Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ People Uniting ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Zankoku na tenshi no you ni…”
In the darkness, a single point shines like a drop of fallen water. (The beginning of the universe)
A wave of light spreads out.
A red universe fades in from a black screen.
The camera advances.
Image of an angel.

“Shounen yo shinwa ni nare”
A graphical tree of light appears and vanishes on a blue screen.
A watery surface and what appears to be a light flickering.
Halations spread out.
Black halations ~ title logo.

“Aoi kaze ga ima, mune no DOA o tataite mo
Watashi dake o tada mitsumete, hohoenderu anata”
A blue sky.
Shinji fades in (expressionless) and slowly rotates around.
A silhouette of Shinji (back to us) fades in.
Shinji stops at a side profile (wind blows his hair, etc.).
The silhouettes of Asuka and Rei come IN.

“Sotto fureru mono motomeru koto ni muchuu de”
Misato’s hand fades in.
The Sephirotic Tree fades in and out.

“Unmei sae mada shirenai, itaike na hitomi”
Closeup of Misato’s face fades in, its movement synchronous with a silhouette.
Misato looks up.
Misato’s silhouette changes.
At the same time, her face is replaced with Shinji from the front.
The silhouette looks up.
Misato’s silhouette fades out.
A girl within a window frame.
Shinji fades out.
Rei’s blinking eye super-UP (realistic), fade in.
Entry plug being inserted.
Entry plug interior UP.
Entry plug internal time counter.
Shinji’s hand pushing against the lever UP.
Monitor display turning from red to green.

“Dakedo itsuki kizuku deshou, sono senaka ni wa…”
Shinji inside the entry plug.
His eyes aren’t visible.
PAN UP (throughout the cut).
Shinji brings his face up slowly.
Eva-01 (silhouette-like) rears, slowly and weightily.
Finally, it raises its face.
Ikari UP.
A serious-faced Misato.
Ritsuko (the same).
An expressionless Rei.

“Haruka mirai mezasu tame no hane ga aru koto”
Eva-01 rearing.
An eerie, violent image.
The camera pulls back.
12 wings spring forth!
Eva-01’s mouth opening.
Eva-01 throwing up its hand.
Eva-01 UP.
Eva-01’s hand, stained with red blood.
Text: “TEST TYPE”.

“Zankoku na tenshi no têze”
Eva-01’s foot, a telephone pole, and a sign smeared with red blood. A wrecked car.
Text: “EVA-01”.
Eva-01 turning around.
The Angel Mask UP.
Eva-01 enveloped by flames.
The core of an Angel.
The young Yui. (drawing)
Rei with her back to the Moon.
Text: “ANGELS”.
Panoramic view of Tokyo-3.
Text: “TOKYO-3”.

“Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu”
Panoramic view of Nerv HQ.
The mark of Nerv.
Map of Tokyo-3.
Nerv HQ’s Command Center.
The crest of Seele.
An intrepid Ikari.
Chairman Keel.
Front cover of the “Human Instrumentality Project: 17th Interim Report”.
Ikari in his younger days. (drawing)
Embryonic Adam.
Ikari’s smiling mouth.

“Hotobashiru atsui PATOSU de”
Eva-00 lifting its face.
Eva-02 striking a pose with the Prog Knife.
Rei inside the entry plug, leaning forward.
Asuka inside the entry plug.
An exploding building.
Eva-01 attacking with a Pallet Gun.
An explosion ~ Eva-01 does a rotating jump and flies into the foreground.

“Omoide o uragiru nara”
Ikari UP (low angle).
Shinji as a child, crying.
Misato, naked from the waist up.
Misato’s pendant.
The Giant of Light turning around.
Image of the South Pole at the time of Second Impact.
Rei hugging her knees and looking at the camera.
Eva-01’s face.
Text on white background: “ADAM”
Ritsuko in profile.
Monitor screen of DNA map.
Misato getting up.
Misato and Ritsuko in their younger days. (drawing)

“Kono sora o daite kagayaku”
Text: “Director: Hideaki Anno.”
…becomes Eva-01 spreading its arms, with Shinji overlapping on top.
“Shounen yo shinwa ni nare!”
Shinji turning around. His face is serious.
Shinji shouting (in profile).
Shinji escaping from lights.
Shinji smiling without a care in the world.
Enigmatic characters (angelic script), a closeup of a page from the Dead Sea Scrolls possessed
by Seele.

