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Chapter 5: Plan and Talk

The three girls sat in Tohru’s room planning out how they would distract Momiji and how they would get the other two into a room together right up until time for Tohru to start making dinner. Actually, they continued planning even while she cooked with Uo acting as lookout. Tohru was pretty sure that Shigure knew about the love triangle, but she just didn’t want him involved because if he got in on it then there was a good chance that Kyo and Yuki would never get together. Oh, she knew the older Sohma cared deeply for his family. She just didn’t want his sense of humor getting in the way right now. However, before any plans could put into action everyone was going to eat dinner.

Hana and Uo finished setting the table while Tohru went to hunt down the four males. For once, Shigure was sitting at his desk actually working on his latest book. “Shigure, dinner’s ready.”

He spared her the smallest of glances, “I’ll be there in a moment, Tohru.” His attention turned back to the paper in his hands.

Tohru didn’t bother responding instead she walked to the living room where to her surprise the other three Sohmas sat watching some kind of movie. She tried not to wince at how close Momiji was sitting to Yuki. “Dinner’s ready.” As expected, the rabbit jumped up excitedly while the other two followed at a more normal pace. I have to admit that I’m proud of Kyo for not making too big of a scene about Momiji being here even though it must be hard for him not to. I know I wouldn’t be pleased to be forced to spend time watching my rival cuddle up to my love. Of course, if Hana’s plan works like it’s supposed to then in the end they won’t be rivals anymore. First things first, we’ve got to get Kyo and Yuki together.

Dinner was a relatively quiet affair. Most of the talking was done by either Momiji or the girls. Kyo didn’t say anything at all not even responding to Uo’s taunts; while Yuki on the other hand, only responded when spoken to. Shigure made a few comments here and there to help keep the conversation going, but his mind was clearly on the book he was writing. The dog was usually so laid back it was easy to forget that he had a serious side.

Once the meal was over, Yuki refused to let Tohru clean up insisting that he do it since she’d worked so hard to make it. The brunette normally put up much more of a fight, but Yuki’s insistence actually worked more to the girls’ favor since it gave them the perfect opportunity to get him away from Momiji.

Said rabbit was carrying dishes into the kitchen when Tohru asked him: “Momiji, do you want to play cards with us?”

“Sure! Can we have snacks?” It had been a while since they’d last played cards together.

“Uh huh.” Tohru answered with a smile. She looked up to see Uo wink at her. “I’ll go make some popcorn. Hana also brought a new movie for us to watch.” She made sure to grab the dishes so he didn’t have to go into the kitchen.

“Hey, Momiji, you want to help me set up?” Uo asked as Tohru entered the kitchen to make popcorn. She heard his enthusiastic response making her smile grow. Phase 1 complete. Now onto Phase 2 which I’ll start and then it’s all up to Hana. Yuki had his back to her as he washed dishes.

“What’s all the fuss about?” His soft voice pulled her out of thoughts of a successful mission.

She placed the last of the dishes by the sink. “I’m going to make some popcorn for a snack because we’re going to play cards and watch a movie later. Do you want to join us?”

He smiled at her offer but shook his head. “No, I don’t think I will this time. I’m still a little tired and think I’ll go to bed early tonight.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.” If it wasn’t for their plan, Tohru would’ve been a little more insistent that he join them. “I wonder where Kyo has gone to. I was going to ask him to play.” She made sure to sound a bit wistful even though she had the feeling that the other teen was probably on the roof. She just didn’t get cats and their obsession with high places.

“I don’t know. He disappeared as soon as he was done eating.” Yuki replied. “He seemed a little upset, though. Momiji seems to be getting on his nerves more than usual.” That last sentence was said quietly as if more to himself than to her.

“I bet he’s just tired. After all, he’s done a lot of training this weekend.” Tohru responded. The next few minutes were spent in comfortable silence while he finished the dishes and she made the popcorn. As she walked out of the kitchen with drinks and the large bowl of popcorn, Tohru turned around: “Good night, Yuki. I hope you sleep well.”

He nodded with a smile as he to left the kitchen. As soon as he disappeared around the corner, Tohru ducked into the living room motioning to let Hana know that it was her turn to act. Uo kept Momiji distracted so that he never noticed the raven haired girl’s absence.


Yuki walked up the stairs nervously. He hoped Kyo had meant what he said about finishing their pre-lunch conversation. With Momiji staying the night, right now was the only time they had to talk. I wonder where he’s at. Should I go to his room? Are we going to talk in mine? Or maybe he’s on the roof. Should I go up there? The grey haired teen was a few steps away from his room when he noticed that the door was open. Odd, I remember shutting the door when I went down for dinner. He got to the door and found Kyo sitting at his desk waiting on him. The other male had the chair turned so that he could look out the window. “Kyo?”

Kyo turned his head to smile gently at Yuki. “Hey.”

Neither Yuki nor Kyo noticed Hana behind Yuki, they didn’t notice what she did to the door, and they certainly never noticed her pull the door shut silently.

Yuki situated himself on his bed as he tried to figure a way to get the conversation started. After several minutes, he finally gave up and started the conversation where they left off. “So, you said you know who Momiji likes.”

