One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ Pint-Sized Perverts ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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Pint-Sized Perverts
mild Luffy/Robin – Luffy, Robin, Nami, Brook – PG

Nami cringed as another loud bang and bloodcurdling yell split the air. She was just turning to yell back at the morons, louder, when two knee-high blurs shot past her. One of them was pink and brown and fluffy. The other–

« Dammit, Luffy, are you using Giant Gear on board ship again! » Whatever the hell was behind this recent rash of experimentation, she’d more than had enough of watching Franky fix holes in the Sunny. She slapped aside her maps and hared after the pair… and smack into Brook. The skeleton was holding his hat on his head and chortling musically as he ran.

« What the–? She snatched at a skeletal shoulder, forgetting he was relatively light and almost dragging him over before she got her balance. He caught her under the arm and jogged her gamely along with him as she squeaked protest.

They turned the corner to find Robin on the lawn deck, standing smiling down at the diminutive pair as they ran in circles around her long, bare legs. Zoro cranked an eye open from where he lounged against the mast, grunted in alarm and then opened both, wide. « Oi, Luffy… »

« Robin! » Nami felt a vein in her forehead twitch, and she clenched her fists ever tighter at her sides as realisation dawned.

« Aaaaah, watch out! » Chopper’s yelp warred with the ear-grating screech of rubber under stress and the little reindeer dived aside. Robin and Luffy tumbled into the grass with Luffy’s full-sized face buried under Robin’s tiny skirt.

« Blue lace! » crooned Luffy, muffled.

Robin gave a pointed little cough and frowned down at him flopped between her knees.

« Yo ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ~~~~~ hooooo! »

Nami turned and decked Brook with all her strength. « You put them up to this! »