Text: “In the year 2015 AD”

Sunlight glistening on the red ocean surface.
Shinji (OFF) “They called us the Lost Generation.”

A submerged town in the sea. (PAN DOWN)
Shinji (OFF) “They said the world had ended only a few years before we were born.”

A humanoid giant rising rapidly towards the surface.
Shinji (OFF) “They even wondered if we would ever have anything to live for.”

Shinji (OFF) “These past few months I’ve been wondering if they were wrong about that.”
An immense tidal wave.
A masked giant surfacing.
The giant looking around.

A close-up of the giant’s mask.
Shinji (OFF) “Then again…”

The giant staring in one direction, toward the setting sun.
Shinji (OFF) “I don’t think I do.”

The giant’s gills move for a moment.
Shinji (OFF) “Not anymore.”

The giant diving and swimming away at an immense speed.
Shinji (OFF) “…Not anymore…”

The planet Earth. The Americas, Australia, and Asia are visible.
A white line moves westward across the Pacific Ocean rapidly, moving towards Japan.

Text: “Old Nebukawa First Defense Line”

Tanks are lined along the coast.
SE: waves, cicadas

The barrel of a tank cannon. A bird sitting on it.
A spout of water rises out of the sea.
SE: bird cry
The bird flies away.

The giant marching towards shore.

The tanks fire desperately against the being.
SE: explosions

Somehow all of the shots seem to miss or explode before reaching the giant.
SE: further explosions

The interior of a tank.
Tank Operator “We’re not managing to affect it at all!”
Command (OFF – RADIO) “Fall back! Let the Second Line hand-”

An explosion.

The giant stands, foot raised, where a tank once was.
It kicks away another tank.
SE: explosion
It continues going down the line of tanks.

The command center.

A screen shows the giant demolishing the tanks.
A military officer rises in front of the screen.

Officer A “Damn that thing! It wasn’t even touched!”

A bearded man stands to the side, watching the proceedings.
Ikari “As I said, the Angels are not affected by conventional weaponry.”

Officer B “And how the hell would you know about that, Ikari?”
Ikari “Our research on the previous Angel, of course.”

A control booth. Three individuals sit at it.
Ibuki “The Angel has completely annihilated the First Line.”
Hyuga “The Second Line is deploying.”

The third individual turns to Ikari.
Aoba “Sir, the Second Line is unlikely to make any difference.”

Ikari nods.
Ikari “Generals? Do you have a suggestion, or shall we continue to throw human after human at them?”

The first officer sits down.
Officer C “Yes, of course… Your Project E.”
Officer A “We’ll approve its activation, but if this scenario fails…”

The second officer close-up.
Officer B “We’re taking over again.”
Ikari (OFF) “Of course…”

The three bridge workers.
Ikari (OFF) “Tell Doctor Akagi to begin preparations immediately.”

The monitor again.
The Angel begins to move once more.

Ibuki “It’s been fifteen years…”
Hyuga “And now it’s all starting again.”

Ikari doesn’t care.
Ikari “We will fight them until we have won this battle.”

The officers from behind, resolute.
The officers from the front, their eyes afraid.
Ikari “Prepare to launch Eva-00.”

Text: “Episode #01: People Uniting”

A car drives down an empty street.

The passenger seat. A photo of a boy.
Misato (MONO) “I hope he’s okay…”

Misato herself. She looks surprisingly grim.
Misato (MONO) “Of all the days, why’d it have to show up on this one?”

Her cross. (ZOOM IN)


It becomes another cross laser fired by the Angel.
Aoba (OFF) “Eva-00 will reach the surface in 3…”

The Angel turns its head.
Aoba (OFF) “2… 1…”

An orange robot is appears on a lift in the middle of a street. It holds a spear.
Its head snaps to attention as the lift stops.
Aoba (OFF) “Eva-00 successfully launched!”