Once again a slightly bitter smirk crossed the cat’s features. “Yeah, it really shocked me at first. Though, in a way it makes perfect sense that he’d be attracted to yo-them.”

Yuki didn’t miss the change in words. “You’re not happy with his choice.” He made it sound like an observation. “Why?” Normally, the rat wouldn’t be one to go for the blunt approach; but he was tired of waiting and if there was even the tiniest chance that Kyo returned his feelings then he wanted to know now. If his feelings weren’t returned then he wanted to know so that he’d have plenty of time to piece his broken heart back together. Broken heart…I sound like I’m in love with him. Maybe I am; it makes sense. It would explain why I want to be around him so much; why what he thinks means so much.

A raised orange eyebrow was the response he received. “You don’t seem all that happy about the identity of Momiji’s crush.”

Talk about role reversal. The purple eyed boy was slightly frustrated with Kyo dodging his question. “I’m not since I know his crush is in love with someone else.” He didn’t miss the way Kyo’s body tensed from his words.

The cat didn’t respond immediately; his eyes looked thoughtfully at the rat. “Does he really?” Something in his eyes made Yuki blush. “So who exactly is this person he likes?”

Oh no, you’re not going to find out so easy. He wanted to know what was going on inside Kyo’s mind. He needed to know. “Why were you so upset that Momiji asked me to go to the hot springs with him? Why were you so upset when he told us he got permission to spend the night?”

Kyo blinked at him a few times. “You didn’t seem all that pleased that he’s spending the night either. Why is that? I thought you guys got along great.” He sounded a little upset.

This entire conversation is odd, Yuki thought. If I didn’t know better, I would say he’s jealous. Wait a minute…jealous? May be he does care. “Are you jealous?”

For the first time that day, Kyo looked like he was getting irritated with him. “So what if I am?” A tan hand ran through orange hair in agitation. His warm eyes locked on to Yuki, “Why did you have to go with him? Why did you agree to let him sleep with you?”

Yuki wasn’t sure how to answer, “I…”

Kyo didn’t give him the chance to continue. “Why couldn’t you spend the weekend with me?”

Yuki stared at the cat in complete shock not fully comprehending the question. He really is jealous.


When Yuki just stared at him with wide purple eyes, Kyo realized what he’d let slip. Shit, I didn’t mean to say that. Panic flooded the cat. Yeah, he’d wanted to talk with Yuki; but the rat had never been so blunt or tenacious before. Yeah, he’d planned to tell Yuki how he felt but not like this. He couldn’t think, breathing was difficult, and he found that he couldn’t stay sitting in front of Yuki. He couldn’t handle the silence. Without thought Kyo stood up and dashed out the door; or rather, he would’ve if the door had opened.

He cursed mentally when the door refused to open. While he stood there mentally cursing, arms that weren’t his wrapped around his waist. A slightly cooler body leaned against his back. Kyo tensed up painfully. A glance at the hand on the doorknob showed that it was shaking.

“Did you know that while I was at the hot springs, I wished several times that you were there with me?”

Kyo took deep breaths trying to calm his frantic heart as the words sunk in.

“Sure the trip was nice, but it would’ve been so much better if you’d been there.”

The arms around his waist tightened. Yuki buried his head against the middle of Kyo’s back.

“When I heard Momiji talking in his sleep, I completely freaked out.”

Kyo let go of the doorknob. Both of his hands clutched the arms around his waist. His voice remained soft. “I am jealous. I’ve wanted you for so long; I’ve dreamed of being with you for so long.”

Yuki nuzzled his back. “You don’t have to dream. I’m right here.”

Kyo remained facing the door. His voice was a little louder and firmer. “I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks. I don’t care about Akito.”

He felt Yuki press his body even closer. “I’m tired of being alone and cold.”

Kyo turned around slowly to face his Yuki. “You don’t have to be anymore.” He cupped Yuki’s face with both of his hands. His thumb lazily brushed against the lips he wanted to kiss so badly. “I’ll be by your side; I’ll keep you warm.”

Yuki’s lips curved into the sweetest smile Kyo had ever seen. “I don’t care what anyone else says; you are not a monster. You’re not any different from the rest of us. You’re my cat.”

Those words coming from Yuki meant more to Kyo than anything. He finally found someone who saw him for who he was. “Just so you know you’re my rat.” Kyo smiled before leaning forward far enough to brush his lips gently, chastely against Yuki’s. The kiss wasn’t meant to inspire desire. It was a reassurance, a promise between the two of them.

Yuki’s eyes slid shut as soon as Kyo moved forward. When the cat pulled back, the rat’s purple eyes were revealed. His mouth opened to say something, but Kyo shushed him. “You don’t have to say anything.” He didn’t want his rat to feel pressured to admit something he wasn’t ready to say.

Yuki nuzzled his cheek into one of Kyo’s hands before pressing closer so that he could lay his head on the other teen’s shoulder. The cat’s heart felt like it was going to burst from all of the emotion filling it. His hands slid down Yuki’s arms to wrap around the rat’s waist. He was holding him just like he did in the mornings, and just like in the mornings, holding on to the rat was bliss.

