InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Petrichor ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5: Petrichor

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Ninja AU (NOT Naruto-verse, mind you! Sorry!
Traditional ninjas only).

Pairing: Eventual SessKag

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, suscepticble to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual
property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about

Authors notes: Petrichor is the dusty smell that comes when rain falls on
earth and grass. #TheMoreYouKnow. And who said fanfiction never
taught you anything.



Kagome looked out of her bedroom doorway into
the black night. It was breezy and warm outside, a perfect summer
night, but Kagome could smell the scent of rain on dry earth and
she knew a storm was fast approaching. The temperament of weather
was always unpredictable and she wondered if there would ever be a
day when man could know its turns and changes.

And speaking of tempers…

Kagome sighed, closing the shoji screen as she
walked back inside the room. Kaede had yet to come back from her
meeting with the young Lord. Probably trying to salvage what little
relationship between their clans was left after that spectacular
display of impudence.

Kagome didn’t know why she had lost her temper
like that. It wasn’t like her at all and Kaede had raised her
better than that. In fact, mere seconds before her outburst, she
had been practically 

She blushed, reliving that afternoon’s

After two long days of walking, Kagome was
loathe to confess that she was dead on her feet. A ninja like her
was expected to travel long distances like these on a daily basis,
even longer sometimes when delivering messages in times of war (and
these days, it seemed those times were all the time). But having to
carry hers and Kaede’s luggage had been of particular strain on her
and had finally taken it’s toll.

It didn’t help that she was now expected to
arrive to another clan to become pupil to a master she had never
met. Lord Sesshomaru had a reputation that spread as far as the
rays of the sun and everybody seemed to know of him. He was feared,
envied and hated by all, yet he had more allies and followers than
any clan leader she had ever met. Kagome could surmise from
conversations she heard from older ninja that he was incredibly
powerful and a skilled assassin like none before. He had become
Lord of the Western Lands when he was barely eleven-years-old,
after the death of his father, and had led his clan with the
militant force of a veteran overlord. More than once he had
overthrown enemy clans, destroyed villages that opposed him and had
annihilated every single target he had ever been given, without
leaving a trace. It was rumored that he had single-handedly
a hundred
 in one night, with only his
sword to aid him.

When men spoke of him, they did it with the
reverence one afforded to epic legends. Lord Sesshoumaru, ruthless
leader of the House of the Moon, was known for his mercilessness,
his bloodlust and his heartless nature, and was often referred to
in hushed whispers as 
The Demon

This despicable man was to be her new mentor
and Kagome dreaded the arrival to the House of the Moon with each
quavering step she took.

Once there though, the opulence of the clan
home had been enough to knock her breath away. When they were led
past marbled gates and towards rows upon rows of polished hallways,
surrounded by beautiful gardens on either side, Kagome was
speechless. More than the house of a ninja leader, this seemed like
the ancient home of an emperor!

A squawking servant with green-tinted skin and
bulging eyes had finally led Kagome and Kaede to a room with
simple, yet very tasteful furnishing, announcing very snootily that
his lord would be making his entrance any moment now. Seconds
later, the shoji screen opened.

Kagome had expected a man of Kaede’s age to
receive them in their home. She had not, on the other hand,
anticipated that the great Lord of the Western Lands, Ruler of the
House of the Moon and merciless Demon Prince… was only a few
years older than herself.

And incredibly handsome to boot.

Lord Sesshoumaru was dressed in an exquisite,
white silk kimono, with matching white hakama pants. A red
hexagonal flower print on his shoulder and a bright
purple-and-yellow sash broke the monotony of the white, the
combination strange but pleasing nonetheless. He had donned his
family armor and stood proudly before the two female ninja. Kagome
noted distantly that his hair, an unusual shade of white, was
longer than her own, and she eyed the silky smoothness of it with

She wanted to touch it.


Sesshoumaru had arched an eyebrow at her
ogling, and belatedly Kagome realized that Kaede was bowing and she
probably should too. Dipping into a hasty bow, embarrassment
coloring her cheeks, she wondered why so many feared a man that
could only be described as 

Then the illusion vanished, and Lord
Sesshoumaru spoke.

« What do you want, old woman? »

The rudeness of his tone had snapped Kagome up
from her bow, and she had stared at him, mouth open in

Kaede, always placid, did not seem faced by her
host’s directness, and remained in her bow.

« My Lord, I am Lady Kaede of the Shikon Clan,
and this is my pupil, Kagome-« 

« I know who you are. » He cut in brusquely,
lowering himself gracefully into a sitting position in one fluid
motion. He glared at the women before him, and Kagome held back a
gasp. His eyes were yellow, like molten gold, like quick

« But that was not what I asked. I shall not
repeat myself. What do you want, old woman? » he intoned, obviously
not in the mood to be bothered and used to getting his every
question answered immediately. Kagome bristled at how he spoke to
her master, not even addressing her by proper title.

« Of course. Lord Sesshoumaru, I am here to
offer my pupil as your humble and willing student. I have taught
young Kagome all there is to know of the way of the ninja, but I
fear that a kunoichi as promising as she needs something more than
I could ever hope to teach. She be a brilliant ninja and a quick
study; I know under thy clan’s care she will flourish into a great
assassin. She will serve thy clan well, and honor thy house. » Kaede
spoke in level tones, but Kagome could not help but blush. The
fountain of commendations her old teacher was giving her was more
than she was used to, and she lowered her head shyly.

« Your request is denied. »

This time, both Kaede and Kagome looked up.
Sesshoumaru stared back with a bored expression at both shocked

« My Lord, we have traveled far for this purpose

« Then you have traveled in vain. » He
interrupted once more. Lord Sesshoumaru drew himself up to his full
height. « I am in no need of a kunoichi, especially one as green as
this one. I hope the trip back sees you well. » And with that, he
turned around, a clear dismissal. Kagome felt the anger explode
inside her.

And then all hell broke loose.

Kagome rubbed a hand over her tired eyes, still
ashamed at how she had talked back at this man she did not even
know. He had been generous to receive them in his home and grant
them an immediate audience with him, and all she could do was
attack his manners. Kagome was a real treat, huh?

She was just getting ready for a long night of
feeling sorry for herself when the shoji door slid open.

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