A group of airplanes fly over the robot, firing.

The Angel looks up at the planes, completely unaffected by the firing.
Hyuga (OFF) “The Second Line has failed to issue any damage to the target.”

A pilot in one of the planes.
Pilot “We’re going in for another pass!”

The planes fly by again, firing.

As they pass, the Angel lifts its hand.
A shimmer of light.
The planes are flung away.

A train speeds down the line.

The whole train. One plane skims against the top of a train car before bouncing away.

The interior of the train car shakes. A boy falls to the ground.
Shinji “Wha—”

His bag falls and hits him on the head.
Shinji “Ow!”

He rises and goes to a train window. The two giants are clearly visible.
Shinji “What- what are those things!?”

Eva-00’s hands tighten around the lance it is holding.

The Angel’s gills breathe deeply for a few moments.

Eva-00 charges, holding the spear out.

This too, stops. An immense wall of concentric octagons appears between the giants.
Aoba (OFF) “An AT Field has been unfurled!”

The Spear bangs against the AT Field repeatedly.

The Angel watches, as impassive as ever.

The AT Field slowly wraps around the Spear, ripping it away from the robot and tossing it to the side.

The robot takes a few steps back.
Hyuga (OFF – RADIO) “Pilot Zero! Fall back for now!”

The Angel lifts up a hand, curling it into a fist.

The AT Field vanishes as the fist collides with the robot.

It staggers back, but clenches a fist of its own.

The punch connects before the AT Field reforms.
Ibuki (OFF) “A gun tower is a couple blocks west! Quickly!”

The robot turns and charges down the streets.

A skyscraper’s walls unfold, revealing a gun within.
The robot grabs the gun and turns.

It fires repeatedly!

The Angel’s AT Field flickers slightly, but holds up.

A hand lifts up. A red sphere is seen embedded in the palm.
The sphere begins to glow white.

Aoba (OFF – RADIO) “An immense energy reaction has been detected! Get out of there!”
The robot flees immediately.
A cross-shaped explosion appears where it had been standing. It fills the screen.


BGM START E-14 Rhythm Only [Running Away]

The train stops, the doors open.

Shinji grabs his bag and runs out of the train.

Shinji runs down the stairs out of the station.

A blue car pulls up in front of the station.
Misato “Get in! Hurry!”
The passenger door is pushed open.

Shinji dives into the vehicle.
Shinji “What were those things!?”

The door barely shuts before the car speeds off.

Misato “The giants?”

The car rapidly turns, skidding along.
Misato (OFF) “The orange one is our guy! The other one…”

Shinji “Wait, does that mean we lost?”
Misato (OFF) “No!”

Misato “We, er… we just probably pulled back.”
Shinji (OFF) “Because we’re losing.”

Misato’s car speeds through a red light.


Misato “Hmph. Anyways, I’m Captain Misato Katsuragi.”
Shinji “And I’m…”
Misato “Ikari Shinji. I know.”

Shinji sighs.
Misato (OFF) “You got my letter, right?”

Shinji’s lap. Two letters are on it.
One is taped together.
Text: “Come.”
The other has Misato in a revealing outfit. An arrow points to her breasts.
Text: “Please board the 12:45 train to Tokyo-3 on 23/6/15. And pay attention to these!”

Shinji “Er, yeah…”
He looks over at Misato.

Her cross, Shinji’s POV. He is more likely staring at the bits on either side of her cross, however.

Shinji blushes and looks away.

Misato “So, did you have a good ride?”
Shinji “Uh…”

Shinji looks down.
Shinji “Sure.”

Misato “Good! I always find train rides boring, but-”

She presses down on the gas, HARD.

The Angel’s foot almost crushes the car, but hesitates until Shinji and Misato have passed.
The foot crashes to ground, leaving an impact.

Misato “Damn! That was a close one!”

Shinji is curled up in his seat, trembling.
Misato (OFF) “Oh, come on!”

Misato “That was fun, and you know it!”
Shinji (OFF) “Uh…”

Shinji “Is it too late to go back home?”
Misato “What? But you just got here!”