“What do we do about Momiji?” The grey haired boy asked softly.

Kyo rubbed his cheek against the top of Yuki’s head. He stayed silent as he thought. Thinking was difficult, though, with Yuki in his arms. “I’m not sure. Yeah he gets on my nerves a lot; but other than that I like him. I like him more than I do Haru.” If it was possible, Kyo wanted to avoid hurting the blonde rabbit. He’s never called me a monster or made fun of me. “For now, let’s just focus on what’s right here.”


It was dark outside when Shigure decided he needed a break from his latest book. On his way to the kitchen, Shigure wondered just who the girls thought they were fooling. He poked his head into the living room to find them curled up on the floor watching some kind of movie-all he could really make out was that it was loud, bright, and had lots of pink. Momiji was curled tightly into a ball in one corner of the couch above the three girls. He shook his head as he entered the kitchen for another cup of tea. Someone should tell them that Uo isn’t the best choice for a lookout. I was able to hear the majority of their plan without them realizing. On his way back to his office he grinned because those girls were underestimating Momiji. The rabbit was more observant than they gave him credit for.

Just as he was about to step into his office, the dog paused as a thought crossed his mind. I haven’t heard a peep from Yuki or Kyo since Yuki went upstairs. I know Tohru interrupted a pretty serious conversation earlier. I better check on them. He changed direction now making his way up the stairs. The hallway was dark and it was completely silent on the second floor. Once at Yuki’s bedroom door, the dog noticed something was odd about said door. This must be either Hana or Uo’s work. Tohru certainly wouldn’t know how to jam a door like this. Let’s see, if I pull this, then push that, now jiggle the doorknob without making a sound…there! One door no longer jammed. This must mean that both of them are in here. Somehow, I doubt it occurred to those three downstairs that if Kyo wanted out he could just go out the window. Now I just hope Yuki and Kyo haven’t actually killed each other. He pushed the door open silently since he wasn’t sure of what he’d find. When nothing happened once the door was half way open, Shigure poked his head into the room. For a minute he was shocked, but then he smiled at the sight in front of him. Looks like I don’t have to worry about them.

He gently shut the door and walked back downstairs to his office. I need to call Hari and let him know. Aya should be back by now. I’ll call the shop first and then try his apartment. Looks like we don’t have to get them together, but we will keep this from Akito.


Momiji didn’t know how long he’d been asleep, but he did know that he was cold. Tiredly, he forced his eyes open; though, they closed right after because of a huge yawn. Looking around, the blonde realized that he was the only one on the couch. Where did everyone go? A sleepy mumble pulled his attention down to the floor where he saw Hana, Tohru, and Uo cuddled up to each other. Another yawn came out. The television was still on but all it showed was a blue screen.

He got off the couch and turned both the television and DVD player off. He glanced out the window to see the moon shining brightly. I must have fallen asleep during the movie. The rabbit was still very sleepy so he made his way carefully up the stairs to Yuki’s room. On his way, he peeked into Shigure’s office to find the dog on the phone. Sounds like he’s talking to Aya. Oh well, it didn’t concern him. By now his brain wasn’t capable of processing more than simple thoughts.

Momiji pushed open the door to Yuki’s room and grabbed his bag so that he could change clothes in the bathroom. He was pretty out of it when he brushed his teeth. What normally took only a couple of minutes took him twice the time to accomplish because his body refused to move any faster. Finally, he walked back into Yuki’s room. He stood beside the bed and sleepily blinked.

Yuki wasn’t by himself. In fact, the rat was on his side curled up with Kyo spooning him. They look cute…and comfy. Momiji could barely keep his eyes open. His heart began aching for some strange reason. Deciding to not wake them, he turned to go back stairs when Yuki shifted.


The younger teen turned around to face the rat. “Uh, sorry for waking you,” he whispered softly. “I just came to get my pajamas.”

Yuki blinked at him sleepily making the rabbit think of an owl. A very cute owl. “You’re not going back downstairs are you?”

Momiji grinned sheepishly, “Yeah. I don’t want to disturb the two of you.”

Kyo suddenly lifted his head. “Momiji? What are you doing over there?” He didn’t give the blonde a chance to answer. “The living room’s too far away.” He shifted backwards pulling a half awake Yuki with him. “Should be enough room now. Get under the covers quickly.”

The strange ache in Momiji’s heart faded away turning into warmth. Without another word, he crawled onto the bed and made himself comfortable underneath the blankets. The bed was warm from both Kyo and Yuki’s body heat. He cuddled up to the grey haired boy, who immediately wrapped an arm around him.

The last thought that ran through Momiji’s mind before he succumbed to sleep was, this is nice. He was warm and safe with his two cousins there.


Chapter 5 End

I hope this helps make up for taking so long with the previous chapter. I started writing Ch. 5 right after I posted Ch. 4, and I honestly can’t believe how quickly I got it done. It flowed so well. I guess part of that is because where I’m so stressed/nervous about moving that right now writing is one of the few outlets I have.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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