Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Preschool Graduation ( Chapter 54 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro
Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy/Mayik
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba/Motuba
Jounouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey
Mana- Girl
Kirara ( pronounced Kilala)- Girl
Ms. Rose: Teacher at Tiny Blue Eyes

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**
(Authors Notes)

« Hi Dis is Batura an Darp Santuarby doent own Udioh (He means Yugioh) dis is a chibi yami fic and were draduating today yay! »

« Well that was a really great performace they all did an awesome job, » Jou said as he opened the front door to Kaiba house.
« Yes it was and it seems to have exhausted the little tikes out, » Kaiba said as he and Mokuba walked into the room followed by Malik,Ryou and Bakura who held three sleeping Yamis in their arms. « Mokuba do you mind opening the bedroom door for us and picking out their pajamas our hands are a little full right now, » Yugi asked quietly?
Mokuba gave a nod and quickly opened the door to the bedroom nursery. **Hmmm let me see these look like they will do and of course they’ll need these** Mokuba thought to himself as he carefully laid three lil night shirts and diapers on the changing table. « Okay I laid everything out for you guys, » Mokuba said. « Thanks Mokuba,  » Malik whispered they carried their little ones into the nursery…

Bakura,Malik and Yugi grabbed one of the night shirts that Mokuba had laid out for them and began to undress their sleeping darks.

/Shhh don’t talk Bakura I’m just putting your pajamas on my little tombrobber./
//Otay Teni I’ll see you when I wate up.//

/Marik it’s ok just go back to sleep okay I’m just getting you into your comfy pjs./
//Hmmm Otay I sweep now.//

/Just go to sleep my little Pharaoh you’ve had a very long day./
//Otay Abu I weave ebything to you.//

The three Hikaris couldn’t help but smile as they carefuly laid their chibi Yamis down for a well deserved rest…

« You three look like you could use some down time why don’t you three go lie down while your Yamis are sleeping, » Kaiba said. I’m sure we can keep an eye on things if they get up before you do, » Jou said as he stretched himself on the couch. Mokuba you don’t mind watching Bakura,Marik and Yami with us if they wake up do you,  » Kaiba asked his younger brother who was currently skyping his girlfriend on his Kaiba corp laptop.( Yes Mokuba has a girlfriend) « Seto um well I was wondering if I could spend some time with Moka ( I’m watching Vampire Rosaria right now lol and I just used the name Mokubas girlfriend isnt a vampire and they’re the same age as Mokuba)
« Are you going to have lunch there or here, » Kaiba asked his younger brother. « I’m going to eat there, I’ll be back by 5pm, » Mokuba said as he ran towards the front door. Mokuba then turned around to face his older brother. « Um sorry Ni-sama I forgot to actually get your approval, » the younger kaiba said. « Go ahead just be home by 5pm we have to head to the graduation ceremony by 7:00pm, » Kaiba said as he handed Mokuba some money to cover his and Mokas meal. « Thanks Kaiba I’m sure those three will be sleeping for a few hours at least,  » Ryou said as they went into the bedroom adjacent to the nursery.

(In the bedroom suggestive situation )

The three hikaris quickly shed there clothes minus their boxers and jumped under the covers. « Ya know Ryou I can think of something else we could do besides just sleep,  » Malik said a devlish grin on his face. « Ahhh I like theway you think, » Ryou said. Ryou then shut down his side of his mindlink after making sure that Bakura was alright. « Yugi you might want to shut down your side of the link, » Ryou said smiling at the other hikari. « What why, » Yugi asked looking perplexed? « Hehe lets just say we wouldn’t want to expose a little Pharaoh to anything that little Pharaohs shouldn’t be seeing. Yugi let out a groan as he felt a slight tingle. « Okay fine the link is shut, » Yugi said trying to act annoyed at his fellow hikaris. « Yugi I don’t know why your acting like your not going to enjoy this it’s not like we haven’t explored each other before, » Malik said as he began massaging the spiky colored haired light. « Mmm Malik stop teasing me like that,  » Yugi moaned. « Don’t fight it Yugi, » Ryou said as he began nibbling on Yugis ear. Malik then let out a laugh before saying,  » Ya know Yugi it was your Yami who had first suggested that we explore each other as our Yami’s watched. » « Yeah I remember that day, » Ryou said. **Though it seems like a very long time** Yugi couldn’t help but blush not only at his current situation but at his Pharaohs request that day well it sounded more like an order as Yami could get a little demanding when he wanted to be. Needless to say various whimpers and moans could have been heard if someone had stood by the door.