Shinji gulps.
Shinji “Why’d my father want me to come here anyways?”

The Angel is clearly watching the car drive past.
Shinji (OFF) “Did he want me to get killed by these things?”

Misato “…I’m not entirely sure why he called you here.”

Shinji’s eye.
Misato (OFF) “But you two have met yearly before. Maybe he’s starting that up again.”
Shinji’s eye twitches slightly.

Shinji “No, it’s not that time of year…”
(MONO) “Besides… I always started those meetings…”

Misato “Hmm… well, then.”
She struggles to come up with something to say.
She sighs, giving up.

Shinji “He didn’t even say?”

Misato is focused on the road.
Misato “No, I suppose he didn’t.”

Shinji “I thought maybe…” (he trails off) “…never mind.”

Misato “If it makes you feel better, I didn’t get along with my father either.”

Shinji stares at Misato in shock.

Misato pulls out her cell phone, presses a button, and starts talking.
Misato “Captain Katsuragi here.”

Shinji takes out some ear buds and begins listening to some music.


Misato (OFF) “We need a car train as fast as possible!”

Misato “Yes, I know it’s short notice! I wasn’t exactly expecting the Fourth Angel to shop up on our doorstep today! Just do it, okay?”

Misato presses a button to end the call.

Misato (OFF) “Ugh, everything with them is a struggle…”
Shinji continues listening to his music.

Misato looks at Shinji, annoyed.
Misato “Hey kid! Look outside your window! There’s an Angel out there!”

Shinji fails to react.

Misato “Hmph… Just a little boy, I guess.”

Shinji “And you’re so mature?”

The car swerves through the road.
Misato (OFF) “What? Hey!”


Eva-00 stops. It is hiding behind a building from the Angel.
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “An analysis of the results suggests that you don’t have the power to penetrate the AT Field. For this reason, you’re going to have to go to Sector 4-A.”

The Eva’s head.
A very soft voice, gender indeterminable (OFF –RADIO) “What is in Sector 4-A?”

Ibuki “The N² Mine, of course.”

Pilot (OFF – RADIO) “Yes, ma’am.”

The Eva begins running down a road, but is brought to a halt by the use of an AT Field.
The Angel steps into view.

Hyuga “Get out of there!”

The Eva clenches its fist.

The AT Field drops as the Angel prepares to do something.
Eva-00 charges desperately, punching past the Angel.

It runs down the streets.

The Command Center.
SE: computer noises
Woman (OFF) “The Magi estimate a 67% chance of total destruction.”

Aoba and a tech woman with a headset.
Headset Girl “The Angel is approaching the target area.”

Ikari watches from on high.

The control room tactical display. The Angel is marching by.

Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “Commander, Eva-01 is prepped and ready to launch.”
Ikari “Good.”
Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “Has the spare arrived yet?”

Ikari’s computer console. A picture of Shinji is present. A video link with Ritsuko.
Ikari (OFF) “He should be arriving shortly, I’m sure.”


The Evangelion Eva-00 charges down a street.

The Angel is following.

The two run for a few moments. They enter a large park.

Eva-00 continues.
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “Pilot Zero! The mine will go off in five seconds, so keep running!”

An immense explosion.

Eva-00 is lifted off of its feet and sent flying through the air.

Smoke is everywhere. The Angel cannot be seen.


Meanwhile, Misato’s car has been knocked around as well.
Both are screaming.

Finally, the dust settles.
The car is on its side.

Eva-00 has landed nearby.

Misato pushes a door open and crawls out.
She looks up at the giant in concern.
Misato (MONO) “Rei…”

Shinji sticks his head out of the car.
Shinji “Did they just launch a nuke!?”

Misato stands.
Misato “No, of course not! An N² Mine was used. Non-nuclear!”
She smiles down at Shinji.

He looks unamused.
Shinji “Ugh… Why did I even come here?”

He straightens up and looks around.
A few buildings have toppled under Eva-00’s weight.

Shinji “What kind of enemy are we fighting, anyways?”
Misato (OFF) “The Angels.”

