple. He told them everything from his past failures on the Toudai exams, being used as a scapegoat and everything in between.
« I guess I really can’t blame you for how you feel, » Chun Li noted. « You’re the manager. Why didn’t you call the cops on them, or had them evicted a long time ago? »

« He sees the good in the bad, » Ryu explained. « Young Urashima has always sacrificed so much and asked for nothing in return. » He turned to Keitaro. « It looks like you’re reached the breaking point, Keitaro. You need a vacation. »

« But who am I going to get to look after the place? » Keitaro asked.

« I remember making a promise to a 10 year-old boy, » Ryu replied matter of factly. « I was eighteen at the time. That promise was that should you ever run into trouble, you find me and I’ll help you out in any way I can. »

« The idea sounds tempting, » Keitaro said. « But what do you know about management? »

« Look around you, Keitaro, » Chun Li butted in. « We both run a dojo together. We just haven’t opened it yet, » she added sheepishly.

Ryu was in deep thought. « You said Shinmeiryu? You know Tsuruko Aoyama, the Shinmeiryu shihan? »

« Former shihan, » Keitaro said. « She’s no longer the heir. Her sister, Motoko is. Tsuruko gave it up when she got married. You know the Aoyama family? »

Ryu nodded. « I do. I fought Tsuruko several years earlier. » He turned to Keitaro and grinned. « It was a draw. Aside from Ansatsuken, I am also the current shihan of Ansatsuken Shinjutsu. »

Keitaro blinked. « Ansatsuken Shinjutsu? »

« A style of Kendo that is the diametric opposite of the Shinmeiryu style. Shinmeiryu focues on ki attacks, while Shinjutsu focuses mostly on offensive techniques. One strike, one kill. » Ryu explained. « But like Motoko’s style, Shinjutsu also uses ki attacks. Look, you need some time to rethink things over. Let me and Chun Li deal with the girls. »

« Well, I got to warn you, » Keitaro rebutted. « The dorm is a circus. »

Ryu and Chun Li exchanged glances. « Trust us when we said that we’ve seen worse, » Chun Li replied, whinking about all of the fighters that Ryu, Chun Li and Sakura had faced over the years. « Comes with the territory. Do you got any files on the tenants, just so we know what we are dealing with? »

« I can tell you right off the bat, » Keitaro replied, taking a sip of his tea. « There are four girls living there. First up is Naru Narusegawa. »

« I’ve heard of her, » Sakura butted in. « She was number one on the mock exams last year. »

« And she is also a ronin, » Keitaro continued. « She is also very violent and Naru-punches me for the slightest offense, which is how I got here. Next up is Motoko Aoyama, the heiress to the Shinmeiryu School in Kyoto, having been granted her black belt at fifteen years old. She thinks all men are perverted and only wants to get into a woman’s pants. I’ve also been on the receiving end of her ki attacks. It’s a miracle I’m not dead yet. She is also scared of turtles. »

He took another sip of his tea. « Next, is Mitsune Konno, the fox of Hinata House. Everyone calls her Kitsune. She claims to be a freelance writer, but all I ever see her do is drink sake and bet on horse races. She also wiped out my life savings when her and Motoko were looking for me last year. She is conniving and I have to bribe her with sake or deduct from her rent of I want her to do something. The next-to-youngest is Shinobu Maehara, the dorm’s cook. I know she means well, but she is much too young for me.

« Then there is Kaolla Suu. She is a princess from the island of Molmol. She is hyperactive and likes to kick me in the head. She is also a geinus and uses me as a guniea pig to test her inventions on me. Why I’m not dead or missing something I’ll never know. The last two girls who hang around the place is Mutsumi Otohime and Sara MacDougal. Mutsumi loves watermelons and is very friendly. However, she is prone to fainting spells and anemia. Sara is the adopted daughter of Norimasu Seta, an archaelogist. She has a tendency of smashing clay pots over my head. »

« So that’s it? » Ryu asked.

Keitaro nodded. « That’s it. »

Ryu turned to Chun Li. « Well, Li. What do you say? »

Chun Li smiled evilly. « I’m game. But first, we got to make this official. » She turned to Keitaro. « Can you draw up a contract, Keitaro? The contract should be that you relinquish all responsibilities as manager for two months and hand them over to Ryu and me. That way, the girls don’t have a legal standing to try and get us removed. As for the kendo girl… » She turned to Ryu. « I’ll let you deal with her. »

« Are you sure you want to do that? » Keitaro asked. « She is extremely skilled with the sword. »

« As am I, » Ryu replied. « She may be the heiress of the Shinmei School, but she lacks experience. Her ego will be her downfall. »

Keitaro looked around. « Can I use the phone? I need to call my aunt. »

———————————————————————— ——–
Hinata Tea Shop, later on…

« Hello, Hinata Tea Shop. »

« Kentaro, is my aunt there? »

« One moment, » the Sakata heir replied. « Haruka! Keitaro’s on the phone. »

Moments later, the owner, Haruka Urashima picked up the phone. « Keitaro? »

« Haruka, I’m taking some time off from being the landlord, » Keitaro said, getting straight to the point. « I really need this break. »

« You sound like you really need it, » Haruka replied in her usual deadpan voice.

« Either I do this or when I get back, I’m evicting Motoko, Naru and Kitsune and turn the dorm back into an inn. » The tone in Keitaro’s voice was dead serious this time.

« This is quite unexpected, Keitaro. Now we got to look for a temporary manager. »

« I found two. Remember Ryu Hoshi? »

« Ryu? Gouken’s student? He’s here in Hinata? »

« He has a dojo here with his wife. They’ve agreed to act as interim managers. I told them what to expect and they accepted. »

« How long will this break be? » Haruka asked.

« Two months. It’s either I take a leave of absence, or I evict those three when I come back, or I call Tsuruko and have her act as manager. Ryu’s wife will come to the tea shop first. Ryu and I will follow the following day. »

« So what does she look like, so I know? »

« Look for a Chinese woman with bunned hair, » Keitaro instructed. « Maybe some tough love from Ryu and Chun Li will make them appreciate me more and not treat me as a human doormat. They won’t push them around, I know. »

« How can you be sure? »

« Both Ryu and Chun Li are well-trained martial artists. Chun Li is a former Interpol officer who knows her way around the law, and Ryu is an expert in swordfighting. He even fought Tsuruko into a standoff years earlier. I’ve seen him use some of his Shunjutsu ki attacks earlier. They’re more destructive than Motoko’s. »

« So when can I expect the wife? »

« In a couple of hours, » Keitaro replied. « She’s packing as we speak. In the meantime, go and tell the girls that they will be expecting their new managers soon. »

« Will do. »

Chapter One