( Two hours later Ryou, Malik and Yugi emerged from their * nap*)

« So did you three sleep well, » Jou smirked noticing the slightly glowing lights? « Err um uh, » Yugi mumbled. « Well me and my pup are going to lay down for a while , » Kaiba said as he grabbed the empty plates of food that him and Jou had eaten while everyone was sleeping. Jou then got up from the recliner he was sitting in and followed his dragon into the bedroom. The three lights then reopened their link to find their Yamis slowly emergering from their slumber.

« Well it looks like they’re awake now, » Ryou said as he opened the door to the nursery and walked in to find three little Yamis trying to climb out of their crib.
« Bakura what are you doing right now, » Ryou asked his little tombrobber who had one of his legs over the crib rail. « Uh I’m dus criming down from de kib Teni, » Bakura said flashing his light an adorable grin.
« Come on Bakura you know you shouldn’t be climbing out of the crib by yourself, » Ryou said as he lifted Bakura out from the crib. « Teni Changies up too, « Bakura said pointing to his change of heart doll.
« Oh I see that here you go,  » Ryou said as he handed Changie to Bakura.

« Malit tan you det me and Mr tweetums down pwease, » Marik asked his light? « Sure Marik and then I’ll make you and Mr. Tweetums some lunch, » Malik said as he lifted Marik and his stuffed animal out of the crib.
« Toy Mr. Tweetums ted dat he wanted ham and teeze sammich and drap duice. » « I see well lets get both of you washed up and then we can go eat some lunch, » Malik said as he carried his Yami to the kitchen after changing him.

« Abu I hundry an I wan girl teeze wit tum attle duice pwease, » Yami said from the ground as he had managed to climb out of the crib when the others weren’t looking. « Yami what are you doing out of the crib, » Yugi asked his little Pharaoh. « I dunna Abu, » Yami said looking somewhat guilty for something. « Yami what or who are you hiding behind your back, » Yugi asked? « Nutin Abu, » Yami said smiling. Yugi had a feeling that his little Pharaoh was up to something but left it alone. « Kiri Kiri Kir Kiri. » « Kboh shhh you hapta be tiet or Abu would mate me tend you back to da tadow realm, » Yami whispered to Kuriboh. Kuriboh gave a puzzled look at his little master but quieted down nontheless. /Yami come and eat.// //Tumin Abu./ Just then Bakura wondered into the nursery where Yami and Kuriboh were. « Paro why is Kboh here, » Bakura asked? « Shh Batura Abu don know he’s here, » Yami whispered. « Batura you hapta help me sneat Kboh in da tichen tuz he hundry too, » Yami said. Bakura liking the idea of sneaking around happily agreed to help the little Paro. ( 5 minutes later Yami and Bakura had managed to sneak Kuriboh into the kitchen without their Hikaris noticing) « Paro why is Kboh here, » Marik asked pointing the duel monster that was hiding in changie’s stroller? ( Yes Changie has his own stroller.) « Shhh Mayik Abu don know dat Kboh is here, » Yami said as he ate his grilled cheese sandwich that Yugi had made him. After lunch Yami had went to play with the duplos and totally forgot that Kuriboh was in changies stroller. « Kiri Kiri. » « What in the world are you doing here Kuriboh, » Yugi asked as he just happened to go to the kitchen for something? « Kiri Kiri Kiri. » « Oh I see well your going to have to go back now Kuriboh, » Yugi said.
/Yami can you come here please./ //Abu I pwayin right now// /Yami if I were you I’d come over here/ Yugi then showed the little dark Kuriboh through their mindlink. //Oh no.// Yami then ran to where his light was. « Yami you forgot that Kuriboh was here now send him back okay , » Yugi said. Yami then apologized to Kuriboh for forgetting about him and sent him back to the shadow realm.

(5 pm )

« Hey guys I’m back,  » Mokuba said as he came through the front door. « So Mokuba hows Moka doing, » Ryou asked? « She’s doing good she said to tell everyone hello, » Mokuba said. « Where’s Ni-sama and Jou, » Mokuba asked?
« They should be out any minute I think I heard them getting ready for tonight,  » Ryou said. « Well okay I’m going to go take a shower and then get ready for the graduation,  » Mokuba said as he went to his room. « We should probably get ready as well,  » Ryou said.