Misato “We’ve already dealt with three of them. We don’t know how many more there are.”
She looks back up at Eva-00.

Shinji does as well.
Misato “These are our only weapons against the Angels…”

Shinji “So why did we use an N² Mine?”

Misato glares.
Misato “Okay, we have a couple more weapons. But they aren’t as good.”

Shinji doesn’t seem very impressed.

Misato “I mean, look at all the collateral damage. It’s this sort of stuff we’re fighting against…”

Shinji scoffs.
Misato (OFF) “Well, come on.”

Misato “We need to get to Nerv Headquarters, even if the Angel is dead.”

The Command Center.

Hyuga “All analyses of the impact zone are inconclusive.”
Ibuki “The EM Pulse has knocked most of our instruments there offline.”

Ikari “Send in a helicopter.”

A helicopter moves over the city, approaching the clouds of smoke.

The tactical map displays the information.
Ibuki (OFF) “No sign of the Angel…”

Hyuga “We believe the target has gone silent.”

Ikari “Keep probing. We can’t be sure yet.”

The smoke begins to clear.
Something is definitely within.

Aoba “The body has been detected. Still no sign of activity.”

The smoke is gone. The Angel stands there.

A second face mask begins to emerge.
Ibuki (OFF) “It’s begun regenerating itself!”

The eyeholes of the new mask light up.
Static on the tactical display.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 1: Angel Attack”

The nuked park.
Misato (OFF) “Come on!”

Shinji and Misato push against the car.
They are both straining.

The car is pushed onto its wheels.
Misato “There! Thanks, Shinji!”

Shinji nods.
He turns suddenly.

A blue-haired girl is in the smoke.
The girl points up.

The camera pans up, revealing that the Angel is slowly emerging.
Shinji (OFF) “Ack!”

Shinji “We gotta go! Now!”

The girl is gone. Was she real?

Shinji looks confused for a second, but hurriedly gets in the car.

It drives off.

Misato “Thanks again… Uh… I’m sorry that all these attacks have been happening on the day you get here…”

Shinji is looking back at the Angel.

Misato “…”

Misato (OFF) “You don’t talk much, do you?”
Shinji “Wha-? Oh. Sorry.” (sigh) “Uh… I just…”

Misato “Never mind.”

The pilot of Eva-00 opens her eyes. She is the girl Shinji saw, but is wearing a uniform.
Pilot “Uh…”
She pushes herself up.

Pilot “Command? What is the status of the target?”
Hyuga (OFF – RADIO) “It has reactivated!”

Her eyes narrow.
Pilot “Then… what are my orders?”

Ikari pushes up his glasses.
Ikari “You will defeat the Angel. What else?”

The bridge bunnies, each looking a bit shocked.
Pilot (OFF – RADIO) “Yes, sir.”

The interior of the Entry Plug lights up.
Pilot “Power restored.”


Eva-00 slowly begins to push itself back up.
The Angel’s foot stomps on it, knocking it back down.

Both masks look down on the Eva.

Eva-00’s hand reaches around and grabs the Angel’s ankle. It pulls.
The Angel topples over.
Eva-00 rises quickly.

Aoba (OFF – RADIO) “Be ready for its AT Field.”
Eva-00 pulls the Angel up.

The concentric octagons of the AT Field try to form, but fail.

Eva-00 tosses the Angel backwards.

The situation is reversed. The Angel stares up at Eva-00, and quickly rises.

Eva-00 hesitates for a moment, unsure of what will happen next.

The Angel turns tail and flees!

Pilot “What…?”
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “It’s heading for the waters!”

The pilot’s eyes. One is heavily bleeding.
Pilot “Should I pursue?”

Ikari “Go. It can’t leave the city.”

Eva-00 charges after the Angel.

It’s too late. Eva-00 stops at the sea.
The Angel has already begun to swim away.

Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “…You don’t have B-type Equipment. Return to base.”


A car train, Misato’s car is the only cargo.

Shinji stares out of the car window.
Shinji “Was it okay to take those batteries?”

Stolen car batteries.
Misato (OFF) “Yes, of course. I’m a government official.”

Misato “We’ll pay them back after this battle.”

The two sit in awkward silence for a few moments.

Misato “So, I bet you know all about your father’s work.”
Shinji (OFF) “No.”

Shinji “I knew he was doing something to save the world, but that’s all I was told.”
Misato (OFF) “I see.”

Another uncomfortable silence.
Light suddenly illuminates the car.

Shinji pressing his face and hands against the window.
Shinji “Wow!”

The GeoFront stretches out, forests, lake, and pyramid.
Shinji (OFF) “It’s a real GeoFront!”

Misato “Yes. This is the Headquarters of Nerv. It’s entirely self-sustaining.”

Shinji’s eyes are wide with wonderment.
Shinji “It’s immense!”

Two medical technicians rush down a corridor with a gurney.

The pilot of Eva-00 lies on it.

Tech #1 “The pilot is in critical condition! We’re gonna need a sedative!”
Doctor (OFF – RADIO) “Denied. The Commander says she must remain conscious until the Angel crisis has ended.”

Tech #2 “But… That’s cruel.”

The gurney stops at an elevator and waits as the doors open.
The medics enter the elevator, the doors close.
The elevator next to it opens up, revealing Shinji and Misato.

The map Misato is holding.
Shinji (OFF) “We’re lost, aren’t we?”

Misato “Not exactly lost…”
Shinji “We just don’t know where we are?”

Misato glares.

The two of them, setting off down a corridor.
Misato “Look, this place is only a few hundred floors. We’ll find our way eventually.”

A room filled with red fluid.

An immense cooling fan.

Ritsuko, wearing scuba gear surfaces.
Technician (OFF – RADIO) “Dr. Akagi, please report to Level E17. Dr. Akagi to Level E17.”
Ritsuko “Ugh… what is it now, Misato?”

She climbs out of the water, revealing her swimsuit.
Ritsuko “You better not have gotten lost again.”

Misato and Shinji in another elevator.
Shinji reads a Nerv manual.

Misato’s reflection in the elevator doors is replaced by a glaring Ritsuko.
Ritsuko “Captain Katsuragi.”

Misato “Ah~ Rits-chan!”

Ritsuko steps in and adjusts her lab coat.
Ritsuko “You’re so irresponsible.”

Misato holds her hand up in apology.

Ritsuko turns to Shinji.
Ritsuko “Is this the boy?”
Misato nods.

Shinji’s book. He is staring at a blank page.
Ritsuko “It’s nice to meet you.”
Shinji “Huh? Oh… yeah.”

Misato laughs. “He’s a bit like his father.”

Ritsuko raises an eyebrow.

The elevator door opens. Shinji looks up.
Shinji “Huh? This is all dark!”

Ritsuko takes his shoulder and pushes him into the dark room.

The lights come on.
An immense purple robot sits in a pool of water.

Shinji is completely terrified.
Shinji “Wha- what is that thing?”

Ritsuko “This is the Artificial Construction Evangelion Model Eva-01.”
Ikari (OFF) “And you will pilot it.”


Shinji looks up.
Shinji “Fathe- What?”

Ikari “Get in.”

Shinji “Wait… is this why you sent for me?”
Ikari (OFF) “Yes.”
Shinji “But… But I’ve never done this before!”

Shinji (OFF) “You can’t expect me to fight against that thing!”
Ikari is impassive.
Ikari “You must.”

Shinji “I knew… I knew you didn’t really care… You just needed me for this. Why me?”
Ikari (OFF) “No one else can.”

Shinji (OFF) “I’ve never done anything like this before!”
Ikari “You will be instructed.”
Shinji (OFF) “I can’t!”
Ikari “Then leave!”

Workers around the Evangelion stare.

As do more workers.

Even workers in the water watch the exchange.

Shinji hangs his head.


He turns to Ritsuko.
Ritsuko “Now.”

To Misato.
Misato “Get in.”

Shinji, utterly defeated.

Ikari ascertains the situation. He faces the monitor and speaks.
Ikari “Aoba.”