An hour and a half later everyone was dressed an ready to go to the graduation ceremony. « This is so exciting did you bring the video camera, » Yugi asked as he buckled Yami into his car seat? « Don’t worry Yugi the entire ceremony is going to be recorded, I also have a photographer taking pictures too, » Kaiba said as he adjusted his car side mirrors. « Oh ok well I brought my camera too, » Yugi said as he buckled himself. Once everyone was buckled safetly in the car, they headed off to the graduation ceremony venue which happened to be about about 15 miles from the actual preschool.

( The Graduation)

« Welcome to the graduation ceremony, » on of the ushers said handing everyone the program for the evening events. « Okay this is going to be two hours long how do they expect the kids to sit still for two hours, » Malik said as he adjusted Mariks cap. « Well it looks like the kids are lining up over there, » Ryou said pointing to the line of preschoolers standing in cap and gowns. « Come on you three lets tell Ms. Rose that your here, » Kaiba said. The three Yamis followed Kaiba to their teacher who checked off their name. « Oh I almost forgot but you need to wear this Marik, » Ms. Rose said as she handed him a gold sash with the word Valedictorian across it.
« What Marik is the Valedictorian, » Kaiba said sounding a bit shocked at the idea. « Oh yes he did very well this year scored the highest on all the tests and was just an all around great student to have, » Ms. Rose said smiling. **Hmm I wonder** Kaiba then walked back to where the rest of them were sitting. « Hey Malik did you know that Marik was the class Valedictorian, » Kaiba asked the light? « Err well yes Ms. Rose told me a couple of days ago and no Marik didn’t use the Millennium rod to make Valedictorian, » Malik said knowing that Kaiba was going to ask. « The only thing I don’t know is the graduation speech that Marik is supposed to give he wouldn’t share it with me, » Malik said. « He said that it was going to be a surprise, » Malik said smiling as he relaxed in his seat.

Ten minutes later pomp and cirumstance started and the preschoolers walk through the aisle of the theatre and onto the stage where they were to be seated.
« Welcome to this years graduating class, » the principal said. « Ms. Rose did an excellent job teaching these children and they’ll definately be ready for their next phase of their education, » the principal said pointing to Ms. Rose. After about an hour of speeches and the band and choir peforming it was time to hand out the diplomas.

//Abu are you watching were dunna det our dipomas?// /Yes I’m watching Yami./ One by on Ms. Rose called her kids names until she had gotten to the final three.
« Bakura, Yami and last but not least Marik, » Ms. Rose said as she handed them their diplomas.  » Now I’d like to introduce this years class Valedictorian Marik who would like to give his speech to all of you, » Ms. Rose said pointing to the little tombkeeper who was currently blushing from embarrasement. « Go on tombbeeper dive your speetch it realby good, » the little Paro said. « Yeah Mayik you hapta gib da speetch, » Bakura said as he pushed Marik towards the podium. /Marik it’s okay you’ll do just fine don’t be nervous./ //Otay here goes nuthin.// « Otay Ms. Rose I ready now, » Marik said as he took the microphone from Ms. Roses hand.

« Siwence
before I pontrol your minds, » Marik said in order to quiet the now talking crowd. « Now dats better, » Marik said as he began his commencement speech.
(Marik’s Sennon Eye Starts Glowing)
« Today we tand togeber da puture of dis wurld. »
« Der iz nuthin dat we tant do. »
« Strive and ebyone will reach der goal in life. »
« Eben da smallest tadows tan rise from da dartness. »
« Da smallest rites tan shine as brightly as Ra. »
« Do not wet anyone tand in your way »
« Da Tadows are hundry and we da puture must ensure dat dey are fed! »

« Tank you ebyone, and espetially tank you to my Hitari Malit for beweaving in me, » Marik said as he finished his speech to the sounds of his classmates cheering and a smiling yet somewhat bewildered audience as the aura in the theatre was giving off a different feeling then before…

« Hi this Malik hope you liked this chapter, I’m so proud of Marik making Valedictorian, sorry for any errors that weren’t done on purpose, please review. »
« Next chapter we are going to celebrate with our little yami’s. »

« Yeah it’s going to be really special. »
« Abu wat ya talkin bouts? »
« I’m just talking to the audience about somethings now go and play with Marik and Bakura »
« Otay Abu. » ( Yami runs off to play )
« Like I said we have something special planned for our little yami’s and who knows what else might happen. »

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