One of the monitors replaces Shinji with Aoba.
Ikari “Retrieve Rei.”
Aoba “But she’s still inju-!”
Ikari “She isn’t dead.”
Aoba nods sadly.
The display changes once again.

Shinji on the monitors reflected in Ikari’s glasses.
Ikari “Rei.”
Rei (OFF – RADIO) “Yes?”
Ikari “The pilot is uncooperative. You will pilot.”
Rei (OFF – RADIO) “Yes, Sir.”

Ritsuko “… Reconfigure Eva-01’s system to Pilot Zero.”

The Cage. Ritsuko and Misato walk away.
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “Roger. Cancel the current procedures. Reactivate now.”

BGM START: A-1 [Rei I]

Shinji, depressed.
Shinji (MONO) “I knew it.”
(Insert: Young Shinji, crying)
He lowers his head.
“…He doesn’t need me.”

An IV moving through a corridor.
SE: casters

The pilot of Eva-00, now bandaged.

Shinji standing in front of the Cage gate as the door opens.

The bed is pushed towards him.

Rei passes in front of Shinji.

Rei in her hospital bed.

The bed stops and Shinji stares.

Rei picks herself up slowly.

Acute pain on Rei’s face.

Shinji watches, concerned.


The Angel’s mask. The ‘eyes’ light up.

The Angel standing on a mountain overlooking an urban area. A pillar of light rises from the buildings.

The Geofront below shakes.

Structures around the pyramid collapse.

The Cage shaking.

Rei slips off her bed.

Shinji falls onto his butt.
SE: glass breaking, etc

Provisional lights on the ceiling become detached.

Misato leans forward.
Misato “Look out!”

As the lights fall directly overhead, Shinji brings his arms up.

Out of the blue, the Eva’s arm emerges from the water’s surface.

It comes in beneath the falling lights.

The lights ricochet off.

They fly up towards the booth where Ikari is.

The lights split open. They fall apart, revealing Ikari.

Shinji peers out between his arms and looks up at his father.
SE: splashes

The Evangelion poised as if protecting Shinji. The workers are horrified.
Worker B “The Eva moved!”
Worker C “How could it!?”
Worker D “It wrenched off the restraints on the right arm!”

Ritsuko on the ground.
Ritsuko “Impossible! The entry plug hadn’t been inserted!”

She stares in shock.
Ritsuko “It shouldn’t have been able to move!”
A surprised Misato picks herself up.
Misato “It reacted without any reason… Was it protecting something?”

The Eva’s arm hanging over Shinji.
Misato (OFF) “Him?”

Her expression turns to one of conviction and complete seriousness.
Misato “… We can do it.”

Shinji runs up to the collapsed Rei.

He raises her in his arms.

Rei breathes painfully.

Shinji turns around and looks at the Eva. He looks back at Rei.

Rei suffering. Blood has adhered to Shinji’s hand.
Shinji (MONO) “Father… why would you do this?”

Shinji (MONO) “I have to pilot… I have to… I have to… I have to…”
He opens his eyes with resolve.

Shinji holding Rei in his arms.
Shinji “I’ll do it.”

Shinji “I’ll pilot it.”


Water pouring out.

Water draining out of the Cage.

Display changes to green.

Command Center. Ibuki, Misato, Ritsuko.
Ibuki “The stop signal is confirmed.”

An entry plug is inserted into the Evangelion.
Man A “Roger. Insert the entry plug.”

The lock bolt disengages and the entry plug is fixed into place.

The insertion device withdraws. The plug cover pulls back into place.

Shinji inside the entry plug.
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “Entry plug filling.”
Shinji “Eh?”

A liquid rises below his feet.
Shinji (OFF) “W-what is this stuff!?”

Shinji continues to scream.

Ritsuko “Calm down. You won’t drown. This is LCL, an advanced breathing technology.”

Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “You’ll get used to it.”
Shinji finally loses control and exhales.
Shinji “Ugh, I feel sick.”

Misato leans forward.
Misato “Deal with it! Be a man already!”

Shinji looks miserable.

A crane moves away from the Eva.
Man A (OFF) “Main power source connected.”
Man B (OFF) “Power being transmitted to all circuits, no problems.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Roger.”

Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “Entering second level contact.”

The display inside the plug initiates. Eventually the outside surroundings are shown.
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “Connecting to A-10 nerve. Connection confirmed.”
Man (OFF – RADIO) “LCL electric charge normal.”
Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “Fixing the thought patterns to Japanese.”
Man (OFF – RADIO) “Initial stage of contact, no problems detected.”

Shinji is taken with curiosity.
Ibuki (OFF – RADIO) “Circuits are open.”

Synchronization graph.
Ibuki (OFF) “Synchronization rate is 10.325%.”

Ritsuko and Ibuki watch the monitor.
Ritsuko “That’s incredible…”
Ibuki “All harmonics values are normal. Everything is stable.”
The monitor continues giving OK signs. Ritsuko turns to Misato.
Ritsuko “We can do it.”

Misato nods.
Misato “Prepare to launch!”

The guard doors open on the left and right, revealing the figure of the Evangelion.
Hyuga (OFF – ANNOUNCEMENT) “Prepare to launch!”
Man A “Release the first lock bolt!”

A lock bolt on the shoulder releases.

The bridge pulls away.
Man B (OFF) “Release confirmed.”
Man C (OFF) “Starting umbilical bridge retraction.”
Man A “Remove the second lock bolt.”

Lock bolts releasing.

Restraining plate on the right side pulling away.

Restraining plate on the left side pulling away.

Display. The plates disengage.

The Cage. The entire Eva is unveiled.

Ibuki in front of the monitor.
Ibuki “Roger. Eva-01 being moved to the launch pad.”

The Evangelion moves behind a mesh.

Shinji has a tense look on his face.

Eva-01 being moved to the launch pad.

The feet are locked in place.

The armored shutters open one by one.

Display of Eva-01’s transportation route.
Ibuki “The route is clear.”


Misato’s expression is strained.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Launch preparations are complete.”
Misato “Roger.”

Misato turns to Ikari.
Misato “There’s nothing to worry about, right?”
Without moving, Ikari replies.
Ikari “Of course not.”

Ikari “Unless we defeat the Angels, we have no future.”

Aoba turns back to Ikari, nervously.
Aoba “Sir, do you really think we can do this?”

A faint smile turns Ikari’s lips.

Misato “Launch!”


The locks on Eva-01’s feet disengage and sparks scatter.

The Evangelion rising up.

Shinji bears with the extreme acceleration.

A route display. Eva-01’s progress is shown.

Eva-01 proceeding up the passage.

A building on the surface. The Angel appears.

It takes a stand in the corridor. In the foreground, a light above the passage turns on.

The launch portal opens. A humanoid form emerges with great force.

Close-up of it as it ascends.

The Evangelion continues ascending. It stands beyond.

With a loud clang, Eva-01 finally stops.

Its silhouette stands before the dark city.

Close-up of the Eva’s front.

Shinji, uneasy.

Shinji faces the Angel in the monitor.

The Command Center personnel observe the battle between Evangelion and Angel.

Misato, with her brows knitted slightly.
Misato (MONO) “Shinji-kun… Don’t get killed out there.”


Text: “To be continued…”

Rei, naked, spins in a sea of blue. The moon is rising very slowly in the background.
“Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars… Show me what the spring is like on Jupiter and Mars… In other words, hold my hand, in other words, darling, kiss me. Fill my heart with song and let me sing forevermore. You are all I worship, all I long for and adore. In other words, please be true… In other words, I love you…”
Credits roll.


Text: “Next Time”

Evangelion pounds on the 4th Angel’s chest angrily.
Misato (OFF) “Eva battles the Angel.”

Four men in a dark room stare at Gendo.
Misato (OFF) “But that was just the beginning.”

Gendo smiles down on Shinji, who looks down.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji avoids his father.”

Misato and Shinji stand on a hillside at sunset.
Misato (OFF) “Misato’s thinks she can help him.”

Shinji lies on a bed, staring up.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Broken Communications’.”


Broken Communications